tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 12

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 12


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The Judge flinched a little as Katrina's cool, lubricated fingers made contact with his puckered anus. He could not move to avoid her fingers without ripping his own balls off so he froze very still and awaited the penetration. Katrina stiffened her fingers and inserted the tip of her middle finger in up to the first knuckle. The Judge involuntarily squeezed down on it, resisting the intrusion.

"Relax 'Your Honor'," she said with heavy sarcasm in her voice. "The additional lubricant is for your benefit, not mine. If you don't loosen up, I'll just go with what's already there."

The Judge tried to relax his sphincter, pushing outward to open it. Although his inner sphincter still gripped her finger tightly, Katrina felt a definite lessening of pressure. She twisted her middle finger around to open him up a bit and then slid her ring finger in alongside her middle finger. The Judge flinched reflexively as he felt the second digit go in. Again, Katrina twisted her fingers around the inside of his rim to loosen him before pressing downward and sliding the digits in up to the second knuckle.

"Mmmmm, that's it your honor, give it up, give it all up to me."

With her palm facing up, she slid her fingers in the rest of the way until her third knuckles pressed against his inner crack. She paused while his rectum adjusted itself to the invasion. She felt the slick walls of his rectum expand to accommodate the intrusion. Katrina could also feel the hard lump of his prostate gland through the rectal wall and pressed it lightly with her finger tips. This elicited a loud moan of pleasure from the Judge. Katrina loved the feel of his hot rectum sucking her fingers in and enveloping them with its soft, slick heat.

There was a certain timing and pace to preparing an asshole for fucking and Katrina had become a master of it after many years of practice. She waited a few more moments before sliding her fingers back out slowly to the first knuckle and then pushing them back in. She finished the stroke by pushing them in hard, pressing her fist knuckles tightly against his anus as though trying to shove them in as well. She twisted her hand, clockwise and then counterclockwise to fully coat the walls of his rectum as far as her fingers could reach.

Katrina again paused, leaving her fingers deeply embedded in him as she kneaded and stroked his flanks with her other hand. She traced her fingers down the insides of his sensitive thighs, brushing them with her finger tips up one side and down the other, then reversing direction. She lightly brushed the underside of his tightly squeezed balls with her fingertips.

The Judge was shaking and quivering with lust as though an electric current was passing through him. Katrina watched the expected reaction and smiled a bit to herself, satisfied that she hadn't lost her touch. With the Judge distracted a bit, she spread her fingers apart, pressing them against the walls of his rectum before drawing them out. With just the tips remaining, she added her forefinger to the group, bunching it underneath the other two, before sliding it in.

The Judge jumped again at the pain of the sudden stretching of his anus from the addition of the third finger. She slid the fingers all the way in before spreading him further by moving her forefinger up to line up with the other two. Katrina now had three fingers across embedded deeply in his ass. Katrina knew that her three fingers across gave his ass a nice two inch stretch which meant he was now ready for the main event.

Katrina was kneeling behind him now as she slowly drew her three fingers out, twisting them around a bit for a final stretch before they broke free. She felt his sphincter squeezing down hard on her fingertips as though trying to keep them. She saw the rosette quickly contract to the size of a pencil eraser as it reacted to the sudden void. Katrina inched up on her knees until the massive dick protruding straight out from her groin hovered just an inch or so from his widely stretched inner cheeks. She gripped the base of the silicon dick with her left hand to steady it before guiding it to his tiny entrance.

The Judge jumped at the first light contact, sensing the enormous girth and thinking for a moment that this was a cruel joke, that she was just trying to scare him. His initial thought was that it was physically impossible for anything of that size to fit up his tiny ass hole. Katrina's first reaction was pure pleasure at his response.

She loved the color contrast of black on white and the view of the giant dick protruding from her groin, nestled against a man's tiny pink opening. It was the most erotic, lust inciting sight she could imagine. Her glands went into overdrive, pumping juices into her canal, around the thick inner dildo. She felt them ooze out around the shaft as she shifted position. God, she couldn't wait to feel that incredibly delicious pressure deep within her cunt as she pressed the giant shaft home.

Katrina spread her thighs a bit to lower herself, took a firm grip with her right hand on his upper thigh and pressed the giant head into the puckered opening. The reaction was immediate.

"AHGgggggggggggg!" The sound exploded from the Judge's throat as he felt himself being stretched and knew this was no joke. She was going in!

The tip of the giant head went in but the remainder just pressed against his opening. Katrina loved this part - the initial entry, imposing her will, her insatiable lust on a trapped and helpless male.

She knew this was only the beginning and moved slowly and deliberately to enjoy every moment of it. As she pressed down harder on his orifice, she felt that wonderful pressure on the roof of her tunnel as the ripple end of the inner dildo pressed itself on that tender, wonderfully sensitive square inch of puffy, nubby, blood engorged g-spot. She felt the first real bolt of electric pleasure slash its way through her, curling her toes.

Katrina inched up a bit more on her knees for added leverage and thrust her hips out to add pressure on his anus. She leaned over him, adding her weight to the pressure. She pushed harder, gripping his thigh tightly, pulling herself in; adding her left hand to the pressure by gripping his other thigh and pulling in even harder.

"AAAAaaaaaaaHrrrrrrrgggggggggg," John screamed as he felt himself being stretched open by an irresistible force that was driving that huge cock head into him. He felt like he was being split apart and he knew that she would show him no mercy.

Katrina kept the pressure up and inched up a little further on her knees. She saw a little more of the huge dick head disappear into him as his asshole slowly yielded to the force and opened.

She saw the glans pressed hard against his rim, slowly, millimeter by millimeter, work its way in. The well developed biceps on Katrina's arms stood out as she used her upper body strength to add to the pressure of her pelvic thrust and body weight to force her way up his ass.

She felt the Judge shaking, almost vibrating as his body coated itself with sweat in a kind of autonomic shock reaction to the anal violation.

"Aaaaagggggghhhhh! Aaaagggggghhhhhhhhhh!" the judge cried out and unable to form words or plead for mercy with his mouth held wide open by the dental brace as Katrina she saw the glans of her huge dick head crawl inside his rim and disappear within. She saw his sphincter grip down hard on the slightly narrower shaft just behind it. She was in him.

Katrina relaxed her grip and paused, keeping a steady pressure with her hips but otherwise not penetrating further. She took a few deep breaths and felt the cool, slick, quivering flesh of the Judge as he quaked in fear and pain. She inched up a little further on her knees, flexed and shook her hands a bit to get more blood circulating, spread her hands wide and took another firm grip on his thighs, hooking her wrists around them for maximum leverage.

She looked down and saw the thick shaft connecting her groin to his asshole and knew the giant head was buried within him. She felt her own groin fill with hot blood as the sight of her dick pressed into him turned her on like nothing else could.

"God, nothing could be this good, . . . Nothing!" she thought with a mixture of lust and satisfied revenge that provide her with a feeling of intense, pure pleasure.

The Judge felt the giant dick head buried inside his opening and felt his anus strain to encircle the shaft behind it. He felt himself being stretched beyond imagination. The pain was unbelievable - he was desperate to get the invading pole out of him but it wasn't going anywhere, anywhere but further in.

The Judge felt his rim throbbing with pain as the blood vessels and nerves at the entrance to his rectum were pressed hard against the thick invader. Moreover, for the first time, the Judge felt the heat from the warm water filled shaft as it passed through his stretched opening. John thought he would not survive this. Any moment he expected to feel his own hot blood spurting and running down his legs as he was ripped asunder by the giant shaft.

Marisa watched the incredible sight from her vantage point standing in front of the Judge. As soon as she saw the giant black dick head disappear into his ass she stepped up closer to his face, squatted and rested the tip of her still slick shaft on his lower lip. Holding the base of it with her left hand, she traced a circle inside his lips and slowly moved it in until the tip rested on his tongue. Marisa looked down at him and said:

"Now be a good boy 'your honor' and clean it."

Katrina looked up at the sound of Marisa's voice and smiled, adding:

"Yes, your honor. Do clean it well. After all, we want to make sure that you get the full experience enjoyed by the young girls you've taken."

Marisa smiled a kind of half grin and slid the modest sized dildo further into his wide open mouth, continuing to swirl it around the inside of his lips as it went. The Judge glanced down at it, crossing his eyes to focus on the shaft and then looked back up at Marisa, eyeballs rolled up as far as they would go.

Katrina pressed forward from the other end, watching the thick, black shaft slowly enter his tightly stretched anus. The initial entry of her black Avenger was her favorite part of the whole process - watching a guy's soft rectum expand and expand again, yielding to her, watching the black shaft sink inexorably into their dark, inner core.

The pressure on her own tunnel, especially up at the top where all of those wonderful little nerve endings are most tightly bunched, sent hot bolts of pleasure through her as the small, preliminary contractions of orgasm began deep in her womb. The Judge started to cry out from the continued rear assault when the tip of Marisa invading dildo touched the back of his throat causing a sudden involuntary gagging. His throat reflexively closed around the dick head as he instinctively tried to protect the soft tissue of his esophagus.

His nostrils flared as he fought for air. He shook his head as much as he could with the tight leather band around his forehead pinning him in place but of course he could not dislodge it. Katrina paused a moment and then thrust her hips forward again and leaned in, pushing a few more millimeters of the hot, black dick into his ass. The Judge felt the sudden increase in pressure and heat pressing against every part of his anus and rectum.

The sudden increase in pressure in his ass distracted him momentarily from Marisa's oral invasion but the dick in his throat could not be ignored for long. Marisa slid her feet up a few inches and thrust her member further in, sending the head past the gag point and down his throat.

The Judge continued to gag as his throat closed around the shaft. Thin, clear mucous leaked from his flared nostrils as he struggled to adjust to the invading shaft, desperately trying to keep his airway clear. His throat burned as the dick head scrapped against it on the way down. Marisa had nearly all of it in. Her neatly trimmed pubes lightly touched and tickled the tip of his nose. As the Judge sucked air in through his nose, he couldn't help but smell the powerful aroma emanating from the highly aroused Asian girl.

Katrina watched a thin, white circle of foam form around the gargantuan black shaft embedded in the Judge's ass and saw it form beads before coating the inner walls of his crack near his speared anus. She paused to rest a moment and admire the view.

She knew the giant dick head was about three inches up his rectal chute, stretching and spreading the narrow canal to accommodate its enormous girth. The flared shaft was only now approaching the width of the dick head as it pressed its way past the overwhelmed guardians of his portal. She took a couple of deep breaths, rounded breasts drawing up with the intake and jiggling a bit as they fell on the exhale.

Marisa pressed the dildo in, the last few fractions of an inch disappearing until the leather harness flap pressed against his lips. His nose was buried in the top of her pubic mound, nostrils still flared and sucking in air through her wiry hair. She gripped his ears and circled her hips slowly in obscene enjoyment of the delicious circular pressure she was applying to her clit. She withdrew her hips a bit, sliding perhaps an inch or so of the shaft out before ramming it home, her thrust aided by her powerful tug on his ears.

He felt the dick head ease out and then slam back into his throat. Sweat poured off his brow as he struggled in vain against her. He looked up at her, pleading for mercy with his eyes. Marisa didn't notice. Her eyes were glazed over, unfocused, as powerful waves of pure pleasure rolled through her loins.

Katrina continued her assault, steadily thrusting her hips and leaning forward putting nearly all of her weight behind the penetrating shaft. She watched as another inch of shaft slid in, stretching his asshole even further as the widening shaft made its way in.

Katrina grunted loudly with the effort and continued the push, watching as his jelly white ass absorbed the black pole, stretching wider and wider to accommodate it. She could see that his anus and surrounding tissue were chalk white as the pressure of the invading member pushed every drop of blood out of the tautly stretched flesh. The Judge froze in awful anticipation of a ripping sound that he knew would spell death for him.

With about half of the giant shaft embedded in him, she stopped the pressure, leaning back a bit on her knees to shift her weight back. Time to rest and let his rectum relax a bit, let it stretch to accommodate the remainder, she thought. She felt her own hot juices rolling down the insides of her thighs as the thick inner dildo rubbed and pressed against the roof of her tunnel and, indirectly, on her clit. She felt that wonderful little hard nub throbbing in response, causing a kind of continuous vibrating pleasure that jumped in intensity with each renewed thrust.

She knew instinctively that just a few strokes would send her over the top. Katrina looked up just in time to see Marisa's crashing orgasm hit.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhheeeeeee! Ahhhhhhhhhh! AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiii!"

Marisa had the Judge's ears in a death grip as she rapidly pumped her dick down his throat and then froze, pressing herself tightly against his mouth as she came. She thrust her hips up in short, powerful strokes as the waves of hot, pure pleasure tore through her. She was up on her toes, thrusting, thrusting, pulling every last ounce of orgasmic pleasure out of it.

Marisa had him pressed so hard against her groin that his air was cut off. He jerked his head as best he could to free it but it was no use. Just as he was about to black out, he felt this incredible sensation in his ass as though his rectum was being pulled inside out.

Katrina slowly withdrew the giant dick from the Judge's widely stretched asshole causing the anal ring to purse and pucker out as the column slowly slid back out. The reverse pressure on her own tunnel as her own inner thick dildo slid out, scrapping along the roof of her blood engorged vagina, sent bursts of pleasure through her.

The thick head of the black dick deeply embedded in his rectum exerted pressure on the Judge's prostate as it slowly slid back triggering a kind of vibrating pleasure behind the perineum wall just as he was losing his peripheral vision from lack of oxygen. He continued to struggle for air but the struggle grew weaker as his oxygen starved muscles refused to obey his desperate commands to break free of Marisa's grip.

The Judge felt the back of the embedded glans strike the inside rim of his anus as all but the head of the thick pole was drawn out of him leaving an empty void in its wake. Marisa's heels slowly came back down to the floor as her orgasmically rigid muscles relaxed, the last few electric pulses coursing through her blood thickened clitoris.

With almost his last conscious thought, the Judge sensed Marisa's relaxation of tension and willed himself to make one last final attempt to jerk his head to the side to open up an airway for his crushed nostrils. With one sudden motion he jerked his head hard to the right and sucked in hard through his nose and was rewarded by the rush of cool air rushing into his starved lungs.

Marisa kept the dildo jammed down his throat as she slowly gyrated her hips in a dreamy enjoyment of the continuing buzz of pleasure that rippled through her body. The Judge's vision was just starting to clear when he felt the pressure again, the horrible downward, irresistible pressure that was opening him up once more as he felt the huge cylinder sliding back in him.

Katrina looked down at the black pole connecting them and felt a quantum jump of electric pleasure shoot through her at the sight of the greased black Avenger sliding back into him. She knew her moment had arrived but was determined to be jammed into his quivering white ass to the hilt when she shot her load.

It didn't take long for the thick member to regain all of the territory it had surrendered with the withdrawal as the combination of Katrina's powerful hip thrust, his thoroughly greased rectal walls and his own cavity vacuum drew the thick pole in with increasing speed.

He felt the giant head moving through his narrow rectal passage, opening him up like a pig passing through a python. The Judge felt the glans pressing out against his rectal walls at about the same point it had reached before when the pressure had stopped and then reversed. He anticipated a repeat of that same action and was astonished and frightened when the giant dick head kept on going past that point without pause.

"Oh god! This is it - she's going to tear me apart. There's no way that black telephone pole will fit inside me. The pressure . . . OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! Stop! Please, please just STOP!" his mind screamed.

Katrina knew he was feeling completely helpless, open and ravished. It was exactly what she wanted him to feel. Her thoughts about him were only a fleeting, minor distraction though as the ripples of pleasure built within her, rising in a crescendo of unbelievable, mind bending erotic energy.

She gripped his upper thighs tighter with her hooked wrists as the enormous black pole entered completely virgin territory - untouched and unexplored by fingers, dildo or his own experiments with butt plugs. Katrina paused a moment, gave her ersatz ball sack a slight squeeze to ejaculate some additional lubricant into the virginal part of his narrow passage and then redoubled her efforts, leaning forward into his stretched ass cheeks with all of her weight focused behind the pile driving shaft.

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