tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 10

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 10


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Katrina's eyes glazed over, no longer seeing the erotic, frenetic ass fucking of the pompous Justice; she lost in the images of that fateful afternoon of so long ago. To Katrina, it was like it happened yesterday. Every image, every sound, every smell, came back to her with crystal clarity. The nightmare started when the matron came running into the judge's chambers, summoned by the sound of His Honor howling in pain from Katrina's reflexive bite on his turgid organ.

"Get the bitch outta here Mandy! Take her back to her cell! Have her back in my courtroom at four o'clock, sharp! Oh, and Mandy, put her in full restraints. She likes to bite."

Mandy seized Katrina, placing her powerful hands on her shoulders, spun her around, wrenched her left arm behind her and snapped on the cuffs. Then she quickly secured her other wrist to it with a none too gentle backwards jerk of her right arm.

"Get on your Knees! Now! Drop!" Mandy yelled into Katrina's ear."

Katrina started to squat down slowly, awkwardly, as she struggled to keep her balance. The matron pushed down hard on her shoulders to move her along, driving her down hard on her knees. Holding her by the shoulders, she bent over and whispered in her ear, "okay my little hellcat, on your belly."

Mandy gripped her tightly by the shoulders and drove her torso down to the thick carpet, placing her meaty hand on the back of her head and pressing her face into the floor.

"Okay honey, just lie still and cooperate. If you fight me, I'll hurt you, . . . bad."

Katrina was too surprised and frightened to resist. She lay perfectly still as the matron dug into her side pouch and pulled out a gag consisting of a black rubber ball and a thick, black , leather harness.

Putting one knee in the center of her back and grabbing a fistful of hair, the powerful matron yanked Katrina's head back. As the young girl opened her mouth to scream in pain and protest, the matron roughly shoved the rubber ball gag in her mouth, let go of her hair and quickly buckled the leather harness behind her head, pulling the strap so tightly that the corners of her mouth were completely caved in.

"That's a nice little girl. We'll be done in a minute. Just you hold still."

Katrina struggled initially with the sudden feeling that she was suffocating but calmed down when she realized she could breath through her nose. The stout matron was sitting on Katrina's ass, painfully jamming the young girl's pelvis into the floor but Katrina could do nothing to move her. She was utterly pinned under her weight.

Mandy was breathing heavily from the exertion but continued on, removing the ankle cuffs and chain from her pouch. She spun around on Katrina's ass to face her legs, grabbed one ankle, bent her leg back, put the cuff on, dropped it, bent the other one back, cuffed it and dropped it back to the sound of the short hobble chain rattling as her leg bounced on the carpet. She spun back around on Katrina's ass, reached into her pouch and pulled out her favorite restraint - the arm binder.

This devilish little device was not standard equipment. It was Mandy's own personal little item for dealing with recalcitrant prisoners. It consisted of two leather cuffs that went on just above the victim's elbows, separated by a chain whose length could be adjusted through a small fitting on one cuff. Like a miniature chain fall, it provided mechanical advantage and had a brake for holding the length selected.

Mandy put the elbow cuffs on her, slid herself up further so she was sitting on Katrina's lower back and then released the brake on the fitting. She took a tight grip on the end of the chain, wound it few times around her meaty hand, put her other hand squarely between Katrina's shoulder blades, and then suddenly shifted her weight to the hand pressing down on Katrina's back.

Without warning, she suddenly yanked up on the chain, drawing it rapidly through the fitting, viciously pulling Katrina's upper arms towards each other as the chain length between the cuffs shortened to about six inches. Katrina's muffled cries of pain and surprise could only barely be heard through the tight gag. Only her flailing legs hinted at the enormous pain that shot through her upper back and shoulders. Mandy set the brake on the fitting to hold the length and then sat back on Katrina's rump, releasing the pressure from her back.

The square cut matron took several deep breaths; wiped the sweat from her brow with her thick forearm; pushed a lock of her short black hair off her forehead; put her hands on her hips and said:

"Looking good little fox. Just one more slight adjustment and we'll be out of here."

With that, Mandy swung herself off Katrina's butt, to the young girl's temporary relief; knelt beside her; pulled her up a quarter turn so the trussed prisoner was facing away from her while lying on her side. Mandy then planted her shod feet squarely in Katrina's back, one between her shoulder blades and the other on her spine; took a firm grip on the chain that was still wrapped around her hand; released the brake on the fitting with an almost silent "click," and, without warning, yanked back as hard as she could on the chain, using her legs on Katrina's back to develop tremendous leverage and force.

Katrina was stunned at the sudden move, believing her restraint had already been completed. The suddenness and force of the tug forced her upper arms almost completely together. Katrina was nearly broken in half by the force of the jerk which folded her upper body lengthwise along the centerline of her back. The matron reset the brake and then disdainfully rolled her back on her belly.

Katrina flailed on the floor in pain as her upper back muscles were nearly torn from the bone from the wrenching, tight restraint. Her shoulders were pulled all the way back and grotesquely folded and bent in towards each other.

She tried desperately to loosen the bonds pinning her arms so cruelly back but to no avail. The matron swung back on top of her, grabbed her by the hair and back of her shift and stood up, hauling Katrina up as she went. As she straightened up, her breasts were unnaturally thrust out as her pinioned arms pushed her chest out. Pressed against her thin cotton shift, they looked like traffic cones as they pointed up.

"Okay honey, come along with me. We have unfinished business."

The matron grabbed her by the upper arm, spun her around facing the door and frog marched her out. She nearly tripped on the first step, her stride stopped short by the hobble chain. The powerful matron gripped her, preventing her fall but the jerk back up on her arm sent a jolt of pain through her twisted upper back.

"Four o'clock sharp Mandy! And Mandy, . . . you needn't be gentle with her," the Judge said and smiled slightly for the first time since he was bitten.

"You're a fool Katrina. You were almost clear of the whole thing. You're on your own kiddo. I'll do nothing more for you," her lawyer, Sheryl, yelled after her as the matron shoved her out of the judge's chambers.

Expecting to be taken back to her cell, she was surprised when the matron jerked her to the left, through an entrance to another judge's chamber.

"Judge Reilly's on vacation. I don't think he'd mind if we borrowed his place for a half hour or so, do you? Oh, have nothing to say on the subject, eh?" Mandy cackled to the gagged young girl as she continued to jerk, almost drag her through the secretary's alcove and through the gold lettered mahogany door of the vacationing judge's chamber. Like the other chamber, it also had a leather couch which the matron headed for directly, stumbling young girl in tow.

"Get on the couch Bitch!"

Katrina was whimpering, crying as she pressed her knees to the edge of the couch and allowed the matron to guide her down on her belly, turning her slightly so she could fit lengthwise on the soft leather.

The tears started to flow heavily as the pain tore through her back and shoulders. She dreaded the next half hour. Instinctively, she knew why the matron had dragged her into the empty chamber. The chunky, plain faced guard hadn't taken her eyes off her in the shower and now it was time to take what she wanted. The matron knelt down and put her face right into Katrina's gagged visage and said:

"Here's the deal honey - I'll be nice to you if you'll be nice to me. I'll loosen those terrible arm binders if, . . . if, . . . well, if you're nice to me. Verrrry Nice! Understand honey."

Katrina didn't respond. She didn't nod yes or no or give any indication of whether she would cooperate. She just stared back at the matron's toothy grin, revolted by the brownish yellow teeth and awful breath.

"Understand!" Mandy said with menace as she reached out for Katrina's hair and yanked it back for emphasis.

Katrina slowly nodded her head yes as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"That a girl. Now you're being smart."

The matron stood back up, unbuckled the utility belt and pouch girding her thick middle and dropped it on the carpet beside her. She loosened and slipped out of her mid calf length uniform skirt and stepped out of her low heeled, institutional pumps. She started to unbutton her blouse with her right hand as she rubbed her wet, panty covered crotch with her left. She brought her pussy juice soaked fingers up to her nose and sniffed.

"Ahhhhh! I've been hot for you all day - ever since I took you to your lawyer this morning. I almost jumped you in the shower but I couldn't be sure we'd be alone. But I've got you now and honey, you better be real nice to me because I can get real mean when I've got the hots and baby, I've got the hots for you!"

She brought her pussy soaked fingers down to Katrina's nose and shoved them against her nostrils. With the gag shutting off the airway from her mouth, she had no choice but to inhale through her nose, getting the full impact of the older woman's pungently musky smell.

"Like it honey? Well, you're going to get a whole bunch more of this. All you can handle, . . . and then some."

The stout woman climbed onto Katrina's butt like she was mounting a horse, sitting back and pressing her knees alongside the young girl's hips. She finished unbuttoning her blouse, took it off and draped it over the back of the couch. Her large, drooping breasts swung free even in the cheap bra as the blouse came off. The matron sat there in bra, garter belt, white cotton panties and beige stockings and tried to catch her breath.

"Just relax honey and I'll loosen that arm-binder."

She bent over at the waist to reach for the fitting and release the brake, the movement putting her pendulous breasts into motion and turning the two rolls of fat around her middle into three.

Katrina could feel the woman's soaked panties through her cotton shift as she pressed down on her butt as she leaned forward. Katrina felt nauseous but fought to control it fearing she would choke on her own vomit with the gag in place. She felt the woman's hands on her upper arms fiddling with something and suddenly felt an enormous release of tension in her upper back and shoulders as she loosened the arm-binders. She didn't take them off, but let out the chain to about nine inches in length - still a tight restraint, but in comparison to the back breaking tension of before, a significant relief.

"There, that should feel much better. That should let you concentrate on other things besides the pain, isn't that right honey?"

Katrina lay perfectly still, allowing the muscles in her upper back to relax and shift back to a semi-normal state. Mandy slipped a hand under the hem of the young girl's shift and crawled it up between her thighs to her bare crotch, the panties having been already removed previously by her lawyer, Sheryl. It was still moist and dewy from Sheryl's ministrations.

Mandy smiled and slid her middle finger up and down Katrina's wet slit, pausing at the top to feel for her hardened bud. The young girl's hips moved involuntarily in response, pressing down to meet the stiff, sliding digit. Mandy pulled her hand out and tasted her wet middle finger.

"Mmmmmm, you taste real good honey, fresh and sweet."

She licked the girl's juices from her finger and then reached around behind her own back to unhook her bra. Fumbling for a moment, she found the catch and unhooked it, sliding the large cupped bra straps down her arms and off. Her large, pasty white teats swung free, the bulbous, rounded flesh flattened and rested on her lower chest as she straightened up.

She lifted her left breast up to her mouth and tasted the dark brown nipple with the tip of her tongue, laving it like a cat cleaning its fur. She slipped her hand down her own panties. The first touch on her love button was electric, sending a powerful wave of pleasure through her deep in her hairy groin.

She took a few swipes of her wet slit with two fingers and brought them out to sniff and taste.

"Not bad, but I like your taste better. There's nothing that tastes better than fresh young meat."

She massaged both of her nipples with her thumbs as she spoke:

"Okay honey, I'm going to take off that nasty old gag but if you raise a ruckus I'll have it back on in a jiffy and I'll hurt you bad . . . real bad, . . . real baaaad." Her voice deepened and lowered to a whisper as she repeated and emphasized the threat.

"Anyway, these chambers are sound proofed so the judges can work undisturbed. Even if you yelled nobody would hear you; . . . nobody but me, . . . just me honey . . . ."

The matron leaned over, heavy breasts swaying and loosened the strap of Katrina's gag. She reached around to the girl's mouth and pulled out the ball gag, removed the entire harness and laid it over the back of the couch within easy reach. Katrina exercised her mouth, opening and closing it, trying to get the numbness out of her lips.

Mandy lifted Katrina's hair up in back to reveal her slender white neck, leaned down all of the way, pressed her heavy breasts and large nipples into the girls back and pinioned arms and kissed her lightly at the hairline. She then ran her tongue up and down the nape of her neck, licking and tasting as she went. She drifted over to her left ear and circled the inside of the lobe with her tongue. The circles drew smaller as she closed in on her ear canal, finally thrusting the tip of her tongue into the small tunnel over and over again.

For Katrina, the tickling, squelching sensation was annoying; the weight of the woman pressing on her back and bound arms was unbearable. She could hardly breathe.

"God, get this fucking cow off of me. I can't breath, . . . can't breath. Just do what she says, . . . do what she says. Let her do whatever she wants. It's only a half hour. I can do anything for a half hour. I'll apologize to that asshole judge and then get the fuck outta here. Just be cool, . . . be cool," her thoughts screamed in her head.

Mandy finished licking her ear and then worked her way up behind her ear, tickling the outside of the lobe and then running down in small circles past her jaw line to the side of her neck.

"Does this ugly fucking cow really think she's going to turn me on with that! C'mon, let's get on with this. Get it over with for Chirstsake!" Katrina thought.

The matron straightened up, raised herself momentarily off the young girl's butt, reached down and slid Katrina's cotton shift up her legs stopping when it got jammed by her hips.

"Okay honey, get that ass of yours up."

Katrina responded lifting her butt as best she could with her arms pinned behind her, taking her weight on her chin and knees and jerking it up. She could get it up off the couch for just a moment before she collapsed back down but it was long enough for the eager matron. She yanked the shift up over Katrina's ass and slid it up her torso, bunching it under her bound arms. She reached in under the girl's bra cups and roughly squeezed her nipples. Katrina rolled to try to get away but Mandy just squeezed them harder bringing a loud cry of pain from Katrina lips.

"Shut up girl or I'll put that gag back on and I'll really show you some pain!"

Katrina lay very still and allowed the hefty woman to roughly handle and squeeze her breasts, bringing tears to her eyes as she squeezed the tips of her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. She pressed her lips together to keep from crying out again.

"That a girl, . . . now you're learning."

Mandy lifted herself off of the girl's butt again, this time swinging one knee over in a dismount and kneeling on the edge of the couch.

"Okay honey, over you go," she said as she slid her hand in under her and flipped her over so she was facing up, arms pinned under her back. Mandy's eyes lit up and she smiled broadly as she saw that beautiful curly red bush between the young girl's legs. She swung her knee back over the girl and slid back down so she was sitting on Katrina's knee, her legs folded on either side of Katrina's. She stopped a moment to admire the view.

"Oh God, Oh God! What is she going to do to me. Just get it over with!" Katrina screamed inside.

The matron slid her large hands down to Katrina's legs, gripping her just above the knees, and pulled them apart, spreading them as widely as the hobble chain on her ankles would allow, which was wide enough for what she had in mind.

Slowly, she slid her hands up her thighs, thumbs lightly rubbing and massaging her soft, tender inner thigh flesh. Katrina's upthrust breasts rose and fell as she took a deep breath, preparing for the expected assault on her womanhood. She didn't have long to wait. Mandy took a few moments more to admire the view and then slid a middle finger up the girl's moist slit to the top, rubbed her hard little nub in small circles with three fingers and then brought those same three fingers down to Katrina's moist love hole, letting her thumb stray upwards to brush her clit.

"Ohhhhh," Katrina softly moaned as the matron's thick fingers found her most sensitive spots.

Mandy smiled, licked her fingers to taste her juices again and then slipped her middle finger deeply up the young girl's cunt hole. Katrina gasped at the sudden invasion but relaxed a little when Mandy's thumb made small, flicking circles on and just under the tip of her clit.

Her hips rose to meet the invading fingers and that wonderful little flicking thumb. Mandy added her ring finger to the burgeoning entrance and slid it in alongside her middle finger. She pumped them in and out slowly, teasingly brushing her clit on the its side and tip. Katrina closed her eyes and let herself go, shutting out her surroundings and riding the wave of erotic pleasure.

She was just cresting the peak for her orgasm when she suddenly felt Mandy's fingers continue sliding out instead of plunging back in, breaking contact with her nether lips with a final light swipe of her clit. Katrina groaned in frustration.

"Not yet honey. Not yet. You'll get your chance but I go first. You be nice to me. Realll niiiice. And I'll be nice to you and finish you off."

She stroked Katrina's inner thigh as she spoke, then slid up so she was straddling her hips - cunt to cunt. She circled the tips of the young girls projecting tits through her shift and then gently rolled the shift up further, under her neck, to reveal the frilly bra Sheryl had provided.

Thoughtfully, she had given her a front opening bra for the benefit of the somewhat clumsy judge, so Mandy easily unsnapped the clasp connecting the two full cups. She slid her fingers under the cups and roughly shoved them aside, taking the young girl's soft, creamy white breasts in her cupped palms, rubbing her nipples between her middle and ring fingers. Katrina closed her eyes and groaned again, shivering in pleasure as her nipple tips responded by hardening and lengthening.

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