tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Molly Virus Ch. 03

The Molly Virus Ch. 03



I still got a few looks as I came in from the cab and to my room. Word seemed to have spread a little about me and my transition. The few looks I got were more dumbfounded and not getting it instead of like hateful and I'm pretty sure there were eyes on my ass as I went up the stairs to my room.

Jack's there listening to music on his headphones looking all freshly showered and he takes off the headphones and looks at me, stares at me.

"Holy shit Jeri you're looking hot."

I smile at him. "Thanks Jack things are really kicking in. Freaked the family out a lot."

He nods and goes and uses a new keurig machine to make us some hot chocolate which was nice and he's half hard and getting harder which is nicer.

"Sorry to hear that hon, we figured that it'd be bad."

The hon and we comes from the fact while not dating or anything like that we have been having sex, like everyday and he's one of my sources of cock and cum.

"Thanks Jack."

He kisses me softly and then he's pressed to me and he's hard.

I finish my hot chocolate and feel his cock.

"Missed me?"

"Yeah, you are a fine piece of ass Jeri."

"Thank you."

I slink down to my knees. "Well hello." I say warmly and take that lovely dick in my mouth and moan in pleasure. The virus, after my changes and so much cum my body reacts to what's coming and I'm so invested biologically in that cum and that cock.

That cum...that eyelid fluttering orgasmic fluid that comes flooding into my mouth and making my body shiver as pleasure hits me.

"God Jeri, God no one sucks cock like you."

I keep going until Jack's hard again and then we're over to his bed and he's fucking me.

Oh it's so good, so good I love getting fucked feeling that cock massaging my insides, hitting my spot over and over making me cum.

And that's part of the thing with the virus, we're made for fucking, even though I just had sex, lots of sex at the country house I'm ready and willing for more, there's no soreness there's no limit to how often or how hard even because there's this really fast built in bounce back.

I moan as I get off and squirt and moan more as I have a sissy orgasm shortly after than then sigh moan as Jack cums inside of me feeding my fix of his thick spunk sending me into the more powerful viral high as my body reacts to his cum.

We slip further into his bed and kiss and cuddle more than before and Jack definitely likes my breasts as he'd playing with them a lot.

"You like them?"

"They're awesome I've never seen a black girl's titties they're beautiful."

He's looking at me and blushing suddenly.

"What Jack?"

"You really like it don't you?"

"Transitioning yeah, it's the real me."

"No...I get that I mean when I'm inside you."

"Oh...well yeah you have a great cock it feels amazing when you fuck me."

"You have a lot bigger cock than me Jeri."

I look at him and he's blushing more.

"Jack did you want to try?"

He blushes more and he nods. "I..I knew you were back so I...I used you kit things and...and I'm clean Jeri."

Oh...oh well then.

"Pass me the lube then sweetie."

He passes me the lube and I kiss him and use the remote to turn the stereo on for cover sound and I slip down his body and start to suck his cock.

Pleasurable distraction and all that as I take the lube and apply it and start with just touching, feeling, making soft little strokes around his tight little hole until i hear him make this little sigh as it stops getting weird and different and starts feeling good.

Then more lube and slip a finger in and he gasps and shivers and instead of fingering I find his prostate, his spot and just start stroking it.

Jack whines in a good way after a few minutes of that. "Oh...oh Jeri fuck, that's good, so good."


He nods. "Please..."

I'm careful, gentle, seductive as I rub more and more then move my finger and start fingering Jack's tight little ass.

More lube inside him, finger, finger, finger, rub, rub, rub...edging him from the inside.

And he whines those throaty fuck me noises.

Fists the sheets it's that good.

I add another finger and keep going and slowly pick up speed until he's so close to cumming over and over and Jack starts begging me.

"Fuck me, please Jeri, please baby, please fuck me, fill me, I want your big black cock, please."

He's whispering but it's that begging near cumming fuck me rambling.

I move fast and slip his legs over my shoulders and line up and sink my big cock into Jack's eager virgin ass.

All the way inside all in one push.


Jack squeals as I fill his tight little ass with ten inches of thick black cock and his insides shiver and twitch and spasm around me from both the shock of it inside and all that edging he started squirting.

I just hold still and savor his body, and lean down folding his legs up and kissing him.

"Well that just fired out some masculinity out of you my sweet girly boy. You like that Jackie?"

His eyes are looking at me and before his brain can think about what I said to protest I start taking my strokes in and out of him and I concentrate on making sure each stroke is touching his spot and tears spill out and he moans and his eyes roll back in his head from the pleasure.

"Y..yes..I...I like it...ohhhh!"

I adjust my legs and get better leverage and keep fucking them over and over in steady strokes and five minutes later Jackie's breathing gets shaky, sexy, near sobbing as they have a sissy orgasm.

"Ohhhh! Ohhh!"

"That's it that's where I go sweetie, cum, cum inside of yourself, cum like a girl my sweet little Jackie."

"Ohhh! Ohhh!...Fuck me Jeri...God...oh God!"

I'm good at this, I really am with all the other girls I'm so very good at fucking sissy girls into cumming and cumming, like when I was turned I have a big cock and that gets a lot of sweet ass. And the virus made my staying power stronger, I'm stronger and lighter weight wise too. I use all of that on my new Jackie.

Pulling back to her spot and I use my thick cockhead to fuck her prostate five strokes in and out each the contours of my cockhead sliding, pressing, pushing against that sweet spot then full strokes all the way in and harder too as I move so hard and fast I can feel and see her flesh around her ring pulling out a little with each pulling out stroke...mastering her, making her flesh move.

Jackie sissy orgasms again and again and again crying, sobbing as she's falling so very far outside of being Jackson and her eyes are glazing over.

No virus, it doesn't infect that way without the milk but just me fucking the boy to death as they are learning to love being fucked and that being fucked by hot hard big cock is bliss.

Her new bliss.

She sobs and gets all hard all over again finally and I fuck her to squirting all over again.

Then I fill her ass with my thick heavy load the boiling seed driving her to another sissy orgasm.

I settle on her and let her legs fall down and I start catching my breath as I kiss her.

Jackie looks at me and she is crying and she's sobbing.

I gather her into my arms and kiss and hold her.

"Welcome, my girl, welcome my little sister, now you get it right? Not even gay, not even a little just some guys were really just meant to be sissy girls."

"God Jeri, god what am I going to do? I...I'm not..."

"Not really some guy, not like that right? Not after that?"

Jackie nods.

"No pressure honey, none, just live, just live like the rest of us."

"Help me? Please help me Jeri."

"Okay, okay honey tomorrow, tomorrow we'll go see Cherry."

They sniffle and I kiss them until I'm hard inside her again and I fuck her again.

And again doggy style and once more slowly with her ass pushed up by pillows on her stomach and that's a long, long slow fuck.

We crash pretty late and utterly exhausted and spent.

The next morning we skip classes to go to the country house and Jackie meets Cherry who sits and listens to us and what happened and she offers her ripe full perfect titties to her for suckling on and I watch Jackson go over the edge of being infected and tranced out.

Under trance she admits that they really want this, that they've been thinking of this and transitioning and my cock and even just cock since we started fucking and that she was so scared of being gay and all the bad stuff.

When she's filled in with trance she's confused by the whole virus thing but after her first reacting taste of cum she's crying with relief.

We spend the rest of the morning there getting filled with cum...I'm getting filled with cum like I'm being rewarded and there's more shots too and Jackie and I are given a bedroom and after a long sleep full of the virus running through us we head back to the frat to get our things to move out.

We freak the guys out badly as "Jackson" is sporting a new look in a mini-skirt, clean shaven with nice looking make-up on and a cute pixie cut with a funky teal colored dye job and all femmed out.

And Cherry's with us and Maddy and Quinn us trannies out in force and as we pack I see Erik talking to Cherry and the door to his room closes.

Forty minutes later Erik's much more friendly and kind and helping us move out.

Tranced, she infected him and tranced him into being another man charmed forever under her sway.

He seems still like well Erik just less of a douche.

Maybe, maybe this is going to change the world in a good way?

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I love it ! Please keep the story going !

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So good!

Love the story, love the writing. Agree with the other commenters; so glad everything is consentual. Makes it hotter. And i'm jealous of Jackie…lol

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I like it, please continue this story! Thanks!

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