The Morrisons Ch. 09


Both nude officers rushed their boss and gave him a hug mashing their titties against his bare chest and then as if they had practiced in advance, both of them reached down to the snap on Ted's shorts and pulled it apart and then Mary lowered the zipper. Shelly squatted in front of her boss and pulled his shorts down. He was commando under his shorts and the second his cock was released, it bounced to life almost hitting Shelly in the face.

I walked over to shake Ted's hand and suddenly Mary dropped to her knees in front of me and picked up my cock and aimed it towards her mouth. After helping Ted step out of his shorts Shelly gripped Ted's cock and aimed it towards her mouth. Here we were standing in the open front door with two police officers dressed in only their panties and pistol belts giving Ted and me a world class blow job. Terri called out and soon Kim, Ashley and Debbie walked around the corner and stopped short when they saw Ted and me getting our cock sucked. I looked at Ted saying, "The training you give your officers is exemplary and I commend you."

Soon both of us were pumping our cock into the mouth of the officer in front of us feeling the effects of their marvelous tongue actions. Ted was first to say, "Shelly if you keep this up, I'm going to cum in your mouth."

Shelly reached up and gripped one of Ted's ass cheeks in each hand and pulled him closer forcing more of his cock deeper into her mouth. I heard Ted groan and yell, "I'm cummming!" Something triggered a response in me and within seconds I too groaned and said, "Oh God, Mary, I am going to cum in your mouth."

Both Ted and I were holding the head of the female in front of us and each of us pumped into the mouth in front of us matching groan for groan and feeling an exceptional high from getting our blow job standing in front of the open front door.

When our individual orgasm was subsiding both female police officers moved together as if they had practiced their moves and took a final lick on our cock head before they sat down on the floor then laid down. Mary said, "Dan take my panties off and then make me cum with that magic tongue of yours."

Shelly looked up at Ted with sad puppy dog eyes saying, "Sergeant Johnson, I think my panties are too tight. Would you be so kind and help a lady in distress by pulling her panties off with your teeth?"

Ted looked at me and I looked at him then both of us smiled as we got down into position with our ass facing the open front door. I took plenty of time sniffing the open crotch of Mary's panties and I could see Ted in peripheral vision with his nose buried in Shelly's crotch.

One thing I noticed which was different was the mixed aroma of Mary's leather pistol belt and her female juices that freely leaked out of her pussy. I lapped up Mary's juices and savored the flavor while my nostrils were filled with the smell of leather. The waist band of Mary's panties was up under her pistol belt so I had to reach up with my hands and start to pull her panties down until I could grip them in my teeth. From there I had to alternate each side so I could slide them down over her hips, down her thighs and off. I saw Ted followed my movements and both of us were treated to naked police officers spread open before our eyes, wearing only their pistol belt.

I don't know if it was the idea Mary had her weapon so close to my head, but suddenly I felt very submissive as I leaned in and tasted her lovely pussy again. There was something in the back of my mind saying, "IF you don't do a good job, she could shoot you in the head."

The combination of Mary having her weapon in her holster strapped around her waist and me kneeling with my ass facing the open doorway offered a very different and exciting atmosphere while I licked the sweet nectar from Mary's pussy. I manipulated her clit until I had her screaming non-stop while pulling my hair forcing my face tightly against her pussy. I know Mary had a couple of mild orgasms before she locked those thighs of hers around my head and almost fucking killed me as she rocked back and forth while spasm after spasm rocked her body. I thought I was going to die when I tried to breathe and my nose and mouth were both pulled tight into her pussy. With the little bit of oxygen I had left in my brain I realized I wasn't going to get loose by struggling and I couldn't yell for help, so I played possum by allowing my body to go limp in hopes Mary would release my face so I could breathe.

The moment I felt Mary start to loosen her thigh muscles I used my hands to push backwards and my head was free. I leaned back and took a few deep breaths as I watched Mary continue to convulse on the floor in front of me. Finally, Mary lifted her head and looked down her abdomen at me whispering, "Thank you, thank you, Dan! You sure know how to eat pussy."

I looked up at Mary with a weak smile saying, "I'm not into bondage, but the next time I eat your pussy I am going to tie your legs wide open before we start because this is the second time I saw the pearly gates off in a distance."

Everyone broke out laughing, but I looked up at them and said, "Mary had such a grip on my head with her thighs I couldn't breathe."

Ted and I were outnumbered four to one, so there wasn't a bit of sympathy for me and my plight. I stopped trying to explain myself and looked at Mary asking her, "Did you really enjoy your ride on my tongue?"

Mary smiled back at me saying, "Dan you can have me anytime you want. I have never had such powerful orgasms as I have since I met you the other night."

Jenna and her friends Lisa and Becky were now standing in the room because of all the noise Mary made and Jenna spoke up saying, "My daddy has a world class tongue when it comes to licking pussy and he makes me feel the greatest."

Shelly smiled and said, "I don't know, we'll have to have a pussy eat off contest to find out which one can make a girl scream louder. Ted made my pussy tremble like no one else has."

Ted smiled and said, "I don't know what I'm going to do with you two. From now on I won't be able to see you in a uniform without thinking of this special uniform. Both of you look so hot and sexy."

Ted and I stood up and then we helped both Mary and Shelly stand up. Ted and I gave them a hug and then I realized I felt different performing sex in front of the open front door where anyone could have come up on the porch and watched me licking Mary's pussy.

Kim walked over and gave Ted a hug while Marion walked over to me and pasted her body against mine and hugged me. Then Marion surprised me when she reached down and held my cock before she shook it saying, "Well, good morning to both of you, it's good to see both of you are up this morning." Everyone broke out laughing at Marion's comment.

Kim and Marion ended their hug with us and then switched and Ted and I each hugged our own wives. Kim leaned back and while smiling she said, "Dan, I love you so much I can't even begin to describe how I feel about you."

All of us turned and walked towards the kitchen then decided to use the dining room table, because we had more room there for everyone to sit down. We had a few moments when everything was moved before we settled down. Mary and Shelly took off their pistol belt and sat back down and all of us talked about how much we enjoyed yesterday's party. For the next hour we sat around talking about everything and anything. Finally Ted said, "Honey, we have to get started hanging the monitors and running the cable so we are ready for the rest of the crew to bury the cables tomorrow."

Ted turned to Terri saying, "I'm going to have at least three guys and another female working here tomorrow, so how do you want to handle the statements?"

Terri said, "If you give me their names I can make a statement for each of them today and you can get them to sign them tomorrow when they come here or you can wait and I can get them to sign a statement when they arrive. It won't make any difference to me."

Ted said, "When we go in the den, I'll give you their names and you can make the statements for me."

Marion asked Kim what she was doing today and Kim said, "Jenna, Terri, Mary, Shelly and I are going to visit Hanna in the hospital. I don't want her to think we forgot about her and she should be more alert than she was the other day when we saw her."

Ted spoke up saying, "Please, let Hanna know that Marion and I hope she gets better soon."

Ted turned serious and asked in a more professional voice, "Dan, Kim, what are your plans as far as Hanna goes? Are you going to invite her out here and if you do, how are you going to handle everyone being nude?

Terri spoke up saying, "I can't speak for mom and dad but I will tell you if Hanna chooses to come here, I will do everything in my power to help her understand living here as a nudist is not the same as being forced to strip naked in front of perverts and being spread open for their viewing pleasure, like both of us were."

I said, "We will offer to let her come here and stay and there's nothing saying that she will even take us up on the offer. But if she does, we will rely on Terri to help us with Hanna. Both of them have been stripped and displayed for the perverted pleasure and forced to perform oral sex on men they didn't know; so we feel Terri would be most qualified, out of all of us, to help Hanna. Of course, we will pay for professional help if we are advised by the doctors that would help her. We only want what's best for Hanna."

Kim spoke up saying, "If Hanna comes here and wants to wear clothes then we won't object."

Ted smiled and said, "It seems like you have a well thought out plan in case Hanna decides to come here. One of the benefits you can use to convince her to come out here to stay is tell her about the country setting in case she doesn't remember and then tell her that we have two officers stationed here to protect Terri and she will be equally protected if she comes here."

Ted continued, "I talked to my chief and asked him to keep me in the loop with what's going on with the investigation so I'll know what's happening all the time. Also I will know when the prosecution needs to talk to either Terri or Hanna and I can have Mary and Shelly bring them to headquarters in the patrol car so no one from the office has to know about your lifestyle and no one here has to get dressed while they're visiting. Dan, you can have your lawyers meet the girls at the office when they have to go for interviews."

Ashley and Debbie excused themselves saying they had to get to work. Ted and Marion stood up from their chairs and Ted said to me, "Dan, come into the den and let me confirm where you want the monitors. There will be four of them and they need to be mounted on the wall."

As Ted was walking out of the room, he turned and looked at Mary and Shelly saying, "Take the unmarked car to the hospital. You can wear regular clothes so you won't draw undo attention to yourselves or Terri?"

Shelly said, "That's ok, we can do that, but do you know Kim wants to go to the mall after we finish at the hospital?"

Ted smiled saying, "Your detail is to protect Terri, so wherever she needs to go, you are authorized to take the police car."

Kim said, "We need to get some breakfast, so what would everyone like?"

There was a brief discussion before it was agreed upon eggs and bacon would be fast and easy and would require the least amount of preparation. Jenna said, "While you are preparing breakfast I'm going to run up and take a shower so I'm ready to go to the hospital."

Kim turned to Terri, Shelly and Mary saying, "Why don't all three of you go get your shower and then we'll be ready to go immediately after breakfast and then we can stop by the mall before we come back home. All I have to do is get dressed."

Lisa and Becky stayed behind in the kitchen to help Kim prepare breakfast. Kim asked Becky to cook the bacon while she mixed up a batch of scrambled eggs. Lisa got the job of making toast and buttering it. All three worked side by side getting everything ready. Then all three worked together to set the table and poured orange juice for everyone. Kim made a fresh pot of coffee and asked, "Lisa, will you go tell the girls and Dan breakfast is ready?"

Lisa trotted off towards the stairs and when she reached Jenna's room she said, "Breakfast is ready."

Jenna was finishing her makeup and said, "Thanks honey, I'll be right down."

Lisa moved down the hall to Mary's room and when she looked into the room she saw Mary and Shelly locked in a passionate kiss so Lisa knocked on the door frame and said, "Breakfast is ready."

Mary stepped back from Shelly saying, "Come on Shelly, let's go get something nutritious to eat."

When Mary and Shelly got to the bedroom door Lisa opened her arms and reached out and gave both Mary and Shelly a hug before she turned and walked down the hall holding Mary's hand. When they arrived in the dining room Jenna was already there. Breakfast was served and there was general conversation while everyone ate. Jenna said, "Daddy, Becky and Lisa are going to keep you company while we go to the hospital."

Becky smiled asking, "Daddy Dan, would you like to take another walk around the estate again today? I had a lot of fun being outside and walking yesterday. It was so free to be completely naked and walking through the woods."

I looked at Becky and said, "I'd love to take you and Lisa for a walk. It is refreshing and I really enjoyed the walk yesterday too."

When we finished breakfast everyone pitched in and cleaned up and before long everything was done. Kim, Jenna, Terri, Mary and Shelly went upstairs to get dressed. When they came back downstairs, everyone was dressed for the warm weather in short skirts and light blouses. It was obvious Kim, Jenna or Terri didn't have a bra on because their titties bounced when they walked. Before leaving, Mary and Shelly walked into the den and asked Ted if there were any last minute orders. Ted said, "Be careful and vigilant of everyone around you while you are gone. Do you have a radio and your weapons?"

After Mary and Shelly showed Ted they had their weapons inside their hand bags along with their radio they hurried out of the den and found Kim, Jenna and Terri waiting for them by the front door. All five of them gave me a hug and kiss on their way out the door. I closed the front door then turned around to find Lisa and Becky waiting for me.

"Daddy Dan, Lisa and I want you to go with us out in the woods to the little stream we saw yesterday and walk along the stream and see if there is a place deep enough to go swimming."

I walked in and told Ted and Marion I was going for a walk and the only ones who are in the house is Ashley and Debbie. I told Ted he was welcome to answer the door if he wanted to, if not, don't worry about it. I found Ashley and Debbie in the laundry room and informed them I was stepping out and Ted and Marion were in the den. Lisa and Becky slipped on their sandals and grabbed three towels so all I had to do was step into my sandals before I walked out on the deck.

Once we were outside Becky asked if we could walk out to the front lawn and down towards the road then walk around the edge of the property. I looked at her and all she did was smile back at me when I said, "Ok, we can go that way."

We walked around the house towards the front with me in the center and a young lady holding my hand on each side. Becky was carrying my towel along with her own in her right hand. I noticed as we walked both girls took the liberty to watch my cock bobbing up and down in front of me.

When we got to the front of the house by the garage we saw Bill getting out of his truck. He saw us, then smiled and waved at us. We walked over to his truck and he said, "I'm here to clean the pool and hot tub like Terri asked me to do."

"The only ones in the house right now are Ted, Marion, Debbie and Ashley. Would you mind going into the house and let one of them know you are here?" I asked Bill.

He smiled at me and asked, "I see all three of you are naked, is it alright if I leave my clothes in the truck?"

I replied, "Bill we are nudists, when you're here, you can be nude anytime or any place."

Bill smiled saying, "Yes I was really shocked yesterday when I saw all the females here completely nude and no one was dashing off trying to cover their bits. Then Terri explained everything to me and I'm going to love working here."

I said, "We are going to take a walk, so please let one of the people know you are here, so they won't be surprised when they see you."

We said our goodbyes and Lisa, Becky and I started walking across the front lawn. A few seconds later a car drove past the end of my driveway without slowing down but suddenly I felt vulnerable but at the same time I felt swollen with pride walking with these two very beautiful naked young ladies out in the open like we were. When we got down to the double row of evergreen trees which bordered the front of my property near the road, Becky said, "Let's step between the trees and see what we can see."

Suddenly I had a feeling Becky had something more in mind than just looking. I asked, "Becky you know the road is on the other side of the trees, what do you want to do, be seen naked by a passing car?"

Becky smiled at me saying, "Daddy Dan, I read some stories about people doing daring things like that and I had this tingling feeling every time I read one of those stories. This is an excellent place to explore because we are on a back road and not a main highway so it is unlikely anyone will see me but I would like to see what I could get away with."

Looking at Becky I scratched my head and asked, "What exactly do you want to try?"

Becky said, "I'd love to go stand in the middle of the road completely naked and maybe lay down with my legs spread just to see how it feels to try something so daring."

Again I looked at Becky and said, "I don't think that's a good idea. Even though we can see a long way in either direction from our driveway, I would hate for someone to see you and stop and make trouble for us."

Becky grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the driveway saying, "Come on Daddy Dan, let's go look and see if anyone is coming down the road."

Reluctantly I allowed Becky to pull me towards the driveway with Lisa following right next to me. When we reached the driveway Becky pulled on my hand, but I stopped and wouldn't go any further. Becky begged me and Lisa to follow her out to the end of the driveway, which was only fifteen feet away, and look up and down the road to see if anyone was coming. My cock was at full mast and although I was turned on by the idea of watching Becky step into the road completely naked with her beautiful tight little ass, her slick bald lil pussy, and those wonderful round "C" sized titties, my mind was suddenly in turmoil over what I should do. My body won out over my better judgment and I inched forward until all three of us were near the end of the driveway and we could look up and down the road and see no one was coming in either direction.

I watched as Becky suddenly dashed out in the middle of the road and turned to face Lisa and me as she started doing jumping jacks. I watched Becky's perfect titties bounce up and down with each movement she made and when she opened her legs I watched her magnificent pussy open and then close. As a finale, Becky did two cart wheels down the center of the road before rushing back to Lisa and me saying, "What a fucking rush!"

All three of us were standing at the end of my driveway keeping vigil on both directions for any traffic when Becky said, "Daddy Dan, I'll suck your cock right here. To make it more interesting, I'll bend over at the waist, spread my feet wide apart showing my pussy and asshole to whomever passes, as long as you agree not to move until you cum, even if a car comes by."

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