The Morning After


Then she grinned and opened the shower door.


Marilee walked down the hall from the bedroom. She had the red dress and high heels on and her damp hair combed back. She had rinsed out her panties and used the blow dryer on them. They were folded up in her purse. At the door of the living room of the old house they were in, she paused and looked around at the dozen people there. It was an interesting looking group.

She only really knew two of them. Roy was standing near the front door talking to two men and a woman and Frenchie was leaning against the wall to her left. She was now wearing a tight fitting knit dress that clung to her curves and breasts. There was obviously nothing but her under it. Marilee moved that way and leaned on the wall next to her.

"Red looks good on you," Frenchie said with a smile as her eyes wandered up and down Marilee's body.

"Thank you," Marilee replied and then grinned as she ran her eyes up and down Frenchie's body. "That dress doesn't hide much does it?"

Frenchie grinned and whispered, "Who wants to hide anything? If ya got it, flaunt it."

Marilee chuckled but before she could reply, Roy turned toward the room and said, "It's time to go."

Everyone stood up and headed for the door. As they filed out, Frenchie and Marilee fell into the rear of the line. As Marilee passed Roy, he slipped his arm around her waist and followed her outside. The weather was warm and humid, so different from cold, snowy Denver.

People were getting into three cars as Roy escorted her to a fourth. A young looking redhead was getting into the front seat as they got into the rear. As they got settled, the redhead turned and looked at Marilee. "Hi, I'm Connie."

Marilee froze for a second and then whispered, "I... uh... don't remember much of the last couple of days."

Connie giggled and whispered, "I remember everything so...."

A large man got in on the driver's side and started the car. "John has the plane serviced and the flight plans filed. We can get airborne as soon as we get to the airport."

"Good," Roy said. "Let get this circus on the road."

Connie giggled and turned around in her seat.


At the airport, the car Marilee was riding in went straight to a private terminal and stopped next to a medium sized twin-engine jet. As they got out, she wondered where the other cars were. When she asked Roy, he replied, "They're rentals. Everyone should be along shortly. We can go ahead and board, if you'd like."

They followed Connie across the apron and then followed her up a set of portable steps. She had on a very short tight black skirt and a yellow silk blouse. She had on short heels and her hair was pinned up. It was an odd outfit for party clothes.

By the time they got inside, Connie was nowhere in sight. Marilee looked up and down the cabin and asked, "Where did she go?"

"She's probably getting the galley squared away and making sure everything got loaded," Roy said and then grinned. "She's part of my fight crew."

Marilee blushed as she realized that if she took the job with Roy if he offered it, they would be traveling together. "She... uh. She's the one that I... uh."

Roy chuckled and nodded. "The one and only one."

Marilee groaned and shook her head. "I can't believe I actually did that. I've never...." She let the sentence hang.

"There's a first time for everything," Roy said as he escorted her to a pair of seats toward the back wall.

The back wall had a door in it. A regular door, not the kind on the side of the plane. She looked forward and the part she could see only look like half of what she saw outside. "What's back there?" She asked even though she had an idea.

"My office and my bedroom," Roy said with a grin. "I live on this damned plane six or seven months of the year. Our four little parties and a couple of vacations are about all the time I take off."

"You have four of these parties?"

"New Years, Valentines, 4th of July, and Halloween," he replied with a grin. "Maybe you'll be a little more sober for the next one."

Marilee groaned. "I don't normally drink more than a glass or two of wine."

"How about Champaign?"

"I... uh.... I was going to say I had never had it but then I remembered you saying something about taking it away from me. That and the Champaign bottle on the bed."

Roy grinned. "You fell in love or rather lust with the stuff after the first sip."

"With a morning after like this one, I'm breaking it off," Marilee said with a grin. "Spank my bottom if I even look at another glass of that stuff."

"It would be my pleasure," Roy said with a wink as he stood up. The rest of the group had arrived and were filing in. He went forward to check on everyone and to get the plane on its way.

Marilee sighed and leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes. "Champaign huh," she whispered and then shivered. "Maybe I should have a full bottle handy while I watch that movie they were all talking about."

"Better yet, invite Connie to watch it with you while you sit straddling Roy's thighs naked. You won't need any Champaign, believe me," Frenchie said from above her.

Marilee's eyes popped open just about the time Frenchie's lips touched hers. She made a little yelp of surprise and then Frenchie's soft lips were kissing her and she found herself kissing the older woman back passionately. When she moaned into Frenchie's mouth, she broke the kiss and straightened up.

"I've wanted to do that ever since I first saw you this morning," she said with a grin as she sat down in the seat next to Marilee.

"I... uh... I...." Marilee stammered and then stalled.

"I'm pretty sure you kind of liked me kissing you from your response. Don't worry, you'll probably be kissed by every woman and man on this plane before we all get home. You played with us last night so you're part of the group now."

Marilee groaned and sighed. "I just wish I knew how much I played and with whom."

Frenchie shrugged and held up the fingers on one hand. Using a finger on the other hand she said, "Let's see what I remember. "Sitting on one.... No, make that two ladies faces. Sitting on Carl's face, that's three."

"Who is Carl?"

Frenchie grinned. "Roy's driver."

"The really big guy?"

"Yeah, that's him. Now, where was I. Oh yeah, three face sittings, a face plant in Connie's pussy, and Roy eating your pussy while you were so deliciously occupied and then he fucked you royally. Five people in all."

Marilee groaned and covered her face with her hands. "How am I going to face all these people?"

Frenchie pulled her hands away from her face and said, "I don't understand the problem."

Marilee whispered sharply, "I had sex with five people. Five strangers at that."

Frenchie laughed. "I had sex with all of them and a couple of them, more than once."

When Marilee gave her a shocked look, Frenchie laughed again. "And it ain't the first time, nor will it be the last. These four parties are the high points of my year."

"Are any of these people married?

Frenchie looked thoughtful for a moment. "I think there are four married couples out of the twenty or so members. Everyone else is single."

"Well what about STD's?"

"We all get a checkup a few days before each party. No doctor's report means no party. It's only happened a few times over the last ten years or so."

"Ten years? How long has this been going on, for heavens sakes?"

Frenchie grinned and leaned over to whisper, "For more years than I want to admit too. I'm the second oldest member next to Roy. He was rich even back then but the plane was smaller and slower. He stole me right out of the dressing room one Halloween night, tutu, leotards, toe shoes, and all. We ended up across town at a dress Halloween party. He was the Phantom of the opera. We won first place for the costumes."

"How did the rest get involved?" Curiosity was burning a hole in Marilee's mind.

"The next New Years Eve, he picked me up after the show. There was another couple with him. They were married. We went to a New Years Eve party somewhere up on the west side of New York. Afterwards, we all ended up in the same hotel room with only one bed. Roy had forgotten to make reservations. We were lucky to have what we had."

Frenchie paused to giggle. "The couple had failed to mention that they were swingers and one thing led to another and we ended up in a big pile on that bed. We broke it, if I remember correctly," she said and then laughed. "After that a new person or couple was added every year. We have lost some to marriage, accidents, and personal problems over the years. That's how you got here this year. Roy's secretary married and her husband wouldn't have understood."

"Fact is stranger than fiction," Marilee whispered.

"Strangers make the best fact and fiction," Frenchie replied with a wink.

"So what happens now?"

"Not much. The flight home is usually very quiet and laid back. A little cuddling and hugging. Most everyone is so worn out that most couldn't do anything even if they wanted too."

"That makes sense. I'm a little sore and tender in some very interesting areas," Marilee whispered and then sighed.

"Nipples, clit, pussy, and asshole," Frenchie whispered. "I'm my case anyway. But all that means is that I had a really great time."

Marilee sighed and leaned her head back against the headrest on the seat. "That movie should be very informative in a lot of ways," she said with a sideways glance at Frenchie.

"I'll get a copy in the mail in about a month. It will be the finished memento of this year's party. I'll add it to my collection after I watch it a time or two so I can see what I missed or who I missed doing who or what. It's always fun and it will whet my appetite for the Valentines party."

Marilee nodded with her eyes closed. "I feel a nap coming on," she whispered and then yawned.

Frenchie smiled and leaned back in her seat. "A nap sounds like a very good idea," she whispered softly, dreamily.

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