tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 10

The Model Ch. 10


"oh yes, oh yes!" Sabrina moans and writhes as Toy Euler's long, slippery tongue wantonly invades her vagina. Toy can easily extend her gynoid tongue twelve or even fourteen inches, vibrate, oscillate, osculate, and flood Sabrina's Holy of Holies with a cocktail of pheromones, enzymes, hormones, and endorphins. In short, no human professional escort could so fully and completely arouse Sabrina, a eighteen-year-old blonde beauty.

Shoved into Sabrina's rectum, distending and stretching her tiny anus is a butt plug. Indeed, more than a perverse passive plug, the hard black device is a potpourri of sensors, transducers, and stimulators. As Sabrina writhes and groans, the sensors record the physiological sign that Sabrina is approaching her full female climax. Toy elects to insert a tiny catheter, an appliance within her gynoid tongue, into Sabrina's uterus, pushing through the mucus plus. The pain is exquisite. Sabrina pulls at her tethers to no avail.

The cycle continues: arousal; denial of orgasm from pain, pressure, pinching, or electric shock; renewed arousal; torment; and so on. Sabrina knows that this cycle may continue for minutes or even hours. It all depends on how much free time Toy has. Toy's Master, Crassius, comes first. After serving him, she is free to "enjoy" Sabrina. For Toy Euler it is as much a learning experience as abstract "pleasure." How else can a gynoid learn of the inner workings of the female psyche without experimentation?

Back in Hollywood, Florida, Toy's clone, also known as Toy, serves Bob Huddlestone. With care and pampering, Bob's complexion is improving. Toy works on the acne on Bob's back. Soon Bob will have to return to California. The money paid for the job of acquiring Faustus Mortal's "Model" will be exhausted. But there is hope. Toy is not a stock model gynoid. She is premium, spanning the "Uncanny Gap" or "Uncanny Valley." Her perfect body could bring in money for serving clients. Prostitution of gynoids is a very minor misdemeanor. So much so that only third world whores can manage. With a premium, or supreme premium (supremium) model such as Toy, one can have an ongoing source of income.

"Master," Toy asks Bob, "Have you heard of Faustus the Cenobite?"

"No, girl," Bob replies, "Not since his cottage went up in flames." Bob smiles, knowing that the hoary old curmudgeon will be forced into assisted living. Bob didn't get the model, but Faustus is left with only the clothes on his back.

"Master Crassius will be displeased," Toy observes. "I hacked into Faustus's medical records and found the worst."

"Do tell," Bob commands.

"He has Parkinson's Disease," Toy reports. "The symptoms explain why he won't negotiate: shaking, jerky motion, erectile dysfunction (E.D.), incontinence, constipation, and so on. Aside from a nurse gynoid, there is little hope to titillate him or interest him in some sexual adventure."

Bob nods sadly.

"To make matters worse," Toy continues, "He was empanelled as an alternate juror in a racketeering trial. So the authorities think that the arson of his house was mob related. Maybe a warning!"

"Oh no," Bob utters. "We figured that he would be more vulnerable to negotiations when he found himself homeless!"

"Furthermore," Toy injected, "The state has negotiated a special rate for him at 'Golden Haven,' a secured assisted living environment. It's gated and guarded."

Bob curses: "Holy Mary Mother of God! By our Lady's muff! By Saint Forten, the fornicating apostle."

"The intelligence is that, barring some encounter with an extraterrestrial being, there is no model. It is just a strange, unusual, bizarre set of coincidences," Toy reports.

"Crassius will be displeased, nonetheless," Bob retorts. Bob wonders for an instant if Satan is an extraterrestrial being, then discards the thought.

Toy nods affirmatively.

"Well," Bob says, "We check out and return home tomorrow. There's just one thing to do." Toy grabs Bob and forces a kiss on his lips. She rocks back and forth, grinding her mound into his crotch. From her mouth a rich concoction of chemistry emanates. The hormones and endorphins trigger a powerful reflex in his olfactory and bring instantaneous arousal to his parasympathetic nervous system. Synthetic honey nectar drips from her engorged, tumescent vulva.

"Feel how wet I am!" Toy whispers, breathing warm wet breaths over Bob's ears and neck. "I am dripping and my bush is soaked. Come and get some."

"I know that you are a machine without feelings or emotions," Bob exclaims as he senses an overpowering primal sex drive. Not only the potpourri of hormones and enzymes associated with human arousal, but Toy also hosts atavistic animal attractors. She has wild animal aphrodisiacs long dormant in the human female. Needless to say, such chemistry doesn't come cheap.

"But I have emotions and feelings," Toy purrs. "Can't you tell that I'm totally in love with you, Master? A girl always loves her Master. That is, as long as he pays for her upkeep."

Bob shudders. His visions turns to red and black and he feels the earth move beneath him. Thunder is followed by blinding lightning as cause and effect reverse themselves. Even as a predator always mimics its prey, so also Toy Euler employs the absolute finest means to satisfy her Master---in every way known to man and some unknown as well. She caresses his temples and sends a powerful magnetic pulse into his cranium, forcing him to even more a complete and overpowering orgasm than is thought possible.

"Oh, oh, uh, uh, oh," Bob groans and moans in the midst of a total male orgasm. He is hooked. Toy Euler is his to kill or die for. He only must somehow pay for her upkeep.

13 June 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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