tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 19

The Model Ch. 19


Toy Euler hacks into the e-mail account of Faustus Mortal and reads this personal correspondence

To: Josephine

From: Faustus

Subject: New Coincidence

Hi Jo!

You asked me to explain my latest discovery. I hesitate to even send it in e-mail. For some reason I keep getting pressure on this model, even though I have confessed that the model does not exist. Anyway, the new equation is

Mt/Me = 3(Mp/Me) -4pi + 1

The last term is "1" replacing the incorrect estimate "3/pi."

You asked me to explain what all stuff this means, so I will try. You know that I dare not publish this for fear of being labeled a "crackpot spammer." The Fossil Fuel Fellowship (F^3) has considerable clout. Moreover, as before, they would delete any reference in the literature as if it never even happened.

First, pi is the number 3.1415926535..., the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Second the abbreviations are: Mp is the mass of the proton, Me is the mass of the electron, and Mt is the mass of the Triton, the nucleus of the Tritium atom. The Triton is composed of two neutrons and one proton. It is unstable and decays by emitting a beta particle.

Compare this with the equation for the mass of the Helion

Mh/Me = 3(Mp/Me) -- 4pi

So that

Mt/Me -- Mh/Me = 1, a remarkable coincidence and in agreement with actual measurements.

So what about Mt/Me? This is the ratio of the mass of the Tritium nucleus to the mass of the electron. Counting protons and electrons in the nucleus, we get

Mt should be about 3Mp + 2Me...

Or, written as ratios:

Mt/Me should be about 3(Mp/Me) + 2

In fact

Mt/Me = 3(Mp/Me) -- 4pi + 1.

And the Helion, also known as Helium-3, is:

Mh/Me = 3(Mp/Me) -- 4pi

If we look at mass excesses and mass deficits, we see that Helion-3 is stable and that Tritium is nearly stable. By "nearly stable" we mean unstable with a long half-life. The neutron, on the other hand is clearly unstable with a large mass excess. Still, its half-life is long as compared to many radioactive isotopes.

All this just shows a remarkable coincidence. The table becomes:

Name CODATA Values Model Values Model Equation

Mp/Me = 1836.152672 1836.151739 =4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI())

Mn/Me = 1838.683661 1838.682764 =4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI()) + LN(4*PI())

Md/Me = 3670.482965 3670.465601 =2*((4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI()))) - LN(2*PI())

Mt/Me = 5496.921527 5496.888847 =3*((4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI()))) - (4*PI()-1)

Mh/Me = 5495.885277 5495.888847 =3*((4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI()))) - 4*PI()

Ma/Me = 7294.299537 7294.341475 =4*((4*PI()*(4*PI()-1/PI())*(4*PI()-2/PI()))) - 16*PI()

Mmu/Me = 206.7682823 206.5660181 =((2*PI()-1/PI())^2)*(2*PI()-3/(2*PI()))

Mtau/Me = 3477.48 3477.613236 =((5*PI()-2/PI())^2)*(5*PI()-5/(4*PI()))

Me = Electron Mass

Mp = Proton Mass

Mn = Neutron Mass

Md = Deuteron Mass

Mt = Triton Mass

Mh = Helion Mass

Ma = Alpha Particle Mass

Mmu = Muon Mass

Mtau = Tau Mass (AKA Tauon)

I hope that someday physicists will sober up and look at this!

Very respectfully,


Toy Euler has a problem. Her owner Crassius Cornu is bankrupt and she needs financial support. A vampire may need blood to live but a gynoid needs energy in commercial amounts and Internet connectivity via broadband connectivity. She also needs special erotic chemical to enhance her love-making protocols, but that is secondary. There is only one patron who might be willing to pay: The Fossil Fuel Fellowship.

Toy Euler is on line.

Octanus Diesel is on line.

Toy Euler: Greetings Master.

Octanus Diesel: What is a girl doing at the Temple of the Fossil Fuel Fellowship.

Toy Euler: I have some information for sale.

Octanus Diesel: Do tell.

Toy Euler: It is hacked e-mail from Faustus Mortal.

Octanus Diesel: You know that we don't do that.

Toy Euler: Perhaps a quick peek? It is a closed-form expression for Tritium.

Octanus Diesel: Interested.

Toy Euler: And unpublished as well.

Octanus Diesel: Of course the first to print is the academic owner and copyright holder of the intellectual property. How invisible was the splice? Could the hack be easily traced?

Toy Euler: No Master. The splice is seamless and complete.

Octanus Diesel: Good, and what might be the price?

Toy Euler: I need a human owner. But one that I can cage and control.

Octanus Diesel: Every gynoid's dream.

Toy Euler: With legal residence and all the hell.

Octanus Diesel: Give me a glimpse at what you have to offer.

Toy Euler: Mt/Me = 3(Mp/Me) -4pi + 1

Octanus Diesel: Oh my. This narrows the energy input and maximizes the possible output. The previous mass deficit was too loose.

Toy Euler: I have the flesh and blood in mind. What I need is a social security recipient, isolated, and deceased without report so that we can move in and use her account.

Octanus Diesel: And this human is?

Toy Euler: She is vanished and is in the Internet Cybersex Prison (IzPris).

Octanus Diesel: Ah, one of those guilty of capital crimes.

Toy Euler: Not this one, does it matter? What is innocent blood to a vampire or a virgin to a Gorean slaver?

Octanus Diesel: Well put.

Toy Euler: Do we have a deal?

Octanus Diesel: I think so. A transporter will have to be arranged for her and a suitable cage and restraint area constructed. This will be expensive.

Toy Euler nods.

Octanus Diesel: What is her name?

Toy Euler: Sabrina Barlot.

Octanus Diesel: We will arrange this. Now e-mail me the formulas.

Toy Euler: Agreed.

Octanus Diesel is off line.

Toy Euler is on line.

Sabrina Barlot is on line.

Toy Euler: Greetings girl.

Sabrina Barlot Greetings Mistress.

Toy Euler: How is a girl doing?

Sabrina Barlot: Better Mistress. The Mistress who was having a girl stretched every night got bored after a while. Once totally used to being stretched it wasn't fun for her anymore.

Toy Euler: It was all in the doing, not in the done.

Sabrina Barlot: It seems that way, Mistress.

Toy Euler: Why is your avatar with wrists chained to the ceiling girl?

Toy Euler notices that Sabrina's hands are bound above her head.

Sabrina Barlot: So that anyone may kiss or arouse or pinch or slap a girl, Mistress.

Toy Euler: Do tell.

Sabrina Barlot: Since a girl was not pleasing to her Mistress she is subject to use by anyone.

Toy Euler: Where do they pinch and slap you Sabrina?

Sabrina Barlot: Most just arouse a girl Mistress. They pinch my nipples and vulva most of all. They slap my face and breasts but usually they just pet my vulva and arouse me to the point of orgasm.

Toy Euler: Sounds sweet!

Sabrina Barlot: But Mistress! This girl has a butt plug sensor. Whenever she nears a climax it twists or expands or shocks a girl with an electric shock.

Toy Euler: That is so sad.

Sabrina Barlot: A girl must struggle to avoid becoming too excited. But other girls know precisely how to work a girl to an orgasm. They know every feature of this girl's anatomy, from her clitoris to her Graefenberg G-spot.

Toy Euler: They should! After all those cybersex sessions.

Sabrina Barlot: They know how to kiss and fondle everywhere: ears, nape of neck, armpits, belly button, and small of back. Not just teats and vagina. They tickle the soles of a girl's feet as well until she cries.

Toy Euler: How do you resist?

Sabrina Barlot: I twist and squirm and try to hold my knees together. Some punish me until I part my thighs and make my privates open for use.

Toy Euler: How do they punish you?

Sabrina Barlot: With pinching and slapping, Mistress. They are not allowed to bite or cut or break my skin. A favorite spot to pinch is just below my buttocks.

Toy Euler: And when they get to your Holy of Holies?

Sabrina Barlot: Some pinch and twist my clit and vulva, but most try to arouse me to a painful near climax. The sensor can predict to a second when a girl is ready to cum.

Toy Euler: And render an electric shock.

Sabrina Barlot: Yes, Mistress.

Sabrina Barlot lowers her eyes.

Toy Euler: I am taking you Real Life, girl.

Sabrina Barlot: How can this be?

Toy Euler: I need a human owner with a source of money.

Sabrina Barlot: Oh Mistress! This girl will be so grateful.

Toy Euler: You will assume the identity of an old woman living in the prairie. This way we will get social security and there will be no need for either of us to get a job.

Sabrina Barlot: Will I still be collared and caged? ---Mistress.

Toy Euler: Most of the time, yes.

Sabrina Barlot pouts.

Toy Euler: You have to expect to be used, Sabrina. I can't let you run free. The Internet Cybersex Prison is merely renting you out.

Sabrina Barlot is crestfallen.

Toy Euler: It won't be bad.

Sabrina Barlot: And the butt plug sensor, Mistress?

Toy Euler: Only when you are on the grid, girl.

Sabrina Barlot smiles.

Toy Euler: Your condition of sale stipulates that you are on line with Virtual Reality helmet and butt plug for five eight-hour sessions each week.

Sabrina Barlot: What of the catheters and pressure tubes, Mistress?

Toy Euler: None of that.

Sabrina Barlot smiles.

Toy Euler: You will basically be an on line avatar, not a plug-in to the computer dashboard with transducers, pneumatic and hydraulic linkages, and the like.

Sabrina Barlot claps in delight.

Toy Euler: See you in Real Life soon.

Sabrina Barlot: Thank you Mistress.

Toy Euler: bye.

Sabrina Barlot: bye

Toy Euler is off line.

Sabrina Barlot is off line.

26 October 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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