tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Mother of the Bride

The Mother of the Bride


The organ struck up "Here comes the Bride" and my daughter walked down the aisle on her father's arm, up to where the vicar, groom and best man were waiting. The best man smiled and winked at me as the vicar began to speak. I was sitting in the front pew, painfully aware that I was not wearing any knickers, that my vagina was very sore with the fucking that it had endured, that my nipples had been sucked raw, and that dried cum was splashed across my thighs and stocking tops. As well as that, I could still taste the jism that had been shot into my mouth. I had just experienced the most relentless fucking in my life, and this from the man who was about to marry my daughter, and his perverted best man.

The wedding plans had started to become unraveled when my daughter decided to stay at her bridesmaid's house on the night before the service, so that they could both get their hair and make up done by the bridesmaid's sister. Steve the groom and Tony the best man would be staying at our house with me and my husband.

At the last moment my husband's sister, who lives over three hour's drive away, broke her leg, and my husband had to drive over to her the evening before then bring her back on the morning of the wedding. This left me alone with the two young men, a situation which became something of a problem.

I thought that the guys were all set for an evening in with a few beers; imagine my surprise when they informed me that the were going out clubbing. Tony was an extremely horny guy who was bound to lead Steve astray, he even whispered that he had fixed them up with a couple of girls who fancied shagging a guy on the eve of his wedding day.

When I heard this I was terrified, suppose he caught some disease or the girl covered him in love bites, or got so drunk that he couldn't make it to the church. I begged them to stay in, but to no avail. Tony, who was a complete pervert, suggested that they would stay in if I made it worth their while. My mind was in turmoil; I was 43 years old and had never cheated on my husband. I keep my body in good trim and have always been aware the some young men lusted after me. Even my daughter let on that Steve had told her that he found me attractive.

I did not know what to do, but was determined to stop them going out and putting the marriage in danger before it had even started. The two guys looked at me with smirks on their faces, then the errant bridegroom said, "I have always wondered what you look like with your kit off. Do you want to strip yourself, or do you want us to help you?"

One part of me was saying, "You can't go along with this disgusting idea," whilst another part of me was saying, "Whatever it takes, whatever degradations these two bastards put me through is the lesser of two evils." They just stood there smiling as I started to undress in front of them.

I undid my blouse and took it off; their eyes were glued to my bra and what was underneath. I couldn't bring myself to go any further, so the best man unhooked my bra and took it off my shoulders. I have always had large breasts, which are still fairly firm; the two men stared at my nipples, which started to go hard as my body began to betray me.

My skirt was unzipped and pulled down to my ankles, leaving me dressed only in a pair of silk panties. The next move belonged to the Bridegroom who kissed me on the lips, then suddenly pulled my knickers down to join my skirt on the floor. I tried to cover my breasts and pussy but they held my arms to my side as they feasted on my nudity.

The next few minutes were a haze as the horny duo stripped themselves, both of them possessing cocks that were far bigger than my husband of twenty-six years. I have to say that at this stage I was getting very hot and very wet, even before their hands started to explore my quivering body.

I was disgusted with myself for letting these young men use me like a whore but the sheer excitement about what was about to happen over ruled my scruples. I forgot about cheating on my husband, who was ten years older than me and had lost most of his interest in sex. We fucked each other on a Saturday night and it lasted about five minutes, I am sure that he only took part because he thought that it was his duty to do it.

They got me down on the sofa and Steve pulled my legs apart, I realised that he was going to go down on me. As his tongue lashed my pussy lips, I gave out a long, low growl, I had never ever had a guy eat my pussy before and it totally blew my mind. I even grabbed his head and pushed it further between my gaping vagina. After a few minutes of this treatment I orgasmed, much to the delight of Steve and Tony.

Steve then replaced his mouth with his large cock, which I have to say slid into me without any effort. As he started to fuck me Tony pushed his even bigger dick against my mouth. I didn't struggle, didn't protest, just opened my mouth and started sucking the giant tool. The Best Man came first, filling my mouth with jet after jet of hot cum, some of which went up my nose. The Groom fucked me for about ten minutes before emptying his cock deep inside my red-hot snatch.

I went to the kitchen and got them a beer and in no time flat they were ready to go again, this time they took opposite ends, and I had to contend with taking Tony's huge weapon thrusting into my womanhood, whilst I gave Steve the blow job of his life. I thought that would be the end of it, but I was very, very wrong..

We all slept in my marriage bed and time after time I woke up to find that one of them was riding me. Next morning I felt stretched and sore, and was extremely glad when my husband's car pulled up on the drive with him and his sister.

About an hour before the service we were all dressed up and my husband left us to meet up with my daughter and the bridesmaids. I was up in the bedroom putting the last touches to my make up, when the groom and best man walked in wearing the wedding suits. "I think that we have just got time," said Steve and pushed me onto the bed.

"You are mad," I replied. "I'm all dressed up and ready to go."

They lifted the skirt of my dress, ripped off my panties and took me doggy fashion, first Steve then Tony. I was more worried about messing up my hair and make up, as time was getting short. Eventually they finished abusing me and we headed for the church, we were so late that I didn't have time to clean myself up or put my knickers back on.

We just got to the church in time and the wedding went off like a dream. After the service as we all posed for photographs when the best man whispered in my ear, "It's a shame that you have not got any more daughters, we'd do this again."

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