tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Misadventures of Lila Ch. 01

The Misadventures of Lila Ch. 01


(This is the first chapter in a series in which I hope to fill as many categories as possible, let me know what you think!)

The loud crash woke Lila from her dreams. Her eyes flung open, heart crashing wildly in her heaving chest. She hadn’t woken that suddenly since her body clock told her she was two hours late for school. But that wouldn’t happen anymore, it was the beginning of summer. Lila could tell, the almost white light streamed through her window through the open curtains. The light stung her eyes, she squinted, dirty blonde hair all over her face and neck. There it was again, another loud bang. The sound started to freak her out. What time was it? She blindly fumbled for her clock and brought it about an inch from her cat-like green eyes. It was only 8:30 AM.


What was that Goddamn noise? Just then she heard the sound of something heavy hit the side of the house. Her skin prickled. Confused, she almost got out of bed to investigate when she heard it. The familiar sound of a metal ladder scraping the brick wall. Of course!

It was the window cleaner, her mother had told her he was coming, she also told her to shut her curtains, but she forgot about that to. Damn, she could either get out of bed quickly and avoid the window cleaner altogether, jump up and draw the curtains right in front of him, or…

An evil grin washed over Lila’s slightly flushed cheeks. Even though her eyes were still blurry she saw the silver top of the ladder stagger into place directly on the ledge outside her window. Hearing the blood pound her ears, Lila kicked off her bed covers, displaying her white cotton nightdress.

Giggling to herself as she heard the window cleaner begin to climb the steps of his ladder little pinpricks of excitement started to course through her. The tiny shivers started behind her ears, traveling down her neck. The footsteps began to get louder and as soon as Lila saw the dark mop of curls appear, she let her hands trace intricate patterns over her covered breasts, full and pert and her small nipples, erect and aching.

She opened her eyes further, not sure is the window cleaner was aware of what she was doing. She pouted her plump lips when she realised he hadn’t. Merrily he covered the windows in water and wiped it away, concentrating on the job in hand. Well, thought Lila, that’s about to change.

Biting her bottom lip she let her hands wander down her stomach to her thighs where she rucked up her nightdress, flashing her pale pink underwear. Finally the window cleaner clocked what was taking place. He stopped abruptly, his coal black eyes widening as he stared silently, one hand pressed against the window, the other out of sight.

Lila smiled to herself and pretended that she didn’t realise he was there. She drew her legs up until her heels pressed against the back of the top of her thighs. As her bed directly faced the window she had a perfect view of the window cleaner as his eyes almost popped out of his head.

Taking shallow breaths Lila dragged the sticky nightdress from her body, leaving her naked except for her underwear. Her breasts rose in full view. Carefully she stroked them, teasing the nipples with her fingernails, squeezing and pinching them until they stood like erect rubber posts. By doing this she was not only tormenting the window cleaner, by now his mouth wide open, but torturing herself also. There was nothing she liked better than toying with herself, and by bringing out the exhibitionist demon inside of her, released a confidence she never felt before. She felt powerful, in control and more turned on than ever before.

By now, a light film of sweat had covered her body. Her hands glided easily over her stomach and breasts. With both hands she lifted her breasts to her mouth and ran her pink tongue over her nipples, causing them to shoot with sparks. Looking up, she met the window cleaner’s eyes. Her mind was whizzing and buzzing and on the brink of no return.

She watched with fascination as the window cleaner climbed a little higher until he was almost on the top step. His entire frame was in view. Gazing at his physique Lila sucked her own left nipple into her mouth and caressed the other as the window cleaner rubbed his crotch through his jeans.

Giggling to herself again she stopped sucking and playing with her breasts. They were flushed from being touched and glinted in the light, thanks to a mix of sweat and saliva. She rested her legs back onto the bed, laying out straight for the window cleaner. She tore her eyes away from his and concentrated on what she was about to do.

She ran her hands from her neck, over the breasts, she couldn’t resist giving her nipple a hard tweak as she went, down over her stomach where she let her index finger rim her navel for a few moments before diving lower. When she reached her panties she let her hand travel beneath the sodden fabric, fingers moving through the sparse curly hair. She was aware from the corner of her eyes that the window cleaner had eased the fly of his jeans down and was rummaging around, eyes glazed and transfixed.

Taking her hand away she rubbed her pussy through the fabric, digging her fingers into her hole as best she could. The material stuck to her inner stickiness. She hadn’t been this turned on since, well, ever. She caressed herself through her underwear for a few more moments, lingering over the sensations and becoming accustomed to the musky smell that filled the air of her bedroom. Soon she could take the insistent thrumming no longer, she had to have release.

In one fluid motion she discarded her underwear and splayed her legs wide. The window cleaner was treated to the sight of Lila’s open pussy, glistening and moist. She could tell, even through the pane of glass that separated them that his breathing had increased. He was now openly masturbating, his impressive cock, up and proud the head almost purple with thick veins running from bottom to top. His hand feverishly stroked up and down, whilst with the other he precariously balanced on top of the ladder.

Sighing, Lila pulled her legs up to her chest, squashing her breasts flat. Delightedly she opened her fat lips and probed with her middle finger while stroking and pinching her rosebud clit with the other. She could barely last for five minutes. Her breathing was rapid and heavy, beads of sweat rolled from her forehead as her fingers worked harder. As she did, so did the window cleaner. His face was red, and his arm was pulsating with veins at the exertion. They masturbated together, fast and furious, intimate yet so distant.

As Lila approached orgasm, her head started to spin. Her pussy began to clamp more violently on her finger and she finally let go, a scream escaping her throat. She looked up, panting and saw the window cleaner was gone. All was left was a white line of cum, dripping down the windowpane.

Yes, it was going to be a good summer.

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