tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 14

The Model Ch. 14


"You seem troubled, Master," Toy Euler asks her owner, Crassius Cornu. He frowns and glances up at the beautiful gynoid. His gynoid, a female android, is now more than a personal assistant, protector, dental hygienist, cook, and chauffeur. She was always his sexual release; moreover, she has become his best friend as well.

"There are red flags flying everywhere in the economy," Crassius complains, "and the company's only solution is coal." Crassius is referring to the failure of "alternative" and "green energies" to step up to the plate. Nuclear power plant construction is decades away and the electric cars and trains have put an inordinate strain on the electric power grids. Carbon Dioxide encapsulation and nuclear fusion have proven to be abject failures.

"Tell me again the philosophy of that hoary old curmudgeon, Faustus Mortal, the Crackpot Spammer," Crassius commands Toy. His company paid out millions to college professors and so-called inventors for bio-fuels to come up with little more than moonshine stills and steam boilers. The fossil fuel fellowship (crude oil, natural gas, and Ole King Coal) squandered grants and stipends on alternatives that were destined to fail from their inception. It was all a public relations gimmick.

"Still born miscarriages!" Crassius snorts as he tosses stacks of draft proposals in the shredder. "Give me reason to continue. I should retire and enjoy your good cooking, beautiful body, and superlative sex." Of course Crassius was glad that Sabrina Barlot was gone from his basement dungeon. Toy had worked for hours scrubbing every trace of her from his residence.

"Yes, Master," Toy replies. "Master Faustus claims that life first began with just four elements: Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen. This was bacteria dwelling in a primordial 'soup' in a reducing atmosphere. Then came the 'green revolution' with Chlorophyll, and a fifth element was added: Magnesium." This quintessential element saved life from extinction and changed the earth's atmosphere from a reducing to an oxidizing medium.

"As life continued to evolve," Toy continues, "more elements were needed. Shells and skeletons required Calcium; Sodium and Chlorine (salt, AKA sodium chloride) were added; and so on. At last Iron was required for hemoglobin---as necessary for vertebrates as photosynthesis was before. And so on, the higher up the evolutionary 'tree,' the more needed elements. At last trace elements such as Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, and Potassium (Kalium) were required. But humans did not require all of the elements of atomic number less than Iron. The inert 'Nobel' gasses and Lithium were not used. Albeit some protozoa require Lithium." Toy pauses while Crassius considers the disquisition.

Crassius nods for Toy to continue.

"Now somewhere after Iron, the needful elements for higher organisms plays out and many of the heavy metals, such as Lead, Mercury, and Uranium are poisonous. Uranium is also deadly because it is radioactive," Toy delineates. "But for all the evolutionary marvels that lead to sentient beings, they are unable to distinguish isotopes---with the exception of Lithium-using protozoa. The existence of isotopes and their uses is a pure human achievement."

"Do continue!" Crassius requests. Sabrina's soft artificial, synthetic voice sounds like the song of an angel, a virtual Siren.

"So," Toy replies, "The fossil fuels are like early bacteria, feasting on a hydrocarbon soup until it was all eaten up. The green fuels are 'closer to the sun' and are sustaining. But, like vegetables, they fail to use the true power of the atom. They are chemistry. Of course there are the mechanical agents like windmills. They are intermittent and undependable."

"At opposite ends of the periodic table isotopes have either mass defect or mass excess. This is one source of energy---so-called nuclear energy," Toy tells Crassius. "But the constituent components, protons and electrons, are preserved. Unstable by-products (neutrons, mesons, etc.) decompose into stable particles. The ultimate source of energy can either come from the decomposition of the proton or the acceleration of the radioactive decay rate for unstable isotopes. This is a brief synopsis of Faustus' Crackpot Theory (FCT)."

"I see, I see!" Crassius exclaims. "Or I think I see anyway. So how to decompose as you put it?"

"Scientists have tried," Toy relates. "Master Faustus claims their bombardment with high speed particles is like unto cracking open a combination lock with a sledge hammer. Better, he claims, to use the combination." Crassius agrees.

"And this combination comes from a model that we can't get from some senile old sucker! Fuck me!" Crassius bellows. Toy lowers her face and eyes as her master rails on in expletives. "Is this what you're telling me girl?"

"Enough already!" Crassius retorts angrily. "Put that spoiled eighteen-year-old Sabrina on the screen. I want to enjoy seeing her suffer in the Internet Cyberspace Prison (Izpris). I want the cell footage as she is body cavity searched and tormented with cruel medical devices."

"Yes, Master," Toy answers. "Your premium membership---rarely used---gives you total interactive capability, both on cam and in the Virtual Reality (VR, Very Real Life) roleplay."

Crassius leans back in his chair and smiles at the events unfolding before him.

The large flat screen comes alive with a very high resolution "black-and-white" image of the inside of a detention cell. Center and facing the camera is Sabrina Barlot. In front of her, back to the camera is a matron. On each side is a burly uniformed guard. Sabrina is standing with her feet apart and her hands behind her back. The matron grabs her jaw and pulls her mouth open, examining her. Then she pulls forth a speculum and motions for Sabrina to assume the Sula-Ki position, supine with legs apart and privates displayed, available, and vulnerable.

"No, Mistress," Sabrina begs, "It's my period!"

Without hesitation the two guards grab Sabrina, force her to the floor, brutally pin her down, and spread her legs. The matron is none to gentle in shoving the speculum into Sabrina's vagina and opening it a maximum, as if it were a medieval torture "pear." It is amazing the workmanship and detail expended in that cruel device. Should science and learning only have such resources? (Hasn't this always been the case?)

Sabrina screams in agony as the matron twists the speculum. Collapsing it and releasing it, the guards reposition her. They conclude the morning body cavity search by taking turns, each inserting two large, masculine fingers deep into her rectum, distending and stretching her tiny, taut, tight rosette. Sabrina feels as if her comely brown star just went supernova.

From the comfort of his recliner Crassius watches Sabrina on her first day in the Internet Cybersex Prison. He motions for Toy to service him.

5 July 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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