tagBDSMThe Mistress of Holt House Ch. 08

The Mistress of Holt House Ch. 08


After his punishment, Fortescue was made to kneel before the smiling Ruth; he was allowed to sniff the sex of the woman who had shown him his true position amongst women and placed him in their permanent servitude. He was allowed just a sniff to remind him of the woman who had utterly dominated him, removed his balls, and now owned him. He had to be content with cleaning guests until Ruth acquired her next victim. He would then be allowed to cleanse her of another male who would be unknowingly on his way to the submission of his masculinity. Fortescue did not know it, but he may not have to wait too long; the thin man was now paramount in Ruth's mind. He was led away to another room by the sumptuous black woman; she would have more enjoyment from him later.

Ruth and Lady Barbara unleashed him from the stake, and walked him to the auditorium which had been the venue for the modification. Ruth smiled and cupped his balls.

"Don't worry; we know how affectionate Marcia is for your jewels. We just wanted to show you how we are preparing for the next event. It will be nice to see you and Marcia here together again, when our next male relinquishes his balls. I'm afraid it won't be so exciting this time. The male in question has led a typical life; complete chauvinism towards females with a little bit of womanising and petty violence thrown in. The woman that owns him keeps two other males, and has convinced him that this is for the best. I fear it will be most clinical." Both Lady Barbara and he knew what was on her mind. Lady Barbara took Ruth's hand from the balls she'd been nestling.

"I know what you are yearning for; we'll have our girls positioned where the waif has mentioned; he's bound to show again. I will so enjoy breaking him when he's caught, and catch him we shall."

It was just a few days before he was to visit Madame Tara's house once more, and face the assertive Ginger maid. Marcia pampered him in the warmth of the shower; he had been allowed to please her to fulfilment during the past night, and she soaped his weary balls gently. Even the bathroom now bore elements of his artistry; he had been welcomed to many women's homes through advertisement by Marcia and was increasingly popular in their feminine society. Though he was in his element, when a guest of all the women he visited, he was always glad to return to Marcia. They patted each other dry and donned bath robes before descending the stairs for breakfast. It was before nine still, so they were surprised when the jingle for the front entrance bell announced someone at the door.

George opened the door to Lady Barbara, and a very attractively shaped young female; her face delicately veiled, inviting them in. She ushered them into the front sitting room where Marcia and he were sat. Marcia could not help but blush a little when Lady Barbara looked the two of them up and down. She smiled with just a hint of jealousy at their state of undress; it was apparent from their attire that the two had been in the recent company of each other. Belinda and Lottie, who had previously been busy with the housework, did their best not to giggle.

"I do hope you are not spoiling him." She said as she gestured to him to come over to her. He came and knelt obediently before the woman he had come to know intimately over the past months. She smiled down at him affectionately and caressed his cheek with her gloved hand.

"You may kiss my feet, and those of my companion." Even though he had been thoroughly milked in a most erotic fashion by his mistress just a few hours before, the act of showing servitude to this superb woman and an anonymous female, made his loins tingle once more. He bent and kissed the toes of Lady Barbara's shoes, and then swivelled slightly to accommodate her shapely companion and did the same. Lady Barbara put her hand on his shoulder and asked him to look up at the woman, who removed her hat and veil. He could not contain his smile as the waif he'd saved beamed back, mirroring his reaction.

Her instinct was to hug him, but she was being trained well in the art of domination. Lady Barbara could see the level of temptation the girl fought against, and this man had risked his life for her after all. She smiled at her.

"You may kiss him, but remember; he is a male and you are in charge. He must be made to recognise that you are superior and his place is on his knees before you." She did not hesitate on being cleared by her mentor, and held his head with both hands kissing him full on the lips. Lady Barbara coughed politely after 30 seconds or so; to save him from suffocation. Lottie and Belinda giggled softly; George was tight-lipped and somewhat green-eyed with the situation.

They were one and all, amazed with her rapid transformation though; in a matter of three weeks or so, she had somehow filled out and was every inch a picture of feminine elegance. The attentions of Lady Barbara, Ruth Chesterfield, and their entourage of feminine associates and young charges had worked their magic on the girl; she was fast becoming the independent and assertive female they knew she could be. They had preyed on her prior vile experiences at the hands of males, and had demonstrated with captives at Hapsley Hall; some willing, some less so, how things should really be. In her short spell there so far, she was becoming keener with whip and cane by the day. Lady Barbara was thrilled with her progress, and she now had a name.

"Meet Miss Harriet Du Montfort. She is now officially a ward of mine and will reside at Hapsley Hall permanently. Now perhaps you girls would like to show her your rooms again, whilst I discuss a little business with Miss Rendlesham." The girls led the prim looking girl away, admiring her new presence and status as they went. When they'd gone, Lady Barbara continued.

"We found that Harriet had been living on the streets for some time; her real name is Dawkins, her mother died from the excesses of gin and left her alone at the age of fourteen. She never knew her father. Despite her diminutive stature she is actually nineteen, and had been moving from one hovel to another for some time. She had managed to avoid the attentions of adult males, up until she became involved with the brute who met his maker on the night she was delivered to us. She had been subjected to all manner of horrors by his acquaintances; namely the thin man." She stopped at this point and smiled smugly.

"I came here this morning, not just to show you how Harriet has progressed, but to tell you that Ruth has discovered who the thin man is. A trap has been set, and he will shortly find himself at Hapsley Hall, where he will learn to honour women in the way that he should. Within a few short weeks with Ruth, he will be begging for release from his wilful urges. By then, a certain young lady will be ready to administer her first act of mercy, in obliging him before an audience of his superiors." Her words made Marcia smile wickedly, and the thought of the pleasures the thin man would realise at the hands of the magnificent Ruth Chesterfield gave him a healthy erection; he was almost jealous of the man's good fortune.

Lady Barbara gave him an address of an establishment in a less salubrious part of town; the upper body strength that came with his masculinity would be most welcome there, in assisting the removal of 'goods' to be taken to Hapsley Hall. The lifting of heavy unstable objects was not women's work; the essential deliverance of the goods and the use of them afterwards, would be very much their domain though.

After much tea and conversation, Lady Barbara left with her young ward. As they walked them down the path to the Carriage, Harriet could not resist kissing him again; they parted and as he turned back to the house, he saw George viewing him with some disdain. She disappeared inside the door before he arrived back at the entrance, and had fled upstairs before he entered. The situation had not gone unnoticed by Marcia. She held his arm to gain his attention and winked at him, smiling wryly.

"You know you must show all the women you encounter equal respect. I think there is some work you need to complete in Georgina's room; I have an appointment with some ladies at a tea house this afternoon that will not require a male escort. You might take the opportunity to have a nap before your scheduled exertions for Lady Barbara this evening; after you have finished your work of course." He thanked her, as he knew what she was really suggesting.

She readied herself for the day and left to get a cab to her destination. He went upstairs, taking a brush and small paint kettle with him, which he had no intention of using. He knocked on George's door; she opened it and took a deep breath, her big blue eyes looked a little startled, and were also a little red. She hid something behind her back. He pushed slowly forward and closed the door behind him. He dropped the paint kettle and put his arm round her to see what she was holding. He sniffed at her glorious red hair as he looked over her shoulder; she held one of his shirts. He pulled back and looked deep into her eyes as he squeezed her firm little cheeks against him. She lifted the shirt to her nose and gently inhaled, smiling now.

"I just wanted something to remind me of you; I don't seem to get any attention with so many other women keeping you from me, it's not fair!" It was patently apparent from the wild look in his eyes that she was about to receive his full attention now; she closed her eyes and puckered her lips, he followed suit and as they shared a warm wet kiss as his cock swelled against her belly. They helped each other off with their clothes and he viewed her soft alabaster body; so daintily freckled at the neck and shoulders. Her natural scent had him in frenzy as she stepped backwards and pulled him onto the bed.

Considering the monumental amount of foreplay he had been made to endure at the hands of his dominant mistresses, it was no wonder he was in her almost before they lay on the bed. She emitted a soft plaintive cry as he slid firmly into her tight pussy, which only served to make him thrust all the more. She lifted her thighs to allow him full penetration and smiled with satisfaction as he moved back and forth. He had to use all his concentration in restraining himself from acting like some primitive animal and jettisoning his seed in an instant. She pulled his face down to hers and he nuzzled at her cheeks and neck; he held back but the warm generous pleasure she provided, along with her soft moans had his balls ready to burst. His body was wracked with tension as he fought against slipping into orgasm, until this sweet angel at last gave him her signal. She opened her eyes and mouth wide and hung on his neck; she expelled every ounce of breath in her body as she let out a long and lustful moan in unison with her thighs squeezing his torso. He erupted inside her and truly pumped like the animal he was trying to avoid emulating; the relief and pleasure was immeasurable.

After he had collapsed upon her, they had squirmed and kissed in a tangled embrace for what seemed like hours. He pulled the blankets over them, and they nestled together just staring into each- other's eyes for an eternity. He had not felt this way before; it disturbed him a little as the feelings he had for Georgina Grantham were entirely alien to those he felt for his mistress, yet were just as pleasurable. George was equally as pleased as Marcia, but from a different attitude. He would ensure he did not take advantage of her softness, and resolved to allow her any spare time he had whilst at Holt House. He knew how jealous she was, and would do his best not to hurt her in any way. She knew why he was there, after all, and he hoped she would see reason when he was assigned to other women. For the time being though, he basked in a different state of satisfaction not previously experienced; his nap was a warm and deeply relaxing one.

He arrived at the address given him by Lady Barbara in good time; it was a slightly threadbare part of town, a street with numerous pubs, hotels and guest-houses. As he looked furtively up at the windows of the small hotel that bore the correct number, a shapely young female slipped out from the door. Without confirming, she seemed to know who he was, though he'd not seen her before. She advised he make himself comfortable in the ale house opposite; passing him half a crown which was with the compliments of Ruth Chesterfield. The girl would come and fetch him when he was required. He did not argue and disappeared inside the smoky lounge bar of the pub.

He bustled his way to the bar through a sea of top hats and bowlers; this was evidently a very popular venue for some reason. He made it to the oaken bar and opted for a pint of mild and bitter. A buxom maid with sleeves rolled up displaying knobbly elbows, pulled back on the tall ivory handles as she pumped the fruity brown liquids up from the casks in the cellar.

"That'll be tuppence ha'penny, please sir." She looked at him and raised her eyebrows somewhat as he passed her the half crown.

"Sorry, I don't have anything smaller." He said sheepishly. She rang the price into the ornate silver plated till; the cash tray slid out in unison with two black price indicators rising into the glass viewer at the top of the till, and she handed him change of a shilling, two threepenny bits, 8 pennies and two farthings. He thanked her as his pocket sagged under the weight of the coppers. She smiled with satisfaction; it seemed he had no command over women whatever the situation!

He made his way through the crowd to a spot near the window; he looked up at a light from the hotel opposite and wondered how someone else was fairing in the company of women.

Roger Stainforth was very much his own man. He had deserted his middle class wife, and life of not overly successful accountancy, for an easier life of vice and the debauchery which went with it. His lifestyle was anything but a rarity in this Victorian world of progress, where the public view was one of successes and an empire on which the sun never set. The reality for a great deal of the masses was a life of despair, and a hidden underworld of vice. Stainforth had made a nice living out of this situation, lending money to bankrupts who could not borrow by legitimate means, in order to fuel ridiculous business enterprises. They had to repay him at extortionate rates; this allowed him to fund his interest in several opium dens. Though he would never be a millionaire; he spent most of his money in keeping one step ahead of the law, frequently drank, and though not directly involved with prostitution he spent much money procuring hapless females.He had a particularly nasty streak whereby the act of threatening women with a knife gave him particular pleasure.

Stainforth's wiry countenance wore a smug smile as he thought of the two girls he had paid good money for; he'd been informed that one of them was very theatrical and enjoyed erotic role-play; the other was apparently very fresh to the game, and very meek. He had been told she liked to be bound and teased prior to satisfying clients. He would have his couple of hours with them, and then return to his flat to prepare for an evening drinking with his cronies. He could not have suspected that he would never see the flat again.

He had arrived at the hotel around an hour before the pint of mild and bitter had been served. The two girls had been awaiting him as per the arrangement, but he was introduced to two further young ladies; it was explained that they were also fairly new to the game and there would be no extra charge, they would share the fee an all be glad of the experience. Though this all seemed too good to be true, he would not part with any more money, and made the theatrical girl reiterate that their services would be part of the agreed fee. She smiled sweetly and confirmed again that this would be the case.

"We shall ensure that you will not forget this evening." Said the tall blonde temptress, speaking with a strange air of authority. An auburn haired girl took his coat, another brunette lay on the bed, grinning at him like a cat as she toyed with lengths of silken cord. The fourth was a very curvaceous black haired girl; she was on her knees by the bed and apparently had her hands tied behind her back already. She looked wistfully up at him as his cock swelled. The women's perfume, both natural and applied, permeated the room creating a cosy, secure atmosphere. He could not help but notice that each of the girls was dressed, though scantily, in black.

The girl on the bed removed her blouse and skirt; she wore no bra and the sight of her full breasts and erect nipples excited him. The girl whose hands were behind her back stood, and the skirts dropped from her. She wore black silky knickerbockers which accentuated the curves of her shapely arse beautifully as she turned and displayed her bound wrists whilst climbing to the bed. The two other women helped him off with some of his outer clothing; they did not fail to notice a lethal looking dagger in his waistcoat pocket. Thankfully, the fact that there were more attractions than usual meant he did not seem to mind it not being in his hand. The two urged him toward the bed and as he sat on the edge, the girl with bound wrists got off and knelt on the floor between him and the blonde, who had picked up a wicked looking cane. The girl on the floor arched her back and looked submissively at the blonde.

"Are you to cane me mistress? I have had very naughty thoughts about our guest." His cock bulged as the two other girls helped him out of his underwear. The blonde teased the kneeling girl with the cane.

"I shall tell the headmistress you've had bad thoughts; she'll probably be arriving soon." She said in a theatrical tone. This made him think of the role-play aspect; they're building up for a drama, he thought to himself. Drama there would be. He felt the girl on the bed take his arms behind him; he felt uneasy at first, until the kneeling girl was pulled toward him by her hair by the blonde. She teased his cock with her tongue and he relaxed somewhat. The blonde smirked at the two childishly.

"You know what the Headmistress says about fraternising with boy pupils, don't you? She will punish you both if you're caught." Something inside his mind pictured a stern headmistress entering the room; his cock stiffened at the thought. Though he liked to be in charge and had no time for women other than for sex, he could not deny a certain primeval urge which engendered a respect for a strong woman. As he thought about this the girl behind him had tied his wrists. He panicked slightly but the kneeling girl sucked on his member for all her worth; this calmed him somewhat, especially with the addition of the girl who had done the tying; now squeezing her breasts into his back. The girl with auburn hair suddenly appeared and took over from the kneeling girl; she sucked and massaged his cock whilst the black haired girl sat on the bed next to him. The blonde girl looked at the two.

"I think we should tie them together till the Headmistress comes, then they'll be for it." He was still reluctant but the drive generated by his cock and balls superseded this fear, besides; he had seen two of these girls hanging around over the past two weeks- they must be local, what harm could he come to? The Blonde pushed him back on the bed as the black haired girl lay down next to him; His cock was nestled in the cleft of her buttocks, and she squeezed and wriggled teasingly as the others swiftly bound them. Stainforth could not have known that his legs were being bound individually; the brunette's expertise was in this field and he was trussed like a Christmas goose before he knew it. The ties which held the girl to him were minimal, and she would be free of her bonds in a flash.

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