tagInterracial LoveThe Minister

The Minister


This is an attempt to make fun of the South African politics and should not be taken seriously. This never happened and no politician was hurt in the telling of this tall tale.


She floated down the steps like a queen. Her long black evening dress revealed more than it concealed. Her full breasts challenged the strength of the fabric and the splits in the side of the dress came right up to her hips. The front piece flowed between her legs, giving the audience with every step a glimpse of her naked thighs. For a nano-second I thought I saw her clit and a miniscule piece of her beautiful slit. I didn't see any pubic hair but with each step her long blond hair was in perfect sync with her large tits. I could feel my cock stiffening in my hired tux. The Minister smiled and offered his fat hand to the "lady."

"Come, my dear," invited the minister. "Sit next to me, facing our guests." The guests he was talking about were three political heavy weights of the ruling party and their "secretaries." A black diamond, that is African Speak for a rich black young man, Thabo, was the nephew of the minister with his fuck for the evening called, Pleasure. Her mini was bunched up above her thighs. I could see her white panty. The boots and imitation leopard skin dress made her look cheap. The gold chain around her neck, hanging between her boobs, on the other hand screamed: "I fuck for more than a few bucks." All were seated on imported Louis XIV furniture in the private lounge of the minister's official residence. And their drink of choice is Johnny Walker Black.

The queen sat down. The grinning minister sat on her left. The politicians licked their lips in eagerness. Their fucks looked in anticipation at the blond who sat arrow straight on the edge of the chair. The minister caressed her white thighs and pushed them apart. The black material of her dress fell between her legs, covering her pussy that everyone was looking forward to get a glimpse. A groan of disappointment escaped from the guests and they slumped as one back into their chairs. They have to wait a moment longer before they could see the blonde's cunt. South African politics will always be a dangerous game to play. The minority whites have to suck up to their black masters or be accused of racism. The internal politics of the ruling party divided the faithful into those who support the president and his cronies and those who want have the power and money for themselves. Strangely enough, my minister, I am his bodyguard/butler, was one of the honest ones who wanted to make a difference. That is why I stayed with him and even went beyond the call of duty, like securing the services of the blond.

She didn't come cheap. She would never surrender or show her pussy without a struggle. I saw her ad in the smalls and called her:

"Ms, how much do you charge for an evening for nine?"

"Must I fuck them all?"

"I suppose."

"My pussy will be fucked out."

"There will be other cunts."

"Ten thousand."


"Isn't that what you want to do, lover boy?"

"I'm just the go-between."

"When and where?"

"I'll pick you up at eight. Come prepared."

She sat there in here expensive dress, her legs open with a piece of cloth hiding her ten thousand bucks pussy. The guests slowly moved forward. The black diamond's fuck opened her own legs, her hand slowly creeping towards her panty. The minister daintily picked up the blond's dress and threw it over her head.

Then the minister did what they were all waiting for, he removed the black curtain hiding the white queen's pussy. Everyone smiled. I peaked to see her pink pussy glistening from her arousal. I supposed that she enjoyed the power she had over her audience. The minister inserted a fat finger into her cunt, twirled it a bit before he removed his wet finger and licked her cunt juice off.

My cock pressed against my hired tuxedo, threatening to burst the zipper open. I tried to hide my dick but nothing escapes the eyes of the minister. He turned to me with a lustful smile. I thought I was in deep shit.

"Take it out, my dear boy."

One cannot deny the minister any request or command. As his personal bodyguard I have to obey his every wish, as long as it doesn't endanger his life. I tried to reason with myself that I wouldn't die exposing these politicians to a white cock. They've seen a white pussy. What the fuck! I struggle with the zipper to free my hard on from my tux. The going myth was that black men's dick are bigger than white men's. I never compared mine but when I eventually freed it from the constraints for all to see, I heard a few gasps and laughs from the "ladies." The men looked at my cock but said nothing.

"It is much smaller than yours," laughed Pleasure in Thabo's ear. "Who can he pleasure such a small thing?" I stayed professional, with my dick sticking out.

"Suck him off, my dear," command the minister Blondie, with his finger back in her pussy. I wondered what he was looking for. Pleasure's panty, in the meantime, was around her ankles. She played with her clit. She must have read it in Cosmo or somewhere that it was okay for black women to fuck themselves. Her eyes were closed. The other secretaries had the cocks of their bosses out and sucked on the monsters. Blondie, now without her dress, grabbed my dick and enveloped the head with her red lips. Her cheeks dimpled as she sucked me. Suddenly, I didn't feel that small anymore. Little "Peter" has grown with Blondie's help. She looked up to me as she swallowed my dick, with her eyes questioning me. I shrugged and mouthed the words: "Play along."

This wasn't the first time that I hired a whore for one of the minister's power games. He is one of the most hardworking cabinet ministers and once in awhile, he uses these parties to strengthen his position in the ruling party. That was the first time he had such a powerful audience. His popularity took a nosedive after he outshone all the others in the eyes of the President. He had to regain their trust. That is where Blondie and I came in.

I pumped my hips and fucked Blondie's mouth. The little shit of a Thabo must have the ear of someone big to attend such an orgy. I sneaked a peak at what he was doing without him seeing me. Fuck. He had his monster in his hand while staring at the white cunt in front of him. His hand is a blur as he pumps his dick and swung it dangerously around. Blondie saw it and her mouth gaped open. I fucked air. The minister removed his fat finger, licked it clean and pushed Blondie to the Black Diamond. The moment of truth arrived. The minister then winked at me and nodded his head towards Pleasure.

I removed all my clothes and put my 9mm back over my naked muscled shoulders. Blondie meanwhile had her mouth stuck to Thabo's prick. I dropped to my knees between Pleasure's legs and started licking her dark pussy. Her eyes flew wide open as my tongue opened her cunt folds. She locked her legs around my head. Her eyes full of hate.

"Let the white boy give you pleasure, my dear," said the minister behind me. As I said, no one ignores the word of the minister, even if you're the Black Diamond's fuck. She slowly relaxed her clamp on my head and I could breathe again. I stared at her black cunt with the pink inside inviting my further inspection. The minister once told me that black men don't like to eat the pussies of their fucks. That is why he had me handy to fuck them with my tongue.

It didn't take me hours to have Pleasure squirming with pleasure. I made sure that I attended to every fold, nook and cranny of her beautiful pussy. (All pussies are beautiful.) I gave the most attention to her long clit took her orgasm to the next level. She screamed like one possessed and that triggered orgasms from the others. I heard Thabo firing his weapon while the others just grunted in pleasure.

Everyone left. Blondie went with Thabo and Pleasure for another session. The politicians and their fucks left in different vehicles. Before Blondie left she whispered in my ear: "Thanks for the business. These two are willing to pay me another three." The minister gave her the dress. "Come visit me sometime. I owe you a big one."

I started to clean up all the bottles and empty glasses. I removed all the cum stains from the carpets and shoved all the furniture back in place. After I completed my chores I went to the minster's room and knocked softly on the door. No response. I opened the door and saw him standing naked against the wall. His eyes were closed. His big belly hanged over his old, small tools. I then pitied him, turned around, closed the door softly, knocked again, harder this time. He invited me in.

"You got them where you want them, Minister," I said as I closed the door.

"Where's that?" The minister had his dressing gown on.

"You once said to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. From where I stand, you got them by the fucking balls."

"True." He dropped to the bed, looking tired. A contended smiled creased his lips.

"You will lock up?"

"Yes, sir. Goodnight, sir."

"Goodnight, Willem."

I closed the door and walked back to the party room. While I removed all the videos from the hidden cameras, I thought for a man with such a small dick, the minister surely fuck them all good.

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