tagBDSMThe Mistress

The Mistress


I dressed in a long red dress, slit up the right thigh to the hip, plunging neck and back, revealing the top of my breasts and coming to just the crack of my bare bottom. My blonde hair was swept up onto my head with soft wisps framing my face. My eyes had copper shadow on the lids, making the blue irises the color of the sea. My full lips were painted red to match my dress. Two small diamonds adorned my ears and my 4" heels wrapped around my thin ankles and had a single red rose across the toe strap. My fingers and toenails were painted red and my perfume was "obsession", completing my look of seduction.

Master had instructed me to be outside by 10:00 sharp, there would be a taxi waiting to take me to my destination. The taxi dropped me off at an exclusive hotel and I entered the dimly lit bar. As I slip up onto a stool, my eyes adjust to the light and I see Him, sitting at a corner table, watching me close. The bartender is right there to take my order and I lean over so that he can see the swell of my breasts as I ask for a martini. He brings my drink and lingers, looking at my long, bare legs as my dress splits to my hip when I cross them. I glance over to the corner and He nods and smiles. I could see He was pleased with my choice of attire and I turn on my stool, spreading my thighs so He can see I am bare under the dress...He smiles.

I watch the door to see if I can pick out whom He has chosen for me and I see Her enter. She is a very beautiful woman, tall, red hair, impeccably dressed in a black leather skirt and a white see through blouse. I could see Her dark, erect nipples through Her shirt and felt the stir of arousal between my legs. She walked over to me and I sought my Master's eyes, He nodded His approval, and I looked at Her again. She leaned down and whispered my name and told me to come with Her...now. She moved very close to me, reached down my dress and pinched my right nipple hard. The bartender had stopped pretending to shine glasses and was staring open-mouthed at us; Master was so pleased at this!

I followed Her upstairs to a room with burning candles, a large king-size bed. Laid neatly on the bed were a crop, a paddle cuffs nipple clamps and a strap-on. She stood before me with Her hands on Her hips and told me to strip, She wanted to inspect Her slave. I let the dress drop to form a red cloud around my ankles and stepping from it. I stood naked before Her, legs spread wide, arms behind my arched back, head and eyes down as She slowly circled me. She moved in front of me and put Her hand on my sex, telling me I was beautiful, then plunged two fingers into my moist pussy, removing them and making me suck my essence off of them. Then She re-inserted them, working in and out and then tasted for Herself, telling me how sweet I was. She took the clamps off the bed, applying them tight to my nipples, causing me to cry out in pain, tears spilling onto my cheeks. She enjoyed this sight and pulled the chain between them, leading me to the bed. The heat traveled from my nipples to my pussy making me wetter and filled with desire to be used by this Domme. She reached for the cuffs and placed them on my outstretched wrists, smiling at my submission.She leaned close to me, opened Her shirt and told me to take Her breast in my mouth. I hesitated, never having done that before, and She grabbed my hair and pulled me into Her chest. I took a nipple between my teeth and sucked it into my hot mouth, enjoying the soft wonderful feel of it! I ran my tongue around it and then kissed my way over to the other one, tasting and licking and sucking...making Her moan with pleasure. As I sucked Her tits, She lowered Her hand to my swollen clit, pinching it between Her thumb and forefinger, sending me reeling to the edge of orgasm.

Abruptly, She pushed me away and pulled me face down over Her lap, reaching for the paddle. She told me I had a very spankable ass and, raising the paddle, brought it down hard across both cheeks. She smiled as my ass turned a nice shade of pink immediately and continued the spanking until it was red, swollen and throwing off a marvelous heat. I was writhing with pain and want, needing to cum so bad. Sensing my state, She turned me over on my back, got on Her knees and kissed my thighs, my shaved mound, my clit and finally burying Her tongue deep within my folds! I climaxed almost at once and she sucked all of me until the shudders stopped.

As I lay on the bed catching my breath, She picked up the crop and whipped me across my breasts making me scream. She told me that next time I would wait for permission to cum and She laid the crop across my nipples four more times. She moved down and whipped my clit and pussy lips another ten times making me weep with pain and more determined to please Her. She removed my cuffs and straddled my chest on the bed. Her pussy was trimmed to a small red patch of hair and I could see the shimmer of Her arousal between Her pink lips. She told me to service Her now and if I were a good girl, She would let me cum again. I was nervous and yet so excited as well, wanting,,no,,needing to taste her. She lowered Her hips toward me and I kissed Her clit and slid a finger into Her wet pussy. I pulled Her clit into my mouth, sucking and licking as my finger worked Her cunt. My other hand moved up Her crack and played with Her hole, pushing two fingers into Her tight ass. She moaned and bucked against my mouth and I plunged my tongue into Her sweet pussy, sucking Her essence into my mouth, feeling Her muscles contract around my probing tongue. She came in great shudders, calling my name, and I drank Her greedily, licking Her sweetness from my lips as She left me. She strapped the 9-inch dildo around Her waist, instructed me to get on my knees and took me from behind, hard and fast. She reached under me and pulled hard on the nipple clamps and told me to cum...now! I screamed and came in waves, not knowing where one orgasm stopped and another started, until I was spent and we lay sprawled together on the bed.

Mistress removed the clamps and massaged my nipples as the blood came back into them, took me in Her arms and kissed my lips, the softest kiss I had ever felt. She told me I had done so well and that my Master would be very pleased, then She kissed me again and left. I laid a long while, savoring my new experience until the door opened. Master gathered me up into His strong arms and rocked me back and forth, telling what a good girl I was. I fell asleep against His shoulder dreaming of angels and feeling very loved...

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