tagBDSMThe Mistress of Holt House Ch. 09

The Mistress of Holt House Ch. 09


True to form, when Stainforth was revived in his new surroundings, he was as cocky as when he had passed out. Ruth was had partly manufactured this as it suited her. She would get great pleasure from breaking him. He was at first made to think that this was still some choreographed game. The women had also drugged him to maintain an air of non-anxiety within his mind; he could not quite remember who had applied the chloroform, though he was sure it had something to do with his past. It was therefore of no consequence to him when he was invited to service the mature headmistress whilst a tethered male looked on.

He had nothing but contempt for the individual who was led on all fours by a huge black woman to eagerly clean up the superbly shaped mature female. He could not help but notice that she received immense satisfaction from this act, referring the cur to his past and keeping the leash tight as she ensured he completed his task thoroughly.

The act was strangely arousing to Stainforth; he did not know why, but he felt a tinge of jealousy at not being in the position of the cur. He noted that the slave who licked at the supreme woman with relish, had no balls and his tiny dick hung limply. This shocked him somewhat; what possible pleasure could he get from this, his enthusiasm was more than apparent. Stainforth was just glad he had his balls; nothing would part him from his, he thought. He was to learn otherwise.

Fortescue wanted to lick and lap forever. He had waited a long time to once again sample the sweet smell and taste of the woman who had broken him completely, he felt the eyes of the sneering male upon him. He gratefully imbibed the semen he had left within his mistress; this was the taste of a male who would succumb to the pleasures he had undergone. He peeped up at his smiling mistress knowingly, as she smiled down and took great erotic satisfaction in reminding him of how he had arrived at his pathetic surrender to womanhood. He thoroughly enjoyed the reminders as his tongue caressed the very essence of his dominant mistress. This was truly the epitome of his absolute submission.

Stainforth's cock was erect once more as the black woman fitted him with a leash; she ensured he was watching as Ruth did Fortescue the honour of achieving another orgasm through the fruits of his labours. She moaned in absolute ecstasy as her juices flowed forth for her willing slave, ensuring every last drop of Stainforth's gift was made available to him. Her orgasm which could not receive a reply from his limp and useless cock, gave Fortescue the ultimate thrill to his permanent and willing submission.

Stainforth was now ready again. He looked on in envy as the mature woman, who became more and more attractive to him by the minute, had enjoyed the attentions of the cur. The black woman led a weeping Fortescue away, Ruth having laughed at him as he kissed her feet and telling him he would now be taken to serve a woman who owned a brothel. She then approached Stainforth and commanded he kneel; he did so without hesitation. The power of this woman was undeniable.

She slapped his face twice. His cock remained rigid; what was happening to him? He was finding the situation pleasurable and struggled with his conscience. Another woman entered the room. Harriet smiled at him and showed him his knife.

"You will now become my pet. In six months you will return to this room and serve your mistress in the same state as the lowly male you have just witnessed. You will have asked me to remove your balls with this very knife, having given yourself over to womanhood." He was speechless as he knelt there; the pretty young girl he had frightened now looking supremely dominant. The mature woman asserting her control over him by the minute; he tingled with unsuspected excitement. He was about to speak out in protest when the black woman appeared again. She smiled with satisfaction as she injected him with a little more opiate. Harriet clasped his needy cock and stroked him luxuriously.

"There, enjoy the orgasm you never had when we met before. Make the most of each one you have now, as I intend to have your balls before you know it."

Stainforth duly appreciated a sumptuous orgasm as he gratefully spurted his seed generously as he resigned himself to his ownership by women. He looked at the knife now held by Harriet and began to relish the idea of losing his balls to her; he bucked and spurted at the thought. There would be a popular event at Hapsley Hall very shortly.

Holt House was also a very popular venue for the women. Marcia now jealously guarded and relished her evenings with him; he had regular breaks from his personal tasks with the many eager women of the circle, and his art work was displayed in buildings far and wide. He was kept very busy but remained delighted at having been taken in my Marcia. His entertainment of George, Lottie, Belinda and the ginger cook seemed never- ending, and his appointments with Madame Tara, Lady Barbara, Jenny and Ruth certainly kept him on his toes.

All in all life was very sweet and diverse for him. Marcia often sat with him in the library and his love of Avant-garde novels was indulged regularly. They would talk in depth about the situations he found himself in and very often this would arouse them both exquisitely; she would smile and lead him to the bedroom where the conversation and more would be concluded.

There was to be an eagerly awaited event at Hapsley Hall in October. After which the circle of women were to venture en-masse to India for a holiday; the activities at home would be moth-balled whilst one and all enjoyed the benefits of the Raj. A relative of Lady Barbara's lived in a palatial residence in Poona and this is where they would reside for a couple of months having travelled out on the Portsmouth and Oriental line in luxury he could never have imagined.

October came and he found himself leashed and kneeling before the glorious Marcia once more, facing the auditorium with countless other male slaves, as the women eagerly awaited the arrival of Ruth, Harriet and especially Stainforth. A great cheer went up as Stainforth was whipped onto the stage by the curvaceous black mistress; she was completely naked and was oiled, so that her gloriously feminine features shone and shimmered as she lashed her charge. Stainforth was now completely submissive and looked about him at the jeering women with exquisite satisfaction. He had learned to enjoy humiliation to the full and relished castration before so many women, who would gain deep erotic satisfaction from the act.

It was so fitting that a girl he had threatened, but had not achieved satisfaction in the final act that had brought him there, should be the one to allow him his final humiliating orgasm before the baying women and then remove his manhood forever.

They had dressed him in a baggy white top, and had caged his cock which bulged against its confining bars. The black mistress delighted in thrashing him with a short whip, making his arses glow and bringing forth tears, increasing his enjoyment as the women sneered at his feebleness before the dominant African. She had him lick her hot and sweaty anus as he awaited his punishment; he savoured every tang and taste as he did so. He had learned to have a healthy respect for this woman and was thrilled to be allowed to please her this way, before an audience of dominant women.

Her anus clean, she made him bend down with his arse in the air, so as to display the balls which would soon be despatched. They had painted them bright yellow, and a dotted line had been tattooed about his scrotum; illustrating where the cuts would be made. The mirrors were placed and applause went round as Ruth and Harriet took to the stage with two white clad nurses. Ruth was naked and simply held a jar; Harriet wielded his knife and was also naked except for a small bib which covered her belly. The bib was finished in navy blue and white stripes, like a small butcher's apron.

She moved to Stainforth and released his cage with a tiny key handed her by his black keeper. His cock emerged, erect and ready for its last delivery of semen.

Stainforth was tied over a flexible whipping bench with a hole in it. Facing the main part of the audience his cock was squeezed through the hole into a tight rubber tube slightly shorter than his length. The audience would see his face as he received punishment, and would view the pink end of his manhood as it was squeezed back and forth through the tube as the bench flexed while he was whipped. They would see his pain, his ecstasy, and witness his last delivery of semen. Ruth positioned the jar under the bench to catch as much of his seed as possible. There would be no speech. He had forfeited his balls and had begged for their removal, having been reduced to a submissive cur by Ruth.

The whipping commenced; his black mistress stepped up and flexed her athletic body wonderfully as she applied the whip. Stainforth bucked and cried as the bench flexed and his body welcomed the divine pain. His cock slid back and forth in the tube and his soon to be removed balls drew back in preparation for the heavenly crescendo. The women laughed and sneered at the contortions his face made under the whip. As the strokes bit home he revelled in the view he had of all those women enjoying his pain. Ruth stepped up for her deliveries and applied the whip with every ounce of vigour she had.

Stainforth wailed like a small child and cried as he flexed in and out of the tube in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. The mature beauty showed him no mercy and her pussy dripped with sweat and excitement when the time came to hand the whip to Harriet.

"I have the whip now Stainforth; I also have your knife and want your balls. You will give yourself up for me now." Without further ado, Harriet launched into her whipping and his back and buttocks stung once more. He was now being whipped by the woman who would remove his balls; the tears flowed and his now numb back and buttocks allowed his cock to fully enjoy the teasing of the tube as he flexed in submission to the lady and whip.

The women in the crowd sensed this and began their slow hand-clap in time with the strokes. The humiliation was now indeed divine for him; his cocked bulged through the tube as the girl who would have his balled whipped him to his last orgasm; the women smiled eagerly as they clapped, some eying his face, the others his urgent and excited glans as it peeped through the tube. Harriet bent to her task and smiled as she applied the punishment with extra vigour as Stainforth moaned and bucked in the throes of ecstasy. He now truly belonged to the women and he knew it, he was going to come and then lose his balls, He was in heaven as the ripples of ecstasy combined with the impact of the lash.

The women taunted as they clapped; he was theirs. Jets of hot semen squirted through the tube as he cried out in absolute heaven. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked his body as he indulged in his own humiliation. The women accentuated the luxury of his final orgasm and they cheered and applauded as the odd loop of hot cream splashed into the jar; soon to be reunited with the balls it had come from.

Now he would lose those balls. The whimpering wretch was dragged to the bench which Ruth now straddled. He would service her with his tongue whilst his balls were removed. Arse up in the stirrups, face down in Ruth's eager sex, he lapped and viewed the mirrors as the nurse arrived smiling with the huge syringe. She handed it to Harriet and pointed to the areas to be injected. Harriet smiled with utter joy as Stainforth moaned when the first jab went slowly and painfully into his scrotum. She applied five more which barely made him flinch, and he applied himself to his mistress's swollen and highly aroused sex.

The nurse made deft slits with a scalpel then showed Harriet the path to slice through sac and tubes. Ruth lifted her body and moaned with pleasure as she readied herself for orgasm. Stainforth lapped in fear and pleasure as he eyed Harriet smiling at him in the mirror; one hand cupping his balls, the other holding his very own knife. Ruth announced her lush orgasm, giving Harriet her signal. She took his balls and with a purposeful thrust and slice of the vicious knife, dispatched his manhood forever. The women screamed and applauded as she held the trophy high, then dumped his balls into the jar with the contempt they deserved. Another male emasculated; the women were delighted. Stainforth's sorry sack was sutured by the smiling nurses; he would now begin his journey to submission in earnest; a post by a bed in Hapsley Hall awaited him. The next time he tasted the dominant Ruth, it would be to eagerly clean away the mess from another male who would follow him. Many men would submit to this cycle; the women would be eternally entertained. As Stainforth's cock assumed its limp status, the Shopkeeper appeared with a spiked loop attached to a plug and short chain; another satisfied customer.

He took in the war air as the small but luxurious ship steamed down toward Suez. Marcia teased him with tales of dominant Asian women and their harems of males, with equally large numbers of eunuchs to service their needs. She had joked she may sell him when over there, as a very good price could be had for white males amongst the Asian women. His cock bulged in his cage at the thought, his plug adding to the erotic notion. He smiled at Marcia as she whispered what she may subject him to, in the cabin later. He smiled contentedly as George and Chastity linked hands with him. His submission to females was heaven on earth; he wondered what India may have in store for him.

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