tagLoving WivesThe Morning After?

The Morning After?


"Well which one's are your favorite then?" my wife Tanya asked, pushing me away playfully.

"I don't know... maybe the non consent ones."

A few days earlier she'd found where I'd been on the net and had spent most of the time since reading stories.

"I read some of those too," she confessed.


"And what?"

"And did you like them?"

"Some of them were ok I guess..."

"Any with more than one man?" I teased and she blushed.

"Well, it's only fantasy! It's not like anything would really happen like that."

"Of course not! I mean there's no way... but what about the ones where the girl would just flash a little bit? You know... just letting other guys get a bit of a look?"

"Hmm... and you'd die if I did something like that," Tanya giggled, getting up and going for more wine.

We were staying in a hotel suite overlooking the moonlit Pacific. It was our first of three nights. I guess we were both a little relaxed. We'd had a bottle of wine with dinner and a few cocktails at the bar.

"I wouldn't die!" I complained. "I'm not sure, but I think I'd like it."

Tanya didn't respond. She studied me curiously for a moment.

I went on carefully. "There have been times you know... like when Rick was staying over last New Year, and when you'd come out after your bath with one of your little nighties on."

"But I never wore anything revealing," Tanya defended, though not vigorously.

"Sure but enough that he caught the occasional flash, either down your front or from between your legs... You noticed didn't you?"

"Well Rick's like a brother. It's not like he's a total stranger or anything!"

"True. But still, I didn't mind him checking you out," I said, holding my wife's steady gaze and lightly touching her knee.

She blushed and her eyes averted as she began toying with her glass. I didn't know exactly where the conversation was heading. We both were of course aware, but we'd never spoken about that one weekend when our friend Rick had stayed over. And not that it was anything significant, it had only been a matter of Tanya's dress code being comfortable and carefree. Only there was definitely the knowledge that Tanya had allowed Rick some liberty and that I knew about it. I guess it was a relief yet a little awkward getting it out there.

"So, have you decided about tomorrow yet?" Tanya asked.

"Thought I might catch a few waves in the morning, but I'll come with you after that if you like."

"I don't mind going alone. And that way I can take my time instead of having you nag me to hurry up all day."

"I don't nag!" I complained, meeting her smile.

"When we shop, you nag!" she retorted simply.

Next morning the surf was flat but I enjoyed a few hours doing my best. I'd left Tanya sleeping and when I returned to the hotel room it was empty so I found a game on tv and started on the beers I'd lined up for the afternoon. I didn't expect my lovely wife any time soon.

By mid afternoon I'd had enough of the room and strolled down to the bar we'd been to the previous night. There I met up with a guy stopping over between flights and we found a pool table. Arthur was the guy's name. He told me all about his nine children, all under eighteen, as we shot a few games.

Tanya checked in finally. It was getting on dinner time and we arranged to meet in the main restaurant with Arthur agreeing to join us for a meal. Arthur and I were seated and on our second beer.

"My wife Tanya... meet Arthur, father of nine!" I started as Tanya approached. She had on a new outfit, a sweet little pink fitted dress to mid thigh, modest yet very sexy, one of those ones with no shoulders that seem to defy gravity. She met Arthur with a warm smile and shook his hand as I pulled out her chair.

"Nine children!" Tanya got around to declaring after a few minutes of greetings chat.

"Yes and that's it. I'm in for the snip in a few weeks."

"So how long have you been married? You don't look old enough," Tanya went on.

"Fifteen years, but we had two before that. The first when we were both sixteen."

We chatted while we ate and the conversation moved on to work and vacations then back to family. I guess being only passing acquaintances made openness easy and the subject of fidelity came up.

"Well, not entirely," Arthur was explaining. "It's a bit of a stretch when getting together so young and my wife and I have both strayed a few times... Then again, she's a beautiful woman and I've been away a lot so I've only myself to blame for her part."

"You don't seem too upset," Tanya probed.

"Nor is she... As I said, we were always going to be curious. And at the end of the day we're still together and going strong."

And so the conversation went on through various topics surrounding marriage and fidelity and we even confessed to our shared interest in erotic stories on the net. Arthur was interested. He wasn't really into the internet but he wrote down the web address and laughed about the possibility of getting some private computer time at home.

After desert he excused himself to use the bathroom and Tanya and I made our way into the lounge where there were these incredibly comfortable leather sofas. They were deep and soft and as Tanya sunk into one I stood holding her drink and staring at the little triangle of white I could see between her legs.

She glanced up at me while fiddling with the top of her dress, which was gaping loose across her breasts. "Little white ones..." I smiled, tilting my head to one side and she blushed a little.

"Do you want me to leave my legs uncrossed?" she asked nervously.

"Would you? I definitely want you to!"

"Will he be able to see if he sits over there?"

"Yeah... with your legs straight like that..."

I watched while she settled fixing her dress. She smoothed it beneath herself and tugged it down but still her panties were easily viewed with the seat of the sofa being so low.

Two men walked towards us. They were passing behind the sofa opposite to where she was sitting and I placed our glasses on the small table in front of her and turned to watch them. I didn't make eye contact but I saw that they both looked as they passed by.

"Your first customers," I whispered into her ear as I sat down beside her.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she whispered back to me, her warm little hand slipping within mine.

"I bet Arthur won't be shy about looking," I teased playfully. "And I bet those two guy's will be back too."

"Can you really see that much?"

"And if you'd lean forward we'd see a bit too," I tried but Tanya pushed my head away when I tried to lean in for a look down her front.

Another man had started in our direction and beyond him I saw Arthur at the bar buying more drinks. This man would have been about sixty I suppose. He was walking unsteadily and had obviously had a few. He swaggered along and I nodded as I met his eyes. His eyes then lowered to my wife's legs and her fingers clutched at mine but she didn't look up. The guy stopped and fumbled in his pocket for a cigarette. He swayed unsteadily but his eyes were focused and set. He lit his smoke and kind of lurched around a bit then he almost collapsed into one of the sofas across the walkway.

He was virtually out of site then and Tanya was about to say something to me but Arthur approached with our drinks, his eyes flashing down at her legs as he placed the drinks on the table. "Nice view," he grinned up at us and Tanya went so red she almost caught on fire.

"That's what the old guy thought... is he ok over there?" I asked Arthur.

He checked back over his shoulder. "Yeah. He's fine." His gaze then returned to Tanya's legs and he sat blatantly look down between them.

Tanya watched him with her little fingers squeezing onto mine again.

"This is like trying one of the stories you've been reading is it?" Arthur asked, meeting our eyes then tilting his head for another look. "I don't mind helping out..." he smiled.

Tanya's knees held together. The back of my hand was pressed against her thigh and I could feel her trembling slightly as she turned to me. "Are you ok?" I asked her and I kissed her lips softly.

"I'm ok..." she answered and she glanced across at Arthur again. He was sitting forward in his seat, kind of squatting on the edge of it and leaning up over the little table.

"So, do you actually know the other men your wife's been with Arthur?" I asked.

"Kind of... there's been two that I know of, both neighbors but they've moved since. And one other, which was a friend of her father, but that was when she was only nineteen and she was forced.

"Oh my god she was raped?" Tanya exclaimed.

"Umm... kind of..." Arthur replied with a grin. "Only I didn't find out about it until years later and Lisa confessed to encouraging him. Apparently he used to come around while I was at work and it went on for a few months. We were going through one of those down times I guess. I was sleeping in the spare room and it felt like we were breaking up. The old guy took advantage of the situation I suppose... but the first time he did force her physically. Or so she teases me..." he ended with a chuckle.

Tanya edged forward to exchange her empty wine glass with the fresh one Arthur had bought. Arthur raised his head to have a look down her front and I touched her back, sort of massaging a little and holding her forward. She didn't resist. She peered back at me and smiled lightly.

"So have you guys ever done this before?" Arthur questioned.

"No, not really..." I answered.

"Not even topless at the beach?"

Tanya shook her head as she peered down at her breasts then back up at Arthur.

"Do you want to lean over a bit more so I can see them properly?" Arthur went on and I checked around to be sure no one was watching.

Tanya edged further forward in her seat and leant over a bit. "Like that?" she uttered nervously.

"Yeah... and nice firm little nipples too..." He was craning his neck and his eyes were wide. "Nothing like getting a look at married tits," he smiled.

I guess I experienced my first doubt, my first little pang of jealousy while Arthur examined them. Tanya's breaths were measured. She was peering up at Arthur's face. She had her hands clasped together around her wine glass, which curled her shoulders forward and accentuated the gaping of her dress a little.

I continued gently massaging her back. Her eyes were glazed and wandered to settle upon the two men from earlier who were again approaching. I found myself touching her shoulder and almost pulling her gently back into the sofa but I didn't. I waited until the two men had viewed her breasts as well. They had slowed and had both deliberately checked her out, one of them even nodding and offering me a smile.

Tanya's body had softened. To my touch she had completely submitted. She virtually slumped back into the sofa with Arthur's attention returning to her legs, which were no longer holding together.

He leant across and touched her knee, moving it aside a little, and I quickly checked again to be sure no one was watching. Tanya sat still and allowed him to examine her panties. She held her wine glass in one hand and pulled at the hem of her dress with the other but she didn't try to close her legs. I kept watch until finally Arthur released her knee and sat back with his beer.

"So how did that feel?" he asked me with a grin. "Letting another man open your wife's legs..."

"I don't know but I might find out later tonight. I'll be sure to think about it when I'm fucking her..."

"When you hope to be!" Tanya corrected, pushing me away playfully.

"What, you're not letting him have a bit tonight?" Arthur chuckled. "Seems a bit unfair..."

"Well, if he behaves himself and stops being crude he might get lucky," Tanya smiled.

"Damn lucky I'd say! I can see how wet you are all ready... the way your little panties are sticking to you. Can just imagine pealing them aside and getting a big juicy load up in there."

"Now who's being crude!"

"Well it's not as if I've got anything to loose is it?"

"Maybe. Maybe not." Tanya laughed.

"So there's a chance of a fuck then?" Arthur went on more seriously and I met his eyes steadily.

"We haven't talked about going that far..."

"Fair enough. And you probably shouldn't either. I mean, as I said Lisa and I have done it but that isn't to say it'd work for you guys... It's an interesting idea though isn't it?" Arthur concluded with his easy smile returning. "I mean, not with me as such, but the idea of watching her get it from some other man..."

"Interesting for me, but I don't know about Tanya," I ventured, lightly as had Arthur.

We both waited and Tanya took a moment to respond. She'd turned to me and I lifted her chin and kissed her but as the kiss ended I saw that Arthur had her legs open again.

He sat back as a couple approached. The woman glanced and the man turned his head to have a look. We waited until they'd passed.

"Is this what you wanted?" Tanya whispered into my ear.

"I'm not sure what I wanted..." I said and I placed my hand over her knee. I don't know who was trembling more.

"Yeah that's it, show me!" Arthur said and I moved my wife's leg aside again.

She didn't resist. She was clinging to my arm and I reached back along her inner-thigh and touched her panties. I could feel her heat and I pealed them aside as she arched up against the back of my fingers. I held them open and watched around while Arthur leant in closer. "Looks inviting," he grinned and I cut my finger through her lips and started slowly working her clit.

"Someone else is coming," Tanya said to me and I quickly smoothed her panties back into place. It was one of the bar staff and he came in and collected the empty glasses. Tanya had crossed her legs that time. We waited until he'd finished and moved on.

An awkward silence followed where Tanya kept her legs crossed and we all sat gazing around. Maybe I'd gone too far...

"Can I just say, that was amazing!" Arthur finally declared.

"Well now I'm just embarrassed," Tanya replied, blushing and fiddling with her glass.

"I think it was amazing too," I offered and Tanya smiled lightly.

"No need to be concerned on my account," Arthur went on warmly and he leant over to pat Tanya's knee. She looked up at him. "I'm just an old pervert who dreams and jacks off over stuff like this... And don't forget you'll never see me again!"

"Do you really?" Tanya grinned.

"Really what?"

"Really jack off?" she pressed.

"Umm... yes! Often!"

"And do you?" she turned on me.

"Me? Umm... yeah, I guess..."

"Well show me!" Tanya went on, grinning at us both.

"Show you what?" Arthur stammered.

"Show me how you jack off. It's my turn..."

"What, here?" I almost pleaded but she just kept grinning and she placed her glass down and sat back folding her arms.

"Come on boys. I want to see how you stroke them!" she went on mercilessly.

I looked to Arthur. He was a bit red in the face and I could feel the heat rising in my own neck. We both checked around and worked our trousers. I was completely flaccid and I stretched it out. Arthur was obviously experiencing the same problem. "Helps if there's something to look at," he grinned at Tanya and she uncrossed her legs and let them stray a little.

I checked around again then looked back to Arthur's cock. It had firmed and Tanya was staring at it. My own cock began to harden and extend and I touched Tanya's thigh and moved it a little further, then I reached back under her dress but as I touched her panties she stopped me and squeezed her legs together. "Ok that's enough now," she said.

I fixed myself back into my trousers but Arthur didn't. He just released his cock and left it standing there with Tanya staring at it. "You like?" he grinned and she immediately blushed and looked to me.

"Do you?" I whispered into her hair.

"Do I what?" she uttered. Her confidence had faded away.

"Do you want him to fuck you?" I breathed into her neck.

Arthur was putting himself away with the approach of another couple along the walkway. "Another beer?" he asked me, and he stood.

"We might go upstairs..." I answered, squeezing Tanya's hand and lifting her with me.

"Oh... ok... well..." Arthur extended his hand.

"Do you want to come up?" I asked him and Tanya dug in behind my shoulder.

Arthur looked to her and then met my eyes again. "Are you sure?"

Tanya walked quietly between us to the elevator. She didn't look up.

I could see the bulge in Arthur's trousers and I was again fully erect myself. Once inside our room we placed Tanya on the couch where she sat peering up at us. I met Arthur's eyes squarely. "I just want you to service her then leave ok!"

"Yeah, sure! But I haven't got a rubber. Is that ok?"

I nodded. My heart was pounding but I just nodded. Arthur turned to my wife. She was sitting there with her dress falling forward and her tits bare. He touched her face and slipped his other hand down her front to feel a tit. "Do you want me to fuck you in that little dress?" he said to her and my heart thumped at my chest. He guided her back and reached beneath to rip her panties from her legs. Her legs splayed and he got between them, freed his cock and thrust it up into her.

Her tits jolted from the top of her dress. He had her wrists pinned above her head and he thrust up into her again. Tanya moaned and writhed up against him. He held firm and let her fuck herself against his shaft. Within a minute she was convulsing. Her entire body was taught and arched up against him pulsing with her contractions.

Arthur began to move in and out of her. He would withdraw until only the head of his cock held her up from the couch then he would roll his hips and impale her with it. I collapsed back against a chair where I could no longer see my wife. Arthur's body was completely covering her and all I could see was her legs and her stretched open pussy with his cock sliding in and out of it. Juice was seeping from her and dripping down into her anus. His rhythm quickened. His balls were tightening and suddenly he thrust up into her and held firm. Again Tanya was convulsing but this time Arthur also let out a groan and my heart sank at the realization that he was cumming inside of her.

She held him close for a moment, her fingers touching his hips. He lifted his body and his spent cock slurped from within her. It was red and still swollen though soft and it settled between the cheeks of her ass. Their combined fluids dripped from it and had formed a little pool on the hem of her new dress.

He didn't get up off of her right away. He remained supported above her talking softly and casually rubbing his cock into her opening until it firmed enough then he tried to stick it back into her again but it slipped up and over so she arched up and split her lips against it. He speared between her lips a few times, trying to get into her, but the angle was wrong and finally her fingers appeared and guided it in.

I watched my wife being fucked a second time. He pounded her solidly and relentlessly through two more of her orgasms before she collapsed and just laid there for him. Her legs were limp and rocking back and forth upon each of his thrusts. Her fingers had slipped from his hips and gripped the couch. Suddenly he pulled back. His cock was glistening and absolutely solid. He closed his fist around it and lurched up over her, forcing the head into her mouth and crying out as he erupted.

Tanya drank from him. Her soft sweet lips remained pressed over the head of his cock while he pumped his semen into her mouth. He didn't try to force his cock in. He just held it firmly in his fist and milked the last of his cum while her slender neck gulped and accepted the fluid.

I walked out onto the balcony and watched the moonlit waves rolling up onto the sand. After a while Tanya slipped beneath my arm. She was warm and her hair was wet. The sweet aroma of soap and perfume lifted from her. "Are you ok?" she asked softly.

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