tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe missionary

The missionary


Elder Jeff Morris, a 19 year old missionary, was out at the local mall with his companion trying to talk to people about his church. He had been out for a year and had a year to go before he could go home to Utah. People usually ignored him but he was used to it. The work was reward enough in itself.

"Excuse me?"

Jeff turned around and had to catch his breath. The woman that stood before him has amazing. She had shoulder length blond hair, a gorgeous body and looked to be in her mid 30s. Jeff had to clear his throat and say a silent prayer against temptation before continuing.

"Yes, can I help you?" Asked Jeff.

"I've always been curious about your church. Can you tell me more?"

Contacts like this were too good to be true. Jeff began to speak about how the church could change her life for the better. He was really getting into it when the woman's phone rang.

"Yes...what? Alright, I'll be over in a few. Is everything ready? Good, see you in a min"

Jeff looked at his scriptures, disappointed that this had to be cut short. He could at least get a name to follow up with.

"I'd love to talk with you some more about the church. What's your name and number so I can get back to you?"

"I'm Rebecca, and I'd love to give you my number. Can you help me with my bags out to my car though? My back is sore and I'd really be grateful."

Jeff looked for his companion. They weren't supposed to be split up. He say him talking to a family over at a table in the food court. Jeff thought about telling him but he didn't want to interrupt. This wouldn't take long anyway.

"OK, I can give you a hand."

"Thank you so much. When we get to the car I'll give you my contact information." Said Rebecca.

They both walked out of the mall. It was starting to get dark and she was parked way in the back. When they got to the car she took out her purse, unlocked the door, and reached for something inside.

"I know I have a pen in here somewhere," she said.

"It's ok. I've got one here. What's your..."

Jeff didn't get anything else out because when Rebecca turned back around she had a stun gun that she instantly thrust into Jeff, knocking him out. Rebecca loaded him in the backseat and drove off. Opening her cell phone she dialed the last number to call her.

"Cindy, it's me. I've got one."

Jeff started to come to. His head was killing him. The room he was in was dark. His best guess that he was in a basement somewhere. He tried to get up but found he was tied down to some sort of rack. To his shock he also discovered he was naked.

"Hey there sleepyhead"

Rebecca walked into Jeff's line of sight and he recoiled in horror. Rebecca was naked as well, holding a glass of wine. Jeff tried to look away but he couldn't. Growing up in Utah he hadn't even looked at a dirty magazine. He was saving himself in every way. He didn't even touch himself. To be on a mission meant one must be pure in the eyes of God.

But in front of him was pure sin, and he was helpless against it. He began to struggle against his bonds, trying to free himself.

"You can't get out my boy," said Rebecca. "You're all mine."

"All ours, you mean. Right?"

Jeff saw another woman walk in. She was much younger than Rebecca, about his age it seemed, with black hair. She was also very naked.

"So sorry Gina. I wouldn't forget about you."

Rebecca and Gina then kissed each other deeply in front of Jeff. He shut his eyes and tried to will himself to a different place. The women saw this and laughed.

"It's no good. We can open them for you if you don't cooperate," said Rebecca.

"What do you want?" said Jeff. "Why are you doing this?"

"We want your cock" said Gina.

"What?" cried Jeff.

"Yes, you are going to be our new toy," said Rebecca. "I like fresh cock and Gina has never had the pleasure of breaking a boy like you in. I've been giving her lessons but sometimes experience is the best teacher." While Rebecca was speaking Gina stepped closer to Jeff and leaned over him. Her fingers began to run up and down his chest. Her breasts swung low over his face. He was on his back and totally helpless.

"You poor thing," continued Rebecca. "That church of yours makes you wait so long before you can find out how good a woman can feel, or how good one can make you feel." Rebecca began to chuckle. "It's you're lucky day though. We're going to make you cum so hard"

Gina's hands kept drifting lower and lower down his belly. Her breasts now were brushing against Jeff's body. He could feel her nipples get harder.

"No, I don't want this. Let me go," yelled Jeff. "You can't make me do this."

"Yes, of course we can" said Gina.

Jeff tried to yell out again but Rebecca slipped a ball gag in his mouth. He couldn't even beg.

"Gina, why don't you show him." Said Rebecca.

Gina smiled and got a bottle of clear liquid. She squeezed out a handful and walked back towards Jeff.

"She's going to milk your cock Jeff and there's nothing you can do about it" said Rebecca.

Jeff started to panic but he instantly felt Gina's lubed hand seize his cock. He tried to think of the scriptures, of his family, of anything except the sensation of this naked woman's hand stroking him.

"Mmmmmm, looks like someone is liking how this feels." said Gina.

Jeff looked down (keeping his eyes shut didn't help) and was horrified to discover that his dick was getting hard.

"See, you don't have a choice. Your own body betrays you" said Rebecca.

Jeff had never felt anything like this before. He didn't want this to feel so...good. Waves were building up inside of him. An unfamiliar heat filled him. Rebecca reached down and began to fondle his balls with one hand and started to finger Gina with the other. The moans and coos that escaped Gina made the throbbing in his groin intensify. His hips began to jerk up and down.

Gina's hand was working overtime, frantically sliding up and down Jeff's cock. In a matter of minutes he felt a tightness in him, as if he were about to explode. It all felt so good. He tried again to focus on something but it was even more useless than before. All he could do was watch this 19 year old brunette send him over the edge. Rebecca's fingertips teased his balls. He began to grunt, trying to fight the inevitable.

"I think he's ready Gina," laughed Rebecca.

Gina's hand began to work even faster now. Jeff couldn't fight it anymore. With a primeval grunt he had his first orgasm. Ropey jets of cum shot out from him all over Gina's hand.

"That's a good boy" said Rebecca. "Didn't that feel good?"

Jeff turned away in shame. Gina left and came back with a warm towel, carefully cleaning Jeff up. She then stepped behind Rebecca and began to fondle her breasts. Jeff saw Rebecca's nipples begin to harden.

"Now it's my turn" she said. "But first we need to get you hard again"

Jeff then realized he was in for a long night. Rebecca leaned over and took his cock in her mouth while Gina put a foot up on the low rack he was tied to and spread her legs over Jeff's face. Jeff could see everything as she started to finger herself. Unbelievably he felt himself getting hard inside Rebecca's mouth, which only made her suck and tongue him harder. Soon, to his shame, Jeff was more erect than before.

Rebecca stopped sucking Jeff off because she thought he was going to blow a load again. She got up on top of the rack and straddled Jeff.

"I'm going to fuck you now Jeff. I want to feel your virgin cum shoot inside of me."

Jeff then felt his cock engulfed in what felt like tight hot liquid silk. It was unreal. Rebecca began riding Jeff harder. Gina had one hand playing with Rebecca's breasts and the other one rubbing herself.

Jeff felt the tightness return to his groin. He couldn't cum in this woman. He had to control himself. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop. Soon his hips were bucking up and down, trying to bury his cock in Rebecca even if he didn't want it.

"Yes, fill my cunt up. Fuck me!" yelled Rebecca. Gina was also close to the edge, her fingers rubbing her clit. Their moans pushed Jeff over. He felt himself start to cum. Karen bottomed herself out on his cock...getting in as much as she could. Jeff's cock spurted deep into her womb.

Rebecca's came so hard she fell forward onto Jeff. Gina, also climaxing, leaned over, catching her breath.

Rebecca got off Jeff and began to kiss and cuddle with Gina. She looked back over and said, "That was a good first try, but we still have a lot of work to do. Get some sleep. We'll resume tomorrow."

With that they turned off the light and left Jeff strapped naked to the rack. Jeff's ordeal would continue indefinitely.

To be continued....

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