The Morrisons Ch. 12


Bill blushed before saying, "Oh my, I better be on my best behavior if we are going to have an audience watching us. To tell you the truth, I've been thinking a lot about your offer since yesterday too and on top of being a nervous wreck I'm excited that a girl wants to try my cock inside her. This is a special moment for me."

Mary and Bill walked up the stairs and everyone followed. They got on the bed and Mary said, "I hope you don't mind Bill, but I want to be on top to start out so I can control how much of your cock goes in my pussy."

Bill smiled and lay down on his back with his cock pointing straight up in the air. Mary laid on top of Bill, then hugged and kissed him. She said, "Bill, I don't want you to think I am just using you as a sex object."

Bill looked up into Mary's powder blue eyes before saying, "Mary, you don't know how much I appreciate what you are going to attempt to do. Most guys would give anything to have a big cock and most females only dream about a big cock until they see one, then they have second thoughts. I don't get offers like yours, so you are doing a very big favor for me and that's why I'm nervous."

Mary and Bill started kissing and exploring each other's body with their hands. Mary's small hand was partly wrapped around Bill's big cock while Bill used both his hands to cup and gently massage and squeeze Mary's "A" sized tits with her sensitive tiny, pink nipples. Mary moaned into Bill's mouth as she continued the battle of their tongue war.

Mary broke the kiss and said, "I want you to eat my pussy before you stuff it full of cock."

Bill smiled up at Mary saying, "Lady, you can ask me to do almost anything this morning. But if I'm going to do that, I want you to lie down on the bed."

Mary moved quickly off Bill and once she was on her back she pulled her legs up and apart baring her small pussy crack and her tiny rosebud asshole to his gaze. Bill was kneeling between Mary's legs looking down and enjoying the view when Mary broke the silence by saying, "Bill ..... earth to Bill ....... it ain't going to lick itself."

Bill broke his stare and looked up into Mary's very pretty face and particularly her blue eyes framed by her blonde hair before saying, "Oh, Mary you are so beautiful even down here. You should take a picture of you right now and hang it on the wall."

Mary smiled saying, "I'll think about that Bill, but right now I have something down there that needs attention and you're the only one in position to take care of it."

Bill smiled as he moved and positioned himself so he could lick Mary's pussy. It didn't take him long to have Mary squirming on the bed begging him to nibble her clit then lick it. Bill was lost in his efforts to please Mary and didn't realize how close she was to her orgasm until she clamped her muscular thighs around his head, trapping his face against her sopping wet slit as she bucked her hips and screamed in pleasure. In the waning moments of the orgasm that violently shook her body, Mary released Bill's head and he immediately sat up and tried to catch his breath saying, "Damn Mary, I thought you were going to drown me. I couldn't pull back with your legs clamped on my head."

Mary looked up and Bill with a dreamy look before saying, "I am so sorry, Bill. You made me feel so great I guess I squeezed you a little too tight."

Bill moved up to lie beside Mary and take her in his arms saying, "That's ok, I'm still here and there was no harm done."

Mary and Bill started kissing and after a few seconds Mary smiled and said, "Now's the time to find out how much of this magnificent cock will fit into my juicy pussy."

Mary got up and moved around until she squatted over Bill's hips then reached between her legs and aimed his massive cock towards her small bald pussy. She lowered her body down enough to rub the tip of his cock in her juices before she finally started to lower herself. The tip disappeared without any problems, but the mushroom head took a minute or so as Mary waited until she felt comfortable to push downward a little more. The whole time she was talking to Bill saying, "God Bill, your cock feels great. I can't wait until I have you inside me. You have such a wonderful cock."

Slowly, Mary started to move her hips up and down allowing her pussy to stretch slowly and steadily. With each movement a little more of his cock disappeared into her juicy pussy. His cock head glistened each time Mary raised up. Everyone stood quietly awestruck watching Mary. Even Ted couldn't take his eyes off Bill's cock as it slowly stretched Mary's pussy enough so she could fit more of it inside her. Finally, the large mushroom head of Bill's cock disappeared inside Mary and she gasped, "OH FUCK, BILL, YOUR COCK, OH GOD ........ it feels sooooo GOOD!"

Mary stayed right where she was and allowed her pussy to stretch for a few seconds before she allowed her hips to move downward and about an inch and a half of Bill's cock disappeared inside Mary. Once Mary had about three inches of cock inside her, she started to move slowly up and down and impaling herself on Bill's fleshy sword while Bill held Mary's ass cheeks in his hands to help Mary balance herself better.

Everyone busted out laughing when suddenly Mary sang out, "I think I can ...... I think I can .... choo ......chooo .....!"

Bill looked around at everyone before asking Mary, "What's so funny?"

Mary smiled at Bill saying, "I was mimicking what Jenna said when she was talking about taking your cock inside a pussy. She compared it to the little engine that could. Now that I have you inside me, and it feels marvelous, I can now say, I know I can ..... I know I can ..... chooo ..... chooo ....!"

Even Bill started laughing when Mary finished. Mary looked down at Bill and said, "I want to switch now so you can get behind me and fuck me but you still have to be careful not to ram all of it inside me."

It only took a few seconds for Mary and Bill to switch places with Mary on her hands and knees and Bill behind her. He looked down at her swollen red pussy and asked Mary, "Are you sure you're ok? Your pussy lips are red and swollen?"

Mary said, "Don't worry Bill, I feel fine and I can't wait for you to slide that wonderful cock back into me."

Bill lined up his cock with Mary's pussy and pushed forward slowly sinking his cock into her. Suddenly, Mary jumped and said, "That's it, Bill, don't go in any further, you've hit bottom."

Everyone watched at Bill slowly started to pump into Mary's stretched pussy. Mary started to moan almost immediately as Bill's cock pistoned into her with smooth calculated strokes. Bill was careful not to push himself any deeper into Mary than she had indicated. It didn't take long before both of them were building towards erotic ecstasy and a mind boggling orgasm. Soon Mary said, "Bill, I want you to shoot your load into my hot pussy. I want you to fill me with your baby making juice. Please, Bill ...... let me have it, I'm so close and I want us to cum together."

Listening to Mary beg him pushed Bill over the edge and he exclaimed, "Mary ...... MARY ....... I ....... I'm cumming! Ugh!"

Suddenly Mary screamed an ear piercing scream as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to shake and wobble uncontrollably. Her knees became weak and she started to sink into the bed, but Bill held her hips up and continued to pump his cock and his load into Mary's hot, wet and tight pussy. He slowed as his own orgasm ebbed. Sweat poured off Bill's brow down onto Mary's ass as Mary continued to gasp for breath. Finally she was able to mutter, "Oh God, what a fucking ride! I can't believe I have a rocket in my cunt which blasted off to parts unknown. Thank you, Bill, I want to take another ride on your wonderful cock but not today, I'm a little sore right now."

Bill got a worried look on his face as he looked down at Mary saying, "Oh, I am so sorry Mary, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Mary looked over her shoulder at Bill as he withdrew his cock from her dripping pussy and said, "Oh Bill, it isn't that kind of hurt. This is the kind of happy type sore, it's a satisfied type sore, it's a ....... well fucked type sore. You didn't do anything wrong actually you did everything perfectly. You are truly a gentle man and I want you back inside me again soon."

It started with Shelly then spread rapidly through the audience and within seconds the room was reverberating with the sound of clapping hands. Bill and Mary looked at the people standing beside the bed and smiled at them. Then Bill looked at Mary saying, "This is the first time I've ever really put my cock in a girl and I never would have thought we'd have a cheering section when we finished."

Mary smiled at Bill saying, "Only here at the Morrison's house ....... only here ..... thank God for the Morrisons."

Mary rolled off the bed and stood up and with her legs pressed tightly together and she headed for the bathroom saying, "I've got to go, I don't want to leak all over the bed and carpet. Bill, come with me and we'll get showered together."

Bill rolled off the bed and headed towards the bathroom as the audience turned and started to leave the room. Once everyone was back downstairs Hanna said, "I still can't believe Mary fit most of Bill's huge cock inside her. But I like how he took his time and didn't force himself into her."

Shelly said, "I want to try him next. Bill's a real nice guy and it's too bad girls are scared away because of his size."

Ted spoke up saying, "I have to give the guy a lot of credit, he didn't try to rush and he was very considerate of Mary. I always wished I had a bigger cock, but after watching Bill and Mary, I've decided to be very happy with what I have."

Bill and Mary came downstairs hand in hand and everyone looked at them as they came into the room. Mary was wearing a very big smile on her face and the smile on Bill's face was the proverbial ear to ear smile. They stopped and Mary reached down and picked up Bill's cock saying, "If any of you girls want to take a ride on this stud, you'd be the happiest girl around just like me right now. This cock is one fine specimen of male appendage and it's attached to a man, who I just found out, is the most gentle man I know."

Everyone clapped their hands again, then settled down and participated in general conversation. Finally Bill said, "I have to get going and clean the pool because I'm already going to be late getting to work."

Terri looked at Bill saying, "Bill, no one really used the pool and hot tub yesterday so if you want to let them go today, it's ok."

Bill asked, "Are you sure, I can clean them quick."

Terri said, "Hurry up and get going so you won't be late for your other job. The pool and hot tub will be fine for today."

Terri walked Bill towards the door and waited for him to get his shorts and tee-shirt on then opened the door and gave him a hug and a kiss before he left. Terri closed the door and walked back to the kitchen where Mary was talking excitedly, re-living her emotions and satisfaction with the way Bill treated her.

Ted said, "I'm going to work and I'll be back here around five or six tonight. If you need me for anything, just call me on the phone or radio."


When we arrived at the Hamden Manufacturing Co. we were warmly greeted and escorted immediately to one of the board rooms where we met with some department heads. We talked briefly about the plant, and then one of the supervisors told us they had planned a tour for us. Each of us was given a hard hat and safety glasses then we left the board room and headed into the plant. Our tour lasted about forty five minutes and ended in the same board room we started from. While we were gone some refreshments and snacks had been left in the room and offered to us upon our return.

Soon the CEO and the board of directors arrived and everyone took their seats. Tom, Brenda, Beth and I were sitting at the front of the room flanking the CEO. He introduced Tom first then Tom introduced me and asked me to give a short talk. When I finished, the room stood and applauded what I had to say. When the room quieted down, I offered everyone the opportunity to ask some questions. I fielded a few simple questions and then I received a couple of questions which caused me to refer to my laptop before answering. Beth was very helpful and had the information up on the screen for me to look at. Everyone seemed to be satisfied with the answers I gave them and soon there were no more questions.

When the meeting ended, the CEO told Tom he was taking us out to lunch. Before we left the board room, all of us spent a few minutes shaking hands with everyone.

Tom leaned over and whispered in my ear, "That was a gutsy move opening up the floor to questions without notes or text, but you pulled it off, in style."

I smiled and said confidently, "Mr. Banks, that's the way I operate. I want others to know I am on top of things."

After we shook hands with each person they left the room and finally the room was empty with the exception of the four of us and the CEO and his secretary. We walked out of the building together and our driver was waiting for us. The CEO gave our driver the address for the restaurant we were going to then he walked over to his car and got in. The conversation was more relaxed during lunch because we had already conducted all the business.

Lunch lasted a little over an hour and when we finished our driver took us back to the airport. Once again I marveled as the people scurried around and took our luggage out of the car and onto the plane. We walked up the stairs to the door of the plane and Captain McGrath met us at the door and shook our hands as we entered the plane. We sat down in the front seats until we took off and then we got up and walked back to the lounge and sat down. Tom, Brenda, Beth and I relaxed on the sofas and talked about everything, except business. Our flight passed quickly and soon the stewardess came by to ask us to buckle up for landing.

As we walked down the stairs we saw Joe standing beside our car holding the door open for us. When we were near the car Joe addressed Tom by saying, "I hope you had a wonderful trip, Mr. Banks."

Tom smiled saying, "Yes, Joe, we had an excellent trip but it's nice to be home."

Joe whisked us back to the office and when Beth and I walked into our office Kelly stood up and welcomed us back and then walked to Beth's office door and unlocked it. I went into my office sat down in my chair.

I called Kim to let her know we were back and spoke briefly with her before Beth came into my office with a note and placed it on my desk. I told Kim I had to go take care of a problem and she said, "I understand, I'll see you when you get home."

When I hung up the phone I asked Beth to show in the person waiting to see me. I listened to his problem and came up with a solution almost immediately. I let him talk until he was satisfied he had explained his point of view to me, and then I told him I would take care of his problem. I thanked him for bringing the matter to my attention and shook hands with him before Beth led him to the door. I made a couple of phone calls and the problem was solved. For the rest of the afternoon everything went smoothly and I conducted regular company business.


About a half an hour before I was ready to leave for the day, I called home and asked Mary if she wanted to meet me at the gun shop and help me pick out a couple of new hand guns. Mary told me she would be dressed and on her way in five minutes so I wouldn't have to wait too long for her.

I finished up the work I had to do then looked at my watch and saw that it was time for me to leave. I called Beth into my office and said, "I've got to meet Mary in a little while so I am going to be leaving in a few minutes. You are welcome to ride with me and stay at my house again, if you want to. I'm sure you will enjoy your evening much more than if you went home."

Beth was quick to say, "Dan, I'd love to stay at your house again tonight and learn more about the man who is my knight in shining armor. Let me get my things together and I will be ready to go in just a few seconds. I'm going to take one of my suits from here so I won't have to go home and pick something up."

I picked up my laptop and put it in the carrying case then looked around my desk to make sure there wasn't any sensitive company information left out in the open. When I walked into Beth's office she was standing by her desk doing some last minute preparation. She looked up and saw me then smiled and said, "I'm ready to go."

We walked to my car and got in. I drove over to the gun shop Mary suggested we go to and when we pulled into the parking lot, we didn't have to wait long for Mary to arrive. We got out and Mary smiled broadly when she saw both of us and came over and gave each of us a hug and kiss. We walked into the gun shop together and I was impressed by the large selection of all types of weapons from bows, rifles, shotguns to hand guns. Mary introduced me to the owner of the shop and he asked me what I was looking for. I told him that I wanted something for personal protection. I looked around a few minutes before Mary suggested I look at the Glock hand guns. Making a selection took about a half an hour, but I chose to purchase two Glock Night Raptor M12 hand guns. I also picked up belt holsters and enough ammo for Kim and me to become proficient in shooting and hitting what we were aiming at. The shop owner took care of all the paperwork and calling in to do a record check before he packaged everything for me.

We left the gun shop and Mary smiled saying, "I know you will be happy with those Glocks. They have the night sights on them."

Beth and I got into my car and Mary followed us in the unmarked police car as we drove to my house. We carried on some small talk during the trip and I found out Beth was really excited I had invited her back to our home. I smiled when Beth said she couldn't wait to talk privately with Kim and tell her how much fun she had last night in our suite. When we arrived, I pulled into the garage and Beth said, "Awww, home again. I love this place."

I smiled at Beth saying, "Someday you might say that and it will be completely true."

Beth turned and looked at me asking, "What are you talking about Dan Morrison?"

I looked at Beth and while smiling I said, "Maybe, someday, you might find a place out here that is appealing to you and you may move out of the city. That's all I'm saying."

We got out of the car and Mary met us in the garage and walked into the kitchen with us. There was a flurry of activity as Kim, Jenna, Terry, Shelly and Hanna rushed us and hugged and kissed Beth and me. I looked around and asked, "Is there another party scheduled for tonight or something?"

Kim stepped back and said, "There's no party tonight honey, honest. We're happy to see you home safely. We all missed you so much last night."

I said, "Ok, well I'm ready to get out of my clothes so I'll be back in a few minutes."

Beth asked Kim, "Will I have the same room I had to other night?"

Kim smiled and said, "No honey come on, I'll show you to your room. Ted and Marion are going to stay over again tonight."

Kim hooked her arm in Beth's and they walked off towards the stairs. Mary looked at me and said, "I'm with you; let's go get naked."

As we neared the stairs, Marion came walking out of the den and saw me. She quickened her step and came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss then said, "Welcome home, Dan."

I kissed Marion and said, "Thank you."

As Mary and I started up the stairs, she was already stripping off her clothes as she walked. Her blouse and bra was off by the time we reached her room but she turned asking me, "Do you need some help?"

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