The Model Wife

byWoody Woodwood©

For some time now my good lady has been doing a bit of modelling for amateur photographers. Nothing too serious, mainly glamour style shots, but a little bit of topless and the occasional nude shot here and there.

I handle all the enquiries from photographers, checking their references etc. etc. before booking shoots.

Too be quite honest I get a kick out of watching my wife get naked in front of other men, and love watching the shoots when I can, and seeing the resulting pictures and occasional video footage.

In order to watch the more of the shoots, and to be able to enjoy them time and time again I bought some miniature camera's and mounted them in the rooms we have set aside for her modelling. I didn't tell my wife about them, as they are so small you would only see them if you were looking for them. They are all linked to my PC, so I can sit and watch everything, and record it digitally as well.

Anyway one day we got an email from a guy called Colin. He wanted to book her for a shoot taking up skirt and down blouse style shots, with maybe a little bit of topless. I made the usual enquiries and didn't get any bad references, so we started to discuss the detail of the shoot.

He said his idea was that she would dress in clothes he would provide and pretend to be either drunk or asleep. This would give him the opportunity to sneak pictures up her skirt and down her blouse.

It all sounded harmless and we booked the shoot. After we had confirmed the shoot I asked if he would let us have a copy of the pictures and video. He said he was happy to do that.

The day of the shoot arrived, and so did Colin with his cameras and a suitcase.

For the first set he asked my wife to dress in white knickers, white bra, tights, skirt and blouse. She was to take the part of a tired businesswoman who falls asleep on the sofa. She dressed as requested and lay down on the settee.

I was in my office watching on the hidden cameras.

He set up his video camera's and stills camera and started taking pictures. After a few minutes he said something to my wife and she inched down the settee, exposing more of her legs. He reminded her she was supposed to be asleep and unaware of him. She lay back with her eyes closed. He told her he was now going to unfasten a couple of buttons on her blouse to get a better view, and move her skirt a little as well, and she was to move as if she was disturbed, but not to open her eyes.

He placed his hand lightly on her leg, and gently pushed the skirt a little higher, just above her knee. Then he unfastened the first button on her blouse. He took some more stills, and moved the video cameras.

He unfastened a couple more buttons and pulled the blouse slightly open so the full curve of her breasts could be seen, before placing a hand on each leg and pushing the skirt up to expose her stocking tops. Then he had her roll over and let her legs fall apart so he could see her knickers.

He shot some stills, then took video getting in real close looking up in between her legs. After a few minutes like that he asked if they could move to the bedroom. He also asked if he could have a drink of juice.

My wife went into the kitchen to fetch the juice, pouring a glass for herself as well and they went upstairs. I switched to the set of cameras in the bedroom.

He said he wanted to shoot the same sort of scenario, but would like her to change her underwear, and he chose another bra, knickers and suspender belt set for her to change into. She went off to get changed while he set up his lights and cameras.

While she was out getting changed I saw him slip some drops into her drink – it looked like a bottle of spanish fly to me, but I couldn't be sure.

When she came back into the room he talked her through the set as they both drank their juice. She was to come into the room, slip her jacket off and hang it up, before sitting on the end of the bed and removing her shoes. Then she was to sit on the bed reading a magazine, moving about so he could get plenty of shots up her skirt and then she was to lay down and drift off to sleep. Once she was asleep he was going to unfasten her blouse to expose her bra, push her skirt up again, and maybe unfasten it as well (it was a wrap over style), to leave her in just her underwear.

They finished the drinks and then got started.

She slipped out of the jacket, and I could see the faint outline of her red bra under her blouse – it's a lovely set of underwear, almost completely see through. She sat down on the bed and slipped her shoes of, letting her legs drift apart so he could get some shots up her skirt. Then she moved up the bed and laid half on her side, reading the magazine, moving her legs from time to time so the skirt fell a little more open.

After a few minutes more she lay right down as if she had fallen asleep. He took more pictures and video, before easing one button on her blouse open. He spoke quietly to her, but she didn't reply.

He took more pictures, then unfastened another button. He spoke to her again and again she didn't answer – she must have fallen to sleep properly. He took more pictures and video before moving down to her legs. He gently repositioned her legs, so he had a good view right up the skirt and he knelt between her legs with his camera.

I assumed she was wearing the matching knickers to the bra, and if that was the case he'd have a lovely view of her light brown pussy hair through those red knickers. He then got the video camera and scanned up and down her legs.

He placed his hands on her legs and ran them up her legs and under her skirt. I couldn't see how far up he went, but one of his video camera's was set on a tripod shooting right up her skirt to capture every inch his hand moved. He went round the other side and followed the same pattern with her other leg.

Then he pushed the skirt up to her knees. He placed his hand on the inside of her knee and ran it up under her skit again. This time his hand obviously went right up to her stocking tops and onto her naked flesh. He moved round to the other side and did the same thing again. Then he knelt on the bed and placed a hand on each leg before running them up till they met in the middle.

He went back to the blouse next, and unfastened the last two buttons. He ran his hand lightly up over her stomach and over her breast, under the blouse, pushing it clear off her side as he went. Then again on the other side.

I was torn – here I was watching a man we didn't know fondle my wife while she was asleep. I knew I should stop him, but my dick was hardening at what I was seeing. I decided to watch on. After all I was just downstairs. I could go up and stop it any time I wanted, and surely my wife would wake soon anyway.

Now my wife was laid there, with her blouse open. Her breasts were encased in the thin see through red bra. Her legs were wide apart with her skirt bunched around her knees. Colin was videoing her body. He placed the video camera back on the tripod and sat down beside her. He slowly ran his fingers up from her stomach and between her breasts before gently moving his hand over her breasts and circling her nipple with his fingers. I could see the nipple begin to harden through the thin material. He moved to the other breast and did the same.

Now her nipples were hardening. He gently rubbed and pulled her nipples though the thin material, teasing them to stand to attention. Then he brought the video camera in for some close ups of her nipples straining to get out of the bra.

Refocusing the camera's on my wife's lower half, he moved back to the skirt, and placing a hand on the inside of her thigh slowly pushed it up her leg, bringing the skirt with it. The top of her stocking came into view. He moved round the bed and did exactly the same with the other hand, so now her skirt was bunched just above her stocking tops, but still covering her knickers. He slowly edged her legs a part, inch by inch, until each foot was almost touching the side of the bed. Her feet must have been four feet apart.

Again he moved the video cameras. Placing one directly looking up between her legs. He unfastened the knot holding the wrap over skirt together and placed a hand on each thigh, just on the stocking line. He slowly dragged his hands up her thighs, over her flesh, pulling the skirt with him. His thumbs pushed the skirt aside, and her knickers came into view. He pulled his hands in and cupped her knicker clad pussy.

When he moved his hands away he pulled the skirt open and off her body, leaving her laid in just her bra, knickers, stockings and suspenders.

He ran his hands all over her body, up and down her legs, over her stomach, cupping her breasts, and stroking her pussy.

Then he moved one of the video cameras so it was focusing on her breasts. Leaving the other shooting up between her legs to her pussy.

He ran both hands over her breasts, and down to her pussy again. Then while one hand remained at her pussy, his other moved back to her breasts, and he gently teased her nipples and pussy at the same time. He slowly slipped his fingers under the cup of the bra, and gently squeezed her breast. While he was doing this he also inched his fingers under the waistband of her knickers and slowly down towards her pussy lips. His hand disappeared completely into her knickers, and I could see his fingers between her legs. Touching her pussy lips.

He kept his hands in place for a few minutes, gently massaging both her pussy and nipples at the same time, before removing his hands from her clothing and picking up his camera to run up and down her body.

He filmed and photographed my wife for about another ten minutes before she shook her head gently and sat up.

I heard her apologise for actually falling asleep, and ask if it had spoiled the shoot for him. He just replied that it had made it all seem so much more realistic. She was obviously unaware of what he had been doing to her while she was asleep.

He had her pose a little in just her underwear, before telling her he'd got what he came for and packing up.

My wife slipped a house robe on and made her way downstairs to the kitchen, where I met her, and Colin followed her down a couple of minutes later.

I didn't say anything about what I had witnessed, but asked Colin to let us have a copy of the video footage and stills in due course.

I can't wait to see the close up video of his fingers between her legs – I hope he books her again...

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