tagErotic HorrorThe Monster Under the Bed

The Monster Under the Bed


Danielle was the perfect daughter that anyone could ever wish for. 5'7", light brown wavy hair, hazel eyes with laughter in them, good grades, friendly, cheerful, lots of school activities. At 20 years old she was in her 2nd year at the University of Delaware. The only problem with her was that whenever she came home, inevitably, she would end up screaming in the middle of the night, waking up her parents, and she would insist - every time- that there was a monster in her room. Her parents were exasperated with her, she should've gotten over something like this years ago, after all she'd grown out of it when she was 8, they didn't understand why - after she'd left for college - that she would claim that there were monsters in her room. And only in her room at home, never at college.

What her parents didn't know, was that there really were monsters in her room. Two of them, one in her closet and one under her bed. They weren't the normal kind of monsters anymore though. When she had been younger she'd had the normal monsters that every kid has, and as she'd gotten older, they'd moved on to another house, that had younger kids to terrorize. These monsters were actually demons, they liked to prey on people's fears, and ever since Danielle had left for college, she'd been subject to a lot of fear. Meeting new people and making new friends had been hard enough, but now there were also the ever present college fears - fear of being date-raped, fear of attack, fear of date-rape drugs... all the fears that every girl who's in college has to face.

These demons were attracted to that sexual fear. It fed them, kept them strong... any fear would do really, but these two demons had found that they had something of a fetish for young human females, their sexual fears were so strong and so varied.

So whenever Danielle came home, eventually the demons would notice and come prey in her house. They were planning on moving to a new neighborhood soon because they liked to have new specimens every so often. Before going, however, it seemed wrong to leave without giving their victims a nice goodbye. Besides, their goodbyes were so amusing and pleasurable for them. Other demons might not understand their taste for humans, but really it was just that the fear became so much more enhanced by these farewell encounters.

That night, Danielle was already having trouble sleeping. The very air seemed charged with some kind of energy, some kind of foreboding that this was not a normal night. She shivered underneath her covers and pulled them more firmly around her slim body. No use calling her parents, they didn't believe her anyway. Not that she could blame them... what other 20 year old still had monsters in her room? Stupid... dreams... they had to just be dreams. Closing her eyes, she told herself to go to sleep.


Danielle bolted upright in bed as her closet door opened. Dreaming... I'm dreaming remember? The same dream, always. The tall, scaly, grey creature stepped out of the closet, forked tongue flicking from its long snout. Coal eyes burned in deep set eyes, and its curly horns pointed towards the ceiling as it stepped forward to the foot of her bed. Dreaming... I'm dreaming, Danielle reminded herself as she stared at the creature. As usual. Then, as usual, the other creature, identical in every way to the first except that it had a slightly reddish hue to its grey scales, slid out from under the bed. Dreaming... no real creature could slid and be standing like that, like it had no bones. Even monsters had to have bones.

As usual, the one at the foot of her bed pulled her covers down. She shivered in her thin pajamas... dreaming... I've probably just kicked the covers off me she thought. Time to wake up. At least she'd managed not to scream this time. Time to wake up.

The creature next to the bed reached for her, its touch burned her skin as it grasped her arm. She screamed, as usual... only... only... this time nothing happened. No parent's yelling... no one coming into the room exasperated with her... she screamed again.


It almost looked like the creatures were smiling at her. She couldn't know that they'd used their powers to shut her room into something like a bubble... no sounds were going to get out, and even if she somehow managed to get away from them, she wasn't going to be able to get out until they released her. The one next to her bed used its clawed hand to rip the top of her pajamas to shreds, while the other did so with her pajama bottoms. Her nipples stood out at attention in the cold air, the shock of it bringing her back to life. Nonstop screaming now, she jumped up, tried to get past them to the door... but the one next to her bed easily caught her in its scaly grip... it felt hot to the touch, almost too hot to be touching her skin.

Screaming and struggling, she was forced to kneel on the floor in front of the grey monster. Horrified, she saw its long 12" cock jutting out in front of it, the cock was bright red and at least as thick as her wrist. The creature pinched her nose with its scaly fingers, forcing her to open her mouth to breath. Immediately, the cock entered her mouth, causing her to gag as it burned her tongue and began to force its way down her throat. The creature behind her lifted her arms above her head and let the grey one hold her hands there as it began forcing more and more of its cock down her throat. Choking and gagging, she didn't realized where the reddish one had gone until it was spreading her knees apart, and sliding between her legs, underneath her kneeling body. Her panties were torn off, and then she could feel something flicking along her pussy. The creature was using its forked tongue to lick at her pussy, savoring the taste of her juices. It pushed up into her pussy, longer and thinner than any cock, pulsing inside of her. Dear god... she couldn't actually be getting any feelings of pleasure from this!

The grey creature garnered more of her attention as it finally succeeded in pushing its entire cock down her throat. Danielle thought she was going to die, choked to death on a monster's cock. Fortunately for her, the demon's didn't want her dead, and the one in her mouth began moving its cock in and out of her mouth, giving her time to breath as the monster cock vacated her throat for brief periods of time. Underneath her, the reddish creature was still licking at her, only now it moved its tongue out of her pussy and into her ass. She shuddered at the feelings, she'd never had anything in her ass before, and it felt very strange and uncomfortable. Clawed hands reached up to grab her breasts, hard, pulling at them and twisting them, then gripping them so tightly that the claws nearly broke her skin. Pinching at her nipples and twisting them roughly, she was streaming tears at the pain in her breasts and her throat, her fear was pulsing wildly, making the demons even stronger.

The one in her mouth pushed all the way down her throat again and held. Burning green fluid fell down her throat into her stomach as it came in the girl's mouth. She was choking and trying to flail her arms, making her boobs bounce on her chest even more, while the reddish creature was knocking them around. The one in her mouth pulled out, to her dismay it's cock's size was in no way abated, it was just as big and frightening as before. Pulling her off the reddish creature, the grey one let go her hands and gripped her waist, picking her up off the ground. The reddish one stood up and spread her legs, holding her up from behind. She could feel its hard dick digging into her back, it felt impossibly long and thick, and she realized what was going to happen. There was a little bit of fight left in her, and she began struggling again as the creature in front of her positioned its dick at her vulnerable pussy. Hitting it with her hands did nothing, it didn't even notice. Sobbing, she realized that there was nothing she could do.

The creature began pushing its burning path into her pussy, stretching her more than she'd ever been stretched before. It hurt, and she screamed and tried to hit the creature again as it pushed its way steadily in; she was in pain and screaming and crying. The creature ignored her and began working its way in and out of her pussy, enjoying the soft human's body, much softer than any demoness' would be. Putting its arms around her, the demon held her immobile to it, its dick firmly lodged in her pussy, pushing painfully up against her cervix. In the arms of her monstrous lover, Danielle sobbed and hung limply, like a rag doll, totally worn out... until the one behind her began pushing its way into her ass.

More screams, pleadings now for the creatures to stop... she felt like she was being torn apart from the insides by baseball bats. Her ass was stretched and burning around the thick long shaft that pushed its way in, making her stomach cramp. Totally full of demon cock, Danielle finally completely gave in, as they pushed in and out of her in rhythm, totally oblivious to the girl's state of being.

On and on it went, her body flopping, breasts bouncing, the two poles burning her insides. Her ass and pussy were stretched to their utmost, full of demon cock. Grinning evilly over her shoulder, the one in front looked at the one in back... time for the finale.

Never stopping their rhythm, the one in back gripped her breasts and began kneading them, while the one in front began rubbing her clit.

Against all her belief's, everything negative that had happened, Danielle climaxed, screaming out her passion and orgasm as the twin cocks began spilling their burning seed into her body. Sobbing at the intense orgasm, they rode her out until every last drop of pleasure finally deserted her.

Leaving her on her carpet, naked, greenish fluid beginning to leak from her pussy and ass, they were satisfied with this farewell. Humiliated, raped by unknown creatures, she had still orgasmed... the worst fears of any woman. The demons went off into the night... on to the next victim.

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by Anonymous12/28/18

What could have made it even better?

Her parents finding her the next morning with the cloyingly strong stench of sulfur, their daughter (clearly raped with green and blue cum leaking from her holes), lying unconscious in the middle of amore...

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