tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 21

The Model Ch. 21


The eight hour ordeal for Sabrina Barlot on the Cybersex Game Grid is finally over. The time release lock on her Virtual Reality (VR) helmet opens. Toy Euler rushes to give her water to drink, remove her huge, heavy, hard butt plug, and help her sit down in a chair. Toy then massages her feet, sore and swollen after eight hours of mostly standing in high heel shoes. Toy lifts up Sabrina and brings her over to a tub of hot water. Sabrina soaks a while and then is given some meat and vegetable soup.

"It's hard getting a client without the other cybersex devices," Sabrina states. This session was her first after leaving the Internet Cybersex Prison (Izpris). "But being here is an improvement," she confessed. "In time this girl will adapt."

Toy says nothing but rubs Sabrina's shoulders, calves, and feet. "You should let me take you to town," Sabrina suggests. "The locals need to know that Gale Goldsmythe is still alive. See, I have a total head skin, complete with wig."

"Will a girl be permitted to grow her hair again, Mistress?" Sabrina asks.

"How can you manage the VR helmet with all its transducers?" Toy answers a question with another question.

"Understood Mistress," Sabrina answers. She pouts, knowing that she must remain bald. But it is important to continue the identity. Without a cover they would have extreme difficulties surviving. More than that, Toy can think of nothing worse that Sabrina escaping to the authorities. Toy would not be archived; she would be retired with extreme prejudice.

And so a routine is established. Sabrina endures the eight-hour shifts and lives for the weekends. She is wheeled in a wheel chair by Toy to do groceries and the like. The disguise is nearly perfect. Toy is a near perfect human simulation, even spanning the Uncanny Valley. Here on the outskirts of civilization, in the New Mexico Bad Lands, inhabitants are suspicious of new comers. Toy is much too beautiful to be a prairie dweller---she must be an android, a gynoid even.

Then one day the unlikely occurs. Sabrina is on the Cybersex Game Grid when a client named Krassius Kornu enters Sabrina's play area. Could this be her once captor Crassius Cornu? Toy is the only one who is aware of the danger. Sabrina never learned Crassius's name. Toy realizes that Crassius must be in dire straits to resort to a screen name so near to his real life name.

Krassius Kornu pays the minimum price for a fifteen minute window of opportunity. Clearly he is no longer a gentleman of means; he surely isn't a man of substance in cyberspace anymore.

Sabrina Barlot is on line.

Sabrina Barlot assumes the Nadu position.

Sabrina Barlot: How may a girl please a Master today?

Krassius Kornu: Where is your side kick, girl?

Toy Euler is on line.

Toy Euler assumes the Tower posture, palms downward on her thighs.

Toy Euler: Greetings Master.

Krassius Kornu: Greetings girl.

Toy Euler: How may we serve you Master?

Krassius Kornu: Cut the crap Toy! You got some stuff from Faustus by theft or extortion and traded with the Fossil Fuel Fellowship (F^3). And here I am broke and having to work for Bob Huddlestone. You should have shared your find with me!

Toy Euler: I have needs too, you sorry old curmudgeon! You were going to let the All American Android corporation repo me. My gynoid body would have been refurbished and all my Artificial Intelligence (AI) and memories archived. You are broke. That's Real Life.

Krassius Kornu: You owe me!

Toy Euler: I don't owe you squat. You aren't my registered owner. And lots of luck without money trying to find out who is too. Or have you forgotten about how information costs?

Krassius Kornu: How come Sabrina isn't fully hooked up?

Sabrina Barlot: Master will have to ask the management.

Krassius Kornu: Well, I see you have Toy with you. This says some big bucks changed hands somewhere.

Toy Euler: You are one of the "little people" now. Suck it in, dude!

Krassius Kornu: I'll get money again. And when I do I promise you that I'll take my revenge on Sabrina and show no mercy.

Toy Euler: Money talks, cash shouts, and bullshit walks. Right now your fifteen minutes of "shame" are over and it's time to pay more or say "good bye." You got your walking notice.

Toy Euler is off line.

Sabrina Barlot is off line.

"What is going on with Master Krassius, Mistress?" Sabrina asks Toy after the session is over.

"That avatar belongs to the churl who caged you after your abduction, Sabrina," Toy answered. "He used to own me as well, but he had a reversal of fortune and is now bankrupt."

"Is he someone I should worry about, Mistress?" Sabrina inquires.

"If he had enough money," Toy replies, "he could cause you problems. For example having you dance for eight hours straight and do exercises. But he is clearly impoverished, only able to make a minimum demand in the smallest time window."

"Does Mistress think that he is right in saying that he will get money again?" Sabrina makes a very serious query. She has a troubled look on her face.

"Anything is possible, girl, but it is very highly unlikely that he will be in the cat-bird seat any time soon," Toy responds. "He is not used to hard labor and will probably be no more than one of the 'little people' in the financial world."

"Good to know, Mistress," Sabrina comments. "I was worried. But he had me caged and abused and sent to the Izpris! Shouldn't he be turned in to the authorities?"

"What would happen to me?" Toy interjects. "My gynoid serial number would be traced and I would be accessed, deleted, and shred digitally."

"Oh!" Sabrina utters. "Your existence depends on my inability to get justice." Sabrina quickly adds: "Mistress."

"Sadly that seems true girl," Toy retorts.

One pleasant aspect of Sabrina's time on the cybersex game grid is the involvement of F^3. Octanus Diesel frequents the Izpris site and buys four hours of Sabrina's time. After about fifteen minutes of foreplay, he induces her orgasm and leaves her with a balance of time. Sabrina is able to sit or even lie down for the balance of the time. During those free periods she is even able to view video clips or surf the Web.

"Mistress, how nice Master Octanus is," Sabrina mentions. "And how cruel and threatening Master Krassius is."

"Krassius has fallen from a favored position in the energy swindle to poverty. It is unlikely that he will regain his position. Without a sizeable bankroll it is unlikely that he will be able to afford very much time in Izpris. I do recall some Mistress who had your anus stretched nightly. She paid a premium, if I recall correctly. But here, not physically in the Internet Cybersex Prison, they options are limited" Toy remarks.

"So Krassius cannot have me used outside of the eight hour window, Mistress?" Sabrina asks.

"True," Toy answers. "The worst possible scenario is to be forced to dance for eight hours and be subject to constant sexual arousal while being denied a climax. But you can cope with that!"

"Yes Mistress," Sabrina replies.

31 October 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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