tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 06

The Model Ch. 06


The character behind the avatar Faustus Mortal, whom we will refer to as FM for obvious reasons, hears a knock at his front door. His house is more a bungalow than a residence---two tiny bedrooms and one bath. The rent is cheap and FM lives the "one eyelet, one pot" existence, typical of those retirees on a fixed income and Social Security. We forego the vitriolic diatribe against the capitalistic Wall Street bankers and the calloused health insurance billionaire executives.

Toy Euler is at the door, accompanied by a gynoid installation team. She is an exact clone of Crassius Cornu's gynoid, even keeping the same memories and Internet connections. FM frowns. Although life is severe on him, he is jealous of his freedom and independence. FM sees this as an attempt to make him dependent on some outside agenda. He grimaces thinking about the subtle pressure to turn over his quantum mechanics model.

"Master Faustus," Toy exclaims, "We know what you are thinking. But it's not so! I represent a grateful community for your paradigm submitted to the Department of Energy (DOE) in 1980." Toy Euler is referring to the idea of placing oceanic nuclear reactors to superheat sea water and condense fresh water in tall cooling towers. Faustus took the old steam engine and evolved a system. An added plus was the salt, chemicals, gold, and other items from the dried brine at the end of so many vaporization and condensation cycles. Fresh water from the condensation tower is piped inland for irrigation and urban use.

"Do go away," FM demands. "I may be poor and struggling to keep up my health care insurance and co-pays, but this is my castle."

"Don't be stubborn," Toy retorts. "The crew is here to install the connections. There's no time to waste. You need someone to cook, care, and tend to your needs! Your cataracts have worsened and you are now too old for corrective surgery. What of your dental hygiene? You try to save money!"

FM shakes his head in an emphatic "No!"

"Fuck me!" she exclaims. "OK, you told that hoary old curmudgeon Taunus Trumbo about you model and the predicted result: the deuteron equation. And you claimed to have a geometric structure on the deuteron. Someone shoulder surfed him and got into the loop. Money and power unlock even secured e-mails. I know that you are too old and unhealthy for sex. Maybe a college professor with two female Asian graduate students? Both with tight asses and high, firm teats. Girls so horny that they have to wear pads just to keep their honey nectar from soaking through and being seen? Anyway, here's what you gave to Taunus Trumbo. He's been forced into hiding!"

Toy displays the raw data:

Ratio CODATA Theory

----- -------- --------

Mp/Me 1836.153 1836.152

Mn/Me 1838.684 1838.683

Md/Me 3670.483 3670.466

----- -------- --------

Ratio Formula

Mp/Me =4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI())

Mn/Me =4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI())+LN(4*PI())

Md/Me =2*(4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI()))-LN(2*PI())

"You won't admit it," Toy exclaims, "that this is all pure coincidence. You won't admit that this is just coincidence. That LN(4*PI()) and LN(2*PI()) are just chance happenings. You think that you can bluff using some made-up model. A model which does not exist. You merely display some numbers to fool the uninitiated into believing that you are some Hans Zarkoff from Flash Gordon or a Trekky misunderstood genius from Star Trek. But I know better. The only problem is that the populace is crying for, is demanding a solution to the energy crisis. No stone can be left unturned! Even your claptrap, you worthless old Cretan."

"Taunus is off line?" FM asks.

"Definitely," Toy answers, "PosDef even." ("PosDef" refers to a matrix whose eigenvalues are 'positive definite.'"

"Well," FM remarks, "the neutron has mass excess and the deuteron has mass deficit (defect). It is odd that the natural logarithm of two pi occurs. Don't you think so, soulless Golem? And, with a geometric model of the deuteron, would that enhance the way of cold fusion? It is 'heavy water,' by the way."

"The numerology of Dr. Matrix, I daresay," she retorts. "So you can't get it up anymore. What about two hot coeds getting into each other in every possible way? Think of being a professor with hot and cold running graduate students. How you would feel sporting such eye candy while the poor male graduate students are having their balls rubbed together."

"You can paint a tempting image, Toy," FM responds. "But I have little left to lose and this life is borderline unacceptable. You can't deliver. Academia won't let you. They are tenured infants."

"Don't deny it, Faustus," Toy persuades, "You have seen them on 'red' sites. Wouldn't you enjoy having some superheated honey hanging hard on your every word? Such theatrics?"

4 May 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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