The Monster


My name is Bob, I have two brothers. My youngest brother isn't the sharpest tool in the tool shed. He is short, only 5' 3", his red hair thinning, going towards bald by 22. He is quick tempered, entitled and has a history of making terrible choices.

We come from a family of some means. Yep, we were Trust fund babies, so my brother always had access to chunks of cash. However, they were pretty small trust funds. Not nearly enough to support us for life, but there was enough to make life more comfortable. Perhaps even enough get us out of a scrap a time or two.

My brother liked to flash his good fortune around a bit. He always had the newest of what ever. He always dressed well, and he is a compulsive neat freak (he even ironed his tightie whities).

My brother also has a hell of a musical talent. He plays keyboards. If he hears a song once, he can play it back note for note any time you ask. He could rock out with the best of them. It is really pretty amazing.

He and his band harbored hope of the big time. I think their band was call The X-Rays or something kinda like that. They played in bars and hotels up and down the I-5. They did ok. They mostly played covers, but they also wrote some stuff. They could get the house rockin with cover songs, but when they played one of their songs...crickets. My brother and his band mates were amazing parrots, but neither he nor anyone else in the band could write anything remotely original.

My brother bankrolled the band. He bought effects equipment so their shows were always flashy. He bought a van so the band could get to their gigs. He enjoyed being the "Leader of the Band", and was generally an ass as a boss. Of course they were on the road as much of the time as they could.

His first wife, Carol, was the bass player's girlfriend. She was hot in a skanky bitch way. She traded the bass player in for the keyboard player. Turns out she was a bit of a cover band groupie. Seriously, I never knew there was such a thing. It seems she started with the drummer. She also was a gold digger, and when she figured out my brother had some money, it was all over but the shouting.

I didn't have a lot of contact with my brother back in those days, so I honestly don't know much about what their lives were like. They dated for five or six months and announced they were getting married. As I really didn't know her, I didn't have any feeling about their marriage. However most of my family was, well, let's just say, they weren't impressed.

For me, my first first hand experience with my brother's wife was at end of their rehearsal dinner. As the guys in the family started out for the bachelor party, she went off ranting and raving. Seems she didn't want him out at the strip clubs the night before their wedding.

Hey, I understood her issue, but, in this case, she had agreed to it in advance (after she had rejected all the dates put forward, until this was the only possible time for it before the wedding). So, the whole throwing a fit thing was a bit much. It was just her being a bitch or a very insecure girl. Bottom line she didn't want him to have a bachelor party.

My brother had come out to the waiting limos saying he just couldn't go. I said "Bullshit" to him. I went inside to talk to her.

I told her that My Dad and my Uncles and other family and my family's friends had taken time out for this. I also pointed out that many of the others were fairly well to do, and they most likely gave them some pretty nice gifts. So she should pull her head out of her ass. Also, I promised it wasn't going to get out of hand.

After what seemed like hours of tears and threats she finally relented. What a bitch.

We went off to have the bachelor party. It was totally fucked. My little brother was so whipped he was no fun. He pretty much was sitting at a table in the back weeping into his beer. That put a damper on the whole thing. I think we were at the club for under an hour when we loaded back into the limos and headed home. We had him tucked into bed by 10 pm.

Now, we had the limos all night, and we had been looking forward to this get together for some time. It isn't very often that the guys in my family got together in mass. I like to say, the only time we get together was when we married them or buried them.

So of course we jumped back into the limos then headed out. We had a blast. My Dad was flinging $100 bills around like Donald Trump Jr. At one point he had three strippers giving him a private dance. My Uncle Jack got lucky with one of the dancers in his limo. My Uncle John got arrested. My cousin Fred dove into the booze and went MIA. My other brother puked on a dancer while he was at the meat rack. It was a hell of bachelor party, for having no bachelor that is.

What can I say, my brother really missed a great bachelor party. We, on the other hand, almost missed the wedding. I think the only guys who weren't hungover were my brother and the Priest.

The wedding went off, they were hitched. She moved in with my brother and brought her 3 year old son, Charlie with her. And everyone's life goes on.

It was a couple of years later, I needed some signatures from my brother. I called him and we agreed to meet later in the day. He said he would be around his house that day but he might run some errands; so if he wasn't there, hang out and he would be back soon. A couple of hours later I dropped by my brother's house. It was one of those fantastic September afternoons. It was in the 80's, warm and beautiful.

I arrived to find his front door was wide open. Being such a nice day, that didn't surprise me. I stepped in calling out my brother's name. No response. I looked around, no one seemed to be home. I called out my brother's name again, still no response. No noise from his dogs, no noise from his step kid, and 5 year old boys make noise.

Then I noticed the coat rack knocked over, there was a wine glass on the floor. I started to get a very bad feeling. I looked down the hallway, and I saw the torn remnants of a woman's blouse.

I heard some noise coming from the back of the house, and stepped down the hall following the noise. I look in the kid's room. It's a mess, but what spoiled 5 year old's room wasn't? No kid.

I grabbed the kid's baseball bat out of his room.

Past the bathroom, I pause at the doorway to my brother's bedroom. I hear grunting and smacking. I peek in to get the lay of the land.

There is my brother's wife, tied to the bed, with a ball gag in her mouth. Her eyes are glassy, she doesn't see me. The dude is a big ass dude. Shit! Man Mountain muscles rippled as he lays a monster pipe to her asshole. Damn, it looked like he was ripping her apart. She was making a gurgling noise. I pulled back.

"Shit" I thought.

I'm ashamed to admit that at that moment I did think about just saying "fuck this". She wasn't my favorite person...but, damn I can't just let her get raped, after all she is my brother's wife. Man, I'm gonna get my ass kicked. Fuck fuck fuck.

I turned back. Deep breaths. I am gonna have one shot at this, and all I have is this wimpy kid's baseball bat. It's too small to even get a good two handed swing. I could just see me breaking the bat on this dude and then having my ass handed to me.

The asshole is yelling, "Bitch. Take it!" pumping her ass hard and fast.

I thought, it's now or never. I crept into by brother's bedroom.

My god, he has a hell of a dick. Fuck, it's a monster. It must have been 10 inches long and at least 4 inches thick. I see it slamming, ramming, assaulting and ruining her ass.

Oh fuck oh fuck. I'm gonna die.

I line up and pull my arm way back and up. As the kid's baseball bat swings down, it's a near perfect hit, right on his dick and balls. The bat shattered on impact, leaving me holding about a 7 inch remnant.

The fucker flew up in the air. He never screamed, but I did hear all the air blow out of his lungs. He landed half on the bed and the floor. He was in a kneeling position with his chest on the bed, then he drooped onto the floor with a thud. I was worried I had killed him. Then I noticed his body spasming and realized he was alive. I let out a sigh. I didn't want to be a murderer.

I whipped out my phone and called 911.

"911, how can we help?"

"I'm at my brother's house, his wife was being raped...I need police and and medical help! OH FUCK!!".

I dropped the phone.

I couldn't believe it when the man mountain started to come back to life. I backed away from him. I could see the side of his face. It was surreal seeing his bulging eye move from cloudy to clear and turn towards me.

"Oh crap, I'm gonna die!" I thought.

I looked around for something to defend myself with, then I realized I was still holding what was left of the bat. Christ he was going to get up, he was on his hands and knees! He groaned, and started to take deep breaths.

There was murder in his eyes. He started towards me.

I actually screamed like a little girl. I guess it was just my reaction to the fear of my death, then I kicked him in his nuts with everything I had. He went down like a sack of flour.

I started to try and loosen the silk tie from her right arm. She was coming around, her eyes weren't so glassy. I had to get us out of their before The Asshole can get up again. How he got up the first time was beyond me. I was sure I ruined his nuts with the baseball bat. I couldn't believe that hadn't taken him down. At that point, I wasn't even certain The Asshole was human.

I looked down at my sister-in-law, she looked pissed. Her eyes weren't glassy, they were wide open, and stared at me angrily. She was making a lot of noise, but I couldn't understand what she was saying because of the ball gag. She was struggling so hard against the ties that were restraining her it made untying her impossible.

Her face is a mask of anger, she is screaming and spit is drooling out of her mouth, she is tossing her body back and forth like she was possessed by a demon. I figured she was pissed at being ass raped.

I heard the cops come in the front of the house, "back here!!" I yelled at them.

The cops crowded into the room, The Asshole was starting to come around.

"Uhhh, oh GOD" was what he said, then there was moaning and babbling and crying and gurgling.

There was a lot of yelling and gun waving.

I got cuffed and led out as the EMTs headed in.

They put me in the back of a squad car, one cop asked me what happened. I told him about finding the front door open, the wine glass, the coat rack and the ripped up blouse, then me finding my sister-in-law getting ass raped.

About that point they rolled the Asshole out and into an ambulance.

It must have been about 15 minutes when the EMTs walked my brother's wife out in a blanket. She looked at me with hate blazing out of her eyes. Scary. Really really scary. Shit, the Asshole must have really done a number on her. Sad.

I must have been in the car 30 minutes or so when one of the cops came by. He had a smirk on his face.

"We gotta take you down to the station" the cop said as he hopped in the car.

The cops found it pretty funny. I guess the Little Slugger Bat tore up Asshole pretty effectively. What was left of his balls were mush. His monster cock was ruptured in 123 separate places. Basically, I shattered his cock.


Mick -

Mick as a child, was scrawny. But his cock was always just a bit too big. In grade school, after PE class, the boys would shower together and laugh at Mick's extra sized cock. It seemed to be bigger than his thigh. Boys at age 6 and 7 were not clued into what a monster cock would mean after puberty.

The teasing and bullying rained down on Mick for years. Children can be so cruel. Mick found peace at a local gym. He liked to weight lift. It was just Mick and the weights. Day after day, Mick lifted weights. By the time he was 15 his body was rock hard. His last growth spurt brought him up to 6' 5", and now his 10" cock looked just right on him.

But the teasing never left the little scrawny boy that lived inside Mick.

At 25 Mick was a God. Women fell all over themselves when he was around. He especially liked to take married women. Somewhere in his twisted subconscious, each wife he fucked, was revenge on all the boys who had tormented Mick in his youth.

The married women around town twittered about Mick and his monster cock. One wife had measured Mick's monster cock. It came in at just over 10 inches, and when rock hard almost five inches around. Those facts spread like wild fire among the women in town. Yes, for Mick life was good.

One day he was fucking a random wife in the afternoon, when, during a pause in the action, he saw the next door neighbor lady drooling as she marched over from next door. Her name was Carol. Carol had been in her backyard when she heard her next door neighbor, Maybell, screaming and cumming and cummming and cummmmming! on Mick's monster cock. Carol could see into the master bedroom through the sliding glass door that opened to the back yard.

Carol was flush with excitement. She was going to get herself some of that cock! She headed to the sliders. Mick pulled out of Maybell, who cried "bring your cock back!" and opened the door for Carol.

Up close, Carol was even more impressed. Here was 6' 5", 225 lbs. of rippling muscles attached to a monster cock the likes Carol had only dreamt of being taken by. In her many days and nights of being under different men, Carol had never seen a better more beautiful example of "the perfect cock" being attached to the most amazing man.

"Hi! I want you to fuck me..." said Carol. Looking up into his blue blue eyes she added, "right now". Her legs were weak, her pussy was gushing.

Mick wasn't surprised. This type of shit happened to him all the time. While Carol was pretty, she wasn't stellar. Her tits were a bit small, and she just seemed skanky.

"Look lady, no offense, but unless you got something pretty special, I'm busy fucking this slut, maybe some other time." He closed the slider, turned around to Maybell and started ramming her, hard, brutally hard with his 10 inch monster cock.

Carol, accustomed to having her way was shocked. No man ever told her no. It just wasn't allowed. But in this case, he had the cock she had to have. Carol lost it. She was screaming and hammering the glass door with her fists, yelling "you gotta fuck me! Everyone wants to fuck me!"

Mick pounded Maybell, who by this point was incoherent and approaching the greatest climax of her life. Mick finally got fed up with the banging and screaming coming from Carol. Frankly it was pissing him off. He pulled out of the now whimpering Maybell and headed over to the sliding door.

"Look bitch, you have nothing I want, go the fuck home to your husband".

"I need your cock, please, please, fuck me with your wonderful COCK!" Carol pleaded.

"Why should I?" asked Mick

"You can do all my holes! No one has ever had my ass, oh please please please".

Mick had seen it all before. These bitches, some of them just wouldn't hear no.

"Ok princess, go home, pour me a glass of wine, I will be over after I finish up here." He slid the door closed, turning back to Maybell, who's extra large breasts were heaving, and slammed his cock back into her.

As Carol watched her big titted neighbor getting fucked, she felt her pussy flowing. Her legs were coated as she fingered herself.

Mick looked over his shoulder, and mouthed "get going, you're next".

Carol rushed home. Her husband was playing with her son and the dogs. She shooed them out. "Go to the dog park, then get little Charlie some ice cream. I need you out now, and don't come back til it's dinner time!"

Her husband was saying something about a meeting, but Carol would have none of it. She stamped her foot, "Go! Go now!".

Her husband, a wimp and a pussy whipped wimp to boot, backed down, "now now dear..."

Carol started shoving her husband, kid and two dogs out the front door. She smiled as they loaded up into their new Cadillac Escalade and drove away.

True to his word, Mick showed up about 15 minutes latter. Carol had changed into a micro mini skirt, with an almost see through blouse. She'd picked up the kid's toys and dumped them in Charlie's room. She poured two glasses of wine and got herself ready for Mick. When he walked through the open front door Carol launched herself at him, knocking a wine glass over and smashed into the coat rack by the front door, knocking it over.

"Ok slut, here is what is going to happen" as Mick reached out and ripped her blouse off. "First, I am going to take that virgin ass, and IF, IF I am pleased, then I may decide to fuck your other holes".

Carol whimpered with joy and lust. Mick knew that not many women could come close to taking his monster up the ass. Normally when he did fuck a housewife in the ass, there was much screaming and crying. Mick hated to get side tracked by their screams, so when he was doing an ass he had learned that a gag cut way down on the noise.

He held up a ball gag to Carol. Her eyes got large, and there was quivering in her tummy. Now Carol liked to talk, and she lived to order men around. It should be noted that for her to accept the gag was totally out of character. When she opened her mouth and let him stuff the ball gag in, it should tell you how much she wanted that monster cock.

He tightened the ball gag and pulled her to the master bedroom.

He tossed her on the bed, grabbed a couple of her husband's silk ties and used them to tie her arms to the headboard. He pushed her legs apart, dropped his pants and split on her brown bud. He was almost gentle as he forced the head of that monster cock into her ass.

"Now bitch, it's time for you to learn to be careful about what you ask for".

He rammed the rest of that monster cock home and Carol levitated off the bed. Her scream was blood curling, even with the gag, as 10 inches of Mick invaded her. Ripping her ass, lubing his cock with her blood as he went to town on poor, poor Carol.

For Carol it was utter agony. She felt herself rip and then rip some more. White hot pain lanced through her...she screamed continuously for over five of the longest minutes of her life. Mick was brutal.

Then, through the fog of burning pain she started to explode. Such joy! Now Carol was screaming not only in pain, but also joy. She lost herself. Her head was tossing from side to side. She was beside herself. She was fucking Mick back with abandon.

Mick was really getting into it. This cunt could take all of The Monster, and was fucking back. Mick was starting to congratulate himself, he enjoyed a slut that loved The Monster in their ass. Most often he just ruined women who had taken The Monster in their ass. So Carol was a good find for Mick. He loved destroying a woman's ass. Ahh, good times, thought Mick as he pulled back, only the tip of The Monster was in her ass, and he was going to pile drive his cock into Carol.

That is when Mick felt PAIN. His monster dick exploded in pain and his balls, well they simply exploded. When he came to, he was in such agony that he couldn't see. As his eyes started to clear, he could see a man with a broken little kid's baseball bat.

Mick didn't know who he was, but with Mick's history with women he figured it was the ass chick's husband. Shit. He smiled to himself. He always liked beating the crap out of husbands that found Mick with their wives. He loved how he could beat them to a pulp, and the women would lie and defend him. Even if the husband didn't clear out, they never bothered Mick again as he fucked their wives in the future.

Mick got up on his hands and knees, took a breath or two, shaking off the pain in his dick and balls. He hurt bad. It was the worst hurt he had ever felt, and that motherfucker was gonna pay!

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