tagBDSMThe Mistress

The Mistress


He poured the coffee from the cafe that he kept in the office. It was Sunday and he was alone in the office. It would be his third cup of the morning and it wasn't even 9 am yet. He had to cut down on the caffeine, high stress job, not enough exercise, and certainly not enough time to play. He downed the coffee and began to attack the pile of papers that was carpeting the desk. It couldn't have been 5 minutes later when he started to doze in his chair. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion, maybe he didn't get enough sleep last night. Perhaps he was coming down with something, standing to get his coat and start home a round of dizziness overtook him, and he just made it to the couch in the lounge before passing out into a deep sleep.

It must have been hours later when he awoke, but he couldn't be sure. And how in the world...his body jerked fully awake with a start. He was in a bed, spread eagle and naked, legs tied to something, arms tied to something, and blindfolded. He struggled to free himself but he was tied fast, and pulling only seemed to make the bindings tighter around him.

He felt gentle hands touching his face as a warm damp cloth washed the sleep away from his eyes. A glass of water was brought to his lips and he drank.

"Who are you...what am I doing here, untie me now" he demanded all in one breath.

"The mistress has brought you here. Don't be afraid, she is a gentle mistress and would never hurt you. I'm here to ready you for her." a soft female voice answered. The voice was low, breathy, almost husky, as if someone was trying to cover up her identity, Then a second thought came to him, or perhaps a woman who is already taken away in the mist of passion.

"Do I know you?" he questioned.

"Shhh," her voice soothed, "nothing bad will happen to you, the mistress will make sure of that"

He knew that voice, it was right on the edge of his memory, but he couldn't place it. Then all thought left him as he felt the warm water and wash cloth began to cleanse his skin. God, her hands were soft, as she slowly moved the cloth across his body and over his chest. Her fingers ran themselves through the hair on his chest, entangling themselves for an instant. Her ministrations moved to his stomach and then lower. When she began to wash his cock and balls, she did away with the wash cloth and used only her fingers to soap him and rinse. He couldn't help it, his cock began to swell. As strange as it was he found that the sensations she was giving to him were not at all unpleasurable. At last a soft towel dried him, he could smell the fabric softener in the towel. It seemed like she had warmed it in the dryer before using it on his skin. She covered his nakedness with something soft and warm, some sort of quilt or comforter he guessed from the fabric that touched his body.

"Won't you at least take this blindfold off" he asked, "I'd certainly like to see the face of the lady who owns those soft hands.

She laughed. "The mistress will be here soon"

He heard the door close behind her. He had already resolved to himself that he was where he was going to be for the duration of whatever was happened to him. Struggling against the bindings did no good except to pull them tighter and inflict pain upon himself. There was no way he could remove the blindfold from his eyes with his hands tied. The only hope he had was to convince the mistress, whoever she was, to undo his ties and let him go. He laid there in the bed waiting for her. Time pasted. It could have been 5 mins or 5 hours, whatever drug he had ingested to make him sleep was still working on his body.

The door opened. He smelled her perfume. It seemed as if the room filled with her scent of meadows and fresh flowers.

"Who's there?" he questioned, "Are you the mistress?"

He heard the tapping of her high heels as she crossed the floor to stand beside of him. Her fresh scent was closer to him now and he felt the cover being taking away from his body. He lay there naked, helpless as a newborn, while whoever this woman was, looked at him. He could almost feel her eyes travel from his face and down his body. He felt the blood begin to flow into his cock, he couldn't help himself as it seemed to him her eyes lingered at his growing organ.

"Are you the mistress?" he asked again, softer this time, thinking maybe if he played along she would release his ties.

He felt her fingernail on his stomach as she traced the letters Y-E-S onto his skin.

"Won't you please untie me and let me go, I promise to keep the blindfold on until you are out of the room and I won't try to find out who you are. Just untie me and I promise I won't give you any trouble at all."

Again he felt her fingernail trace letters on his stomach. N-O.

Her fingers crossed his lips as if to tell him to be quiet. Her touch was a soft and gentle as the woman who had washed him had been. Her lips found his and her kiss was as sweet as honey. Her tongue parted his lips and probed into his mouth. He could feel her naked breasts brush across his skin. She must have short hair, he thought, as he couldn't feel hair traveling along his body as her lips left his mouth and moved downward to his neck and shoulders.

Her fingers touched his face, outlined his lips, traveled over his skin like a summer breeze. Her kisses left his skin hot with raw passion and soon he found that he didn't care if he was bound and blindfolded. He only wanted what this woman was doing to him.

She had straddled him, her pussy against his cock. He could feel her stockinged legs on either side of his body. He thought they might be silk. He felt the moisture of her own arousal as she moved her sweet pussy over his cock. Her public hairs were soft, not coarse. She leaned over his body and began to kiss him again. First his neck, shoulders, stomach, her tongue darting in and out as she left her trail of kisses. Her breast lay against him sometimes as she left her path of fire behind. He could tell her body was full and round, her breasts were average size, but god when her hard nipples touched his body he could feel desire run all the way through him.

Her kisses continued to move downward, until he felt her tongue licking the base of his cock. Blood rushed to fill him and his erection seemed like it was huge and straining. He couldn't remember a time in his life that he had felt passion as sensual as this. Nothing mattered to him anymore, he was lost in the web of his mistress.

Her hands cupped his balls, stroked his cock, traced underneath it's head. Her fingers were everywhere at once and yet he didn't know where to expect the next touch. He wanted her mouth on his cock, he strained to push his body closer to hers. He couldn't be sure if this was heaven or hell, but he didn't want it to stop. He heard his own moans of pleasure and desire

She loosened the binding on his legs just a bit and then slid a pillow under his hips. He next thing he felt was her tongue licking at his asshole. He groaned as he felt the tip of her tongue enter him and her soft hands began to stoke his cock. Her tongue moved probing into parts of his body that no woman had ever touched before and his whole body fueled with a desire like none he had known. He felt like he was going to cum right then, he wasn't sure how he had held back this long, then she withdrew her tongue and hands. He heard her step across the room and felt a glass being brought to his lips. He smelled the sweetness of berry wine and drank from the glass.

She let him sip a couple of times and then took the glass away. He felt drops of cool liquid hitting his erect cock like tiny raindrops. She was dropping the wine on his cock. He heard her set the glass down, felt her breath between his legs, oh god yes, she had taken him in her mouth. Her tongue licked at the wine drops like a cat lapping at milk. Then she slid him inside her mouth. Sucking, her tongue moving all over him. Her hands under his balls, a finger slipping into his ass and then out of it again

"I'm going to cum, I can't help it" he whispered. And she stopped again. Agony, his cock strained, the built up cum in his balls needed release. He felt her straddle him again, only this time she slowly lowered her sweet pussy onto his cock. She began to ride him. Slowly at first then picking up speed. She bounced harder and harder. He felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze around his cock and just as she reached the peak of her orgasm he shot his hot cum inside of her. It seemed to flow like lava from him. His body floated, his mind relaxed, there was nothing for him in the world now except the feel of her pussy on his cock, the scent of her perfume mingled with their own smells of love making.

Later he felt her beside him on the bed. His arms and legs were still bound. The blindfold still in place.

"Who are you my witch of a mistress, to have me so under your spell?" he asked softly. He felt her move beside him. Heard her laughter ring out, and he knew right then at the sound of her soft gentle laugh. She removed the blindfold. His eyes focused slowly on her short red hair. Those deep blue eyes that held even more secrets than he would have ever been able to guess. She untied his legs, then his arms. His hands ran over her supple body. Her round stomach, her pert breasts and pink nipples, he pulled her into his arms as his kisses stopped the sound of her laughter.

Looking deeply into her smiling eyes he said "You are and always will be my Pretty Lady, Vicki."

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