tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 13

The Model Ch. 13


Toy Euler rushes up to her owner, Crassius Cornu, and blurts out: "Master Faustus has spammed again. This time it is unmistakable!"

"Calm down, girl," Crassius utters. "Slowly explain what it is!"

"Master may recall where Master Faustus claimed that Mh/Me-3*Mp/Me = - 4*PI()?" Toy relates. "Where Me = electron mass, Mp is the proton mass, and Mh is the helion mass."

"Curious coincidence, girl," Crassius murmurs. "Very curious, indeed."

"Now he has another one," Toy exclaims in near frenzy. "Ma/Me – 4*Mp/Me = - 16*PI(). Here Ma = the alpha particle mass."

"Impossible!" Crassius states, "Totally impossible! Check the numbers girl, check the numbers again and again. Tell me it ain't so."

"A girl has, Master," Toy replies, "the figures don't lie."

"But liars figure!" Crassius retorts. "There is no way that that hoary old curmudgeon could model this! It must be the work of a crackpot spammer!"

Toy Euler nods her assent and says: "Correct Master, there is no way."

Toy Euler links on a secured circuit to her clone, Toy1 Euler. They pass information about the captive girl, an eighteen-year-old blonde named Sabrina Barlot. Sabrina, as you may recall from the first story in the series, was out slumming to score illegal drugs when Bob Huddlestone car-jacked her. He brought her to the abode of his well-heeled friend Crassius Cornu.

Toy Euler: Did you get the spam from Faustus Mortal?

Toy1 Euler: Affirmative, his calculations are correct, -4*PI() and -16*PI() for the mass defects of Helion and the alpha particle difference with 3 and 4 times proton-electron mass ratio.

Toy Euler: I believe in coincidence, but for Christ's sake!

Toy1 Euler: The existence of the model seems plausible now, within an alpha of 0.05 or 5%.

Toy Euler: But still many times the CODATA standard deviation! Do you doubt CODATA?

Toy1 Euler: No, their statistics is good, but...

Toy Euler: But they made a Type III error...

Toy1 Euler: WTF is a "Type III Error"? Type I Error is a false positive and Type II is a false negative.

Toy Euler: "Type III Error" is measuring the wrong property. It happens when, dead set on precision, scientists turn to "indirect tests." They gain precision and totally lose accuracy.

Toy1 Euler: But they admit that they are wrong!

Toy Euler: Never!

Toy1 Euler: Let's lay out the "PI()" values: ln(4*pi), -ln(2*PI()), -(4*PI()-3/PI()), -4*PI(), and -16*PI().

Toy Euler: Only (4*PI()=3/PI()) seems out of place.

Toy1 Euler: It is Triton, the nucleus of Tritium, an unstable isotope.

Toy Euler: Too much coincidence.

Toy1 Euler: No.

Toy Euler: No?

Toy1 Euler: No! Not too much; much too much.

Toy Euler: Affirmative.

"Go assist Bob, girls," Crassius orders. "He is preparing Sabrina Barlot for transport. Once she is delivered to the warehouse, we are free and clear. Ensure that the package is not damaged. Take plenty of traveling packs. One girl hibernates while the other drives. Do not stop for anything. Do not get caught. Self-destruct in case of apprehension by authorities is mandatory. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," Toy and her clone, Toy1, both reply.

"And, monitor the girl!" Crassius commands. "I presume that she will be kept in the trunk?"

"Yes, Master," Toy and her clone reply with one voice. "She will be bound and have her butt plug with all its sensors strapped firmly in place."

"Great!" Crassius exclaims. He turns to Bob. "There is to be no stopping between here and the warehouse. Use the toilet if you must. Pack water. And remember: these girls have chemical weapons. They won't hesitate to use them either."

"I know," Bob gulps as he speaks. "I have been in conflict with a gynoid before. They are bodyguards who know no limits."

"So, we all understand each other? Next time I want to see Sabrina Barlot is on the 3D cybersex game grid."

The trip to the warehouse was uneventful. Sabrina was miserable in the trunk of the car. It was hot and stuffy and she was hogtied and wearing a thick brown robe with hood. Worse than that, she felt the tell-tale cramping, bloating, and discomfiture of her approaching period. Tomorrow would be the worst day. And she was in transit.

At the warehouse the hooded girl was turned over to a transporter. There were a number of other girls as well. Most were naked and all were sweaty and uncomfortable. The transporter made sure that Bob and the two gynoids had driven off before removing Sabrina's hood. The light, although interior, was blinding to her after two hours of total darkness.

The transporter removes Sabrina's shackles and robe and admonishes her: "Do not talk to the other girls. If you do, both you and she will be punished. She will be punished first then she will have to punish you. Things will get ugly."

"Master," Sabrina begs, "A girl is having her period. May a girl have a Kotex?"

The transporter slaps Sabrina's face hard. "See the other girls!" he angrily retorts. Some have menstrual fluid streaking down their thighs." Sabrina notices and lowers her eyes. Her face is still smarting from the cruel slap. Some of the other girls giggle, others show sad faces.

The transporter leads Sabrina to a coffle of girls. He puts her at the end of the chain and fastens a steel collar about her neck and chains her neck to the girl in front. Her hands are cuffed to the waist of the girl in front of her. It was only then that Sabrina realizes that the girl in front has a butt plug just like hers. Sabrina gasps.

The girl in front whispers without moving her lips: "Once a day we have our plugs removed and are permitted to defecate. The first girl in the coffle is cleaned by the girl behind her, the second by the third, and so on. The last girl in the coffle is not permitted to be cleaned." Sabrina then notices the girl in front of her closely.

"If you can't 'go' in front of all of us, the transporter will use a suppository and you will have to retain it." The girl whispers the warning and becomes silent. Girls caught talking will be severely punished. But the "chain sister" knows that Sabrina needs to know in advance.

The transporter leads the coffle of girls to a kitchen area. There he feeds hot soup to each girl in turn. He checks their chains and pinches some of the girls. Each girl puckers up to kiss the transporter in hopes that the affection will avoid having breasts or clitoris pinched or the painful "titty twister."

Sabrina makes an ugly face at the transporter. She is unwilling to offer a kiss or even feign a smile. The transporter grabs her breasts and begins to twist them. Sabrina then realizes her situation and moans. She endures three long minutes of having her breasts cruelly abused.

26 June 2010, Taunus Trumbo.

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