tagBDSMThe Mistress Ball Pt. 01

The Mistress Ball Pt. 01


I heard the crunching of gravel as the van stopped. My body swayed, I had to re position my knees on the hard floor of the van. I could hear voices as the van doors opened and closed, footsteps on the gravel. I felt so groggy, how long had I been out? How long had we driven? How far? My head hurt, my hands hurt. I was fixed to the side of the van somehow, my hands tight together. I could move a few inches forward before the nylon strapping stopped me. I had a hood over my head, gag in my mouth I strained to hear any more noises but it seemed I have been left alone. As I regained my fuzzy senses I was becoming more aware of my discomfort. My knees ached from the position, my hands were tender but above all my balls ached.

I remember how mistress wirily smiled her luscious smile as she locked the padlock on my chastity a month ago. A month, despite all my aches and pains my balls were the worst. A month of torment and teasing and now, in the back of a cold van, my balls. Straining against the rubber strap under them, the were being held upwards bulging from over a month a teasing. My flaccid penis felt ok, snug in its sheath, but in the discomfort of my surroundings he was doing ok.

The worst part, I had signed up for this, voluntarily agreed to it. The mistress ball was the biggest event on the calendar, a summertime ball at a large stately home in countryside. Where we did not know, but what I did know is that the nations elite mistresses and dominatrix's would all be in attendance. It was, I guess a celebration of domination, all forms and varieties, an end of year party to reward their hard work training. It was a chance for the top Dom's from around the country to let down their hair and socialise but more importantly it was a chance to showcase their most loyal slaves. That's where I came in.

I heard footsteps returning, my pulse quickened, senses heightened. I could hear muffled females voices, giggling. Not like I had heard mistress before. Suddenly the van door opened, there was silence. I felt hands on my shoulders, gentle hands, slowly massaging my shoulders. "just relax my darling" the words faded out as a bolt of pain shot in to my neck, I gasped, my knees buckled and I slumped forward hanging taught by the straps holding my hands behind my back, darkness closed in.

I heard classical music, laughter, chatting, the place was alive, but my senses were not. Brightness in my eyes, squinting I took a while to see what was around me, my god it was a sight.

I was in the main hall of a large manor house, there were paintings on the walls, pillars with flowers, statues and women. I was surrounded my mistress's, leather clad, in latex, satin silk all varieties of outfits. None were particularly paying attention to me, they were mingling drinking champagne, some were smoking just socialising like a normal gathering. I couldn't see Samantha. Then with a tingle through my blood I became aware of my situation and aware of the other slaves. I looked to the open fireplace, there were two women sat in large leather chairs, feet up on the backs of two naked slaves each on all fours. The waiters, again completely naked carrying glasses of fresh champagne and canapés. There were slaves cleaning dressed as sissy French maids, on their hands and knees polishing the floor or using feather dusters.

Then there were other slaves, including me, we seemed to have something different in store. In the far corner of the hall next to the women in armchairs was a cage containing a slave. Opposite there was another slave, pulled taught to a st Andrew's cross, he was naked except for a hood over his head. To the right of him in the far corner was another, he was suspended from the rafters in a kind of leather corset. Straps on either side attached to a pair of crotch less leather pants, his cock and balls bulging through the hole as gravity pulled him down. In the centre on the room was a large wooden table covered in all manor of instruments, flags, paddles, penis pumps, milking machines everything I had ever fantasised about lay on the table. I looked around the room at the slaves, at the Dom's, all ignoring us so far but looking so elegant, so seductive, red lipstick, long nails, corsets, cleavage, stockings, knee high boots... my until now dormant cock swelled slightly in its sheath.

Then there was me.

I was held against some wooden frame work in a half seated position, my feet planted on wooden blocks, it was as if I'd half stood up and someone had stopped time. I had belts holding me to the frame, my arms pulled back at chest height. I looked at the marble floor, I was about three feet up, taped to the floor was a plastic sheet with a large glass vase in the middle.

More and more women entered the hall, the manor must be bigger than I thought, the chatter got louder as the hall filled to maximum all eyes at the centre of the room. A large stud entered the hall, over 6ft tall, muscular, black as night. He walked to the centre of the room, longing female eyes followed, his foot long meat swung as he walked. At the table he turned at put one leg on the wooden chair to give the women the view they craved.

"Ladies may I welcome you to the annual mistress ball. I know many of you have travelled far and time is upmost importance for you so without further ado let the fun commence". There was an excited cheer and giggling as the women started to explore the hall. A group of three approached me. "well well well, what have we here" explained the lead mistress. She was gorgeous, the most busty mistress I had laid eyes on. She wore stiletto boots stopping mid thigh, red satin knickers below a leather corset. The corset pushed her enormous bust to bursting point, she flicked her long hair to behind her shoulders to I could get a full view of her cleavage, her breast jiggled like jelly as she walked, her eyes felt like they were devouring me. Try as I might my cock was already growing in the chastity, my aching balls swelling more with each step of the three women. As they stopped in front on me she lent down and picked up a card propped at my feet. She opened the enveloped and her face lit up. She tipped out a small padlock key and a letter.

She turned to the other mistress's "Fill the vase, to win the prize" she smiled. Her friend approached, neither spoke, the busty mistress handed her the keys. She reached out and cupped my balls, "mmmmmm how many loads to fill the jar girls?" They giggled, from my stranded position 3 feet from the floor my crotch was at their chest height. Mistress gently started massaging my balls, kneading and tugging slightly, letting her fingers run up over straining penis, running her finger nail along the top of the rubber sheath to the hole at the end. The tiniest string of pre cum stretched from the nail to the hole. The second mistress began caressing my thigh and buttocks, hands and nails circling as teasing, the sweet smell of elegant perfume. From my semi seated position my bum cheeks were held slightly apart. Hands and fingers began teasing and stroking there way towards my anus. I closed my eyes, this was what the months of work had been for.

3 pairs of hands covering my lower body rubbing my balls tugging my enclosed cock, making small circles around my loosening hole.

The three women seemed to communicate in soft moans, enjoying my torment, each time I looked one in the eyes they would smile sweetly, like I was some helpless soul. The caressing and stroking were unbearable, the sight of the women, the breasts in front me desperately trying to overspill her corset, jiggling as she laughed at me. My cock was so hard I thought it might burst open the plastic case, my helmet had turned angry red, parts of my penis were starting to push through breathing holes in the device, a steady stream of pre cum seemed to be hanging from the tip of the chastity almost touching the floor. The mistress to my left positioned herself in front of me, she was younger than the others, tall and slim, not as busty but a handful. She wore stilettoes, skin tight wet look trousers and a pink satin silk shirt, she had enough buttons undone to tease me with more ample cleavage. Her long nails tickled my balls and traced lines from my anus to base of my scrotum, my cock twitched, straining against its restraints. She lowered her head tilting it sideways the way a puppy looks at its owner. She took my throbbing cock in to her mouth and moaned, dark eyes never leaving mine. I was aware my swollen member was in her mouth but the feeling was numbed by the plastic sheath around my cock, she bobbed forwards and backwards on my dick, moaning softly, sending vibrations through me. The others Dom's gently stroked my chest and bum cheeks. If nothing changed I was going to blow in chastity.

"Let him out", cooed my busty mistress, a sudden sternness to her voice. She may have sensed I was nearing an orgasm, the biggest of my life I had to doubt. Busty mistress picked up a little red leather book from beneath my stand and flicked through. She smiled warmly, her friend with the key unlocked my padlock. Gently she eased the plastic device down my shaft, my penis was so swollen it was almost pushing the device off. Blood rushing in to fill the space in my penis that was previously restricted. My balls were held taught by the ring around their base but with the chastity removed my member now stood firm for it's full 8inches, veins pulsating, blood pumping at last my now purple mushroom head glistening with mistress's saliva and dribbling with pre cum. Already I could see sticky patches on the plastic sheet below me.

Busty mistress stood in front of me now, "We've all read up on each of you" she whispered. "we know what you like". Around the room I was vaguely aware of other slaves positions, there were odd cries of pleasure and yelps of pain. Slaves were being spanked, paddled nipple torture. A mistress was leaning over the central table one leg up on a chair, the black stud was working her vagina with his huge cock, stretching her pink lips apart, she let out joyful cries and the surrounding crowd moaned in agreement.

My busty mistress before was kneading my cock, a firm grip moving the blood around and bring it to life. After a month under key I felt wonderful my senses alive but every touch I felt so close, it bought a new sense of fear. How would they react if I cum now, after a few strokes, but the tingling deep down between my balls and anus was already starting, I knew I was helpless.

Busty mistress had decided it was time she forced her hands down the sides of her corset and struggled to pull up her enormous breasts. She didn't allow me the pleasure of seeing them fully, instead pulling them out just enough to see the edge of her nipples. I shuddered and my cock twitched at the site. She must have been at an H cub gigantic breast now protruding like distant hills sitting 3, 4 inches above her corset. "ready my darling?" she said more of a statement than a question, I gulped my eyes fixed on her boobs. She poured oil all over her luscious assets, disappearing down her cleavage running down the front of her corset. She stepped forward, two fingers on top of my dick she pushed it down between her breast. The feeling was immense, like electricity pulsing through me. What I had yearned for since seeing her, was coming true. It's all in the book I thought, everything I craved is in the book. My cock was engulfed, she rocked back and forth hands on my waist, eyes locked on mine, smiling playfully.

Occasionally my helmet was just visible at the base of her neck before plunging back down in to her bosom. They were so warm, so tight around me, she rocked with more rhythm, my meat sliding between her soft mounds, the other Dom's rubbing my body. I could take it no more as the rhythm increase so did the tingling deep inside, I felt it building and accelerating. With one firm push forward I came, I could feel my balls pulsing, the first spurt of seed so strong its almost hurt, forcing open my urethra as it sped from my twitching shaft. My cum disappeared in to her cleavage. Another bolt of cum, I was trembling, fists tight, legs in spasm, this time thick gloopy cum emerged at the base of her neck. My cum wobbled back and forth with mistresses rhythm. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted, the puddle now the size of my fist. So thick like nothing I'd cum before, it must be all the special shakes Samantha was making me drink. I was spent, exhausted, hanging by my belts in my trap.

Busty mistress pulled away, my cock sprang out, to my surprise still hard as rock, still angry red, veins pumping. The other girls admired my load. A few other Dom's were gathered now, whispering amongst themselves, hungry eyes watching like vultures the puddle of cum on her boobs. She scooped up my mess, lifting it above her before letting slowly dribble off her fingers back in to her cleavage, rubbing it gently up and round her neck. Eyes still fixed to me, finally she bent down and picked up the vase. She turned it so the spout pushed in to her chest and gently pushed my cum in to the vase. As she scooped, it slid down and collected at the base, Impressed murmurs circulated through the crowd. When she was finished she held the vase up to inspect her work, I'd filled about 15mm of the bottom of the jug, which was about 20cm in height.

My blood went cold "to win the prize, just fill the jar" she laughed, with a flick of her fingers she walked away, heels clacking and hips swinging in to the crowd.

My cock was softening, satin mistress leaned in to my ear "oh no you don't" she hissed. She forced a hard rubber cock ring over my mushroom head, I yelped, which prompted a giggle from the crowd. Forcefully she slid the ring the very base of my cock and gave it an extra push for luck. She cupped my aching balls and gave them a gentle pull downwards, with her right hand she squeezed my helmet and began twisting and pumping up and down. She was like a woman possessed, giggling and laughing at me, pumping in a frenzy. The sensation overwhelmed me, I'd not recovered from my huge orgasm, my first in a month. My glands were so sensitive, still lubricated by a mix of saliva and jizz. I bucked and kicked in my restraints, my cock was so tender every stroke felt like I would climax again but yet with every stroke I wanted her to stop.

The last of my first trio of Dom's picked up the vase. The pumping continued, relentlessly, tight grip working my cock, my senses overloading. The excitement in the crowd peaked, I thrust my hips as far as they would go. I couldn't help an animal like groan escape from my breath as I came again. Spurt after spurt in to the vase. Like the first, strong and thick but not the same copious amounts. Maybe 5 or six loads this time, my cock ached immediately from the effort of climaxing again so soon to my last. Satin mistress expertly squeezed from the base and pulled the last dribble of cum up my shaft and wiped it on the edge of the vase. She looked at me, winked and walked away.

I estimated I'd woken in the room half hour ago, my first orgasm 10 minutes ago, my second about 4 minutes later. The vase on the sheet at my feet had a cloudy cum layer about 22mm thick at the bottom. I hung in my straps like a man at the crucifix.

The last of the original Dom's stepped forward, she was petite and slim, not as busty as the others. She had an innocence, almost a school girl look. She seemed to dress down compared to some of the others, a neat pin strip pencil skirt with matching heels. She circled me, staring intently over the top of her glasses. Her finger tips traced a line around my hips.

I saw elsewhere in the hall things were progressing for other slaves too. The man hanging from the rafters had a crowd of 5 or 6 women around him, a Dom had his cock in her grasp, thumb underneath and four fingers on top of his member gently working his meat. To the right of him on the wall was a chalk board, it simply read EDGES - 9. The poor guy, edged 9 times! Despite the numbing ache in my shaft, at least I had cum, I guess. The edge slave was bucking and weaving desperately trying to force his cock in to a position where he might find release.

There were more studs in the room now. It seemed with the ever flowing champagne some of the Dom's were letting their hair down. On the table in front, a stud lay back whilst a Dom in crotch less stockings steadied herself above his thick meat. The stud was gently working her anus, sliding ever so slowing in and out. Her slave on a lead desperately worshipped her cunt, head moving frantically around. The stud continued his steady rhythm, his balls inches from slaves face with each stroke. The mistress I noticed seemed distant, eyes glaze in a state of delirium.

My office mistress had begun her work. My penis still plump from the cock ring holding in my juices, he was not so hard, but couldn't relax. Office Dom was working me hard with her mouth, moans that reverberated down my shaft tingling all the way to my balls. I ached so much, but the pleasure was undeniable, slowly out weighing the pain. I let out a gentle moan, someone, something had nestled at my backside. I could feel tongue strokes on my nut sack. My balls felt droopy, when I arrived they were taught like a water balloon about to burst now they were more saggy. I could feel the tongue lifting my scrotum, sucking a ball in to her mouth. My mistress in front was easing now, my cock was hard again. She began to tease more, licking quickly the underside on my helmet, my over stimulated glands were in torment, my cock randomly twitching in to the air. As my cock returned, she expertly landed it on her tongue letting me enter her mouth for a second before continuing a frantic licking. She maintained my gaze, seductively eyeing me over her glasses.

The mistress behind me had begun rimming my anus, sweet gentle circles making my ring twitch in delight, my bum cheeks now goosebumped and extra sensitive. The combination of both licking was driving me to another orgasm. My office mistress varying her speed and strokes now licking the tip before turning to run her tongue the length of my man hood. She retuned to the tip, licking left to right, the tongue behind was trying to enter me now. the feeling was immense, my head flopped back, the aches giving way to strange pleasure. A mistress in the crowd stepped forward offering up the vase. The torment continued, the tip of her tongue darting over and over on my glands, the sensation built as the feelings overloaded me. My cock jerked upwards cum splattering out. Mistress rushed in with the vase to catch what she could. Office mistress stepped back, my cock in spasm, now stuck in the mouth of the vase continued to squirt cum. I was distraught, my leg muscles tensed. The glorious feeling of orgasm had passed so quickly as she withdrew her tongue. Not only was I being forced to multiple orgasm, they were now being ruined too. Sensing my deflation, my spectacled mistress leaned forward and softly kissed the tip of my cock, with a spring in her step she turned to find fun elsewhere in the all.

I looked at my vase held by the mistress, disappointment swept over me. I had cum well considering, a good 5 spurts, but it was thinner than before and half had missed the vase of ended on mistresses face.

My vase holder retuned it safely to the floor, she pinched the tip of my dick between finger and thumb. I had relaxed again but I was in for no rest, despite cumming three times the ruined orgasm had left me frustrated. I longed for a real orgasm like the first. Mistress waved a hand at the studs. They strode over powerful and strong stroking their dicks, she spoke out of ear shot. The men stood either side of my device, what in gods name are they doing now I thought, they reached above them chains rattling as I was lowered closer to the floor. Mistress thanked the studs patting one on the bum before turning to me, flicking up her skirt and backed on to my cock. I was pleasantly shocked, I had not had penetration in months. Locked in chastity and teased. If I had relief at all I was usually made to masturbate in to Samantha's shoe or over her panties. The warm, wetness of mistresses pussy was a welcome return, a memory almost forgotten. But now how I ached, my body felt dead, fixed in to place. My balls so sore, I began to wonder if they ached more full of cum or now after three orgasms. My dick so tender, was deep inside mistress. She didn't ride me much, instead preferring to work her hips in to my groin. My cock remained deep, her buttocks pushed hard in to me as her hips worked up and down.

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