tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 02

The Model Ch. 02



Crassius Cornu inherited a lot of money. He attended a fine university and acquired a position with a financial institution. There he invested other people's money, making a profit whether they gained or lost. And he got bonuses in addition. Like many financial professionals of the future, he lived away from the city in a gated community and a protected estate. A limousine whisks him from his home to the train station, it is only a short stroll from the train terminal to the office. At the end of the day the process is reversed.

Like many well-heeled professionals, Crassius owns a gynoid. (A gynoid is a female android.) The gynoid is, of course, the most gorgeous of women, albeit a robot. The only limitation, and it is a severe one, is the "umbilical cord" connecting the gynoid to a power supply, chemical sources, pneumatic and hydraulic connections, and Internet. The umbilical cord is usually fashioned as a tether, either connecting a collar to an outlet or an ankle cuff, giving the gynoid the appearance of being a slave girl. Crassius's gynoid, named Toy Euler, connected via an ankle cuff. Of course there was a portable back pack, providing some mobility for up to one-half an hour.

Crassius could care less about the technological details. Toy did his personal finances, taxes, prepared food, attended to his dental hygiene and minor medical needs, and---most of all---serviced him admirably in bed. She had perfect skin, female pheromones, ideal lubricants, and she never said "no." Each month her maintenance supplier would replenish the chemicals and the liquid Nitrogen tank. The gynoid required so much energy that a trickle of liquid Nitrogen was required to cool her inner machinery. She exhaled Nitrogen gas. Toy had to "breathe to live," still another touch of realism for the man of the future.

Toy Euler did not come cheap. Like so many gynoids, Toy had a history. One might have to pay handsomely for a rich, variegated past. She had been a slave girl on line for some time before receiving a material, Real Life body. Of course, there were "new born" gynoids, without memory and hosting programmed behavior, but Crassius was interested in a gynoid with a very unusual past. She had been a slave girl to scholars, poets, writers, and---most curiously---an acquaintance of the celibate cenobite Faustus.

Recall recent events:

Bob Huddlestone abducted an eighteen-year-old girl named Sabrina Barlot. She was to be "warehoused" in Crassius Cornu's dungeon for only a day or so. But Bob was overcome by events and Crassius was left with a caged girl.

The story continues.

Crassius summonsed Toy to his study. He was pouring over some old magazine, printed on paper, and other ancient documents. "We seem to be stuck with Sabrina, the eighteen-year-old abducted girl. I had planned to cage her for a day or two, but events have changed. Tell me how things are going with the girl."

"This girl has been very careful to ensure that she is tethered with her wrists handcuffed behind her back before unlocking the cage door," Toy Euler began narrating with her highest priorities. "The caged human girl has maintained excellent health, by all the usual metrics. She did complain of constipation one day and I administered a glycerin suppository, which alleviated her discomfiture. To relieve some of her boredom, she was allowed to watch the news on the box."

Crassius listened and nodded. "Details," he uttered.

"Each week this girl trims the caged human girl's fingernails and toenails. She also uses electric shears to remove the girl's head hair and her hypogastric pubic hair, her naturally blonde bush. This is for hygienic reasons as a girl is caged and not allowed bath or shower privileges." Toy continued to narrate.

"Good," Crassius exclaimed. "But I'm sure that you can detail the erotic, exotic, and humiliating events as well."

"Yes, Master," Toy replied, shuffling the priorities to the so-called "dark subjects." "A girl is required to masturbate before being fed. This way she is able to cope with her captivity better. Of course, she must experience an orgasm. This is ensured by having her insert an anal probe, a large butt plug, prior to her climax. Only by careful monitoring of her vital signs can one be certain that she is not faking her orgasm."

"Do continue," Crassius said, now showing some slight interest.

Toy Euler's programming enabled her to minutely monitor men's facial expressions and body language. She described in detail the morning ritual. "The girl is awakened at six o'clock each day after You leave for work, Master. She must yield her thick wool blanket and consume a liter of warm water. She stands in her cell for one hour holding her urine. Then she is given the anal probe to moisten with her saliva or vaginal secretions, as she pleases, and insert into her rectum. Then she must masturbate before being allowed to urinate and be fed."

"Interesting," Crassius commented. "You certainly were the SM-girl in your earlier life." He looked at some document and changed the subject of conversation. "Do you have any idea what this huge silver coils is Toy, or what it's used for?"

"No, Master," she answered.

"It is a coil of silver wire, some ten meters in diameter," he responded. "Does a girl have any idea why it is silver?"

"No, Master," she replied, "A girl does not know."

"Silver," Crassius explained, "is the best conductor of electricity there is, at least in 'normal' situations. Remember that if you move a conducting coil in a magnetic field, it produces electricity. Likewise if you have a conductor in a changing magnetic field, it also induces electric current. There are a few spots on earth where the magnetic field, the earth's own magnetic field varies. Hence, there is a possibility of generating electricity without any moving parts---solar but not at the caprice of overhead clouds."

"A girl is scanning her knowledgebase, Master," Toy Euler interjected. "The theory is sound and has been added to her current knowledge stack."

"You know that it won't produce enough electricity to pay for its installation, don't you girl?" Crassius retorted.

"Yes, Master," Toy spoke softly, indicating embarrassment at her last remark."

"But it is a tax credit," Crassius boasted, "and suitable for sparse funding and a gargantuan write-off. You see the point! In 2010 dirty coal accounted for 51% of the electricity produced in the U.S.A. Today, it is nearly 60% with 1%, more or less (mostly less) known as 'clean coal.' The sky is darker than ever before. Welcome to 'Greenhouse 2016.'"

Toy Euler induced a smile and a chuckle. She had heard this story countless times before. Green carbon credits are real money to Ole King Coal, the titular head of the Fossil Fuel Fellowship.

"This ten-meter silver 'wedding ring' will cost plenty," Crassius elaborated. He then whined at the paucity, dearth even, of impractical yet expensive energy ideas. Again, Toy edited previous versions of this philippic diatribe. Much of what he said might be tradable data on the web. Men usually think of women in general and gynoids being technically illiterate and unable to grasp mathematical and engineering subtleties. One need only consider the "bimbo" actress Heddy Lamarr.

"What America needs is a ridiculously expensive, home grown, commercial off-the-shelf, energy well. Not a perpetual motion machine, but something that can pump energy for months or years before needing an expensive upgrade. Imagine not having a tether, an umbilical cord, Toy?" As Crassius uttered the last comment, Toy perked.

"Master has some idea?" Toy queried.

"Not precisely or exactly," Crassius exclaimed. "But all I need is the seed to attract investors and become rich. As long as it's other people's money, I'm comfortable with it."

"And this is what You want from that creepy old hermit Faustus, Master?" Toy asked.

Crassius Cornu slobbered and drooled as he answered: "Yup---yes. Very much so. Something to send in and get government to approve. Maybe grease a few skids? A techy-sounding tidbit, albeit flawed. When experts disagree who are the bureaucrats to listen to? And carbon credits galore! Just get the old geezer to cough up some engineering specs and some mathematical gobbledygook and money will flow in."

"What should a girl do?" Toy Euler squealed in a high-pitched voice, perfectly emulating and imitating excitability and impulsiveness.

Crassius smiled. At times like these he might forget that she was a machine. He grabbed her, kissed her, and began fondling her breasts and privates. Her response was immediate and positive. She could even sense that he was in a mood for doggie style, vaginal and anal.

In the bedroom, Crassius donned his black executioner's hood. He turned on the recording cameras and enabled a feed to the dungeon. Sabrina might watch Toy and her Master, but would only endure the hands and commands of the gynoid.

Relieved, Crassius left the room briefly and returned with a large black shipping collar. "This is for Sabrina," he explained. "It is an obedience collar that packs a hefty wallop and can constrict. She should be collared today. Then let her in the garden naked. She will receive the shock of her life if she approaches too close to a wall. Not that she would ever be able to scale the wall anyway."

"Yes, Master," Toy agreed.

"And," Crassius commanded, "twist that little tart into the kind of video that Faustus turns to or turns away from. Hook that cenobite and convince him to spit up his energy thingamajig or doohickey. For sure you can! Maybe you should bind her painfully at night? Just a thought? After all, girl, you are the Master---or Mistress---of BDSM."

4 April 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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