tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 05

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 05


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Katrina quietly watched Marisa insert the throat band into its receptacle in the bench, lock it in, straighten up and stretch. She felt a little flutter of desire when she saw Marisa arching her back, pressing her small firm breasts against the thin, white material of her simple blouse.

Marisa finished the stretch, turned and silently padded over to Katrina, tiny bare feet moving lightly and gracefully on the concrete floor. Katrina was proud of how cool and composed she looked. Her white blouse was still neatly tucked into her skin tight black jeans; not a hair was out of place or a bead of sweat evident anywhere on her. Her black laquer finger and toe nail polish were still immaculate; not so much as a chip was evident.

Marisa slowed as she drew nearer and then stopped in front of her. Katrina reached out to her with both hands and gently put them on her sleight shoulders, thumbs resting on her collarbones. Marisa looked up at Katrina's green eyes and smiled a little. Wordlessly, Katrina cupped her hands under Marisa's chin, thumbs gently touching and stroking her cheeks, bent down and kissed her.

Marisa, who only came up to the bottom of Katrina's shoulders, stood up on her toes as she always did to meet her half way. Their lips pressed together as Marisa brought her arms around Katrina and hugged her tightly. They tasted each other, tongues intertwined, dancing and playing along the roof of each other's mouths. Katrina tongued Marisa's dark red lips, licking and tasting before pressing her lips back tightly on hers and plunging her tongue deeply into her. With one more playful lick, Katrina slowly broke the kiss and then whispered quietly in her ear:

"You did a magnificent job, Marisa. I'm so proud of you. Now go change. I'll wait for you. I don't want you to miss any of this."

Katrina patted her rear as she moved off to change into something a little more appropriate for the activities planned. Katrina walked over to where the Judge was bound, ankles to the floor, back bent over his legs and bound to a low, leather covered bench by his chest and throat. The ball gag was still tightly in place. Her heels clicked on the concrete floor as she approached him and she did nothing to quiet the sounds.

Click . . . click . . . click . . . click . . . click . . . click . . .click. "Who is it?" John wondered. "It's not Marisa. Even if she had shoes on, she walked much more lightly than that." Click . . . click . . . click. "She's moving closer. Could it be Mistress Katrina?! Will I finally meet her after all? Is this all real and not a cruel hoax? Will she use me as I've dreamed so many times? Lay quiet, very, very quiet. Don't move. Give yourself over to her completely," he thought to himself.

Katrina looked down at the Judge, leashed cock and balls standing at attention, white belly heaving up and down as he struggled to breath through his nose. Marisa was right. He hadn't changed much. Grayer and heavier yes, but his facial features were unchanged except for the extra lines around his eyes and thicker jowls. She looked closer at his stiff penis, saw the small, pink scar on it just behind its head and smiled to herself. Her thoughts drifted back to the frigid trailer park in Duluth, fourteen years ago, where the chain of events started that brought her to this exact moment in time.

"It was so cold that winter. So cold. She just couldn't get warm in that trailer. The wind blew through those walls as though they weren't even there. It was always so dark. It was never more than twilight even during the daytime in winter when thick, dark clouds always hung heavily in the sky. Couldn't escape the noise. Couldn't escape the smell. No place to hide. No place. Had to get out. Had to. Had to get warm - go where it was sunny and bright. What a joke . . . sunny and bright. Yep, I sure found sunny and bright and that sonuvabitch helped me find it. Well, I'm no longer a little teenager Judge John Maynard Reynolds. I've grown up while you've grown old. I think it's time I helped you to find some"sunny and bright," she thought to herself.

Katrina's quiet reverie was broken by the touch of Marisa's hand on hers. Lost in thought, Katrina had not heard her light footed, graceful partner come up behind her. She turned to look at her and smiled broadly at what she saw.

Marisa stood before her clad only in sheer, white silk, thong cut bikini panties and matching bra top. Her dark, hard nipples were clearly visible through the gauzy bra material. She had never looked sexier. Katrina thought about taking Marisa upstairs and ravishing her, letting the Judge wait but thought better of it. She had waited long enough to have Judge Reynolds in this exact position. She would satisfy her powerful sexual appetite with him and save Marisa for dessert.

She motioned to Marisa to bring over the serving cart which contained all of the delightful little implements and devices she would need for this first phase. Marisa slowly rolled the small stainless steel cart over besides the prostrate judge. There was a low rumble and barely audible metallic clinking as she moved it across the smooth, concrete floor. Marisa removed the items she would need herself and then took up her usual position on this apparatus, sitting at the victim's bent knees, within easy reach of his genitals.

Katrina headed over to her tightly bound subject, the staccato sound of her heels reverberating in the large chamber. Stopping at the bench, she took a close look at his body, checking the security of his bonds. She move up to where his head was pinioned to the bench by the throat band and slowly raised her right leg bringing it over and past his face, straddling his upturned visage.

She was so incredibly turned on by what she saw and the thoughts of what she planned to do, that her inner thighs were shiny from the pussy juice that leaked out of the sides of her panties' after they had saturated the thin crotch pad. She felt the coolness as it evaporated, leaving a slightly sticky residue. The smell of her sex was strong even to her.

"She's coming over . . . she's coming over. Oh god, is it her? Is it her? Lie still. Don't move unless she tells you to. I can smell her! Leather and . . . something else . . . strong . . . not perfume . . . thick, heavy, musky . . . Oh god, it must be . . . must be . . . Jesus, she's as hot as I am," his reverberated in his mind.

"Welcome to my dungeon John. I've been looking forward to our meeting. I expect you have also. I can see from your flagpole that you're happy to be here and don't feel mistreated. Good. I always like to make my lovers happy."

With her last line, Katrina looked over her shoulder at Marisa and winked. She turned back to the Judge and continued.

"I was really touched by your letter and, after talking with you, spent a lot of time thinking about our activities today. It is going to be a day you will always remember John. I am going to give you more than you ever thought possible, even in your wildest fantasies."

Katrina watched the Judge's reaction and saw from his increased rate of respiration and the saliva dripping out of the corners of his mouth around the ball gag, that her little speech was having its desired effect. She glanced back at his fiercely erect member, caught Marisa's eye, smiled and continued.

"I think we can dispense with the gag now. This chamber is completely sound proofed so scream to your heart's content - I kind of like to hear my lover's expressing themselves anyway. It turns me on even more. Besides, I have a better use for that mouth of yours."

Katrina lowered herself by flexing her knees, bringing her aromatic pussy closer to John's upturned nose, moved her fingers in behind his head, loosened the strap holding his ball gag in place and pulled it free. The Judge sucked a huge slug of air in through his now unobstructed mouth and exhaled heavily, bringing with it a good deal of saliva that had pooled behind the gag. He moved his jaw up and down, sideways and then in circles to work the pain and stiffness out of his jaw joints. He breathed heavily through his mouth several more times, licked his lips continuously with his now freed tongue, before finding his voice.

"Thank you Mistress Katrina. And . . . and thank you for letting me come here. I will not disappoint you."

"You're quite welcome John - and I know you won't."

Katrina could barely keep the sarcasm out of her voice. She wanted to play the Judge along for a while. Make him think this afternoon will be about fulfilling his fantasies - pleasuring him. It will make the distance he falls even greater when he learns the truth of what awaits him. Besides, she was enjoying the cat and mouse game. Especially since the mouse didn't know he was the mouse yet.

She lowered herself further, bringing the hem of her micro mini skirt down to his face, brushing his nose with it. As his nose passed under the hem, the musky scent trapped under it assaulted his him, nearly overwhelming him. He took a deep breath in through his nose to gather all of it. Katrina smiled down knowingly.

"Nothing like the smell of hot cunt to get a man aroused, focused and compliant," she thought.

She gyrated her hips above him in small, slow circles to give him the full effect. His tongue came out and reached for her, catching only the hem of her micro. Blindfolded, he didn't know what he had but he licked away nonetheless.

"Men are so stupid. So predictable. A whiff of cunt and they become licking, drooling imbeciles. This is going to be soooo sweet," she mused.

"That's a nice tongue you've got their John, but I like to have complete access to my slave's mouth before I let them lick me. I want you to open that mouth just as wide as you can. I have a couple of things I want to put in there that will do that for me. The sooner we get that done, the sooner that tongue of yours can slip into my hot, wet, little box. It's waiting for you John . . . Now Open Wide."

John obeyed immediately, stretching his mouth open just as wide as it would go. Katrina didn't hesitate. She slipped her fingers in his mouth, pulling his cheek out widely with her thumb while she fitted a dental apparatus on his back molars. The apparatus was simple - just two opposing metal brackets separated by a short, stainless steel bar. Once it was in, it was impossible for the "patient" to close his mouth even the slightest bit. It was legitimately used for oral surgery when a general anaesthetic would otherwise cause the mouth to go slack and close. Katrina used it to accomplish the same result but for an altogether different purpose.

She took the other dental apparatus and slipped it in over the molars on the other side. She used the small thumb screws on them to tighten them to their respective teeth. When she was done, she straightened up and saw that marvelous sight she loved. A man's mouth immovably stretched wide open - as wide as it would go without dislocating the jaw. She especially liked seeing the Judge's mouth that way. The irony was almost too sweet.

"Jesus . . . when she says open, she means Open! My jaw is about to break. My lips are going numb. I hope this is only temporary. Can't take it for too long and with my mouth like this and I can't tell her what I want or when I've had enough," he worried.

She lowered her hips again, tenting his face with her leather mini skirt. She knew his tongue would come darting out so she kept her distance. Her sopping crotch was just inches from his flailing tongue but it might just as well have been a mile away.

He strained upward against his bonds to reach her. He could feel her heat. The pungent smell was overpowering. He knew she was close but the metal band around his throat held his head tightly to the bench. Try as he might, he just couldn't quite reach it. Katrina pulled up the front hem of her mini to take a peek at his straining tongue and smiled as she saw it flailing wildly.

"My, you do have a nice, long tongue John and I'm just dying to feel it burrowing its way into me, but I do have a few more little things to take care of first. It won't take long. I'm sure you'll understand."

Katrina turned and nodded to Marisa kneeling in front of his erect member. The judge felt an incredibly intense sensation on his cock and balls. At first he couldn't identify what it was. His first reaction was that it was pain because that was what he expected. He jumped in response to the intense feeling. An instant later, he screamed, sensing intense heat. His first thought was that his cock and balls were being burned, plunged into boiling hot water. It was only after a few moments that he realized that the sensation was one of cold, incredibly intense cold. Marisa had plunged his hot, throbbing, erect member into a small bucket of ice water, actually an ice and water slush.

The Judge stopped screaming and waited in total darkness for what would happen next. The wait seemed interminable as the freezing liquid assaulted his genitals. After the longest minute of his life, Marisa pulled his cock and balls out of the bucket. The frozen liquid had had its desired effect. His once proud, erect shaft of manhood was now a small, flaccid, wormy lump of flesh.

Working quickly but unhurriedly, Marisa took the head of his flaccid prick in one hand and stretched it out, thinning it as well as lengthening it. With the other hand, she slipped a hinged, stainless steel tube around it, closing the clam shell like tube around his elongated member. One end of the tube fitted just below the glans of his dick head and the other end pressed against the base of his shaft.

About three inches long and three quarters of an inch at the inside diameter, the tube was a snug fit just closed as it was. In fact, some of the loose skin from his droopy stub still pressed out from seam of the tube, pinching the skin slightly.

Marisa immediately went to work tightening things up. With two small thumb screws at either end of the tube on one side and receiving sockets for them on the opposing side, she began tightening them. First she tightened the screw nearest the cock head until the seam at the top was nearly gone. Next, she tightened the other screw, crushing his flaccid member, forcing it to conform to the three quarter inch diameter. Finally, she tightened down the top screw completely, applying a powerful, painful squeeze on his rubbery shaft.

With the tube completely closed, the only evidence of a seem was the short ridge of loose skin that pressed through it and ran along its length.

His dick head was swollen and dark red as a result of the tight squeeze from the steel "chastity" tube. Marisa knew that in about twenty minutes the swollen head would start to turn purplish in color as the oxygen was depleted from the blood trapped in the head. It would eventually become darl purple in color and swell even more, finally resembling a small, ripe plum.

One thing was sure, while that device was on him, he could not erect again and any attempt to do so would cause excruciating pain to his trapped penis.

"We want to make sure you don't come too soon," Katrina explained. "We want you to taste the full flavor of the session and, as a newbie, we doubt you have developed the sort of control you would need to resist coming too soon. We are just giving you a little help."

The Judge accepted the explanation but knew this was going to be difficult and painful. She had an unbelievably powerful erotic effect on him. Her scent drove him crazy with lust. But he knew that any surrender to the lust would start to erect his member and there would be a terrible price to pay. He pulled his tongue back into his widely stretched mouth and lay still to try to get control over himself.

Katrina enjoyed his painful dilemma and used the difficulty he was having getting his dick under control to justify her next action. She reached over to the serving cart and picked up a chunk of ice, rolled it in her palm and then applied it directly to his left nipple. Again, he reacted with a short scream of surprise as though injured and then realized it was just more ice and relaxed.

"This is to help you get control of yourself John."

His left nipple was cold, very cold as she held the ice chunk on it. The little nipple erected in response and started to grow numb from the cold. Just as he thought he was losing all feeling in the frozen nipple, he was surprised by a sharp sting at the base of the hard nub. He winced in response.

She removed the ice chunk from that nipple and applied it to the other one. As the first nipple warmed back up, the stinging increased to a sharp, throbbing pain. His other nipple grew numb and then the same, sharp sting occurred. She removed the ice from that one as well. The pain in his nipples had diverted his attention from her aromatic, luscious cunt dangling over his mouth, cooling his sexual fever and reducing the press of the chastity tube on his dick.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it John. In case you haven't guessed it yet, I've just pierced your nipples and they look positively lovely with needles sticking through them. In a moment, I will fit you with my own monogrammed nipple rings. They will mark you as my property."

She took the first stainless steel nipple ring, swabbed it in alcohol and slipped the open end into the piercing behind the needle as she slipped the needle out. Pushing the ring all the way through the tender flesh, she closed and secured the open end of it. She followed suit with the other ring. The alcohol burned the fresh wounds mightily, adding to the stinging, throbbing sensations.

"I think you're ready now John," she said as she reached over behind his trapped head to loosen the blindfold over his leather mask.

"God that hurts - my nipples are killing me. That wasn't what I asked for. What other surprises does she have in store for me? . . . At last, she's loosening the blindfold. She's going to remove it. At last I'll see her and know it is really he," John thought excitedly.

End of Part 5

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