tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 11

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 11


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The slapping sound of Marisa fucking the distinguished judge in the ass drifted away as Katrina returned to that day which set her life on the course that placed her here. The looming image of matron Mandy Buckowski filled her mind just as it had filled her field of vision as the thick set guard forced herself on her when she was only a teenager.

The revolting smell of her aroused cunt came flooding back to her, making her a little nauseous even today, thirteen years removed. Mandy had pulled aside the soaked strip of panty covering her slit just as she came, allowing her to dribble her thin jism all over Katrina's face. The young girl closed her eyes tightly as the juice soaked her. She struggled to breathe but it was impossible with the matron's fat, saggy ass cheeks pressed against her mouth. She tried to scream but nothing but a muffled groan came out.

The room started to spin as lack of oxygen was sending her to never-never land. She opened her eyes but could see only a small circle of light, as though looking through a tube, as the hypoxia closed down her peripheral vision. The sickening thought struck her just as she was about to pass out that of all the many beautiful things on the earth, her very last sight would be the cunt and ass of this fat, filthy matron. Finally, as the small circle of white light got smaller and smaller, a feeling of peace and calm came over her. She stopped struggling.

Katrina's whole body relaxed as she succumbed to the suffocation, blacking out. Mandy sensed the change and sat up on her knees, lifting her flabby ass cheeks from the girl's nose and mouth. Katrina lay still for a moment and then, suddenly heaved, coughed and sucked in a huge slug of air into her starved lungs.

"Almost lost ya honey. Kinda got carried away there. Here, clean me out and we'll get outta here."

Katrina continued to suck in air and exhale noisily as Mandy slowly lowered her sopping crotch to the girl's lips, holding the crotch of her panties aside with two fingers. Katrina looked up at the matron and tried to focus her eyes but couldn't clear her vision. She could see only the large white fuzzy mass of the hefty woman above her through the pool of Mandy's jism that clouded her vision and dripped down the outer corners of her eyes in small rivulets.

The matron grabbed the young girl's hair tightly in her other hand and guided her face to her waiting, dripping, gash. The smell was bad, a mixture of cum juices, urine and a whitish discharge covered her entire crotch, soaking her thick mat of pubic hair, turning it a dark black. Her engorged, cherry red outer labia glistened as it hung down, slowly dripping thick juices, leaving long threads of viscous white strings as the drops fell on Katrina's face.

Katrina felt a rush of burning vomit climb in her throat as her stomach revolted at the nasty smell. She gulped down the acrid, burning stomach contents, afraid of what the matron would do if she vomited on her. Katrina swallowed as much saliva as she could to soothe her throat. She knew the matron meant business. Katrina looked up at her again, blinked a few times and tentatively extended her tongue until the tip touched the matron's hanging cunt lips.

"Ahhhhhh, that a girl. Give Mandy a good cleaning. I need a tongue bath. Give it to me!"

Katrina jumped a bit at the last command but responded immediately, licking the inside of Mandy engorged lips in a large circle, slowly reducing the diameter of the tongue circles until she was rimming the smelly cunt hole, plunging half of her tongue into the dusky tunnel. She licked and licked, collecting the copious fluid with her tongue, like a cat, and swallowing it as fast she could.

"Yeah baby, do me . . . do me good. Clean me out little bitch!"

Katrina continued to lick until she could taste only her own saliva. She dug her tongue into the hot hole as far as it would go and licked the walls of the musty tunnel, pulling back to collect more saliva and then plunging back in again. Mandy was alternately groaning and sighing as the fresh young thing cleaned her like nobody had ever done before.

As she relaxed, head tilted back, eyes closed, she resolved to herself that she would have this girl again. She didn't know how yet, but she would figure a way to do it. She had taken hundreds of dewy young girls this same way but Katrina stood head and shoulders above the rest. Mandy had never felt this kind of all encompassing, mind numbing explosion of pure pleasure before. She was hooked.

Mandy opened her eyes and started to come back to earth, glancing over at the large wall clock across from her. She had only ten minutes to get herself put back together and to get the prisoner to Judge's Reynold's courtroom. She sat up on her knees, took a few deep breaths, admired the sight of the girl's cum slicked face one more time and then dismounted, swinging one thick leg over the girl's tits, scraping them with her knee before her foot hit the floor.

The matron quickly redressed herself, even brushing her dark brown hair to regain some semblance of a professional appearance. Katrina continued to lay on the couch, her arms numb from being trapped under her back, having taken the full weight of the broad beamed guard.

Mandy took a large handkerchief from her pocket and wiped the prisoner's face dry. She took the ball gag and shoved it hard into Katrina's resisting mouth. Mandy squeezed her nostrils closed.

"C'mon honey, open up . . . open that nice mouth of yours. We can do this hard or easy honey. It doesn't matter to me. It's all the same to me whether your awake or I pinch off your air and put you to sleep. The gag is going in."

Katrina fought a few seconds more, realized that she couldn't hold out much longer and opened her mouth. The matron wasted no time, shoving the ball deeply into Katrina's mouth and then tightly cinching up the strap on the harness to hold it in place. Mandy grabbed her by the upper part of her arms, leaned back and pulled her up to a sitting position.

"C'mon honey, we've got a date with the judge and you definitely don't want to be late for this date."

The matron roughly pulled her up on her feet and straightened out her prison shift which was bunched up around her waist. She pulled her along, out of the empty chambers, into the hallway, down a flight of stairs, around the corner and into Judge Reynold's courtroom. Katrina saw a uniformed bailiff over to the left talking to a young man in an ill fitting suit and next to them her attorney, Sheryl Bailey.

They were having a good laugh about something when they turned and watched the matron pull her down the long aisle and through the short swinging gate that separated the spectator area from the court's open bay. She hauled her over to the defendant's table on the right and roughly shoved her down in one of the two wooden chairs, pulling her bound arms up and over the high back of the chair.

The bailiff walked over and handed Mandy a thick leather strap which the matron quickly slipped over the seated girl just under her rounded breasts and then cinched tightly behind the back of the chair, pinning Katrina to the back.

Katrina struggled to stand up to try to reach her attorney but Mandy just pressed down hard on her shoulders and lower neck, pressing her into the seat of the chair. The bailiff walked to the front of the courtroom and exited through a side door, returning a few moments later.

"All rise. Here Ye, Hear Ye, Department 26 of the Superior Court of the State of California is now in session. The Honorable Judge John Maynard Reynolds presiding. All those with business before this honorable court step near and be heard."

Katrina saw Judge Reynolds step through the same side door entrance. He was dressed in his long flowing black robe and he moved briskly up the steps to the large, high backed leather seat before the massive raised desk. His features were compressed in a scowl as he seated himself and looked up. While watching the Judge's grand entrance, Katrina hadn't noticed that an older woman had quietly slipped in from an opposite door and seated herself behind an odd looking keyboard.

The Judge looked directly ahead at no one in particular and began:

"This court is now in session for the purpose of sentencing the defendant, Katrina Angelique Denoir in accordance with the laws of the State of California for high crimes to which she has pled guilty. Present are defendant's defense counsel, Sheryl Bailey, the defendant, City Jail Officer Amanda Bukowski, Assistant District Attorney Garth Jenkins and, of course, the Department's bailiff and court reporter. Due to the defendant's violent temper and inability to control herself, as evidenced by her attack on me this afternoon during our pre-sentencing meeting, she is restrained and gagged."

Sheryl rose from her chair beside Katrina raised her hand slightly, looking for permission to speak. Judge Reynolds looked over at her and nodded slightly in her direction.

"Your Honor, before we begin, I would like to apologize for my client's unacceptable behavior. I ask the court to please forget about that incident and to sentence her as though it had not occurred."

"Thank you for your apology Ms. Bailey. I will pass sentence based upon her admitted crimes and not based upon any personal animus from this afternoon's incident. Assistant District Attorney Jenkins, the court has disclosed its intended sentence to you. Does the state have any objection?"

"None your Honor."

"Ms. Bailey, is this the signature of your client on this sixteen page confession?"

"Yes it is your Honor."

"And was she fully aware of its content and the legal significance of this document."

"Yes your honor. I explained it to her in great detail."

Katrina attempted to rise and speak but could do neither with the gag in her mouth and the heavy leather strap binding her to the chair. As she struggled, Mandy moved forward from her place standing behind her and roughly pushed her back down.

"Ms. Denoir, do you now stand by the confession contained in this document and admit your guilt to all charges?"

Mandy grabbed a hank of the girl's hair and yanked it back hard, then shoved her head forward.

"Let the record indicate that the defendant has nodded in the affirmative."

"Ms. Bailey, do you have anything else to say on your client's behalf?"

"No your Honor."

"Then I will pass sentence at this time - - Katrina Angelique Denoir, the court finds you guilty of grand theft and sentences you to serve a term at the Woman's Facility in Los Colinas for a period of not less than three years and not more than six years."

"BANG," the gavel came down.

"This court is adjourned. You may take the prisoner away."

. . .

Mistress Katrina jumped a little and shuddered as she remembered the loud bang of the gavel and the rough hands of the matron as she took the strap off, jerked her up and led her away.

"That sonuvabitch sent me to that hell hole for years without blinking an eye because I wouldn't suck his dick. God, I was teenager - a baby, and that prick sent me up there. He'll pay! HE"LL FUCKING PAY!" Katrina raged silently to herself.

Katrina smiled as she watched Marisa fucking the Judge. She could see she was close to coming. She walked over in front of the stocks and lifted the Judge's head by his hair and brought her face close to his. She looked deeply into his eyes, her warm, moist breath fell on his cheeks. He looked up at her in sub bliss, that removed, almost catatonic state she has often seen in her sub slaves during a session.

He's enjoying this way too much. I'll let Marisa finish, but then it will be MY turn and I guarantee there will be no sub bliss when I take over." Katrina thought.

"AAAAEEEEIIIIIIIII!!! . . . AAEEEIII!! . . . AAEeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii,"

"That's definitely my darling Marisa coming. I'd know that screech anywhere. Sounds like it was a good one," Katrina thought.

Marisa continued to hump the Judge's ass as she squeezed out the last rapturous contractions that continued deep in her womb and radiated outward in hot waves. She stopped and collapsed across the Judge's back, hands moving up to his sensitive nipples to squeeze them as she ground her hips into his slick ass crack.

Katrina looked down between the Judge's spread legs and saw his dick was incredibly engorged, its head a dark, purplish red and swollen to twice its normal size. A small amount of pre-cum leaked out as even the restraining tube couldn't prevent some leakage.

She looked back up just in time to see Marisa lift her head up slowly, dreamily and look over at her. She smiled so broadly it looked like her face would crack. She was still grinding her hips into him in an automatic motion as her entire groin throbbed with pleasure at the continued friction. She was absently tweaking his nipples, twirling them between her thumbs and forefingers.

The Judge was moaning partly in pain, but mostly in deep pleasure at his violation. He felt fulfilled, . . . complete. It was exactly what he had fantasized about all of these years.

Katrina lost no time in preparing him for the next stage of his session. She had dreamed about it for many years, embellishing and refining her plans as she gained more experience in the business.

She began with his head, tilting it back to the angled face of the upper stock. His mouth held gaping open by the dental device, he looked like a Grouper fish as his breathing inflated and deflated his cheeks. She slipped the thin leather strap through the slits at the top of the wooden stock, put the band just below his forehead, under the bony protuberance of his brow and cinched it tight, pinning his head to the angled board so his chin was thrust out and his face tilted up.

"Looks like you enjoyed that John. I'm so glad," she purred.

The Judge looked up at her, eyes barely able to focus, as he floated in that dreamy, semi-conscious bliss state of total submission. He felt the pressure in his stretched rectal canal of Marisa's continued circular grinding.

The friction and pressure against his prostrate and the sense of fullness felt good - better than he had ever fantasized. Although he hadn't cum yet, he was balanced on the very edge of orgasm, quivering with sexual tension. He felt his dick head throb with a warm kind of pain that merged with an intense feeling of pleasure.

He couldn't believe that he could feel this good, so incredibly satisfied without even cumming. His explosion would be icing on the cake. He could hardly wait for Katrina to take her turn. Just the sight of her standing there, above him, looking down, red hair flowing, black silk sheathed legs brushing against his cheeks, warm, musty heat radiating from her groin, made him dizzy with an overwhelmingly intense desire to be taken.

Katrina continued her preparations in business like fashion as Marisa slowly returned to earth and began to withdraw from the Judge's tight, sucking ass. An audible, moist "plop" signaled Katrina that Marisa was out and ready to do her part of the preparation.

Judge John Reynolds was going to be trussed like a chicken waiting for slaughter and he was going to be completely unaware of Katrina's true agenda until it was too late - far too late for him to do anything about it but play his assigned role.

Marisa took a few deep breaths to strengthen her wobbly legs, tweaked her own nipples for a final little twinge of pleasure and walked around to the front, placing herself directly above the judge's upturned face.

"Hmmmmmm, that wide open mouth looks so inviting. The way his face is tilted up his open mouth lines up perfectly with his throat to form one long, continuous fucking canal. Besides cleaning my dick, it will feel so good when I press it up against the back of his throat. But first there's a few little chores to take care of," Marisa thought.

As the cunt warming thoughts of oral rape filled Marisa's mind, Katrina walked around behind the Judge's spread ass cheeks and took in the delightful sight of the whitish clear lubricant leaking from his stretched anal orifice, running in small rivulets down his inner thighs, across his perineum to the underside of his scrotum.

He looked so nicely and freshly fucked that she just took a moment to enjoy the view. After a few moments, she licked her lips in anticipation, knelt down behind his ass and reached down to the floor under his dripping hole to slide open a round cover on the platform floor.

Marisa padded up silently beside her and handed her a metal stanchion that she had picked up from the service table nearby. About eighteen inches in length and two inches in width, it was threaded at one end with small eyelets welded around the circumference just above the threading and similarly about midway up its length. The other end was hollowed out with small holes around the circumference about an inch down from the end.

Katrina screwed the threaded end into the matching hole revealed by removing the small, circular cover, tightening the shaft with her powerful hands. When she was finished, the pole stood straight up below the Judge's groin, about three inches below his cum swollen, swaying balls. Next, Marisa handed Katrina a curved, triangular shaped metal frame with a large circular hole in the center. The frame was heavily padded with foam rubber and covered in black leather with thin, black leather straps dangling from each corner of the frame.

Katrina took the oddly shaped frame and looked at it closely, glancing up to look at the Judge's groin and then back down to the frame. Satisfied that it was shaped and sized to fit and support the Judge's groin area, Katrina agreed with Marisa's choice and fitted it through the frame's hole over the Judge's dangling cock and balls until they were completely through, then pressing the frame lightly against his groin as she slid the attached supporting handle into the top end of the metal shaft she had screwed into the floor.

Katrina pressed it home until she felt and heard a satisfying "click," as the spring loaded buttons on the handle end slid smoothly into the small receiving holes near the end of the shaft. The frame fit nicely, its padded base pressed lightly against the back of the Judge's perineum, just below the start of his ass crack; the two legs of the padded, curved, triangular frame fitting nicely into his thigh-groin crevices and extending up to meet about an inch below his belly button.

Katrina ran her fingers along the edges of the frame and the matching parts of his groin to ensure the fit was right. Satisfied, she turned to Marisa who, like a surgical nurse, handed her the next device.

It was a metal cone shaped "cap," about the size of a shot glass, with a blunt closed end and four small loop clips around the edge of the larger open end. A thin metal rod, about five inches in length, extended out from inside the center of the closed, blunt end of the cap. Marisa handed her a small white tube along with the cap and smiled as Katrina took it.

Katrina pressed the end of the tube between her thumb and forefinger, squeezing out a small dollop of thick lubricant which she caught with the forefinger of her other hand. She carefully coated the thin rod with the lubricant, running her thumb and forefinger up and down its length and around its small circumference as she spoke calmly, almost gently to the Judge.

"John, you have a great deal of an incredibly intense experience yet to come. I want to make sure that you experience every last bit of it and, to make sure you get the full effect, I want to make sure that you don't cum too early. You have a restraining tube on but what I have planned for you is so intense that I think a little extra anti-cum insurance is in order. Now relax - this will feel a little odd but it won't hurt, . . . much."

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