The Morrisons Ch. 05


"Oh by the way, none of you have to ask to use the bathroom. You know where it is so just come in and use it. While I'm at it, if you want something cold to drink, I always keep the refrigerator stocked with various beverages so choose what you want and enjoy. Don't forget to take a break often we don't want to be calling the ambulance for any of you with heat stroke." Terri said while looking at Tony, Patty, Barbie and Beth.

Marion said, "I think I'll go in and get my coffee and a couple of cookies then come out here and sit on the deck and talk to these wonderful people."

Patty slapped Tony on his ass and made him jump before saying, "Wonderful people? Marion doesn't know you yet, does she? Don't worry Marion, we know how to handle ole stud muffin if he gets out of line."

All of the women started laughing at Tony's passing discomfort then Patty said, "Let's take Terri's advice and sit down and have something cold to drink."

Everyone had just sat down at the table outside when the door bell rang and Terri stood up and excused herself. On the way into the house she said, "Enjoy yourselves I'll be a couple of hours with this interview."

Terri walked to the door and pulled it open to see Ashley and two other people standing on the porch. There was an immediately reaction from the guy and the young lady when both took a sharp intake of air and the one young lady said, "Oh My God, we're sorry if we interrupted anything but you should have put something on before coming to the door."

Terri smiled and extended her hand towards Ashley saying, "Hello Ashley, would you and your partners like to come in?"

Ashley shook hands with Terri as she stepped forward into the house saying, "Good morning Terri, this is Paul and Sarah."

Extending her hand out again toward Paul and Sarah, Terri said, "Hi my name is Terri and I'm the housekeeper for the Morrisons." Both of them shook hands with Terri and then followed Terri and Ashley towards the living room. Once they were in the living room Terri asked each one to take a seat before saying, "I will be conducting your interview today."

Ashley spoke up asking, "Is Gus and Debbie here yet? I saw another car by the garage."

"No they aren't here yet. That car belongs to another lady who is working here." Terri said.

Terri excused herself for a moment and just as she was walking out of the living room there was an immediate hushed mumble of questions to Ashley about Terri's nudity. Terri smiled to herself as she heard Ashley say, "I guess you'll find out when we start the interview."

Just as Terri pulled a towel out of the cupboard the door bell rang again so Terri carried her towel with her as she went and answered the door. This time when she opened the door she was greeted by two guys and a young lady. One of the guys was Gus and the young lady was Debbie. Terri took a moment to look at Debbie up and down enjoying the view she presented because Debbie was brazenly dressed in her light pink lace bra and light pink, sheer, stretch lace boyshort panties. Terri smiled and held out her hand and shook hands with Gus first as she said, "Hello Gus, hello Debbie and you must be Joe. My name is Terri and I'm the Morrisons housekeeper."

Joe looked Terri up and down especially down before looking back up into her eyes and saying, "You are a very beautiful young lady and I sure won't mind working here if you're going to dress like that all the time. Look at Debbie she wore her underwear out here so you two should get along fine."

Terri smiled at Joe and said, "I appreciate the compliments and I'm sure Debbie looks just as good without her underwear but first let's go into the living room and meet the others. They arrived just a few minutes ago."

Terri led the way to the living room and when they got there she told the newcomers to find a seat and they could get started. While everyone was finding a seat Terri went to the printer and picked up the papers and clipped them on the two clip boards she had along with a couple of pens. When she walked back into the living room the first form she passed out was the confidentiality statement which she gave to Paul, Joe and Sarah. She asked each of them to read the statement and if they agreed with it she asked them to sign it. Terri stood facing everyone with her feet slightly parted and she knew her pussy was on display to everyone. She saw both Joe and Paul sneaking peeks at her pussy while Gus, Debbie and Ashley looked openly at Terri. Terri could feel the moisture building inside her pussy and today she was enjoying the feeling.

Paul read the statement and asked, "Why are you requiring us to sign a statement like this? Is there something about this job we should know in advance?"

Terri looked at Ashley who immediately said, "Paul its ok you can sign it, I signed one yesterday."

Sarah spoke up saying, "I think it's weird we are sitting here and there's a naked woman conducting our interview. Is this job a nude job or something? Are all of us going to have to get naked to work here?"

Terri smiled as sweetly as she could before saying, "Right after you sign the statement or leave the room, I will be able to continue and explain all the details about the house cleaning position. I will assure you now that nothing illegal happens here so that's not the reason for me asking you to sign a confidentiality statement for me."

Sarah said, "So I'm right, we have to sign this statement then take off our clothes."

Ashley asked Sarah and Paul, "Please sign the statement and then we can move on to the rest of the interview."

Sarah looked at Ashley wide eyed saying, "So you're going to take off your clothes and let all these guys see your pussy and tits? I'll tell you what, I fucking DARE you to stand up and strip naked right here and right now and let all these people look at your whole naked body and I do mean let them see your whole naked body and I'll sign the form then I'll strip naked too!"

Terri stood quietly and watched as Ashley jumped right up and walked up to stand next to her and with a huge smile on her face she turned to Terri so no one could see her. She whispered, "Thank you for encouraging us yesterday, this is going to be fun!"

Ashley turned around and faced everyone before she slowly raised her tank top up her abdomen while looking at Sarah then at Paul. Ashley said, "Sarah, are you sure you won't back out on me if I do this?"

Sarah smiled and said, "You won't strip naked in front of your brother so I'm not worried the least little bit. But to answer your question, no I will do what I said if you strip naked and let us see your whole body and I do mean ALL OF US!"

Slowly Ashley continued to drag her tank top upward until the built in bra started to rise off the underside of her tits then she stopped before her nipples were revealed. Looking down she used her fingers to fiddle with the snap on her shorts as if she was hesitating. Slowly she moved both hands to the top of her shorts and her fingers worked their magic and released the snap. With her right index finger and her thumb Ashley grabbed the tab on her zipper and pulled down ever so slowly until it was as far down as it would go. Without breaking eye contact with Sarah, Ashley hooked her thumbs into the sides of her shorts and pushed downward as she did the side to side movement all girls do when they put something on or take something off. Slowly, bit by bit, Ashley's blue bikini panties came into view. Ashley saw Sarah was holding her breath so she hurried up and pushed the shorts down until they fell down her legs and pooled at her feet. Ashley used her finger and pointed at her panties with a questioning look at Sarah then she slowly raised her finger to point at her top with the same look.

Sarah understood what Ashley was doing so she said, "If you're going to do it, lose the panties first. But I don't think you're going to go all the way."

Ashley maintained her eye contact with Sarah as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her blue panties and started to push them down. Ever so slowly more and more of Ashley's bald pubic area came into view. Ashley could see Sarah was starting to get nervous so she pulled her thumbs out of her panties and saw a flood of relief come over Sarah's face. But Ashley reached behind her back and hooking her thumbs back into her panties she pushed the back of her panties downward until her whole ass cheeks could be seen. Ashley turned around to show everyone her ass as she pushed the panties lower. Turning back around to face the group again so she could look at Sarah, Ashley moved her thumbs to the front of her panties and pushed until Sarah went wide eyed and then she knew everyone could see the top of her slit. Ashley stood there and quickly reached up and pulled her top off completely leaving her lovely "C" sized tits with dark brown areola topped with one half inch nipples visible to everyone. Dropping her tank top on the floor Ashley pushed her panties the rest of the way down and they ended up on top of her shorts pooled at her feet. Ashley said, "Sarah I believe it's your turn to come up here and strip naked for everyone's enjoyment. I can't wait to see what you look like after all this time working with you."

Sarah said, "Not so fast, my dare was that you had to display your entire body to all of us."

Ashley said, "I'm completely naked what more do you want to see?"

Sarah confidently said, "I think you should show all of us everything you've got and I do mean everything."

Ashley looked at Terri and asked, "Do you mind if I call her bluff? I know this is taking extra time."

Terri said, "I find this very interesting and it's really turning me on watching you strip naked. You're so good at it. Please, do what you want to do."

Ashley looked back at Sarah and said, "Come up here because you're next anyway."

Sarah stood up on unsteady legs because she never guessed that Ashley would strip naked and now she was going to have to do the same. Stepping up to the front of the room Sarah handed her signed confidentiality statement to Terri then turned to look at Ashley. Sarah said, "You haven't showed everyone your entire body so you haven't won yet."

Ashley replied, "You want everyone to see all of me well if that's the case then you are going to show me off to everyone. I'm going to lie down on the floor and if you truly want everyone to see everything I have then you're going to have to pull my legs up and open them. I will let everyone in this room look as long as you choose to hold my legs open for them."

Ashley lay down on the floor and looked up at Sarah and said, "Do whatever you want to do to me."

Sarah stared at Ashley then said, "You sex hungry bitch, you don't think I'll do it do you?"

Ashley simply smiled up at Sarah without saying another word. Sarah reached down and grabbed one of Ashley's ankles in each hand and pulled her legs up and then pushed them down on Ashley's chest before he spread her legs apart showing everyone Ashley spread open pussy and her puckered little asshole. Then Sarah said, "Is there anyone here who wants to inspect this hot pussy while it's spread open ready for inspection?"

All the guys stayed seated but each of them was staring at Ashley's exposed pussy. Even Ashley's brother Paul didn't look away while his sister was on display. Sarah asked, "Has everyone seen enough or do you want me to keep her open like this for awhile longer?"

Paul finally spoke up saying, "Sarah, as much as I love seeing my sister naked and spread wide, I think it's your turn to show us what you have under those clothes."

Sarah let go of Ashley's legs and slowly Ashley stood up. She looked at Sarah and asked, "Do you want some help taking off your clothes?"

Sarah was visibly shaking and she smiled at Ashley before asking, "I'm not as brave as you are and I lost the bet so will you do the honors and take off my clothes and because you were a good sport, I'll even let you show me off like I did to you."

Ashley said, "There's no need to show you off but I do want you completely naked so I'll strip you if you want me to."

Sarah nodded her head affirmatively so Ashley turned Sarah to face everyone then pulled her tank top off leaving Sarah topless. Everyone looked at Sarah's rose colored puffies on her "B" cup tits. Ashley looked around Sarah's body to see what everyone was staring at and when she saw her puffy nipples Ashley said, "Oh wow Sarah, I love your tits. Only a few girls get to have wonderful puffies like that."

Ashley dropped Sarah's tank top and when right to work on Sarah's shorts. Without any fanfare Ashley hooked her thumbs into both Sarah's shorts and panties and pushed both of them down together baring Sarah's bald pussy to everyone's view. Sarah asked, "Are you going to spread my legs like I did to you?"

Ashley patted Sarah on the ass and said, "If you want them to see what you have between your legs then go and sit in your chair and spread them. If you don't want to show anyone then keep your legs closed."

Terri excused herself saying, "I'll get some towels for those who are naked to sit on so we don't stain the furniture. Terri came back with a stack of towels and set them down. She handed one to Sarah and one to Ashley and they spread them out before they sat down.

Terri began saying, "Paul I need your statement and Joe I need your statement." Terri smiled as each guy signed their confidentiality statement without any further questions.

When Terri had all the statements in her hand she said, "Well, this interview has started off more interesting than any of the others I've done. Now that I have your statements, I want to say each of you have signed a document agreeing that anything you hear, see or do here is in fact confidential in nature. That means you can't talk about anything that happens within the boundaries of this property with anyone who hasn't signed a statement for me. I will make a copy of each of your statements for you to take with you when you leave. Are there any questions so far?"

Paul asked, "Are all of us going to be nude like Sarah said? Is that why you are nude?"

"Now that I have all your statements I want to emphasize again, nothing illegal happens on this property. I can also tell you that there will not be any wild sex parties or orgies. The Morrisons are business executives and they are also nudists. They want to keep their corporate lives and their private lives separate therefore each person who will be working here has to sign a confidentiality statement so that information doesn't leave the property. The Morrisons are just regular people who wear clothes when they go to work, however they take them off and live nude when they are at home. They love sex just like everyone else and they like to experiment having sex outside the bedroom just like everyone else. So during your employment here you may see people having sex outside, on the deck, in the pool or maybe even in the hot tub which is probably no more than any of you have done a time or two." Terri said.

"The Morrisons are nudists so they decided to hire nude staff to coincide with their way of life. Therefore each position I fill will be with someone who is already a nudist or is interested enough in nudism to work here nude. Sarah guessed right, we are only going to hire staff that is willing to work completely nude. There is one exception however. If one of us girls has our period, we will be allowed to wear panties only for the duration of our period and then it is back to being nude." Terri said in her business like tone.

Terri continued by saying, "When Ashley, Gus and Debbie were here yesterday to pick up the applications they had a little prelude to what it will be like to be nude with others around. I will leave it up to each of you who are still wearing clothes if you want to remain dressed for the duration of the interview knowing that we are only going to hire people who can work nude."

Gus stood up saying, "I don't have to worry about being nude so I'll take off my clothes and finish the interview nude."

Debbie had already unfastened her bra and was standing pushing her panties down her legs when she said, "I found out yesterday I love being nude and it doesn't matter to me who sees me naked."

Terri handed Gus and Debbie a towel then held one out to Paul and Joe. After a brief hesitation both took the towel and put it on the chair then slowly began to remove their clothes without making a big deal out of it. The females in the room were looking between the three males undressing waiting to see each cock as it was exposed. Gus was first to push his underwear down and his seven and a half inch circumcised cock stood out proudly for him groin. Debbie looked at her father's cock and said, "I got a good view of that yesterday but today it seems bigger and it looks yummy."

Joe dropped his pants and was standing with a tent in his boxers when Debbie said, "Come on Joe show daddy what I've been enjoying all this time. Daddy Joe has a nice long cock."

Joe blushed deeply and was frozen in place so Debbie reached for the waist band of his boxers and looked up into his eyes saying, "Want me to do this for you?"

Joe nodded his head and immediately his boxers were at his feet and his eight inch very thick cock was pointed skyward. Debbie looked at all the other females in the room and said, "Joe and I shave each other bald because we don't want to get hair in our teeth when we sixty-nine."

Ashley looked at Paul just as he was dropping his boxers and she said, "Paul, I've always wondered what you were packing down there and now I won't have to guess anymore. That is one nice hunk of meat."

Paul also blushed and said, "Sis, I've never told you this but I've tried to peek at you more often than I care to count. I really love seeing you completely naked and if you don't mind, I'd love a hug so I can feel our naked bodies pressed together."

Ashley was out of her seat in less than a heartbeat and plastered her naked body so tight against her brother they could have become one. They continued to hug at least a minute before releasing each other and taking their seats again. Both Ashley and Paul were flushed and Paul noticed his cock was leaking so he asked, "Terri may I go to the bathroom so I can get a tissue?"

Terri said, "Sure Paul, the bathroom is right over there."

When Paul came walking back into the room Ashley said, "Paul if you want to get rid of all that hair down there and look like Joe, I volunteer to shave you tonight."

Paul looked at Joe's bald pubic area and balls before he said, "Sure sis, I'd love to have you shave me bald like that."

Gus looked at Debbie saying, "Since you have so much experience shaving Joe, I'll let you do mine later too."

Terri patiently listened to everyone before saying, "After listening to all of you, I can tell you with all honesty, I am really looking for people just like all of you to fill the house cleaning position. We want people who can enjoy being nude at the same time not show any jealously if others see your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, naked. We are all going to be naked here and I will tell you Jenna Morrison is a very big flirt so jealously can't be in anyone's vocabulary if you're going to work here. From what I see between the six of you sitting here now, I don't think that's going to be a problem."

"The Morrisons understand working nude has a tendency to stimulate members of the opposite sex so if two or more are in agreement to have sex, it is allowed here as long as they do the job they were hired to do. At the same time the Morrisons will not allow anyone to be sexually harassed nor will they allow anyone to be forced or coerced to have sex with another individual." Terri said in her matter of fact voice.

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