tagIncest/TabooThe Mother I Never Knew Ch. 04

The Mother I Never Knew Ch. 04


*Happiness is never truly owned; we borrow it and if we are lucky, we lend it to others*

*Thanks to Shawhollow for his editing work on this chapter*

*Some people have asked me about the character of Heidi so I felt an explanation might help. Heidi is the great enabler of this story; she sparks the chemistry between Joshua and Sienna. She'll do the same with Natalie. Heidi is the 'outsider' you can tell your dirty little secret to because she has her own dirty little secrets. She gets her time in the story and her background is part of it but her background is also about family and what can go wrong, yet become right. In the end this is an incest story where Heidi starts out as an oddball addition but grows to become as much Sienna's daughter and a sister to Joshua and Natalie. Now that's incest in my mind.*

(Late Night)

I woke up to the realization that it was pitch black and that Heidi had slipped away. Mom, as was her apparent pattern, was snoring softly while lying on her stomach. Heidi's clothing drawers were untouched so it was unlikely she had left. I got out of bed and padded over to the bathroom – no Heidi – then to the hallway. She stood at the far end near the foot of the stairs looking out the long narrow window into the back yard.

"Hey," I whispered to her before I gently wrapped her up in my arms.

"Have you had several girlfriends?" she asked me a minute later.

"Let me think...eleven, starting when I was sixteen – Sylvia Dupree was my first," I answered. "She spent her senior year at a high school in France with her parents. Last I heard she was working for the French National Rail Service as a systems engineer."

"Oh," Heidi said in a small voice.

"It would suck if we were still together," I kissed the top of her head. She looked up and over her shoulder for the answer.

"She never made me feel as lucky as I do right now," I smiled.

"But she's been to college and has a good job," Heidi hrumpfed, "I bet she was beautiful too."

"She was very attractive , I'm not going to lie to you, but she also had the bad habit of always having to be right even if we both knew she was wrong," I kissed her nose, "That crap gets old fast, believe me."

"You should have told me she was hideous," Heidi wiggled her butt against me.

"We have to trust each other so no lying," I directed the next kiss to her right eyebrow.

"Never?" she questioned.

"Good point; 85% truth," I offered. "All ladies need to keep some secrets."

"I can do that," she said after a moment's hesitation then, "What would you lie to me about?" she prodded me. 'Women,' I thought.

"Certainly when I tell you that you are safe from my attentions, you had better believe you are not safe," I teased. I also moved my hands up and cupped each breast.

"Aren't you going to grow tired of me?" Heidi just kept coming and I'd had enough.

"What's really wrong, Love?" I asked.

"If I did a bad thing – a really bad thing, would you punish me as badly as I deserve?" Heidi turned around and buried her forehead into my chest.

"Stop it," I put my foot down. "Our relationship is real, Heidi. Don't play games with me."

"Joshua, I'm married," she sobbed as she scratched the surface of some deep, horrific wound. 'Oh hell,' I tried not to gulp.

"I can accept that," I sighed. "Do you want to divorce this person? I'd like to consider marriage at some point time when I want to take that step for us?" I was really gauging her idea of remarrying and her commitment to us. I liked what I felt from her breathing and pulse.

"Joshua, I made a lousy wife," she choked out the words along the same vein of pain.

"I don't care what kind of wife you made for some guy I've never met," I told her. "I want you, I will fight for you and I'm not going to let you go without a struggle."

"I..." she mumbled.

"Mom thinks you are great and Natalie already sees you as a close friend – and that's pure you, Heidi," I confided. "You made my family appreciate you and that's no small feat," though mostly conjecture.

Heidi looked up at me for almost a minute.

"Keep it up Joshua, you are making me feel good about myself," she gave a wane grin.

"Well, you helped bring me and my Sienna together," I continued. "You moved so seamlessly that I was aroused by my mother with minimal pointless regrets."

"These are not meaningless things Heidi; you've changed the way I think and for the better," I concluded.

"Plus you like to have sex with me," Heidi asserted.

"Well – yes, when I get tired of using hand lotion," I sighed and rolled my eyes heaven ward. Heidi beat her forehead against my chest.

"Come here," Sienna motioned from the bedroom door, "come here Baby," she opened her arms and beckoned Heidi forward with her hands. I pivoted and pushed Heidi toward her. She stumbled slightly then ran into Sienna's embrace. "I'm your Mother now," she cooed as she wrapped Heidi up in a powerful hug that drove Heidi's chin into Sienna's cavernous cleavage.

"My Mother sold me when I was fourteen," Heidi mumbled.

"Do you think I'd ever sell any of my children no matter what the price?" Sienna asked softly. Heidi hesitated, still grappling with her own demons. "You know I consider you a daughter now?" Heidi lowered her head and sobbed. "What does your heart say, Precious?"

"I don't know," Heidi hiccupped hesitantly.

"Then you take your time to work things out Heidi," Sienna rocked Heidi back and forth. "There is no deadline on family." She guided Heidi back to bed and I followed along once I was sure I had committed this instance to memory. Heidi was mine now and that meant if someone might be coming, I had to find them and stomp them flat first. The safety of all my women was paramount. I'd earned my treasures, damn it.


By our new custom, I cooked, Sienna cleaned the dishes and Heidi kept up the conversation – it seemed I got my stoicism from my Mother – and would give me a fantastic blowjob while I sat at my computer and attempted to go through my e-mails and fire off some replies (without firing off too early myself).

Sienna was relaxing somewhat; allowing me to come up behind her and nibble on her earlobe before driving Heidi into an unexpected work day. She was covering the day for the boss so she could get Saturday off. I became a lodestone to Heidi as she opened the shop. She'd perform a task or two only to run back and give me a hug. I was hardly a psychologist but I could tell she needed help and reassurance.

"Heidi, you have lunch at one?" I asked.

"One-thirty," she corrected sheepishly.

"Fine, we are going shopping then so figure where we can some food to go as well," I instructed.

"May I ask what we are shopping for?" she asked obsequiously.

"Leashes. I think I want to lead you around on a leash in the morning so you can't wander off," which was total bullshit. Heidi was like my shadow in the mornings. She took baby-steps toward me and unlike previous hugs this was slow and cautious but all the warmer because of it. "We are going to need some specific paddles as well."

"Yes Joshua," she purred. "I'm sorry I'm so naughty."

"What; you think I didn't see you ready to scamper off and play with Sienna this morning," I chastised Heidi. "I saw Mom looking at you; too, and leading you on so she's getting some extra attention when I get home, too." The look in her eyes told me she hoped I didn't get all my imaginary vengeance out of the way before she got home and shared in the action.

"Take care Love," I slowly pulled away, went to the car and headed downtown. I had to move the process along getting my Concealed Firearm Permit. After that, I returned home, worked on some projects, then went down to where Mom was working out. We kept checking each other out as we built up good sheens of sweat.

(Relearning Sienna)

"Sienna," I spoke out loud. She looked over at me, sat up from the bench press then stood. I brought her to the chest fly and Mom instinctively stretched out her arms. I slipped out of my shoes, socks and took off my shirt while she smiled at me. I put down the socks on the bench between Mom's outstretched legs.

I scooted until we were face to face, we kissed, and she smiled and looked down. I hooked my thumbs under her shirt and rolled the sweaty thing up. Sienna raised her arms, finishing removing her shirt while I went back for the sports bra. Only when that was thrown to the floor did I use each sock to bind each of her outstretched wrists to each equipment arm.

I feasted on her nipples as I completed the task.

"Close your eyes Sienna," I ordered. There was this special little smile as she did so. I worked off her shoes, socks and pants – she'd gone commando. As I pulled off each article of clothing, I traced my fingers over her flesh with the occasional lick as well.

I wasn't sure what Sienna thought with me sneaking off for a few seconds but she didn't feel me until I hoisted her hips up so that she was sitting on my thighs, my cock between us. I bowed my body several times, sucking in one tit then the other. I would twirl the areola and withdraw onto the tip before switching. Right when I had Sienna hooked I picked up my torture for the moment and took aim.

Sienna had purloined one of those water bottles with the artificial ice core so this was truly cold water. I squirted the nipple I had just left and Sienna gasped and hopped in my lap. She almost spoke but one of our rules for her was silence unless she raised a finger for attention. I set the bottle aside and turned my attention to fingering her slit lightly while still sucking her nipples.

I could read the anticipation in her flesh and its hypersensitivity. The nipples became as tough as hard rubber which allowed me to chew on them and flick the tip with my tongue. I still had a schedule to keep but for this session I allowed my senses greater time to soak Mom in. Heidi was right; Sienna has a sensitive anus but not in the way Heidi's was.

Mom liked her rear was tantalized but her truest joy was in vaginal intercourse – a straight forward ravishing. Then there were her earlobes being nibbled while my stubble raked her neck, licking around her breasts and having her upper body struggle against restraints. Then I picked up the bottle once more and dribbled some ice water on her and she squealed.

I quickly grabbed her left hip, pulled her up and impaled her on my cock. Mom hissed with pleasure and rocked her stomach and hips forward to help me enter her faster. I kept my left hand cupping her thick left butt cheek to pull her up so she could go slamming down, hungrily devouring my penis.

We kissed intensely and I sucked on her neck and bit it. She began shuddering and gulping down desperate breathes of air; so close to coming. That's when I sprayed our point of joining with a stream of icy water, mainly catching her fiery clit. Sienna howled then clenched her teeth. I dropped the bottle before vigorously massaging her frozen clit.

Four deep, ragged breaths later, she gave another hiss as her whole body tensed then she screamed out with a long 'Aaahhh' and thrashing her body about. I kept pounding her until Sienna was nearly spent and I held her tight and let her soak up my warmth.

"I'm untying you now then you are going to finish me off," I commanded.

Sienna nodded, somewhat dazed. I had to guide her arms down and then move her leg over the bench so she could suck my cock. Once my cock touched her lips, Sienna coaxed me in with suction and her tongue. Her hand came to rest on my hips to better control how much she took me in. I matched that by putting both hands on her head to keep it where I wanted it.

Sienna never fought me for control, instead using her hands to make me aware of how she was holding up. Once she'd given my cockhead and shaft a good going over with her lips and tongue, she began sucking more of my rod down her throat. There has to be something said bout bobbing your penis passed your partner's gag reflexes.

"Cumming," I exhaled. Sienna dropped her hands to her side allowing total control over her. I fed her a bit more meat than started to shoot my seed down her gullet. Sienna swallowed like a champ so that after five blasts I started to withdraw. I drew her right arm up until she was coddling my balls and cleaning me up.

Finally she raised a finger for attention.

"You may open your eyes, Sienna, and talk," I said evenly.

"Damn this bitch feels good – Joshua," Sienna grinned mischievously. "Are we going to make a habit of this?"

"We'll see! It depends on whether you can get me rock hard." I snorted my own amusement.

"In that case I plan to get filled up by that cock a lot," she winked, "any way you want me, blindfolded, hands cuffed behind my back and knees, or spread eagle on your bed, or bent over the..." Sienna taunted me with the visual imagery.

My cock dutifully hardened as she went on about the positions she would gladly assume for me and the punishments she would endure on my behalf to fulfill her role as my mate-mother-bitch.

"But not right now," I cut her off. "I need to update some projects and Heidi and I are doing some shopping – it is a surprise – and then more work."

"Well, I've updated your" she got off as she started to get dressed. She'd bent over and I whipped that fine ass with my shirt. "Ow!" Sienna jumped up, tits swaying and flesh tensing before she covered her vulnerable, reddened buttocks.

"Mine," I pointed out. Sienna lowered her eyes and nodded but I knew she wasn't done with me.

Sienna knelt by the bench, laid her head down on it so she could watch me then waited. Her breasts plunged like ripe fruit and her ass, one cheek streaked, sat there invitingly. I walked up and stroked the unmarred buttock.

"Seriously, this is unfair," I patted her thickly muscled and fatty covered tush. "I have to get to work but I'm going to settle with this backside soon enough."

"I hope so Joshua," she smirked, "I really hope so."

Mom got dressed and finished her routine while I went up to take a quick shower and got to work. I would get the information from Manila by Saturday, so I was down to two projects which were pretty much finished. Breaking off to see Heidi wasn't a problem. I kissed Mom who was off to see her Parole Officer for her first visit – much fun was expected.

(The Bastille)

Picking up Heidi was no problem and the place was only three blocks from her workplace. It was a 'lifestyle' shop that catered to BDSM clientele. Heidi had been there before and believed it would have the better selection. We walked into 'the Bastille', Heidi skipping off ahead while I took in the people that were giving us the once over.

Two guys and a woman gave me what I assumed was a challenging stare. I had no desire to determine who was top dog because I was here for my ladies; nothing more. Heidi was gleefully running around the cavernous space. I discovered there was a whole host of furniture and accessories I had never considered. Out of the blue, a woman backed into me.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry," the woman pleaded as her eyes went from contact to looking to the floor. "Beat me but please don't hit me in the face," she pleaded. The thing was she was dressed in a pinstripe grey jacket, skirt with a deep red shirt on.

"I will not beat you," I insisted, "and is your – Dom around?"

"She is close by," the woman said softly. I was working out the next statement when I saw Heidi looking my way; fearful and unsure which confused me.

"What is your name?" I asked the Sub.

"Nadia, Master," she answered.

"I am no one's master Nadia, I'm Joshua, and I want you to tell your Mistress this accident has happened, okay?" I asked. "I think my Sub needs me right now."

"Y-yes," she stuttered then watched me walk over to Heidi.

"Heidi?" I questioned her.

"You weren't concerned about this One?" Heidi worried.

"You aren't allowed to doubt my control over you. That reminds me – let's get a specific paddle for each of you," I changed up the conversation.

"Yes Ma-Joshua," Heidi perked up a tiny bit. "We going to test them out here? Just to be sure," she added as she attempted to insert some of her usefulness to me.

"I wouldn't do it any other way," I stated, "Loved One." She stuttered slightly then her smile grew.

"Gasoline – fire," I muttered as she took off. Heidi knew the moment she bent over and wiggled that ass my way I had little hope but to obey my true nature. She was so blissfully happy she didn't catch sight of the man cutting a path her way.

"Hey Heidi," he grabbed her wrist painfully.

"Bryant – no," she gasped piteously. The guy, who had been at the front door, didn't seem to consider me much of a threat because he let me get right up on him.

"She's with me now so you had better let go," I stated with a calm I didn't feel.

"Heidi's a happy little community pet, Buddy," Bryant smirked. "She's everybody's treat."

"I wasn't requesting you to let go, whoever the fuck you are," I rumbled from deep within, "I was telling you to let her go now." Too late he turned on me. Several people were watching us though only one seemed ready to assist – a woman in a red latex bodysuit, but she was a distance away.

"Or what?" he mocked me.

I'd been a good guy about this until this point but he'd hit my bullshit threshold in a big way. My left hand grabbed Bryant's wrist with such force I could hear his bones grinding together. My right hand grabbed the top of his throat, driving his voice box into his spine, choking him and jacking him up onto his toes.

"Let me put this in a way you can understand then, Dumbass," I growled. "Let go of MY woman right now or I'm going to rip off your left arm and beat you with it like the little bitch you are – that's the 'or what' – clear enough?"

He let go of Heidi and I let go of him. Bryant staggered back but looked ready to come back for a second helping. I could destroy this thug but I was here for Heidi, not my damn ego. Heidi snuck behind me stealthily.

"What is the problem?" the lady in red latex demanded. I was still trying to figure out who was who and what the rules where when Bryant spoke up.

"I was just looking at this pet-slave," Bryant glared at me.

"She's my lady and my family, not my slave which you would have found out if you had asked when you saw her come in with me, you Idiot," I shot back.

"Have you ever been here – or to any store like this?" The Lady asked me.

"First time," I confirmed. "Heidi brought me here because I asked for a few things – namely a few leashes, collars and paddles." I opted for the truth and only partially because of the woman in red who also seemed to be the owner and/or manager; there was a second, well-dressed woman close by observing me.

"Since this is the first time, I'll let you off with a warning. Keep your Submissive close by unless you are willing to have a little petting going on," the woman in Latex said. "I'm Mercurial Bonaventure – this is my store."

"Your parents clearly didn't love you," I responded which earned a few chuckles.

"You owe me an apology," Bryan rubbed his wrist.

"Oh do I?" I mused. "I apologize for starting off with conversation when clearly a swift pop to the eye was called for," I seethed. "You missed an epic ass-whooping by three seconds, Dipshit, so take your token victory and slink off while you still can because being permanently tossed from Ms. Bonaventure's establishment won't ruin my day the way having your leather jockstrap rammed so far up your ass you can taste it will ruin yours."

I took a step toward Bryan and he stumbled back, looking embarrassed and left.

"You are treading hard on my good side Mister..." Mercurial stated.

"My name is Joshua Beverly and I always believe in non-violent conflict resolution as a first choice, but if you tread on me or mine and don't back off, I'm going to make my message clear with the application of force," I noted.

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