tagInterracial LoveThe Modern White boi Ch. 02

The Modern White boi Ch. 02


Chapter 10

"And this years Prom King and Queen are..." Heather said with a smile on the stage. She really got into the theme of the prom as she was dressed in traditional African attire.

"Demarcus Booker and Natalie Freeman!"

Cori jumped and clapped in delight as the spotlight shined down on Natalie and Demarcus. He was very happy for his best friend and could hardly stop from squealing. It had been a couple of weeks since Nat and Demarcus had been going out and Cori had gotten over his jealousy. Plus, it just didn't make sense to get hung up on it. Cori could see how happy Demarcus made Natalie and that made Cori happy. Natalie and Demarcus went up on stage and received their tiara and crown respectively. They look so good together, Cori thought. Cori had even helped her pick out the dress. And in the weeks since Demarcus asked her to prom, Cori had heard all the juicy stories of their love life.

Cori was somewhat relieved that Natalie and Demarcus hadn't gotten too physical yet. Just some make out sessions and hand holding. Maybe the occasional heavy petting. But Cori kind of felt like it was his duty to protect her from the Men. He knew that all they wanted was to get into her panties. And somewhere in the back of his mind, Cori thought that maybe that's all he wanted too. He still harbored feelings that someday he might be the one to help her lose her virginity. So he still had that to hold onto. In the mean time, he just would be the best boifriend a girl could have.

Demarcus and Natalie finished their dance and ended it with a passionate kiss. Cori noticed that the smile never faded from her face as her lips were enveloped by his. The entire room whistled and cheered. Heather whispered "Awww, how sweet."

"Let's give it up for our lovebirds! And you two come see Mrs. Everston to pick up your gift baskets!" She said with a naughty giggle.

"And now, let's not forget about our bois out there! We are pleased to announce the first ever Silverton High Prom Prince is...Riley Winters!"

All the bois congregated around and congratulated the small boi. Cori was nominated for Prom Prince too and he was somewhat sad that he lost. He thought that it would've been nice to say that he and Nat were Prom prince and queen. Riley, on the other hand, was ecstatic. And everyone knew why he won. He really tried to be the perfect boi. Lately, boi's fashion was leaning toward the feminine side and Riley fully embraced it. He almost looked liked those sissies that were all over the magazines. He was dressed in what looked like a little satin sailor's uniform. It had frills and bows coming out of it from every which way. And his shoes looked an awful like Mary Janes. But every girl had come up to him and told him how sweet he looked. His sister, Allison, was so proud of her sissy brother.

Cori was dressed a bit more traditional but his shorts were still revealing and the giant bow that hung from his neck told everyone that he was a modern white boi. He had let his "sissy side" out too since it was all the rage this year, but he still tried to maintain as much masculinity as he could. All in all, it looked like the white bois were better dressed to be at a little girls tea party than a high school Prom.

Riley minced up to the stage and received his sash and tiara from Heather and you could see the glimmer of the lights shine off of his glossed lips. Cori and all his friends had put on a little makeup since Allison told them it would make them look so adorable. They didn't really want to but Allison made them. Who were they trying to impress? Cori asked her. But Allison just gave him a wink.

Heather went back to the microphone. In her hand she had a large stuffed pony. She handed it to Riley who squeezed it and smiled. "We have a stuffed pony for all of our cute bois. No one should be going home alone tonight, so we thought these fluffy toys would be perfect for our Silverton High bois!" With that she went around passing out the stuffed ponies to all of the white bois. Cori had to carry his around like a teddy bear and he felt like such a baby. When he ran into Demarcus and Natalie, she said "How cute! A pony for a pony! Haha!"

"Oh, Cori, I think we are about to leave. Do you think you could ride home with the other bois? Me and Demarcus want to go to this, uh, party." Cori just nodded his head. He didn't really didn't want to leave Natalie. "Thanks Cori, you're the best" and then she leaned in and kissed him on the forehead. Natalie turned back to Demarcus who put his arm around her waist and led her out of the gym. As they walked, Demarcus' hand slid down and rested on Natalie's butt. Cori stood watching as Natalie left, and he instinctively held his stuffed animal close to his chest with a slight pout on his face.

Just then Tommi and Nicki came up. "Come on, Cori, we are going back to Riley's house and having a sleepover. And guess what? Allison is coming too!"

"That's right. I'm the white boi babysitter for the night." Allison giggled. She was only at the prom as a volunteer helper since she was a sophomore. She wasn't allowed to come with a date even though her and Stefon Brantley were an item now. "Oh, bois we're going to have so much fun." Allison said as she took the hands of Riley and Cori and skipped away.

Cori could see all the other white bois sitting in groups on the sides of the room with their stuffed ponies. Watching as all the white girls were booty dancing with the Black Men. Their short tight dresses riding up on their bodies as they grinded on the Men's crotches. A lot of Men were blatantly copping a feel and squeezing the cleavage out of the low tops of the girls.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Demarcus found Mrs. Everston by the door. She was with her husband, Mr. Trevon Everston. They were both dancing too and you could tell they were deeply in love. Mrs. Everston broke the news only yesterday that she was pregnant with her first Black baby. And she was so excited. "Congratulations!" She yelled over the music when she saw Natalie and Demarcus. She handed them the gift basket and Natalie looked into hers. In it was all sorts of goodies, mostly sexual. Perfumes, douches, lubes, and condoms. Natalie blushed and tried to hide it from Demarcus. "For that Jungle Fever" Mrs. Everston said with a wink. Then she resumed her dancing with her hubby and Demarcus led Natalie to the limo he had rented.

Chapter 11

Outside in the parking lot, Natalie and Demarcus passed Xavier Mullins' car. The windows were steamed up and you could only see the outlines of the figures moving inside.

Behind the glass, Emily Thompson was lowering herself onto Xavier Mullins. Her prom dress was thrown on the floor but she still wore her lacy bra and stockings. The two lovers had headed outside early in the night after hours of kissing at the prom. Then, it was just Xavier's head pressing against her ruby lips. Now, it was the bulbous head of Xavier's Black cock pressing gently against her wet pussy lips. Emily steadied herself on his chest as she slowly impaled herself on him. She sharply inhaled with every inch that passed through her pink folds. Xavier had his hands on her hips and helped her along. "Almost there..." he whispered to her. "Only a couple more inches to go." Emily contorted her face as her ass finally nestled into a resting place on his thighs. She had done it, she thought. He was all the way inside of her. Xavier was so big that she had never been able to take his full length. But tonight she wanted to give him something special. And she took it all like a good girl. But before she could get used to the feeling of being full, Xavier raised her up again.

"That's it, baby" he said. "You gonna get that long dick now that you a big girl." Emily eyes widened then closed in anticipation. Xavier pulled her up all the way off him using only his arms until just the tip of his penis rested inside of her. Then without saying a word, he slid her down his cock once more. His big hands almost completely wrapped around her waist as he used her like a personal fuck-sleeve. Emily was kind of a skinny girl with a super tight butt. But now that it was smacking against Xavier's legs, she felt like it grew fatter and wider like a Black girls butt. Xavier picked up the pace and she couldn't help but let out ooh's and ahh's. She rubbed and squeezed his broad chest and ran her fingers down his washboard abs. Then she leaned down and kissed him with her pussy still getting plundered by that Black pipe. Slowly, she started to twerk on his dick. Her juices making it slicker. Xavier reached behind her and took her bra off, releasing her little titties. He took one of her nipples in his mouth as he began to buck underneath her. Each thrust pushing her higher up on his body and squishing more of her breasts in his face.

Emily leaned back and put her hands behind her on his legs. She looked down at her mound and could see her soft flesh melding into his hard pelvis. She still couldn't believe his 10 inch cock was buried inside of her. She looked back up at her Black lover and began to rotate her hips on his tool.

"Yeah, ride that cock, white girl"

She replied "mmm, you're my big Black bull" She began to roll her hips in circular motions as Xavier sat up to get back at her titties. His tongued rolled around her areola in the same pattern. He started to buck his hips some more and drove his cock in and out of her tight vagina. They had started having sex at the beginning of the school year, but she could only get his dick head inside of her then. After months of slowly stretching her out, Xavier was now sliding into her effortlessly. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck as a series of orgasms came over her.

"Oh god yes, yes, yesssss" she moaned. Suddenly Xavier got more aggressive with the fucking and plowed his cock as deep as her tunnel would go. "I'm gonna nut. I'm gonna nut up in you."

"Yeah, baby. Give it to me. Cum inside me."

Emily felt like she was going to explode as the giant dick flooded her womb. In that moment she was glad that her mom had got her birth control pills. The interracial couple collapsed and Emily fell on Xavier's chest. She idly rubbed his stomach with a smile on her face. The cock still feeling full inside of her though it wasn't as hard. Xavier whispered to her ear "You ready for round two?" Emily placed her chin on his pecs smiled at her lover. Minutes later Xavier was driving her off to a motel on the edge of town.

On the other side of town, the bois were at Riley's house. They were still in their prom outfits and Allison had them playing all sorts of kids games. They had even stolen some daiquiris from Tommi's mom and Cori was starting to feel a bit woozy whenever Allison thought up a new game.

"Hey, I've got a good idea." She said while she was looking at the four stuffed animals that the bois had brought home from the prom. "How about we pretend it's the prom again but this time, you bois will have dates"

"How?" Tommi said, he was really excited to meet some more girls. "With who? You're the only girl here."

"No, not me. Each other, silly!" Allison jumped up and ran into her room. She came back into Riley's room where the bois were sitting in a circle. She had two of her sundresses in her hands. One had pink flowers on it and the other was a bright yellow. She handed them to Riley and Cori. "Allison, I don't think we should.." all the bois started to protest. "Oh, hush up, it'll just be pretend." She said. "Me and Riley do it all the time"

"Allie!" Riley's face went red with embarrassment.

"Relax, you don't have to kiss each other or anything. Unless you want to. Maybe we should play spin the bottle!" As she was speaking she grabbed Riley and Cori and took them to the bathroom. They returned a few minutes later in the dresses and with some light make-up on their faces. Both of the bois had big ribbon bows in their hair. Allison just giggled and laughed. "Aww, you look just as cute as Riley, Cori! We should totally get you to come over more often. Now go sit beside your boifriends." They took their place beside Tommi and Nicki, whose mouths were wide open in astonishment. All of the bois were a little buzzed that they just went with it. For the rest of the night they danced and carried on. Cori and Riley were the girlfriends as Tommi and Nicki acted like the Black Men.

Allison got a call from Stefon later and went downstairs to hang out with him. She left the bois by themselves but not before taking some pics of the crossdressed Cori. When they were all alone, Tommi announced that he had a surprise. The four bois were all in the same bed cuddling their ponies as Tommi got up and uploaded a movie to the television.

"I set up a camera in the biology lab, let's see what Mr. and Mrs. Everston have been up to the past couple of weeks." Tommi pressed play and fast forwarded through the classes of the day. He stopped and returned to the bed with the other bois whenever Mr. Everston walked into the lab. Cori got comfortable lying next to Riley. His judgment was a little impaired so when he saw Mr. Everston rip open the blouse of Mrs. Everston, he pulled up the sundress and reached into his underwear.

The four bois watched the screen as Mr. Everston flipped her over the desk and spread her legs. Mrs. Everston hiked up her pencil skirt allowing the bois to see her fat pussy that was offered up to the Black Man. About that time Cori started stroking his little white weenie. It took a little while for him to get completely hard but soon he had three fingers pinching and rubbing it. Cori could hear the sounds beside him that told him that the other bois were doing the same. Just when Mr. Everston whipped out his Black anaconda, the bois all gasped. It was by far the thickest they had ever seen. Tommi's hidden camera could even pick up the pulsing veins. The Black Man flopped his cock on the small of her back. Mrs. Everston just moaned and raised her bare ass higher like a cat in heat. After a couple of slaps on her white butt cheeks with his dick, Mr. Everston slowly invaded her from behind. Allison peeked in through the door to check on the bois since she really was supposed to be babysitting them and smiled at the sweet little bois all tucked in bed watching a naughty movie. She ran back down to Stefon to create her own.

As Cori was getting into his usual routine, suddenly a hand slipped in beside his. Riley grazed his hand over Cori's and helped him stroke Cori's dickie. Too hot and drunk to worry, Cori let go and let Riley take control jerking off his little wiener. Meanwhile, Riley grabbed Cori's hand and placed it on his own weenie. Riley wasn't hard so Cori just rolled his fingers through the dangling flesh. Cori rolled over on his side and could see that Tommi and Nicki were doing the same on the other side of the bed. And so that's how they spent the night. Rubbing each other's tiny dicks while watching the Black coach fuck their hot teacher senseless. Cori thought about what Natalie would think if she saw him now.

As it happened, Natalie and Demarcus weren't thinking about Cori at all. Natalie's mom had her own date tonight, so they were at Natalie's house making out in Natalie's room. The same room that Cori had been in when he helped Natalie into her dress only hours before. Now it was Demarcus that was gonna help her out.

"I finally got you alone. All to myself." Demarcus said as he backed her onto her pink comforter. Natalie was still wearing her white sequin dress and Demarcus still had on his tux. Natalie fell back onto her bed and kicked off her heels. Demarcus undid his tie as he saw a picture on the wall of Natalie and Cori. "That white boi be following you around all the damn time."

"Oh, don't mind him." She said. "He's off with his boifriends and won't be bothering us. Tonight it's just you and me." After a couple more quick pecks, she kneeled on the bed and turned her back to Demarcus so he could unzip her dress. Demarcus wasted no time tearing it off of her as he took off his shirt just as fast. Moments later Natalie was down to just her bra and panties. Her hands were roaming all over his muscled body as their lips embraced. Demarcus' tongue swirled around in her mouth and her tongue danced around with it. His hands squeezing her body tight. She loved to be squeezed and was so glad she was finally with a strong, athletic Black Man. She long needed a strong embrace after years of soft hugs with Allison and Cori. She ran her hands down his arms from his thick biceps to his rock hard forearms. Demarcus dipped his hands into her panties and grabbed a handful of her bubble butt. "Mmmm, I been waiting all night to squeeze that butt" he said. "Oh yeah?" Natalie replied with a smile and shook her hips a little bit so that her ass could jiggle in his hands. Demarcus nibbled on her neck as he took the waistband of her panties and slowly rolled them down her creamy thighs. Natalie started breathing heavily. She had never been completely naked with Demarcus before. She was super nervous but her excitement overcame it. She reached down and stepped out of her frilly thong. Demarcus still kissing her all over sending shivers down her spine. He reached around and popped open the clasp on her brassiere. Natalie bit her lip and backed away from Demarcus, holding up her bra with just her hands. Then she slowly revealed her round globes to her Black lover. Her pink nipples at full attention. She presented the bra to him with an outstretched arm and a wide grin on her face. The handsome Black Man wasted no time and attacked her with lust. Natalie met him again with a barrage of passionate kisses. Suddenly, Demarcus scooped her up off of her feet in one swift motion. She felt like his little princess cradled against his ebony body. Demarcus gave her a confident smile and tossed her on the bed. God he's so strong, she thought, turned on even more to be used as his personal plaything.

Demarcus towered over her standing beside the bed. Natalie rolled side to side sexily. Her beauty salon hair was starting to lose it's curls as it fell in her face. Demarcus steadied her on her stomach and ran his rough hands from her shoulders to her butt like a masseuse. Natalie felt like she was turning into jelly. Butterflies flew through her stomach and she looked up into the eyes of the Man standing above her. She felt like she could really be in love with him. There was something more than just his chiseled body that she had the hots over. As she trailed her eyes down from his, she found herself looking directly at his crotch. She was at the perfect position lying on the bed that the tent in his pants was bulging right in front of her. She looked back up at him and realized what he wanted from her. Natalie was hesitant at first. She had only felt Demarcus' cock through his pants before or grinding into her backside as they danced. Now she was worried if she could really be up to the task. Her curiosity won out as her dainty finger reached out to stroke his bulge over his pants. Demarcus stepped closer to put his crotch in her face and grabbed her head to nestle it against him. Natalie rubbed her cheek against it and ran her hands along the contours of his dick. Her heart was beating so fast now.

"Go on, baby, take it out." he said. Natalie obeyed immediately though she was still quite nervous. She wanted to please her Master. That's how she felt with her naked nubile body lying underneath this Black hulk, like she was his servant. She trembled as her hands found his zipper. Her rings sparkling in the light with her french manicure. When he pulled his pants down to reveal his boxer briefs, she cupped her hands along bulge where his ballsack hung. She was so close now. Only a small piece of fabric between her and what every white girl has dreamed about. Her hands slipped into the front of his boxers and that's when she got her first touch. It felt as wide as her arm. She trailed down the length of his cock and wondered where it would end. It seemed like it went on forever. It took both hands to finally get a hold of it. Inside his boxers she was petting it like it was a large snake. She could feel the heat emanating from it as it grew thicker and thicker. Suddenly her hands and the boxers couldn't contain anymore and the big Black cock sprang out from it's hiding place. It popped up like a spring pointing straight at Natalie's face. She even had to lean back a bit to avoid it from slapping her in her face.

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