tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 05

The Model Ch. 05


"Please come with me, Sir," Toy Euler says to Bob Huddlestone. She isn't dressed provocatively; however, her body language and female pheromones of arousal titillate Bob's libido. Toy's measurements, 34A-25-35, perfectly fill her Levi Blue Jeans, Jockey T-shirt, and Nike tennis shoes. Her white cotton bra, panties, and socks add a subtle undertone of preppy innocence. At five foot, six inches tall, the blonde babe would turn on any mature male, perhaps even one six feet under.

Crassius represses a smirk. Toy is an engineered gynoid whose first attribute is to successfully sexually satisfy her owner. The dilated pupils of her azure blue eyes simulate interest. Her pony tail sways, oscillating between being the seductive nymph and being the equestrian rider. The double entendre is no accident. Bob notices her curvaceous, carved ivory derriere, moving in perfect harmony with her lean, lanky, lithesome legs. She casually adjusts a bra strap on her slightly sloped, shapely shoulders as she leads Bob to a guest bedroom.

Toy's breasts have that certain bounce that jiggles and wiggles as she walks. They are the epitome of eighteen-year-old breasts with mammary mass just over the A-cup but not quite B-cup. It is an odd size which allows the proper passionate pulse with each step. She is the perfect concatenation of youth and maturity. Her body language suggests a callow inquisitiveness fueled by raging hormones. The effect on Bob is totally predictable. As they leave for a private place, he experiences an erection bringing uncomfortable pressure on his privates, encaged by soiled Jockey briefs.

"Let me turn down the bed, Sir," Toy asks as they enter the guest bedroom. She stands facing him with her hands behind her back, her shoulders back, and her breasts forward. The erect nipples and puckered areolas are clearly visible through the white bra and T-shirt. Bob undresses at warp speed. His massive male member makes a high angle to his caudal plane. He is already dripping pre-cum seminal fluid. Toy focuses on his privates; then she shyly looks downwards. She brings her hands to the front and modestly covers her crotch. She is still fully dressed. "What would Master desire?" she coyly questions.

"You know what I want," Bob utters, casting aside unpolished shoes, dirty, smelly socks, and an unbuttoned poplin shirt rife with yellow perspiration and condiment stains. Most human women would find Bob disgusting; however, to Toy he is merely a mortal mark. She parts her legs slightly and lets her hands drop to her side, indicating no resistance as well as no desire. That gesture perfectly matches Bob's mood. He rushes to her and embraces her, raping her pouty, pink lips with a wicked kiss. His foul breath has a mixed odor of stale food and coffee. A human female would vomit at the septic, sulfuric stench.

Toy reverberates her tongue and Bob reciprocates by forcing his slimy, coated tongue into her salubrious, sanitized, sterile orifice. She allows subtle chemical pheromones and endorphins to be released. Through the layers of grime and ooze, the magic of chemistry induces hormones in Bob the likes of which he has not experienced since early puberty. Years of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs have eroded his basic animal desires. Now atavistically rejuvenated, the synergy of libido and amazing female grace couple to enthrall and enrapture him totally. He tries to hold his cum until he can penetrate her Holy of Holies. Feverishly he unzips and pulls down Toy's Levi Strauss Blue Jeans.

Meanwhile, Crassius decides to pay a visit to the caged eighteen-year-old girl Sabrina. He dons the brown robe of a monk, concealing his face in the hood. White gloves and cheap Converse tennis shoes disguise even the color of his skin. He dims the light in the dungeon. Toy feeds Sabrina a mixture of oatmeal and protein. Crassius brings the American classic: double cheeseburger from McDonald's with large fries and a chocolate milk shake. The aroma of the forbidden fast food floods Sabrina's senses. She quickly inserts her huge butt plug and begins masturbating, as she has been trained by Toy.

Crassius pauses a second as the odor of the caged girl, spittle, and stale vaginal secretions strike his nostrils. His urban habitat and gynoid shield him from nature and natural scents and fragrances, save those of arousal, passion, and crass carnal craving. But he is also excited by the spectacle and hands the paper sack and drink through the cage bars to the girl. She is surprised that she is not compelled to climax before being fed. She begins eating, then, realizing the situation says: "Thank you, Master."

Crassius watches Sabrina eat like a starved pig. As she eats, she seems unaware of her butt plug. As she finishes eating she speaks: "Master, a girl needs to urinate. Mistress Toy insists a girl cum first. May a girl cum for you, Master?" She offers him the emptied sack and paper cup. Without speaking he nods affirmatively.

Sabrina wastes no time in having her orgasm. With oils of submission streaking down her creamy inner thighs she asks permission to remove her anal probe. Again, Crassius silently nods affirmatively.

Crassius hands Sabrina the leash and handcuffs through the cage bars. She leashes herself, hands back the leash handle, and cuffs her hands behind her back. Crassius has watched Toy take Sabrina into the garden to do her business. She says that she needs to urinate, but Crassius expects to have her do a number two as well. Toy once told Crassius that she could train a girl to defecate without urinating, strange training it is. There is some perverse pleasure or dark, depraved delight in having a girl perform her bodily functions in full daylight on a grassy lawn, like a dog.

Back in the guest bedroom, Bob starts to cum a moment before inserting his foul-smelling penis into Toy's wholesome, immaculate vagina. As he clumsily fumbles with her clothes, she inserts her right index finger into his rectum. Bob recalls some prostitute who once gave him a prostate massage to lengthen, extend, and prolong his orgasm. This time he is in for an experience beyond his sensory experience. Massaging his prostate, Toy releases a potpourri of erotic chemicals, enzymes, and hormones. One is a fast-acting Viagra-like substance, causing a half-hour erection. Another is a psychotropic agent to stimulate the brain to continue the orgasm even when the well is dry.

Emanating from her hairless armpits are scents and aromas designed to enhance the male experience. Some are without fragrance, powerful pheromones which transverse the olfactory nerve directly into the brain, by-passing smell and taste buds. Sour sweat drenches Bob's body, from his matted, fetid hair to his feet, reeking with bromidosis. Toy kisses and licks his body. After all, human repulsions mean nothing to her.

"Would Master like a jocose and cocktail?" Toy inquires.

"And a smoke!" Bob interjects.

"Yes, Master," Toy answers.

18 May 2010, Taunus Trumbo.

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