tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Moebius Strip Ch. 01

The Moebius Strip Ch. 01


The sudden nipple teasing, sucking sensation inside Chloe's space suit was disconcerting at first, but highly erotic. Just as suddenly it stopped. It lasted for only a few seconds. And as she went about her work on the space station, checking valves, reading the digital readouts showing the ambient temperature, oxygen levels, and reactor core temperature, she began to doubt that she had felt it in the first place. Living on a space station is lonely work, exciting, exhilarating, and lonely. Maybe I imagined it, she thought to herself.

The space station had a total permanent crew of 6 members, three men and three women, all chosen for their ability to tolerate long exposure to weightlessness, isolation, and loneliness. The space station itself was so large, and their duties took them to disparate parts of the loop, that they rarely saw each other, except for meals. And by now, already five months in to their 2-year stay on the Moebius Strip the six quiet, geeky introverts had mostly run out of things to say.

The silence had become so comfortable, Chloe was afraid to break it. But the second time, when a sensation of warmth, almost like fluid started at her cunt and spread over her thighs, her ass, traveled up her stomach and down her legs, she sucked in her breath and held it. And again, just as she was beginning to get used to it, to explore the sensations with her mind, it was gone. She exhaled. Then she began to wonder if there was something wrong with her. Not mentally, but physically, a virus, a neurological disorder, a what? Chloe's training was in astro-physics, in controlled fusion reactions for space applications. Her medical knowledge was limited to things like bronchitis, dehydration, and sinus infections. Nothing she could think of could explain the strange, but erotic, clit tingling sensations.

Only after exhausting all other logical explanations, did Chloe begin to wonder if space was really getting to her. Maybe she was going just a little bit crazy. Then she laughed it off. Only if being horny is a mental disorder. She chuckled to herself and went back to work.

Two days passed, and Chloe had already forgotten about the erotic episodes that had caused her to doubt her own sanity. The rest of the crew, Matthias, Sulania, James, Aiko, and Aathan were all so normal, with quiet chatter about the experiments they were conducting, or minor maintenance work that had been completed, Chloe had pushed the thoughts from her mind and decided not to bring it up. What could she say, anyway?

But then, not long after breakfast on the third day, when Chloe was cleaning up the pouches that had held things resembling scrambled eggs, hash browns, and oatmeal, she felt someone grab her ass and squeeze. It was so sudden, and so hot, that she squealed and gasped simultaneously, and turned around to see who was there. But there was no one. Then it happened again, but instead of her ass, someone was grabbing her breast, tightly, squeezing the nipple just hard enough to hurt. But the pain was good. Chloe floated in the zero G, mute with shock. She let go of the food pouches and reached for the wall. She was feeling dizzy, and hot and very confused.

When the sensation of squeezing her breast stopped, there was a quick vibration at her clit, the one teeny little spot where the space suit came in contact with her now swollen clit vibrated for just an instant sending shockwaves through her body. When it was over her mind was racing, but she knew she had to do something. She had to find out what was going on. She was flushed, and her pulse was racing. Chloe paused a minute to breathe and regain her composure. When she was ready, she curled her right index finger and touched the spot at the base of her thumb, on the glove anyway, this activated the voice-com system.

"Hey Matthaias, you there?" She asked, hearing her voice crack a little.

"Yeah, Chloe, what's up? Something wrong?" He answered.

"No, no, it's nothing. It's just that..." Chloe's voice trailed off, she was at a loss for words.

"Oh god, it's not the reactor is it?" He asked, a sudden tension in his voice.

"No. No. Not that at all." Chloe laughed, realizing how bad a panicky call from the nuclear tech would sound. "No, it's just that I think maybe my suit is malfunctioning. Some really weird stuff has been happening."

"Sorry Chloe, I don't know much about the suits. You know Aiko is the one who deals with that. You should ask her." Matthias answered, already sounding as though he was distracted with another, much more interesting and important task.

"Right. Thanks." Chloe replied and touched her glove again to end the call.

She stopped and thought for a minute. Aiko.

Aiko, one of the other women on the station, was a security and encryption expert, and the primary programmer on the station. She devised new programs tailored to fit the various needs of the other crewmembers in their experiments, maintenance tasks, and just for fun. Before she joined the service, and agreed to come to the station she had worked for a large number of different net security firms, and before that she was a well-known hacker. She was white-hat, though you would never think it after encountering her badass demeanor.

Chloe and Aiko had never really been friends. Then again, they had never had a problem either. But then, geeky girls just don't seem to get along with each other that well. Something to do with the introversion, the intelligence and competitiveness, and the tomboy tendencies. Chloe hesitated again before activating the voice-com and calling Aiko.

"Hey Aiko, you busy?" Chloe made an effort to sound more confident this time. No point in scaring Aiko too with the idea of a nuclear meltdown. "Naw, what's up?" Aiko replied, sounding pre-occupied, but then that was pretty much how everyone always sounded.

"It's nothing really. You were trained in maintaining the suits, right? I think there's something wrong with mine." Chloe wondered then if she should have mentioned it. It wasn't exactly something wrong. It felt good. It just didn't seem normal.

"Sure. If you tell me what the problem is, I might be able to fix it remotely." Aiko replied.

Chloe paused. "Fix it remotely," means that somewhere in all those systems, networks, wired, wireless and other devices, Aiko had some access to the suits, to their controls. She considered the implications of that statement.

"Well I think there might be something wrong with the temperature regulation, and also the nano-fiber shaping. It's been feeling tight in odd places." Chloe replied, trying to be truthful, but also clear about what was going on.

"Well let me try to tweak it. You stay on the com and tell me what you feel. I need the feedback to get the settings right." Aiko answered, and Chloe thought she heard a note of laughter in her voice.

Suddenly the suit was cold. "Cold," Chloe said. Then it was hot. "Too hot," Chloe said. Then the suit grabbed her ass again, only this time it was both cheeks, and it was a tight, firm and very cheeky squeeze. "I, um, yeah, it got tight again for just a second there." Chloe fumbled with the right words, instead of saying: "The suit just grabbed my ass!"

"Well where was it tight?" Aiko asked, with a subdued mirth in her voice.

"It was tight around my butt. It felt like it was grabbing my ass. Can nano-embedded fabrics do that? Grab my ass?" Chloe asked, attempted to turn it into a joke, but failed miserably.

"Yeah, I guess they can." Aiko replied.

Then, the clit vibrating sensation came back. It felt like a vibrator, but more targeted, better. It felt like the suit was molding to her clit and not just vibrating, not buzzing back and forth in random motor motions, it felt like it was sucking. A gentle tugging, drawing sensation as the vibrations moved around her clit gently isolating it, the fabric of the suit pushed away the hood of soft skin that covered her clit, and began sucking, pulling, drawing the sensation outward and inward. Chloe was breathing hard; the rushing sound of her heartbeat filled her ears.

"Chloe? What's wrong? What's going on? What's the suit doing now?" Aiko sounded like she was trying to sound concerned, but Chloe could hear the husky rasp of desire, and the joy of being in control.

"You. You're doing this. I don't know how, but you're making my suit do this..." Chloe's voice trailed off as somehow the nano-particles of the suit re-organized themselves and a finger entered her. The finger probed against her wet and swollen pussy lips and then pushed deep inside her cunt, seeking out a single spot. The sucking vibrations on her clit only eased momentarily. Long enough to make her moan wanting that feeling back again.

"Chloe, I don't know what you're talking about. I can't tell what the suit is doing unless you tell me. I'm not doing anything." Aiko giggled, and the nano-particle finger swelled into a thick cock, still inside her. "Tell me what the suit is doing, Chloe. I can't fix it if I don't know what's wrong." Her voice was teasing, taunting.

Chloe desperately wanted to be angry and indignant at this invasion of her body, to be angry that Aiko had some how managed to hack into her suit. How she managed to hack her way into Chloe's pants, literally. But she was not indignant. Instead, she was getting closer and closer to coming.

"Aiko..." Was all she could say.


Instead of arguments, instead of protests, all Chloe could say was "Deeper". The throbbing cock inside her made of teeny nano-particle machines, pushed deeper. "Yes," the moan leaked out of her. The suit was pulling on her, pushing into her. It pulled at her ass cheeks, holding them apart, making her aware of how vulnerable her asshole was. It nibbled, squeezed, pinched and sucked on her breasts. It felt liked hot hands were roaming over her belly, and down her thighs.

Chloe hung there, in zero-g, one hand grabbing on to the wall, holding on just to feel something solid to hold on to. Her back was arched, her head thrown back, her knees open. She knew that even if she closed her thighs the cock would still be there, filling her, penetrating her depths and stroking, almost humming against her g-spot. As the nano-machine space suit made love to her, exquisitely fucked her, touched every place she had wanted to be touched, and better than any human hand ever had, Chloe had one brief moment to reflect on the absurdity of it all. Then she heard Aiko's voice, still live on the connection in her ear.

"Are you going to come for me, Chloe? I know you're close. I hacked this just for you. I want you to know that. I programmed those little nanos to self-organize, because I wanted them to fill your throbbing pussy and fuck you. I want to hear you say it, baby. Say it." Aiko's voice was wet with desire, and Chloe knew what she wanted to hear.

And as the waves of orgasm crashed over her, she cried out, "Oh, god! Oh, yes! Fuck me! Hack me!"

Slowly, as Chloe returned to herself, she felt the suit re-organize and go back to being a normal, body tight, but comfortable suit. She tried to find her senses, needing to find an up and a down, still feeling dizzy. She pulled herself to the wall, and holding on to the grab-bars, leaned and pushed herself against it.

"Was that good?" Aiko asked, with a mirthful, conquering giggle.

"Yes." Was all that Chloe could say in response.

"I really wanted to fuck you myself. But the opportunities seemed more limited. And the logistics are actually more complicated. Sex, actual sex, with two bodies pushing against each other, is actually really, really hard in zero-g. So I thought this was a better solution." Aiko said, sounding like her normal geeky self once again.

"Yeah, I always wanted an astronaut hacker girlfriend to fuck me with a self-assembling nano-cock while floating in zero-g." Chloe replied, coming back to herself enough to notice the still floating pouches from breakfast.

"And the best part is, I can do it any time."

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