The Mistress of Holt House


She had on a full length black silk gown which was tied in the middle. It was apparent she did not have much else on underneath. He could see the full shape of her breasts; the nipples were evident through the silk. He tried not to look but could not keep his eyes from her. Her hair was down and she wore deep maroon lipstick. He had great difficulty in concealing an unwanted but inevitable full erection.

She was magnificent and he thought he must be in some sort of dream. He had not seen anything like this since a work mate had produced some rather lewd Daguerreotypes of women from a working trip to Paris. She sat down softly next to him. She smelled as good as she looked, crossing her legs showing him a beautiful white calf and delicate ankle. Her small and feminine feet wore soft golden sandals with large heels. She smiled softly and inhaled deeply taking in his scent; her breasts moved under the silk as she did so and she smiled as he could not help but look at them.

"Please don't be shocked. I have a good idea already how you feel about women. You have given me all the right signals so far and I know we will be very close. I want you to choose a book and read to me; open that closed cabinet section just there by the end of the sofa and choose one." He leaned over and opened the door.

Several books hit his eye immediately; 'Justine' and 'Juliette' by De Sade, and there right in front of his eyes- Leopold von Sacher-Masoch; 'Venus in Furs'; he was amazed. He faltered for a moment but was compelled to choose that one. She smiled wickedly at him.

"Good choice; you ARE my kind of man. Now take your gown off; you'll be much more comfortable in your silk alone- it's so warm tonight." He removed the gown and was deeply embarrassed as he could not hide the prominent bulge in his bottoms. She carefully and casually ignored this and pulled him close to her. He was close to erupting as he felt her breast up against him.

"You will read to me now." She said commandingly; "I know you'll like that book; it's a favourite of mine. You'll love the woman in it." He read many pages from the book; she made him skip parts and knew the page numbers of particularly explicit sections. As he got to a certain part he felt her hand caress his penis; he had had relationships with a couple of women before, but this had never happened. She smiled at him.

"You like the idea of a woman being in control of you, don't you?" She said with a straight face and in a matter-of-fact manner. He could not deny it. She got up, and turned her back to him ensuring he had a good view of her round and silky bottom. She then pulled several more books from the cabinet section and sat down with him again. She passed a large book; this was full of pictures of ladies in commanding positions, some with whips and canes, very much in charge of males who were generally at their feet. As he viewed them goggle eyed, she removed her gown and sat naked before him. His erection was now rigid.

"You may take you pyjamas off now. I intend you shall understand your Mistress fully before the hour is out. Don't be scared; you know you want to be naked for me." As he stood shakily, he struggled with the buttons on the shirt but found the single one which held the bottoms undid alarmingly easily; the silk slid over his legs to the floor. She took a pillow and placed it on the floor in front of her.

"Now kneel before me; I shall begin to teach you how to worship women-your superiors- this will be your main task when in the company of my friends." He went down on his knees on the pillow before her. She crossed her legs and he marvelled at the beautiful white thighs before him and wondered at what lay between them. She looked down at him victoriously and his cock bobbed as he truly began to enjoy the feeling of being controlled completely by a woman. She waved he foot at him.

"Take off my sandal and kiss my foot." He did so; even the firm top of her foot had him feeling ecstatic as he readily kissed it many times. She slowly drew it away from him.

"Now you'll have to do the other." She smiled softly at him and slowly and deliberately crossed her legs in the opposite way. He had his first fleeting glimpse of her womanhood. His cock glistened with his lubrication, he was almost panting with desire now. She waved her toes under his nose to regain his full attention to the task in hand.

"You must learn to be patient at all times when you are taken by a woman." She said softly, "some Lady's will punish you if you even look as though you are thinking ahead of the task you have been commanded to perform." He was close to exploding and fought to control his urges and take in everything she taught him; he so wanted to please her.

"I'm so sorry; I just want to please you. Forgive me, please." She smiled kindly at him and pulled his head toward her, kissing his forehead sweetly.

"You are doing just fine; I know you only want to please me and are new to the way of life you will lead from now on. I know what it is you desire to do most for me. You will be rewarded at the end of your lesson if you have pleased me sufficiently." She put her foot down between his legs and gently rubbed the end of his cock with her toes. His balls pulled tightly up and his cock pulsated with pleasure.

"Oh yes, I know exactly what you want to do." She then had him slowly lick her calves and thighs; he strained to peep over the top as he neared her torso and had the first delicate whiff of her arousal. He was now ready to beg for relief. She was also beginning to feel impatient inside. She had yearned to have him like this since she first had that subtle signal that told her he might be submissive to women.

She deftly toyed with her nipples as he licked and worshipped legs he could not have dreamed he would even see. Now was the time. She softly pushed him back and lifted her feet to the chair, holding her ankles back. Now he could see her womanhood in all its glory. His cock dribbled pre-cum, a tear ran down his cheek. She smiled at him from between her knees.

"Now you will learn how to please a woman. Have you heard the term 'cunnilingus'?" he had, but this was something akin to Eldorado in his life; he could only dream of such an act whilst in the wilds of masturbation over some lurid novel. He would readily have allowed her to castrate him first, just for the chance to attempt this. He shook visibly.

"I have Mistress, but have never... Please let me try, I beg you!" She laughed teasingly then beckoned him forward.

"You must use your tongue delicately and start at the bottom of my womanhood and work slowly upwards, if you wish to be invited back again by any woman. When at the top you must lick the little button there. I assure you, you will know if you have pleased your mistress. Come and lick me now!"

He was on the verge of ejaculating as he moved toward her soft warmth and took in the full scent of her superior femininity. He was intoxicated by the sweet scent and she rippled with pleasure at the first delicate touch of his tongue. She was very moist and the taste of her would stay with him for ever. Such was the pleasure he was enjoying in being allowed to do this for her, he forgot about his own bone hard member. He licked and probed the delicate flaps like an expert; he was in absolute heaven. She cooed and sighed; he was doing really well -- this was definitely the tongue of a submissive artist- he would please many of her friends. He found her button.

The little nub of her clitoris made itself very prominent as he fluted his tongue vigorously about it. Her juices dribbled as she viewed her latest acquisition on his knees in heavenly worship of her; she tensed and moaned in victorious ecstasy putting her hand behind his head and pressing his face deep into her luscious folds as she came with gusto.

She collapsed back and enjoyed a few moments as she recovered. He knelt there, wondering if he'd done well whilst licking his lips as he wanted to savour that taste forever. She picked up a bell and rang it. Then she looked down at him and held his face with her hands.

"Oh you wonderful creature! You shall be allowed your pleasure now, but your training must continue." She smiled wickedly at him. She was so pleased. As he knelt there naked and submissively before the mature woman he had just pleasured, the maid Belinda walked in.

She was also naked and beamed at him. She carried a tray with a small towel and a small metal contraption on it. The two women smiled knowingly at each-other. Belinda knelt down and put the tray on the floor. She placed the towel between him and his new Mistress.

"Now you will show us how you worship all women; my maid Belinda has earned her right to watch by simply being female. We will both enjoy your futile act of wasting your seed before women. Begin! We want to see you enjoy your humiliation." He readily began to masturbate in front of the two women. This would have been a very humiliating act indeed, had he not surrendered himself to the women already; he was beyond caring having been treated to sexual delights beyond his wildest dreams.

Marcia pulled her legs back again so he could view her satisfied womanhood, now glistening slick with his saliva. She smiled at him expectantly; she knew he would not keep her waiting. The Maid Belinda toyed gently with herself and eyed both his erect manhood and the contraption; she would have the last pleasure of the evening. She was also warming to the new male's company. He did not know it, but he would keep the maid warm tonight.

He gritted his teeth and took in the full extent of his submission to the woman before him who he knew would now control him forever; he also glanced at the delicate young maid who also witnessed his deep humiliation.

"Give us your seed now. I want to lock you for the night." She whispered. He moaned in absolute ecstasy as he willingly spurted stream after stream of his milky semen onto the towel and floor between he and the gorgeous mature woman he had worshipped with his tongue, The pleasure warped through his body as he stroked over and over, eking out the very last spasm of enjoyment. He knelt there, spent.

Marcia dropped down and kissed him on the lips. Belinda took the towel and wiped his satisfied member, which rapidly shrank. She then took the metal device and eased a ring about the top of his scrotum. His flaccid penis was inserted into the cage like device and it was locked shut with a tiny padlock. There were two keys; one was given to Marcia, Belinda kept the other. Miss Marcia Rendlesham kissed him again.

"Your manhood belongs to me now. You shall not use it without my permission. Please do not fret, you will understand as time passes that this is for your own benefit; you will worship me and the women I choose you to service all the better for being denied. Trust me; I promise you will be richly rewarded on many occasions due to my control." Belinda cupped the cage in her delicate hand and looked impatiently at Marcia, who smiled back.

"I would have liked to have held you captive in my bed tonight, to allow you to contemplate the full realisation of your submission to me and to your new life of servitude to women, but I have been that pleased with your progress I feel I must write to my friends to advertise your availability immediately. You will go with Belinda and do as she pleases as a guest of her bed tonight." He looked at her, his eyes tinged with disappointment. She kissed him fully on the lips.

"Tomorrow, I promise." She said. Belinda produced a collar and leash from somewhere, and had it about his neck in no time. She stood and yanked the leash.

"You're mine now, and I need my bed." She led him away for his first night at Holt House.


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