tagBDSMThe Model - Week 02

The Model - Week 02


She smiled as she looked at him as he walked through the door.

"Ok lose the clothes." She smiled as the words registered. At least in this regard he had to listen to her. He smiled as he began to undress.

"Try to observe rather than leer this time." His words echoed. She felt a flush of red drift into her cheeks. When she got home after the previous Saturday she did have to admit it did turn her on. She started to lick her lips.

"You're leering again." That must have been her tell. The pen echoed through the space as she began to quickly scroll out the second sketch. The good thing about him as a model was that he really didn't take breaks. He just stood there with the same smirk. The pen drifted over the place where the head was on her pad.

"I'm so glad I don't have to include that stupid smirk." Why did the smirk turn into that stupid grin just now?


She felt the G-string she was wearing slide down and off of her hips. He was walking around her in a small circle. His hands drifted over her ass. She felt small twinges of pleasure drift over her body as his hands roamed up and down her back.

"Why were you leering at me .. Slave?" The last word hit her like a brick. Her mind stammered and she blurted it out.

"I wanted you." Her hands slammed down hard over her mouth. He began to laugh hard.

"I don't think you will be getting that anytime soon." What?!? She was being forced to sexually service a guy and now she was being denied the sex part. His hand pushed her onto her knees as he spoke. The hard concrete floor was cold. He walked over to the bench as he continued to tie his shoes.

"Now entertain me slave. I want to watch you pleasure yourself." She was acutely aware that she was on her knees completely nude in front of a guy. Her voice trembled.

"No. I'm not going to do it." He smiled as he looked down at her.

"Well then I guess you will have to pay the penalty." She smiled as she thought about the spankings she had recently. They had hurt during ,but her last boyfriend had given her similar ones. She looked on as he reached into a small bag he had been bringing with him. She had thought it was gym bag until she saw the cuffs emerge. He began to walk towards her.

"Now do you want to be a good girl and let me put these on." Cuffing her was the punishment. She smiled what would he do if she just went limp and complied? He wanted non-compliance so he could punish her. She held out her wrists and smiled.

"That's unexpected ,but still nice." He began to whistle as he slipped the cuffs around her wrists and then around her ankles. She then went limp.

"I hope you are enjoying yourself." She chuckled lightly.

"Oh but I am. I most assuredly am." He had walked over towards her purse and grabbed her wallet and keys.

"So you're going to rob me and leave me like this?" He was going through her wallet and began to smile.

"Or it could be much worse." She watched him walk over to his bag and produce a gag and force it into her mouth. She felt him roughly pinch and twist a nipple as she screamed. The scream barely even rated a whisper ,but he still managed to add a layer of duct tape to it. She watched him walk out of the room in horror.

"I'm going to get some dinner you want anything?" She wanted out as she began to bang her body against the concrete. She felt pain surge through her body as she glimpsed him walking out the door. The pain forced her to black out...


"Uh.." She felt her head resting against the cold floor. It was much darker outside as she tried to see the clock above the work bench. It wasn't visible no matter how hard she craned her head. She tried to move her hands as the metal cuffs jingled. She gave up as she laid back down. The metal cuffs were too tight to slip out of. She looked around and couldn't see her clothes either. All of her stuff was gone. The minutes slipped past slowly as she continued to lay there.

"Ok enough fun. I will be good. Just get me out of these cuffs. Michael are you there? Hello?? Willing submissive girl ready to do her Master's bidding here." She laughed nervously. There wasn't anyone there. Had he just left her there? Was he ever coming back? He has to come back. Please?

"Please come back!" The words echoed as she heard laughter come from outside the door. The smell of hot food greeted her nose.

"Damn it! How long have you been there?" She almost screamed it at him.

"Long enough." He said in-between bites of some Sesame chicken. Her stomach growled. What a great day to skip lunch.

"Besides this way you learn that my pleasure is your highest priority. Above everything else. "I can take everything from you. However, I can give you so much in return." His words drifted over her. She began to shake. He leaned down to kiss her. She moved her head away. He stopped as he she saw something else in him. It was different for some odd reason. He shook his head and smiled. Just like that the asshole was back.

"Then why do you hate me?" She felt her eyes roam over him.

"No, I don't hate you. I'm just preventing you from enjoying yourself until you are a bit more compliant." He smiled as he pulled out what looked to be a metal belt. It was cold as he slipped it around her waist.

"What the hell?! What is this thing?" His hands deftly snugged the belt up as she felt the cold metal slide against her waist. The small bits of padding slid against her crotch. He then produced a combination lock and put it on the belt. He stood up as she felt the tight straps underneath her ass cheeks. At least her ass was exposed.

"Its a chastity belt. I may have to change it in a day or two, but it should work well." She was hesitant as she looked on.

"Well aren't you going to say anything?" His words hung in the air. She shuddered again.

"Don't worry it won't prevent you from doing anything important. " He rocked the little trap door at her crotch back and forth as he said it. She was at least relieved that she could do that. He went back and began to eat again. She stood there and watched him as she stood there nude. Seh crossed her arms

"Oh your clothes how could I forget." He tossed her a small bag. Her hands fumbled through the bag as she pulled out a small mini skirt and a tight pink t-shirt.

"Ugh " She looked in disgust at the name of the cheap lingerie store she passed on her way here each day.

"Or you can hope that I didn't learn about the extra set of overalls that you keep in the work bench." He smiled and leered at her as she began to slide the skirt up along her hips. It felt as if it was too tight for her to even move. The t-shirt was equally as tight. She was about to say something as she managed to get the shirt over her head. He had left though. She looked over at her helmet.

"Yeah biking home is going to be fun. Especially with this thing on." She patted the belt as she began to cautiously walk toward the elevator.


She was walking around her apartment wearing just a tank top and a pair of boxer shorts. Her teeth clenched together as she looked over at her tool drawer. What would he do if she had damaged the belt though? She smiled as she had a thought as she walked back to her bed and opened the drawer of her night stand. Her hands reached into the bureau as she inched the boxer shorts down and got onto all fours.

"Well necessity is the mother of invention." She fumbled around as she searched for where she kept the lube.

"Damn it. " She put the dildo to her lips and started to suck as she closed her eyes and pumped her head up and down. Her tongue danced around the tip. The dildo felt massive in her mouth as she continued to lube it. Her eyes closed.

"Well well slut. I guess I did get my show after all. " He had started to clap. She tried to slide her shorts up as he got on the bed beside of her. Her boxers were quickly stripped off and tossed against the wall. He yanked down his boxers as he pushed his cock to her lips.

"No stop it!" Her protests were ignored as she felt his cock slide into her mouth. She began sucking as hard as she could desperate to get him off.

"That's a good girl get it nice and wet. Because you know where its going." She winced in pain knowing what that meant. Her head vigorously pumped up and down. His hand began to rub her ass and probe her. She groaned hard at the intrusion as small tears formed in her eyes.

"Times up. Ass up and head down." He slapped her ass hard indicating for her to turn around. She began to cry as he grabbed her hips.

"Uh not there." The protest came out half muted. She grimaced at the feeling of his cock at her ass.

"Beg for it." She shook her head no. His hands grabbed her hair as he began to drag her backward. She tried to keep her hips forward. But to no avail.

"Ahhh no!" It was just a defeated whimper as he began to fuck her.

"That's a good girl take that cock." He tugged at her hair a bit harder. Tears began to stream down her cheeks. His hand wound itself tighter as the other hand roughly pinched her nipples. His breathing was getting heavier.

"I'm getting closer slut. I think you should join me." He patted her ass.

"My belt master?" She said the words through gritted teeth as his hips bounced and forth.

"No not this time little girl. Maybe once you are behaving better." His hand came down with a defiant slap. She bowed her head as she began to feel the stir of pleasure drift over like a slow wave. His grunting was getting closer as she bounced her hips. The pain in her breast grew as he kept abusing it.

"You ready for me slave?" She could only mumble a slow yes as her body began to shake. She felt his cock spasm as she cried out.

"Thank You sir!" She trembled as she managed to regain her senses. The dildo was still embedded in her ass as she knelt there on all fours. Her breast was sore. She got up onto her knees.

"Ow damn." She rubbed her ass as she knelt there. The pain in her ass had transitioned to being just general soreness. Her eyes searched the room for her boxer shorts as she smiled.

"Well what he doesn't know won't hurt me" She chuckled lightly to herself as she eyed the shower.

"That would be nice." She stripped off her tank and the boxers as she eyed the belt.

"You better be waterproof." She walked over to the mirror and noticed the small writing on the top of the belt. She inched her hip out as she read.

"Dishwasher safe? eww."


She winced as they both sat and watched the tv. He was laughing a bit as he stared at the tv.

"I can't believe you were in my apartment." She stared at the screen. He would occasionally look over at her.

"You did give me control over you during that time. That includes your apartment. Now be quiet and tell me what you were thinking during the time where you were bucking up and down on that dildo." He smiled as she looked at the image of herself roughly fucking her own ass.

"Uh I wasn't thinking about anything." The volume on the scream suddenly hurt her ears as she heard the DVD version of her scream "Thank You Sir." He smiled at her.

"I don't think I need you to tell me." She hung her head in defeat as he motioned for her to stand up.

"Maybe you need the sensation to elicit some honesty from you. Now mount my cock. " She looked down as she began to straddle his hips.

"We will keep the belt on. I'll take it off.. When you are behaving better. " She gritted her teeth as she felt his cock slide into her ass. He was bigger than the dildo. The tears began to form in her eyes as she began to bounce up and down as she watched the video.

"Keep the pace you had before." Red formed on her face as he relaxed.

"Yes sir," She hoped he would be quicker than she imagined.

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