tagGroup SexThe Most Expensive Sex... Ever

The Most Expensive Sex... Ever


She bent down and pushed her full lips into my neck. Her tongue followed, wetting the area her breath had just warmed up. I shivered and felt my cock stiffen. I was seated at my desk, it was late. She had come into my office on slow steps and with measured movements.

I reached around and pulled her curvaceous figure onto my lap. Her breasts were heaving from the surprise. I pulled open the buttons of her white blouse, revealing the black bra underneath.

I locked my lips onto hers while unclasping her bondage and her nipples popped out, pink and soft.

I lowered my head and ran my tongue over a nipple, tasting her. She leaned back and gave me the perfect angle to bury my face in her breasts.

I lightly dragged a nipple through my teeth, she moaned and her legs parted. My hand found her thighs and the formal stockings. I liked a challenge.

Just as I was about to get up and undress her, the door opened. I froze, but she was calm. She winked at me with a perfect brown eye.

In came the temp. She had started in my office a few days ago. I had noticed her because she had long, luscious red hair. She smiled at Sandra (the woman currently occupying my lap) and my heart raced.

"Come in Clara dear, and close the door," Sandra spoke to the temp in a husky voice dripping with lust.

Clara closed the door and Sandra vacated my lap, leaving the lingering presence of her heat.

Sandra walked up to the newly arrived woman and pulled her to the couch in the corner of my office.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Sandra was slowly undressing her. Clara stared at me and smiled,

"I hope I am not intruding," Oh dear god no, she was definitely not intruding.

I walked over to the two women who were now half naked. The contrast between their breasts made my dick scream to be released. Clara had dark brown nipples and smaller breasts. I touched them, feeling them stiffen. My other hand found Sandra's pussy. Wet.

The women began kissing each other, causing me to pep-talk myself like I hadn't needed to do since college. I wanted to explode just from my eyes feasting on this scene unfolding before me.

Clara extracted herself from Sandra's embrace and blessedly undressed me. She pulled me closer to the couch and pushed me down on my back. I was now lying naked and in all my hardened glory before the two females.

Sandra brought her wet mouth down over my cock as Clara knelt down to lick Sandra's pussy. The vision of Clara's small mouth playing with Sandra's pink pussy was nearly enough for me to blow. And so when Sandra's mouth reached the end of my shaft, I did. I came into her mouth with a gasp and a school-boy ecstasy.

She licked up all my come and turned around to Clara.

The two women entered their own little world as I lay and enjoyed the vestiges of my release.

Sandra was sitting with her legs open wide and Clara's face against her pussy.

I reached over and with one hand caressed Sandra's nipples and with my other I slid a finger into Clara's wetness. They both moaned.

I was instantly hard. My dick bounced up and I angled my glistening head over the entrance of Clara's pussy. Sandra was breathing hard as the other woman sucked her with a sensual rhythm.

I slowly pushed my erection into Clara and she gasped, abandoning her pursuit of Sandra for a second.

I could see the effect that my dick fucking Clara had on Sandra; I wanted to watch her as she reached orgasm. I wanted to see Clara's tiny mouth over the other woman's clit. I wanted everything.

I increased the tempo with which my penis rammed into Clara, again distracting her for an instant. Sandra grabbed Clara's head and held her mouth to her pussy.

The pace picked up all round.

Both women were gasping and moaning.

Sandra's body tensed, her thighs stiffened around Clara's head as she came, gasping and moaning.

Clara came up for air and I bent low over her back, taking hold of her breast and fucking her with abandon. My dick was celebrating, but it wasn't yet time. Clara's pussy contracted around my penis and she fell forward onto Sandra as her orgasm became apparent.

I took hold of her hips and in two hard strokes Clara was gushing fluids from her sex.

The women were hot, flustered and smiling. So was I.

Sandra pushed me down and straddled me. She slid her dripping pussy over my rock-hard member and Clara positioned herself behind Sandra, fingers stimulating her clit in circular motions.

Sandra proceeded to ride me expertly, clenching her muscles around me.

The image of the two women over me and the feeling of being fucked senseless, soon had me close to the edge, both women were moaning and all I could see were bouncing breasts.

I felt the sensation in the rest of my body first; Clara was rubbing her hand over Sandra's nipples and breathing heavily.

And then I came. Splendidly, amidst a chorus of gasps, moans and sighs of release.

The two women and I fell asleep in a tangle of limbs and body parts. It was pure bliss.

I woke up the next morning with a raging headache.

Did I have anything to drink last night?

Yes, Sandra poured wine just after the little 'sexcapade' and we had fallen asleep straight after.

I stood up and looked around my office, it was in disarray.

The women were gone.

Oh god. My safe was standing open!

I rushed over and realisation hit me.

I had to give it to the two women, it was clever. But my life was most probably ruined.

I just had the most expensive sex in history!

5 million dollars worth.

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