The Missing Dragon Ch. 02


Why do I get the feeling I'm really going to regret this? Gregory thought to himself as he nodded in acceptance of Grolfir's condition.

"I will have him released. I'll send a messenger now. He will be spared the pit today and you can collect him as you see fit. Don't wait too long." Grolfir nodded gruffly and took his leave.

This left Gregory standing in the tent feeling a mixture of relief and apprehension. He was going to have to look after Freddie Lounds? That sure as hell wasn't his idea of a good time.

He walked over to Algra's chest of belongings and lifted the handle on one of the sides to begin to pull the thing out of the tent. It was somewhat disheartening to find that apparently a trunk full of orcish armour was very heavy indeed. He wouldn't be able to lift it to carry and since the chest was quite nicely decorated with little engravings he didn't want to drag it through the dirt and mud of the encampment. He needed an orc.

"Excuse me?" Both guards outside the tent were a little surprised to see Gregory's head pop out and address them. "Do you guys happen to" What was he going to say? English? "Do you understand me?"

His words were met with two still stares of darkened faces before one of the orcs roared something in orcish so loud that Gregory almost fell back on his ass inside the tent. The same young orc who had delivered Grolfir's message came running from within one of the tents and looked between the guards and Gregory. A quick exchange of brief orcish grunts focused his attention on Gregory.

"What want?" Apparently his human linguistic skills were somewhat rudimentary.

"Um...could you help me carry something?" Gregory asked.

The orc shrugged his broad shoulders and nodded. Gregory slipped back inside the tent and the orc followed shortly thereafter. He looked at the jade giant who seemed to be around his age, although it was difficult to tell since his kin were so large.

"It's that there." He pointed to Algra's chest. "I could drag it but it really needs lifting."

The orc male looked it over and nodded in agreement. He walked over and grabbed both handles at either side of the vessel before heaving it upward to carry it wherever Gregory wished. Since even the orc seemed to think it was heavy, Gregory wasted no time in leading the way.

"May I ask your name?" He said as they moved through the camp.

"Ulf." Came the quick reply.

"Thanks for the help then, Ulf."

Ulf let out an amiable grunt.

They made their way through the camp, back to the merchant's tents and found that more people were now up and about. Gregory spotted the merchant spreading out his wares upon several large tables with the help of the old human slave he'd met the night before. Two other humans were lighting a fire in preparation for breakfast and a third was cleaning up some of the work spaces for the human craftsmen to arrive. She was whistling a light tune as she worked.

"You can just put it here, Ulf." Gregory gestured to a spot by the entrance to Janette's tent.

The young orc obeyed and after setting down the chest he looked at the other tents with a keen interest. Particularly the ones that were marked for entertainment wherein the human slave girls danced and sang the day away.

"Do you want to go in?" Gregory asked with a hint of amusement.

The orc looked back at him, suddenly seeming quite unsure of himself.

"Go ahead if you like. Just remember no touching." With that Gregory turned and slipped inside his own tent.

He heard the soft moans and wet noises of flesh moving against flesh before he laid eyes upon Algra and Janette. They were happily settled together with their heads between each other's legs. Janette was laid out atop Algra's body and showing just how open minded she'd become in the past day. Gregory found himself instantly rigid at the sight of the two beautiful women so wantonly lapping at each other's horny cunts. Quietly, as not to disturb them, he undressed and walked around to stand in front of Algra's spread legs. Janette saw his feet and lifted her head up to look at him. Her face immediately turned a fetching shade of bright pink at being caught with her tongue so firmly planted in the cookie jar. The beautiful red haired teenager smiled up at him and then her smile quivered and her eyes closed when Algra licked her clit.

Gregory slid down to his knees and shifted into place with his thighs sliding beneath Algra's long green legs. Janette looked down at his cock as it bobbed lewdly before her eyes. The sudden presence of Gregory made Algra groan in anticipation sending sweet vibrations coursing through the soft wet flesh of Janette's tight pussy. His hand slipped in amidst the waves of Janette's long scarlet hair and she felt his grip tighten. Knowing instantly what he wanted, she opened her mouth and felt his swollen bell shaped peak slip between her silky pink lips. Though he was quite a mouthful, she eagerly sucked him as far as she could into her hungry mouth. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he felt her hot slippery tongue flicking across the underside of his pulsing length. He used his grip in amidst her hair to guide her head as it bobbed along his thick length and the resulting fresh, wet slurping sounds became music to his ears.

Janette's talented mouth was eventually forced to relinquish his length as he grasped her shoulders and lifted her upright to straddle Algra's face. The orc never once ceased lapping at the girl's juicy pink flesh and the effect was becoming obvious upon Janette's face. Gregory grasped his cock and positioned it carefully at the entrance to Algra's dark glistening green labia, soaked with her juices and the gleaming trails of Janette's tongue.

The orc began flicking her tongue against Janette's clit sending the girl rocketing to a dizzying high. Gregory ceized the moment and quickly slammed his length into Algra's tight, wet pussy. The sudden feel of the orc's gasp made Janette gleeful as she rode towards her own climax, smearing her pussy across Algra's lips. Gregory had quickly embedded himself deeply inside of her, his heavy balls slapping against her firm green ass.

Janette looked upon him with half lidded eyes and a naughty little smile as she watched him begin to rock his hips and pump his cock into Algra's inflamed pussy over and over again. He rested there on his knees with the orc's legs lifted over each of his thighs as he fucked her incredible body with a fierce wanton passion. Algra growled and Janette soon felt her begin to lose control of her tongue to the point where she was unable to properly focus on licking the girl's sweet cunt.

Janette rolled back onto her feet and stood up with a foot on either side of Algra's head. The orc looked up at the male fucking her, his gorgeous young lean body gleaming with a light coating of sweat that made his hard rippling muscles all the more delightfully noticeable. Her dark chocolate eyes met his deep blues and he winked at her in a way that sent a strong sudden wave of blissfull tension through her body. Given his performance the previous night she wouldn't have blamed him for sitting out of such an act for the day but there he was, so ravenous for her that she purred his name and began to move her body with his strokes. Her large soft emerald breasts bounced freely with dark hard nipples tracing circles in the air. She felt his hands slide across her trim muscular belly to grasp those great jiggling tits and shut her eyes tightly as those hands softly kneaded her sensitive flesh.

Janette stepped forwards, her light bare footed movements leaving her standing directly before Gregory. Since he was knelt with his ass resting against the heels of his feet this put him squarely at eye level with Janette's smoothly shaven pussy. The pink slit glistened appetisingly and he licked his lips before lunging toward his delicious morning snack. The redhead moaned as his mouth sealed around her juicy cunt and his tongue continued the work Algra had begun. One of her long snowy skinned legs lifted up to rest over his shoulder and give him easier access to her tasty depths.

Gregory was in heaven. The tightness of Algra's sweet pussy was continually quivering around his cock and he felt her first orgasm rip through her body making her legs wrap around his body tightly and holding him deep inside her. Playfully, he squeezed her soft round tits and then lightly pinched her hard nipples between his fingers. As soon as her legs loosened again he resumed his fucking, this time much faster as he worked his way up to his own peak. At his mouth, Janette's pussy tasted like some long lost fine delicacy. The silky smooth juicy texture was incredible, as was the tasty nectar that suddenly gushed into his mouth as she too spilled over the edge.

The sudden climax he'd given her made Janette fall down beside the furiously mating couple. Gregory regretted the absence of her pussy at his mouth but it gave him a very good opportunity to lift his hands from Algra's tits and place them on either side of her body before lowering himself down upon her. He felt those two large tits squeeze against his chest as his mouth descended upon hers. Algra loved kissing. It was something that no orc had ever done and as such she always hungered for her lover's lips. The taste of Janette's sweet pussy in both their mouths enhanced their lust causing Gregory to growl much to Algra's enjoyment.

Her legs lifted up, her knees bent and her fingernails raked along his back until finally Gregory began to erupt. Rapid strokes slammed deep inside her to release several hot thick spurts of cum into her clutching body. She felt her insides seem to explode as he filled her and they fell extremely still for a few sweet moments until they again felt the aches of their bodies contrasting against the ecstasy they had shared. Their kiss ended as Gregory slowly rolled his hips to stir his cream inside of her. Algra looked up at him, her dark eyes were warm and inviting.

Janette watched the two lovers as they savoured the sweet moments of descending from their mutual high together. Then she crawled over to Gregroy and kissed his cheek before doing the same to Algra. Both turned their heads to return the favour on each of her pale cheeks.

"It's nice to see you two starting without me." Gregory remarked as he slipped from Algra's pussy after giving the tip of her nose an affectionate kiss.

"Well you weren't here." Janette complained as she brushed her lips across his naked shoulder.

"I know. That wasn't sarcasm. I mean it's really nice to see you two going at it." He smirked before rolling from Algra to settle back on the soft pillows beneath them.

"You don't leave again. Fuck me first." Algra suggested as she shifted to lie on her side and drape and arm and a leg across him.

Gregory was beginning to wonder if Algra actually didn't know very much of the human language or if she was just very direct.

"Yes ma'am." He was more than happy to acquiesce to that particular request. "Oh! Fuck, I almost forgot. I've got something for you."

Gregory shook his head and stood up, much to Algra's annoyance. Couldn't he ever just lie still? Outside the tent Gregory saw that the camp was getting into full swing as he poked out his head and his arm to grab Algra's wooden chest of possessions.

"Breakfast, master?" One of the slaves called to him from the fireplace. He looked over and smiled appreciatively.

"Sure! Give me ten minutes!"

"Ten whats?" The slave seemed confused.

"Give me a little while to get ready."

"Yes, master." The slave nodded and returned the smile.

Gregory managed to tug the chest inside with him and turned to look at Algra.

"Your uncle said these were yours. He wanted you to have them back." Gregory explained as Algra looked at the chest, her eyes suddenly widening in shock.

"I don't want." She said firmly.

"Hm? Oh he didn't ask for anything in return. He just thought you should have them. He was very nice about..."

"I do not want broken things." Algra's tone was suddenly furious, though none of her rage was thankfully aimed at Gregory but rather the wooden vessel he had brought with him.

"Um...I don't think they're broke, Algra." Seeing that she was so upset by the thing, he quickly walked over to her, placing himself in the line of fire. There he crouched down to where she laid and she quickly sat up. "What's wrong?"

The orc had almost fallen into a rage but upon seeing the concern in Gregory's eyes she forced herself to calm down. Janette looked wearily between them, not quite knowing what she might say or do.

"Those my things in different time. I not fit for them." She said.

"Alright, alright. Well they're not yours, they're mine right?" He reached out to run his hands over her upper arms. His touch steadied her even as she shot him a very dark look.

"Yes." She didn't seem too happy about it.

"Well I want to keep them. I won't open the chest. I won't make you do anything you don't want to. But I want to keep it, just in case you change your mind," he said.

"I won't." She was perfectly adamant.

"Well then you don't have to bother with it again. It'll just stay in the corner and we won't have to worry about it. Now, let's get dressed and go eat something. Then you can take me and Janette to the stream and we can wash up."

The idea of bathing gave the orc a somewhat uncharacteristic excitement for such an act. Normally she wouldn't have bothered much with such a thing but washing herself with Gregory usually involved several orgasms and so she had definitely changed her attitude on the matter. Her face brightened considerably at the prospect and she promptly ignored the chest and began to turn and crawl toward where she'd shed her small fur garments.

"Greg?" Janette's voice spoke up.

"Yeah? Oh shit, you've only got your underwear haven't you?"

Janette nodded as she nervously nibbled on her lower lip.

"Send her naked." Algra suggested, making Janette's eyes widen with horror at the thought. Algra smirked at her devilishly.

"Now there's an idea." He teased.

"Greeeeg!" Janette complained in the vain hope of being taken seriously.

"Alright, alright." He slipped his pants over his legs once again and found his t-shirt. "I'll go and ask if we can borrow a cloak or something to keep you decent. Wait, what did they do with your clothes when you got here?"

"The big orc burned them. Said I wouldn't need them anymore. He was pretty pissed off at Freddie and I caught some of it." Janette folded her arms across her shapely bosom and pouted prettily.

"Alright, I'll take care of it."

With that, Gregory wrapped his sweater around his waist as he had done before and slipped out of the tent. He returned a few minutes later with a long dark cloak and some small orcish sandals. Janette thanked him with a very grateful and very slow smouldering lip lock before trying on her new garments.

"What do you think?" She cast the cloak over her shoulders and spun about, letting the long dark material fall down to her feet. The sandals were slightly too large for her but they would suffice for the time being.

"I prefer you naked." Gregory replied with blunt honesty and a playfully lecherous grin.

"Hmph! I think it looks nice. What do you think Algra?" Janette looked over to the orc for backup.

"I like you naked too." Algra grinned naughtily.

Janette suppressed a giggle at their reaction and instead she turned around, flipped her cloak aside and wiggled her bare bum at the pair of them. She then moved to grab her underwear and fixed them into place beneath the cloak. Algra wore a series of leather straps around her breasts that kept her modest whilst still displaying a great deal of her emerald curves. A fur sash was tied around her waist to keep her sex covered whilst hiding none of her long toned legs. She also wore some sandals, though they fit better than Janette's.

The trio left the tent and their noses were met with the appealing smell of the cooking pot. It was obvious that whatever was in the pot had been built up around the remains of what was left over the previous night. They sat on a large log by the fire as one of the slaves poured their breakfast into clean bowls for them to take. Orcs weren't very big on the idea of knives and forks so they had to drink directly from the bowl. The food was nice enough despite the primitive techniques. A long sheet of metal gauze was placed over the pot to keep out anything unwanted from getting into their food.

Gregory was settled down and busying himself with filling his belly when a very large shadow fell over him. He looked up to see Bolut standing there with the human slave who had fed them the previous night stood beside the plump orc.

"Bolut wishes to speak with you now, if that is acceptable." The old human asked.

Gregory hesitated a moment but then realised there was no time like the present and nodded. Algra grunted with annoyance at the inevitable delay to their impending fun at the stream. Bolut moved around to sit on the log opposite them and nodded to the human who removed a very old looking medallion from his robes and lifted it to show Gregory.

"This is a gift from Bolut. It's a magical item usually favoured by diplomats. If you wear this medallion against the skin then you will understand any words spoken to you, no matter the language, and your own words will be understood in kind." The old man explained.

Gregory looked upon the medallion as it spun in the breeze. If it did even half of what the man had said then it would be practically invaluable in his current situation since most orcs didn't appear to speak English, or whatever language this world called English. Reaching out, he took the trinket and opened out the thin chain upon which it hung to settle it around his neck. He then stuffed the medallion down beneath the collar of his t-shirt to rest against his bare chest.

"So can you understand me now?" He wearily asked Bolut.

"Yes. Handy thing to have, is it not? Wizards make them for messengers in the human lands. I thought you would find it useful." The corners of Bolut's wide mouth curved upwards around his large tusks.

"Thank you. Are you sure it's alright for me to have it? Isn't it expensive?" Gregory asked, lifting his hand to press the medallion against his skin curiously.

"Ha! You bet your ass it's expensive." Bolut openly grinned.

"Well if it's too much you don't have to-" Gregory started to say before he was quickly interrupted.

"Nonsense! It is yours anyway, as is all that I have. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to know that I won't have to rebuild all this from the ground up again," Bolut remarked as he looked around his camp. "And now no one else will challenge me for fear of aggrieving Algra Strongblood."

Bolut nodded respectfully to Algra who returned the gesture in her usual abrupt fashion.

"I'm sorry, are you sure you're not speaking my language? I wouldn't have thought that the orcish way of speaking would be so similar to mine. You even have the same word structures." Gregory sensed that someone might be trying to make a fool of him.

Bolut shook his head and turned to the old man who sat beside him.

"That is not how it works." The silvery haired slave informed Gregory with a patient look of wisdom. "The medallion uses what you have said in the same way a wizard would incant a spell. The words you speak become the magic and the magic finds the meaning of those words from your mind. When you speak the magic emanates from the medallion and gives the meaning of what you say to those who listen. It takes words from their minds and arranges them in yours to convey the meaning as best it can."

"That sounds insanely complicated," Gregory remarked.

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