tagIncest/TabooThe Mother I Never Knew Ch. 05

The Mother I Never Knew Ch. 05


Thanks to Shawhollow and Steve for editing and Talonwolf for tons of stuff

*The greater the fear in the depths, the greater the joy when we come out the other side*


It felt too early to be six am but it had been a tough night. It was still grey outside; the rose colored pattern of dawn hadn't displaced it yet. I padded my way to my room where Heidi and Natalie were supposedly sleeping. Instead I heard hushed voices and even a giggle. Apparently the two youngest members of the family were up and talking.

"Excuse me," I said in a stern voice as I stepped in the room. "What's going on here and why aren't you two getting ready for breakfast?"

"Seriously?" Natalie pushed herself up on her elbows and looked at me.

"I apologize," Heidi went to a kneeling position, her head lowered with her long white hair masking her features. Patience was what I felt was needed.

"Natalie, we all eat breakfast and dinner together," I explained. "Heidi, get the paddles." Heidi slunk away quietly, still haunted by the episode at the fetish shop. The thing was, she was having fun with Natalie, I could tell it. She came back and gave me Natalie's and her paddles.

"Assume the position," I commanded. Natalie stared at me again as Heidi braced her hands against the bed and presented her ass.

Mentally I projected a scream at Heidi 'You are the top, act like it!' but I had to hold back. It must have been telepathy because suddenly Heidi took in the upcoming conflict.

"Natalie," Heidi whispered, "If you don't assume my position, Joshua has to beat me twice as hard because I'm responsible for you." Not that I think she would have minded a few more paddle blows, Heidi was doing her job.

Natalie blinked twice then scrambled to set herself beside Heidi.

"I'm sorry," she murmured. I paddled Heidi's thigh first then landed a restrained blow on Natalie's right buttocks. It caused far more surprise than pain but Natalie was just learning and beatings were part of the physical chemistry of our kind of relationships.

Heidi got three more blows but I was quickly learning were I could light her up without too much pain. Natalie got one more to her left butt cheek and I caught her whispering to Heidi that this wasn't so bad.

"You ladies are in charge of the beverages -- orange juice, Mom's protein shake, and coffee of course," I explained. "Get moving."

"Aren't we getting dressed?" Natalie whispered.

"No -- we get dressed after servicing Joshua and our morning showers," Heidi softly replied.

"I don't want my Mother to see me this way," Natalie hissed.

"Don't -- don't worry Natalie...I'll -- I'll protect you," Heidi stumbled through the words. "It is what I do," she hesitated to add. "I'm top and Joshua trusts me to keep the peace so leave Sienna to me."

"But Mom is so much bigger," Natalie persisted. Heidi turned and shook Natalie.

"This is what I do, Natalie," Heidi sounded rather desperate. "Joshua trusts me to look after both of you so that's what I do. Trust me, Natalie. Please trust me to look after you."

"It's okay," Natalie took Heidi by the shoulders. "I trust Joshua and if he trusts you then I should trust you too."

They continued downstairs and out of hearing range. By the time I made my way to the stove and started up the seafood omelets, Mom had joined us as well.

"Someone needs to get the paper," Mom yawned. She was trying to stay nonchalant but I knew that she wanted to see Natalie do it.

"I'll get it," Heidi looked up from her fresh-squeezed orange juice duties.

"Bottom gets the paper," I pointed out. Everyone looked to Natalie who would have to go 'outside' in her bodice in the neighborhood she'd grown up in.

"Please Joshua," was Heidi's simple plea. No reasons, just pleas.

"You and Natalie can go together," I allowed. Technically that would allow Natalie to hide in the doorway. The two women headed off quietly but came back with giggles.

"Mrs. McMurdo saw me," Natalie laughed. "I don't think she noticed it was me but still -- it was thrilling."

"You two do realize you could have put on robes or coats -- right?" I stated imperiously.

"Oh pooh," Natalie pouted while Heidi giggled some more, "that ruins all the fun." The girls returned to the juices and the coffee while I dished out the two omelets -- Natalie's and Mom's.

I let the last to simmer for a moment and pulled Heidi into the hallway.

"I'm proud of you," I told her softly as I wrapped her up in my arms. "Now go to my desk. In the top drawer/left side you will find four items -- bring two to me in the kitchen." She nodded and head off and came back looking a bit surprised. I put the breakfast to the appropriate plates then took the items in question.

"Heidi, put these on the other ladies and I'll put the last set on you," I directed her to use the nipple clips.

"Joshua, what are these for?" Sienna questioned.

"I'm experimenting," I replied. "I want to know what works for you and what doesn't. I know what my padded handcuffs and blindfold are for, if that's your worry," I added with a hungry stare.

"No Joshua," Mom smirked. "I know what I hope they are for." Natalie's eyes went from the nipple clamps, Mom and finally me in utter confusion. Heidi walked around the table and hugged her from behind as Natalie remained seated.

"Our life is not likely to get boring anytime soon," Heidi breathed into her ear.

"Are we going to have a safe word?" Natalie inquired.

"Mother fucker works for me," Mom snickered.

"My favorite one was Marmalade -- but that couple gagged me a lot," Heidi recalled.

"When we get to that level, I'll assign safe words," I laid down the law.

"I really like Mother fucker," Mom muttered. She was going to pay for that bit of insurrection but I'll catch her after my morning 'workout'.

"I really liked Marmalade," Heidi whispered. She should have known better but she was off her game so I was leaning toward something lenient.

"Streptococcus," Natalie joined the rebellion. Seeing my punishing glare, she added, "Well, it is not likely to be something I would just scream out for no good reason."

I could gracefully win most of my family fights but not this one. I chose the moral high ground of ignoring their 'suggestions' and ate my breakfast. I retired to my office and my morning mail call while Heidi and Natalie approached me still dressed in hose (Heidi) and corset (Natalie). Heidi knelt beside me and bowed her head.

"I apologize Joshua," Heidi sounded almost piteous.

"I will deal with you later," I said with as little emotion as possible. She looked so sad.

"What did she do wrong?" Natalie interrupted.

"Joshua told us we would have safe words when the time came," Heidi explained. "It is okay to joke but when Joshua makes a call, that's it."

"I will take care of you, I'll meet your needs and you trust me to provide for you," I stated evenly. "Normally I won't explain myself and you will find ways to let your thoughts be known to me that are suitable to the situation."

"Oh," Natalie mulled it over then a few seconds later she knelt too. "I apologize Joshua, I didn't mean to mess things up."

This was new to all of us and instincts could only take me so far -- when to be firm and when to be forgiving. Natalie was muddling her way along with the added complication of a Mother, fresh out of prison, and a stranger she had nothing in common with in her ancestral home.

"I'm busy right now but I'll make sure you both pay later when I have more time," I decided.

I wanted Natalie to go to the hospital on her day off and work on Heidi's identity and set up a medical appointment to make sure she was okay. Natalie was also going to be on the lookout for anyone else looking for her. I was going to sneak in on Heidi at work during her lunch break and have her make it up to me. Right now, there was a blowjob Heidi was going to administer or she'd be pouty the rest of the morning. What Natalie would make of that I wasn't sure.

The chore was simple enough; Heidi performed fellatio on me until I ejaculated. The game was to see how fantastic a blowjob her tongue lips and teeth could do to make me cum before I wanted to -- there was a little extra 'punishment' for that. Now I was sitting perpendicular to my desk and had both women kneeling in front of me. I went back to composing a letter to Seoul.

Heidi pulled down my shorts then picked up my cock and tentatively licked the tip. Natalie gasped because this was the first time she'd seen me naked since I was twelve and she was eight. Watching Heidi expertly take to her task must have been new as well. I was doing my best to pretend nothing special was going on when a slightly thicker hand cupped my balls and rubbed up my shaft as Heidi's lips worked their way down.

This tandem work kept going only a minute or two longer. Natalie kept stroking me but instead of doing her own mouth work on my rod, opted to kiss Heidi on her cheeks and temple until Heidi received her reward and I groaned in release.

"You were slower today than yesterday," I informed Heidi who nodded once, stood, turned around then bent over and grabbed her ankles in one fluid gymnastic move.

I picked up the paddle and began massaging Heidi's backside that was almost back to it's normal pale pink color. 'Pop!' was followed by an "Eeep!' as a blow fell on her lower thigh. I returned to my gentle massaging strokes once more, moving in small circles. Two more spanks came in rapid succession and Heidi strummed in anticipation.

"Now," I interrupted her pleasure, "you need to get ready for work," Heidi. I handed her paddle back and could tell she felt -- deprived until she saw the look in my eyes. Oh, I was going to get her but I was going to leave her in anticipation of what she was going to get. She turned and, if not skipping off, moved with some of that old Heidi spring in her step.

"Do I get -- I'm not sure how this goes Joshua," Natalie stuttered.

"Ask me whatever you want. Our relationship is based on trust, not me acting capriciously," I explained.

"Am I going to get punished?" Natalie asked.

"Come here and lay across my lap," I instructed. Hesitation and anticipation warred with one another as she took agonizingly slow steps to my side then bent over my lap. I took up her paddle and began doing what I'd done to Heidi but instead of spanking her I rubbed the handle from her tailbone to between her ass cheeks and finally probing her pussy.

I returned to trailing the paddle along her posterior but I always returned to her cunt, probing and inserting the handle up to an inch. She began to sweat and wiggle, trying to keep more of the intrusion in her. When little whimpers began escaping her lips, I stood her up and bent her over the edge of my desk (the back had shelves). I laid my semi-rigid cock at the top of her butt then slowly let it ride down.

As I passed her pussy, I thrust forward but its elasticity stopped me from penetrating. Three more passes and I sat down. A moment later Natalie looked over her shoulder, her eyes filled with want.

"I'm not denying you sex as a punishment, Natalie," I enlightened her.

"I'm going to sex up the other two ladies of the house so I can last a long time with you tonight," I added. "In the future things may be different but I'm not going to hold things against you that you could not know."

"I trust you and I think I'm beginning to know what that really means," she nodded.

"Well, here is what I want you to do today," I started off. I explained to her what I wanted done for Heidi and she laid out my possible options and we worked something out. The 'transition' from Sub to Doctor caught her off-guard because she has prejudicial feelings about a Sub being a low-confidence, weak-willed individual not a bright successful doctor such as herself -- but here she was.

"May I kiss you," Natalie finished up, "and can I call you Brother from time to time?"

"Of course," I smiled. "It is what we are." Natalie smiled, kissed me then turned and made it to the door before looking over her shoulder. "It is like I can breathe, free of worry or remorse, Joshua. This great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and handed to you. Thank you."

"You are welcome -- and one more thing," I stood as she turned to leave. My right hand fell on her shoulder and stopped her from turning around. My left slid down her mid-back, between her ass cheeks until I finally inserted my forefinger into her slightly moist pussy. I made a few in and out moves until her fluids became evident and her breathing picked up a pace.

"Now I want you to masturbate while you get dressed and come down to me to show me what a good job you've done -- but you can't climax or your punishment will be much worse," I detailed to her. Fifteen minutes later she returned to me, flushed and breathing deeply as she presented her hands to me. They smelled of her sex, alright.

"Why have you stopped?" I stated.

"I can cum now?" she inquired with some relief.

"I didn't say that. Get back to it and don't you dare cum," I related as I went to her side. "You don't have to do it when you can clearly be seen, but otherwise, keep at it until you get back home and talk with me."

I lifted her skirt to see her underwear. I knelt and took a whiff, just to be sure. She hadn't cum, but her emerald green French-cut undergarments looked delicious on her. I stepped up and gave her a spank. Natalie didn't seem to know what to do with herself but before she left she put a hand into her skirt's pocket and began rubbing away at her crotch.

(Lunch with Heidi)

I caught Heidi getting ready to head out for a quick lunch. A variety emotions warred within her eyes before she gave over to acceptance.

"I've missed you," I said but I forced it out in an even angry way. A few seconds later she shuffled over to me and into my arms, which I folded around her.

"Mmmm, I've missed you," I repeated in a softer tone. "No lunch for you it seems." Heidi looked up, terribly relieved. I opened up my left arm so she could sweep past me, lock the door and put up the 'Closed' sign. She breezed back past me and I followed, cupping and fondling her ass. I chased her into the office but grabbed her by the arms from behind before she could bend over.

"Remove your skirt and panties, my slut," I breathed into her ear. Heidi speedily wiggled out of her silky mid-thigh length skirt then pulled her deep blue-red panties down to the knees before letting them fall the rest of the way down. I was happy her bottom was now a pale pink and not an angry red. She was totally available to being spanked once more.

"Joshua," Heidi whispered.

"Yes," I reached around, cupped her breasts and pulled her tightly to me.

"I like the sound of your name..." Heidi murmured.

"You will call me Joshua or refer to me as your lover," I clarified. "Say it."

"You are my lover, Joshua," she said a note louder and with more enthusiasm. I moved my hand from her left breast around to the back of her shoulders. With my right I maneuvered her hand down to her pussy. Heidi immediate starting stimulating herself. I pushed her down, face first on the table.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" I taunted her as I opened my zipper and pulled out my manhood. Heidi shook her head but it was a tiny bit of a return to the playful girl I knew. She was going to town on her cunt, rubbing the labia and sticking a finger inside. I felt this as I rubbed my cock along her fingers, getting it moist for the penetration.

I meant to stick it to her ass as a surprise, but I was the one who was surprised -- my Glans defeated her sphincter easily and slid inside.

"You lubed yourself up," I said, somewhat indignantly. Heidi looked over her shoulder fearfully but nodded.

I pivoted my hip and slipped a few inches deep into her rectum.

"Have you been playing with this," I spanked her, "This ass which is mine to plunder?" Heidi met my gaze fearfully and shook her head.

"So you were planning for me to come here and rape this ass, is that what you were saying?" Heidi took a moment then confirmed with a nod.

I forcefully drove the rest of my cock into her. Heidi's breath caught then came out in several labored breaths.

"What's going on here then?" I growled.

"I don't want you to ever get bored with me," she pleaded. Oh shit...

"Reach up, unbutton your shirt, and pull your breasts outside your bra," I snapped. She did so rapidly and I noticed one hand slipping back to her cunt. Now it was my turn; I pulled Heidi up by the shoulders as I pounded her ass savagely. Then, moments later, I took over the fondling of her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

"This pity-party is over Heidi. We are going forward," I grumbled. "I can't have you doubting me so if you do -- leave because I don't want you anymore," I was hopefully testing her. "If we both come, your mine and we will never have this discussion again. Now move your ass!"

Heidi took off like a madwoman. She rocketed up on her toes then slammed down all the while twisting her rectal muscles around my cock.

For my part, I bit into her shoulder and suckled on her flesh while my hands tormented her breasts. I fondled her breasts firmly, nibbled her ear and slammed her buttock while her flesh rebounded in waves. Still, I couldn't stop my seed from flooding her in strong spurts of sexual release.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Heidi squealed as she felt the warmth boil inside her. Seconds later her whole body trembled in climax; tremors working her over for nearly a minute. I let her fall forward onto her desk, exhausted but happy. She muttered something.

"What was that?" I inquired as I examined her buttocks for what was to come next.

"My butt hurts," she giggled.

"Not yet, but it will," I mused in a dominant tone. I hauled off and spanked her right cheek followed quickly by a backhand to the left. I kept repeating this for five strokes. When I finished I stroked her ass appreciatively. "Mine."

"I apologize Joshua," she sighed happily, "I belong to you and I was wrong to ever doubt it." Now I could risk a little play with my top.

"What? Did you seriously doubt me? Am I going to have to own this ass again?" I gave her backside a gentle swat.

"I've been very naughty," Heidi answered while looking over her shoulder. She gyrated her hips as an enticement but I was having none of that now with the time constraints we lived with.

"Think about what that's going to cost you when you get home," I chastised her. Heidi pushed up and spun to face me, crushing herself against my chest.

"I'll work really hard on not being mopey, Joshua," she said before kissing my chest several times lightly. "I'll take care of Sienna and Natalie and think of a hundred ways to make me your bitch each and every day." She looked absolutely inspired. Gasoline -- fire.

"See that you do," I dictated before dressing, kissing her one last time and leaving.

(Moments with Mom)

The first thing I heard when I walked into my entryway from the street was a different woman's voice dropping off as the door shut.

"Demona and I are back in the kitchen," Mom called out. Demona was a junior member of Mom's old prison gang. I walked back with only minimal caution to meet our guest.

Demona was clearly defensive but Mom was showing a totally 'at ease' vibe meaning she and Demona were getting along.

"Hey Demona," I came up, leaned across the table and shook her hand.

"Hey Joshua," she found a smile creasing her face. "I'm not packing."

"I didn't think Mom would have you in here if you were 'D'," I assured her. "Is there anything I need to be aware of, you two, or can I get to work?" Basically, I didn't care that Mom was contacting her old gang-mates. What I had issue with was Mom being caught with known felons and with people bringing firearms into my house -- both parole violations.

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