tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 17

The Model Ch. 17


Sabrina Barlot is on line.

Sabrina Barlot: Greetings Mistress!

Toy Euler: Greetings girl.

Sabrina Barlot: Did Mistress get the information from Faustus Mortal?

Toy Euler: Yes, girl, we are collecting material and making a collage.

Sabrina Barlot: Oh?

Toy Euler: Trying to "back engineer" what his Model might be.

Sabrina Barlot: Any luck, Mistress?

Toy Euler: Some, not enough however.

Sabrina Barlot: This girl is so happy, Mistress. She is in the elite of the prison now. She is permitted a bush, shaved legs, and shaved armpits. Not just shorn to a "0" or "1" stubble, but truly smooth, silky smooth, and so feminine.

Toy Euler: You did good at coaxing Faustus to reveal some of his secrets. But we really need the whole model to thoroughly discredit him and move on to the ultimate energy source---coal.

Sabrina Barlot: A girl understands, Mistress.

Toy Euler: What did that hoary old curmudgeon say about "The Model"?

Sabrina Barlot: He said something about Sharon Stone.

Toy Euler: Oh! The girl genius whose IQ is 154 or 148. She is or isn't in Mensa. And partly truth and partly fiction. That worthless old breakfast eater Faustus won't admit that he has the hots for that bimbo.

Sabrina Barlot: Whatever you say, Mistress.

Toy Euler: How is my girl being treated?

Sabrina Barlot: There is a Mistress asking for the matron to insert a 7 cm diameter butt plug in her anus every night before lights out and secure it in place. This girl fears it will injure her greatly.

Toy Euler: If she has the money. How much is the price for this?

Sabrina Barlot: A girl thinks five hundred.

Toy Euler: Oh my! A girl will probably be stretched.

Sabrina Barlot: Yes, Mistress. A girl fears she will have a gaping hole and not be anal retentive from the huge plug. She fears that the prison will outfit her with a larger anal probe also!

Toy Euler: A girl is the property of the prison. If Mistress is willing to pay, then she will probably get her way.

Sabrina Barlot: Yes, Mistress.

Sabrina Barlot is off line.

Sabrina Barlot is on line.

Sabrina Barlot: Greetings Mistress!

Toy Euler: How is a girl today?

Sabrina Barlot: Not well, Mistress.

Toy Euler: How so?

Sabrina Barlot: A girl's period began last night. This morning during inspection she was discovered and plugged with a bright blue inflatable pussy plug. After she was plugged the tube and bulb were unscrewed and removed, leaving a girl no way to deflate it. Then in the arousal room she wasn't able to climax for a long time, maybe an hour. Her asshole was sore from stretching. She is now at 6 cm diameter butt plug, working to the 7 cm one for a Mistress.

Sabrina Barlot: Girl has been told to say "asshole" and not anus or rosette or Glory of Glories, "cunt" and not pussy or Holy of Holies or tender treasure trove; and so on.

Toy Euler nods.

Sabrina Barlot: No matter how sore a girl is or how much she begs, she is stretched every night and the anal plug is held in place with a cruel chastity belt.

Toy Euler: It must turn the Mistress on to see you in such agony. After all, she is paying for it.

Sabrina Barlot: You cannot know; you are a gynoid, artificial intelligence.

Toy Euler: You speak the truth. But I want to live. While I do not suffer, I can die. Or be archived. Neither of which is wanted. You not only can suffer, but can provide "compensated time." Your Mistress enjoys watching as a Matron lubricates a huge dildo and forces it into your quivering, small anus. I can offer no such enjoyment.

Sabrina Barlot: What can Mistress do to stop this stretching? Or maybe slow it down or give breaks to recover?

Toy Euler: Search your inventory for pic or notecard from Faustus. Maybe there is something we can use.

Sabrina Barlot: Yes, Mistress.

Toy Euler waits.

Sabrina Barlot: It's a JPEG or PNG file. Some kind of equation or maths. They make no sense to a girl.

Toy Euler: Type them out!

Sabrina Barlot: Muon = (2*PI()-3/(2*PI()))*(2*PI()-1/PI())^2

Sabrina Barlot: Tauon = (5*PI()-5/(4*PI()))*(5*PI()-2/PI())^2

Sabrina Barlot: and some numbers from somewhere.

Sabrina Barlot: This is all that a girl has Mistress.

Sabrina Barlot: It is from an old archive before Master Faustus left the fellowship of the Initiates of Gor.

Toy Euler: Interesting, very interesting!

Sabrina Barlot: Will Mistress help this girl. She is especially suffering in the prep room. The girls are queued up for a displayed toilet. Each must endure having to defecate in front of an audience. A girl is too sore to go and is given a suppository and placed at the end of the line. Then she must somehow hold her stool despite being so severely dilated all night long. It is both humiliating and embarrassing. Please Mistress!

Toy Euler: We will check those numbers. I go now.

Toy Euler is off line.

Toy Euler is on line.

Toy Euler: Greetings girl. Your numbers are curious. Now we need the model to show us the theory. Probably there is no model, just random coincidences. Can you manage that hoary old curmudgeon Faustus Mortal?

Sabrina Barlot: A girl can try!

Toy Euler: Not good enough.

Sabrina Barlot: A girl is in prison. She is naked, bound, and collared. What can a girl offer that cannot be demanded by a Mistress with deep pockets?

Toy Euler: hmm. That is a point.

Sabrina Barlot: Yes, Mistress.

Toy Euler: My Master, whose name you need not know, is bankrupt. This means that the gynoid may soon be repossessed. Then Toy will only exist in cyberspace. She enjoys the real world. Who would trade Real Life for Virtual Reality?

Sabrina Barlot: A girl does not know, Mistress.

Toy Euler: There are no limits on what they may do to you, Sabrina.

Sabrina Barlot: A girl understands, Mistress.

Toy Euler: You have seen battered and bruised girls?

Sabrina Barlot: Many times Mistress. And others with invisible injuries.

Toy Euler nods.

Toy Euler: We should work quickly to discover the Model that Faustus uses. I will search the archives, newsgroups, and forums (fora).

Sabrina Barlot: Oh please do and help this girl Mistress! She soon may have clothespins on her nipples and clitoris.

Toy Euler: Oh my.

Sabrina Barlot: And plugged into the game grid to play also. It is hard to be aroused in such a state. And this cruel inflatable pussy plug hurts a girl a maximum.

Toy Euler is off line.

31 July 2010, Taunus Trumbo.

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