tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Modeling Assignment

The Modeling Assignment


The notice on the bulletin board outside Professor Colby's office read, "A most unusual and intimate modeling assignment. Complete discretion is required. For more details, go to the web address below. The password is: DeltaofVenus."

Professor Colby was head of the fine arts program at Maryland State and was a renowned sculptor. Many students had modeled for him and his classes over the years. It wasn't unusual for him to look for private models for his commissioned work, but this particular assignment came with the promise of one year's tuition and $5,000 paid.

The website described the assignment as a request by a corporate client for a sculpture of the perfect vagina as the centerpiece for its conference room. The model's face would not be shown. The piece was to be of a model lying on her back from mid-torso to mid-thigh. Her vagina was to be captured in exquisite detail. The assignment was expected to take about a month to complete.

Word spread pretty quickly around campus, particularly through the sorority houses.

"Wow! Can you imagine getting a year of school paid and all you have to do is let him stare at your pussy for a month? That's fucking amazing!" Heather said to her roommate, Jill.

"Are you kidding me? Women are trying to get away from being thought of as nothing more than a hole to sick a cock inside, and you would actually consider posing for this ultimate piece-of-meat sculpture? What's wrong with you?!" Jill answered with disdain.

"For that kind of dough? Yeah! No one's ever going to know who it is. Besides, it would be kinda cool to know your pussy was had been preserved for posterity," she added with a wry smile.

"Listen, Mother Teresa, this is porn-art not the Statue of Liberty."

"Well, if you don't enter, you'll probably be the only girl on campus who doesn't."

Jill rolled her eyes and stormed off to anthropology class.

The next week, a box appeared outside Professor Colby's office. It had a slit in the top, was chained to his door frame, and was padlocked. Any woman interested in "trying out" for the modeling job was instructed to place three close-up photos of her shaved vagina in a sealed envelope with her contact information safely tucked inside and drop the entry into the box.

Very quickly, Colby discovered he had to empty the box several times a day. Even he was amazed at the response.

He started analyzing the entries himself but quickly decided he needed a screener. He asked David, his student assistant, to pick out the best ten candidates daily for him to peruse. Needless to say, David became very popular among his friends, since the professor said he didn't care what happened to the discards as long as no one could match them with names. David brought home bags of pussy pics every night for the next few days.

As he watched his horny roommates fight over the bag each night, he wished he had the lotion and tissue concession in their house. He could retire.

In all, David collected 120 photos for the professor to consider. Each had the contact info taped to its back. Professor Colby spent hours studying the pert college vaginas and narrowed his choice to three.

"David, what do you think?"

David looked at the three stunning pussies laid before him. Wow, how was he supposed to choose between these? Each was perfect. The girls' skin was flawless. None of them had any tan lines, and each quim was a healthy, rosy color. He studied every detail. He gazed at the clitoral hood. He deliberated the labia. He inspected the richness of their inner sanctums and tried to mentally assess their moisture. He scrutinized the dimension of their canals and pored over every detail of their caverns.

Finally, he looked up and said, "I'm sorry, professor, but I have no idea which one to choose."

"Neither can I. We'll simply have to examine them in person. Please contact the three ladies and inform them that they are the finalists. I would like to see them in my office precisely at 2:00, 2:05 and 2:10 tomorrow afternoon. Explain to them that punctuality will be part of our deliberations."

The next day, David arrived early and set up three curtained booths in Colby's studio. As each student arrived, she would be taken to a booth; the curtains closed, asked to completely disrobe, and instructed to remain silent. The professor did not want them accidentally revealing anything that could identify them to each other.

At precisely 2:00, the first candidate arrived. She was a pretty blond, named Amy, with petite breasts and long, tan legs. She was led to booth one and was asked to sit on the stool after disrobing. Candidate #2 arrived next. Her name was Clarice. She was a brunette with larger breasts and round prominent chocolate nipples. She was given the same instructions, and David hurried out to lead #3, an Asian candidate, named Lisa, to the final stall.

Professor Colby entered each booth and introduced himself and David. He then proceeded to take several photos of the women in from various angles, close-up and mid-range. Obviously, their pussies were of critical importance, but he also wanted to capture their essence.

Amy had full, ruby pussy lips that pushed out majestically from her body. Her labia were highly textured and created deep crevices along the sides. Their shapes reminded David of tulip petals. The lining of her canal resembled that of an oyster shell. It was pearly pink in the center and darkened gradually to a deeper rose as it melded into her labia. Amy's pussy parted like a springtime blossom, and David found it intoxicating.

Clarice was next. She also had prominent vaginal lips. Her labia, however, were cocoa brown. They were not as puffy as the blonde's, and their clean lines produced a more defined opening. She had a short ridgeline along the clitoral hood and her bud was already taut and on full display. The lining of her sexual passage shined with her clear nectar and looked as smooth as if it were lined with mercury. David started perspiring at the mere thought of what she would feel like wrapped around his turgid tool.

As they entered the Lisa's stall, their eyes were immediately drawn to her bloated labia, which had opened wide to reveal an enchanting carnal port. Lisa had a deep clitoral cleft and a wide ridgeline that formed a grotto from which her clitoris stood at brazen attention. The sight of her obvious arousal had a similar effect on both David and Colby, who stood motionless for a several moments swallowing and staring. As they moved closer to set up the camera, they marveled at the creamy texture of her skin. Her entire pelvic region was dewy and flushed. Lisa had shaved so meticulously that they couldn't find a trace of stubble. They stared intensely into her silken basin and inhaled the engaging aroma emanating from her sleek vaginal canal. "That is one award-winning pussy," thought David.

Once all the photos were laid out on the light table, Colby and David examined them under magnification. In the end, they were no closer to finding a winner than when they started.

"David, visualization alone is not going to help us determine our winner. We need a different approach. I'd like your help with something, but I caution you it may be a bit uncomfortable."

"Sure, professor, anything. What can I do?"

"Well, you obviously are as aroused as I am," Colby stated as he glanced down at the circus tents that had materialized in both their trousers, "but I cannot touch the girls since they are students. With their permission, of course, I would like you to penetrate them to compare their feel. In that way, we may unearth the superior vagina."

"Uhm ... do you mean -"

"Yes, dear boy, I want you to insert your erect penis into each of them. It will be also be important that you avoid ejaculating into them or on them. They aren't prostitutes. Can you do that?"

"Well, yeah, sure ... if it helps the project."

"Excellent. Of course, once you complete your assignment, you may excuse yourself to relieve your pent up tensions."

David smiled uneasily and replied, "Uhm ... thanks."

Colby then turned to announce to the three students in a loud voice, "Ladies, you are all exceptionally lovely, and frankly, we are having a most difficult time choosing only one of you. I am going to ask your permission to try another technique, but I don't want you to feel pressured. We are simply trying a new idea. You all met David, and I have asked for his assistance. I would like David to insert his erect penis into each of your vaginas to compare the subtle differences in your structure. David has been instructed that he is neither to ejaculate in you or on you. This is simply another assessment tool we can use to help us pick the most deserving candidate. When I come into your booths, I ask that you silently nod your heads yes or no so that we know how to proceed."

Amy was already turning crimson when Colby entered but nodded her agreement to the test. Clarice motioned for him to come closer so she could whisper a question. She asked what would happen if she began to orgasm. She then explained that she frequently came very quickly and this entire affair had already pushed her to the very edge. Colby whispered that he understood and he would instruct David to enter her last, since her potential gyrations might trigger a similar response in him. Obviously, he needed to keep David as hard as possible for this experiment to work. A relieved Clarice smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Lisa confidently nodded her agreement without any hesitation.

David was then ordered to remove all of his clothing. He was to penetrate Amy, Lisa, and Clarice in that order. Colby did not explain his rationale.

"What if I'm still confused after the experiment?"

The professor sighed, "We'll cross that bridge if needed."

David kept himself in good shape. He was trim and fit with an impressive arrow-straight 8-inch penis. He kept his blond pubes trimmed, which made his rod standout even more. The naturally sparse hair on his ball sack also hid nothing from view. This combination had met the approval of all of the women he had dated over the years.

His cock was now so hard that it preceded him through the curtain. Amy's eyes widened the instant she saw David's stiff member come into view. His thick cock was fingered with purple veins, and he had a broad mushroom cap. She was captivated by his width, and she spread her long legs in eager anticipation of his entrance. Lisa liked watching, and she stared intently as his throbbing member commenced its journey into her tunnel. She was so wet, and he was so hard, that he had little difficulty entering her, despite his girth. She knew she was not supposed to make any sounds, but she couldn't help gasping as he made his way inside. David tried his best to remain clinical and moved his rigid penis only enough to enable him to gauge each of the surfaces of her exquisite channel. He noted her warmth, her wetness, her texture, and the firmness of her grip upon him. After he reluctantly pulled out, he had to clear his throat so his voice wouldn't crack before thanking her. He then handed her a box of tissues and moved on his next charge.

Upon entering Lisa's booth, David's gleaming cock caused the Asian student to let out a muffled growl. Her bulging labia practically reached out and grabbed his lance. Lisa was leaning back on the stool, had opened her legs widely as possible, and thrust her sex at him. As he crossed her threshold, he felt like he was being swallowed. Unlike Amy, Lisa did not watch his assault but closed her eyes and held her breath as he slid inch after manly inch into her silken hole. David pushed until their public bones met and he felt his near-bursting balls nestle gently against her hot skin. Like before, he moved only enough so he could assess the wonders of her cherry pie. Even though this wasn't technically sex, she couldn't help but squeeze him with the vaginal fingers. It was her subtle way of letting him know she was very happy to have him join her and not eager to have him leave any time soon. When David had taken as much as he could, he grudgingly pulled out of her. A droplet of her honey lingered on the tip of his rod and stretched all the way to her aching oasis, like a rope trying to pull him back inside. He smiled bashfully and gently wiped the sensual dew from both of them with a tissue. He also had to grab another handful swab his sopping forehead.

When David's shiny meat broke through Clarice's curtain, she let out a breathy, "Oh, my God!" She slapped her hands over her mouth and giggled. David just grinned. He looked down at the perfect oval entrance created by her engorged vulva. He didn't know how he was going to survive a third insertion. Clarice was almost feverish and licked her lips at the sight of his tumescent approach. The fact that he was coated with the love juices of two other highly aroused women only made her hornier. David's penis was now like a divining rod tasked with searching for carnal fluid, and he wasted no time in plunging into her breach. She was so saturated that a slick puddle had collected on the floor beneath her. He slid into her as if she was made of warm butter. She held her breath as he began trundling in and out. Mere seconds after he began pumping, she gasped, her eyes started fluttering, and she began writhing to the rhythms of a ferocious orgasm. She clutched his hips and began impaling herself on him. David's burning balls detonated in response. As he plowed into her, David let loose a geyser of cum that ricocheted off her cervix time after time after time. "Je – sus – Christ!" she screamed as her orgasm thundered over her, blocking out all other sensations.

The moment she started wailing, both of the other girls lost complete control and rammed their fingers into their abandoned vaginas, rubbing themselves into orgasmic oblivion. The sound and smell of sex permeated every cubic inch of the studio. Even Colby lost his composure as he shoved down his pants and began vigorously jacking his cock to release his pent-up spunk. Rope after pearly rope of his fluid sprayed across the studio floor until he was spent.

None of them moved for the longest time. Finally, Colby recovered enough to stuff his Johnson back into his khakis and hurriedly wipe his seed from the cement floor before anyone else noticed. Amy slowly composed herself and had to use half the box of tissues to dam up her overflow. Lisa did likewise but also took the opportunity to savor her some of own nectar.

David and Clarice eventually parted with a slight "popping" sound as his happy penis left her wanton chamber. "Oh, God, thank you, David. You have no idea how much I needed that," she whispered into his ear.

"Are you going to, you know, be okay?" he asked in a concerned voice, "I must've pumped a gallon of cum into you." Indeed, globs of white cream were now seeping out of her and dropping into the pool spreading across the floor.

"Oh, yeah. I've been on the pill for ages. I just love the feeling of cum shooting out of a big giant creamstick inside of me, so I never let guys use condoms anyway. That's probably stupid, but I've been lucky so far."

"For whatever it's worth, I'm harmless."

"Harmless? Oh, honey, you are far from harmless with that canon between your legs." She reached down and gave his flagging missile a nice squeeze as she giggled. Clarice felt him jump in her hand and looked at David with a raised eyebrow.

She instantly dropped to her knees and sucked his sausage into her eager mouth. David didn't have time to react. She had him rock hard in seconds. Then, she shoved a towel into her mouth to dampen her squeals, pushed him onto a nearby bench, and slid onto his mammoth pole. She started fucking him with wild, feral abandon. And, true to form, she started cumming in no time. Using her skilled sexual vice, she zealously milked him at the same time, which launched him into a new orgasmic orbit.

When he was able to breathe again, David put his face in his hands and muttered, "Holy fucking shit." He looked up at Clarice and asked, "How in the hell did you manage to get that much cum out me so quickly? I mean, damn, after that last go-round, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to cum again!"

"David, I love to fuck. I don't mean I like it ... I mean I love, love, love to fuck, and I've gotten very good at it. You have an incredible cock, by the way. I love the way you reach all the way inside me, and, man, you feel like you're gonna blow my pussy apart when you cum." She closed her eyes moaned as she relived the feeling in her mind. "Listen, would you be interested in keeping this little adventures going?"

"Oh, my dear Lord, yes!"

"Cool! Here's my number and address. In fact, do you have dinner plans tonight?"

"Looks like I do now!"

Clarice smiled serenely and lifted herself off his joystick so she could kiss it.

"Excuse me, David. Are you finished in there, yet?" asked Professor Colby. In his carnal fog, David had completely forgotten about all the other people in the room.

"Sorry, professor. Be right out." Clarice licked the tip of his tent pole and said, "I'll see you later, big boy!" She gave David a little butt tap as he walked out of the booth.

David emerged with his wilted wiener dangling from his loins. Colby looked at him with a knowing smile and asked, "Now that playtime's over, what did you learn?"

He looked uneasily at Colby and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm sorry, professor. It's just that as good as they look ... they feel even better ... all of them. They're amazing women!"

Professor Colby sighed, "I understand. I do have another idea that may help solve our dilemma, but I have to make a few calls first. Please thank each lady and tell them I will try to have an answer for them tomorrow."

David walked into Amy's booth first to deliver the message. She sauntered over to him, grabbed his wang and whispered, "God, David, I'm so fucking horny. Can you please come over to my place right now?"

He explained that unfortunately he had some things to do for the professor at the moment. She looked wounded but let go of his knob long enough to write down her cell number for him. Then, she bent down and gave his love gun a long, slow slurp and said, "I am definitely going to miss you." He felt his dick begin to throb and show renewed signs of life. "Are you sure you can't come over?" she inquired, looking hopefully up at David.

"Not right now, but, trust me, I will definitely, definitely, definitely call you."

She turned her head, put his entire cock into her mouth and rolled it around on her tongue. "You better," she said with a pout as she stood. Then, she gave David a warm kiss, grabbed her clothes and strode out of the booth. David grabbed the stool for support, shook his head to clear the haze, and staggered out.

When David and his semi-erect sword walked into Lisa' booth, he found her, once again, with wide open legs and a gaping, wet pussy. She pounced on him like a tigress, seized his dagger in her hand, and jacked him until he sported a colossal boner. Then, she shoved him onto a piece of carpet and mounted him furiously. Lisa rode him like a rodeo champion, bucking and kicking to a shattering orgasm, while screaming out, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" as she came. The disorientated David somehow managed to produce another cargo of cum to catapult into her. As soon as her last vaginal ripple ground to a halt, Lisa took a few deep breaths, smiled down at him, dismounted, licked the juices off his crown, and gave his fallen member a sloppy kiss. "Here's my number," she said as she handed him a preprinted card. "Please call me, okay?" He nodded yes, since that's all he could do. She then blew him a kiss, smiled, grabbed her clothes and roared off. As he laid there trying to recover, he noticed a stain on her card. He held it to his nose and realized she had christened it with her bodily ambrosia. "This is a keeper," he said to himself as he inhaled her essence.

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