tagLesbian SexThe Mountain Girl Ch. 03

The Mountain Girl Ch. 03



Inspired by her new housemate's cavalier attitude, Heidi has applied for a position at Zoe's place of work and is surprised when she makes it through to the second round of interviews. However, it is not the only potential change in her situation. She has learned from Jodie that while Zoe is very assertive, when it comes to her love life she is very much a wait and see girl. If something is going to happen between them then Heidi has to make the first move. But should she? Or would it be better to just keep the arrangement as it is right now?

Heidi had always swung between two poles when it came to porn. The first was curiosity because it was oddly fascinating to see just what people got up to in front of a camera. However that lasted a few minutes or so before it became either boring or ridiculous, and then there was disgust which she blamed on an ex boyfriend with a particular passion for watching porn. She'd had no problems with Malcolm watching porn but refused to try out the stuff they'd been watching. She hoped he would eventually grow out of it, until the day she came home to find him sitting watching porn in her dressing gown. Heidi rarely lost her temper but she lost it that day. She threw him out of the house and told him to never come back but let him keep the dressing gown.

She thought of Malcolm at that point as she watched a short lesbian porn film on the Internet, he'd always had a preference for girl on girl or two girls and one guy. Granted these were two actors just playing a role, the cries and moans were obviously exaggerated. Even she didn't scream like that and she could get quite vocal, but no one did such long drawn out cries unless they were being paid. The blonde woman was attractive in a sluttish kind of way and so she kept watching.

Just as the blonde let out a long scream of fake ecstasy the front door opened. Heidi's eyes shifted as she turned the sound down a few notches but she kept watching it. She looked at the clock on the taskbar, it was the time Zoe normally came home and she kept listening as her heels clipped on the hardwood floor. She would go to her room first before coming to say hello, but this time she veered left and the door swung open before she had time to close the media player.

Zoe stepped into the office a moment later. She was wearing a pale pink blouse tucked into a black leather, draped midi skirt matched with a stylishly cut leather jacket, she had a red handbag in one hand and her laptop bag in the other. Her eyes shifted to Heidi's laptop and she felt as Malcolm must have felt when she caught him in her dressing gown.

"I was just browsing."

"Yeah, Pornhub," she smirked, "haven't been on that site for a couple of years, but where's the dildo?"

"There is no dildo in this one," she brought her knees up under her chin, "how was work?"

"Quiet," she pursed her lips, "we had to update a few programs and run a few checks," she looked at the printouts beside the laptop, "you all set for tomorrow?"

"Pretty much," she finally closed the media player, "I just printed out the last pages and decided to check out some porn."

"So I can see," she sat down at the table.

"Yeah, girl on girl stuff. It's not like I haven't seen it and I'm not into it, I was just curious," she bit her lip, "are you into porn?"

"Me?" Zoe chuckled, "I think I've seen just about every position imaginable including things I wish I'd never seen, there are things you can never unsee."

"I can imagine, Mal, my ex was into it in a big way but that all came to a halt when I caught him having a wank in my dressing gown," she picked up the coffee, "I let him keep the gown."

"He might still have it," Zoe smiled, "it's a guy thing, wanking over porn."

"It's never really appealed, I get mildly entertained but it's not the same as the real thing, and if you want to masturbate then what's wrong with your imagination?"

"So, do you masturbate?"

"Um, yeah, sometimes," she looked down.

"I did last night," Zoe replied, "I find it's healthy to stimulate myself."

"Okay, I didn't hear anything last night."

"I was on the non squeaky side of the bed."

"Of course," she bit her lip to stop herself smiling, "well, maybe I will tonight and maybe I won't, it's just not something I'm into."

"Why not? Just out of curiosity."

"I don't know, no real reason."

"Not guilt?"

"Um," she bit her lip again, "not guilt exactly, more like what's the fucking point?"

"So, how do you do it?"


"Do you use your fingers or a vibrator?"

"Fingers," Heidi replied a little too quickly.

"Don't like vibrators?"

"I've, never even tried one," she raised her hand and made an imaginary mark in the air, "add to bucket list, buy a vibrator. I have thought of buying one but it's such a you know, an extravagance. Whenever I get money that I can use to indulge myself I buy clothes or perfume, or something for the computer, there's a whole lot of stuff I can buy without spending it on a bloody vibrator."

"But you'd like one."

"Fuck yeah, if I get this job then I'll buy one."

"Come with me," she rose.

"Come with you where?" Heidi asked.

"To the bedroom," Zoe glanced over her shoulder and smiled.

Her heart leapt to her throat as her feet hit the floor. Just like that? She rose and followed Zoe across the passageway to the bedroom.

"Pull up a pew," Zoe nodded at the bed and stepped over to the wardrobe.

She watched herself in the mirror as a door slid open to reveal Zoe's clothes. The older woman had a wardrobe to die for, but then again she had more money to spend.

"I have a spare up here that I nearly threw out but it seemed a shame to waste it," she brought down a box and moved to the bed.

"Here, it's yours, keep it."

Heidi stared at the picture on the front of the box as Zoe slid the jacket down her back and tossed it onto the bed.

"I can't."

"Yes you can, and you'd be doing me a big favour," she sat down beside her, "it was something I bought for my ex, Maggie but she refused to use it because she suddenly decided that it was just a fake cock."

"Just like that?"

"Maggie is like a volcano, just when you think she's sleeping peacefully she erupts. I really thought she wanted one, she never complained when I used one on her but then she just decided it wasn't her thing," she stared at the mirrored door.

"And that was when I realised that nothing I could ever do was going to please Maggie, I went out of my way to do whatever it took and she'd let me do it, say thank you and then throw it all back at me in a screaming hissy fit."

"Sounds like a psycho."

"Well that could be true," she nodded at the bedside cabinet, "put your hand in there and get the second tube of gel, it's still in the box."

"I've got it," she murmured a moment later.

"Use it, you can buy your own gel next time," she closed the drawer, "it's a toy but it's also a tool, a way of exploring yourself and your limits."

She slid the cardboard sleeve off and opened the box, "what kind of batteries?"

"AA batteries but there's also a mains cord."

"Of course," she nudged her with her elbow, "I've always wanted one, thanks."

"No worries," Zoe nudged her back playfully.

Heidi looked into her eyes and for a moment she almost thought Zoe was going to kiss her but then the phone rang and Zoe winced and taking the phone out of her handbag, flopped back on the bed and swiped the screen.

"Phillip, this had better be an emergency."

Heidi took the vibrator out and wrapped her hands around the shaft, it was still wrapped in plastic and she noticed the instruction booklet.

"Uh huh," Zoe stared at the ceiling and scratched her belly, "and?"

A few moments later she sat bolt upright. "Jesus, okay I better get in there. Have you eaten yet? Okay, I'll stop off at the fish and greasies on the way in, chicken and chips okay?"

She ended the call and stood up quickly.

"Fuck me," she stared at her reflection in a door, "sorry," she came back to her, "I have to go back into work, duty calls," she undid the skirt and unzipped it.

"Something wrong?" Heidi asked as the skirt hit the floor.

"You could say that," she picked the skirt up and tossed it on the bed as she walked to the chest of drawers against the adjoining wall.

"There's been an intrusion," she opened the drawer and took out a pair of jeans, "I have to go in there and do my analysis thing," she started putting the jeans on, "one of the techies thought a member of staff had been hacking the database," she tucked the blouse into the jeans as she went on, "admittedly it was only a suspicion but they're in the system now so I have to go in there and run a couple of checks," she fastened the button and zipped the jeans closed.

"Oh," Heidi digested this news in silence as Zoe donned a winter overcoat.

"Have fun with your new toy," she picked up her handbag and laptop bag.

"I'll keep dinner for you."

"Thanks," she shot her a tired smiled, "I gotta fly."

And then she was gone, leaving Heidi holding a vibrator on Zoe's bed. The time was five minutes past seven and she reasoned that whatever was happening at the college it couldn't take that long to fix it. She stared at herself in the wardrobe door as she held the vibrator and then straightened up as Zoe backed out of the driveway. A moment or two later she hung the skirt and jacket back in the wardrobe and closed the door. A nervous smile nudged her lips as she acknowledged the intimate gesture. This was something you might do for a lover, putting away clothes, she looked at the door and closed her eyes momentarily.

Okay, okay, so I like her in that way but she might not like me the same way.

Nevertheless, Zoe took up a significant part of her mind as she cooked dinner, it was one of those situations that was oddly familiar when you were living with a guy, you instinctively fell into the traditional male-female roles and it could develop into something else. With women it was of course different, unless the other woman was gay or bisexual and the other was curious. Could this work out or was she just fantasizing? No matter how many times she tried rationalising it, the thoughts kept reforming and coming back in another form. They got on so well together it was almost as if they were together. Zoe hadn't brought a woman home since she moved in. That could be down to the need for simple privacy or was she leaving the door open?

Then there was the odd look she'd given her earlier as she changed, a slightly suggestive smile that hinted of something else. If he hadn't called then, what might have happened? If Zoe had made a move how would she have reacted? She recalled Jodie's comment from last week. She's waiting for me? Heidi frowned. What am I supposed to do now?

By eleven o'clock Zoe still hadn't returned and she sent a text message off but didn't get a reply until twenty minutes last eleven.

Zoe: Still going, sorry. Don't worry about dinner, we got pizza. x.

Heidi: No worries, off to bed. Porch light is left on. xxx.

She stared at her interview outfit draped over a chair. It was a little plainer than the one she'd worn last week, although the white blouse did have structured ruffles. The black trousers had been ironed and she'd run a brush over the jacket to get rid of any fluff. Her shoes were polished, the portfolio was complete, the dishes were washed and put away and she'd even changed her bedding.

She stared at the bedside cabinet where the vibrator sat in its box. She had briefly tried it out before dinner, just against her leg. Heidi swallowed and stared at her reflection in the doors. It was time to try it out, and tonight was the perfect time. She took it out of the box and read the instructions. Not because she wanted to know how to use it but more as a distraction, anything to avoid actually using it.

"Just do it," she plugged it in and put it on top of the cabinet and pulled off her Ugg boots. Her jumper and tee shirt came off next, followed by her jeans but she left her panties on and slipped beneath the duvet, a slight tremor went through her as she felt the cold sheet against her bare skin.

Relax, stroke yourself.

The thought came from some long distant memory. Heidi started stroking her inner thighs, teasing her bare skin as she closed her eyes and let the pictures fill her mind. The first ones were of guys she'd known, one was a guy she knew at work who was married, so that felt forbidden and then Zoe filled her mind. She imagined what might have happened if she hadn't been called into work, she would have let her slide the vibrator between her legs.

Her eyelids flashed open as she felt the familiar ache in her breasts and she unclipped the bra and tossed it aside. Her hands moved down to her panties and she eased them over her hips and worked them down her legs until she finally kicked them off. Heidi rolled her head to one side and looked at the vibrator. Here goes nothing.

She flung the duvet off and lubed the vibrator and then turned it on, the low buzzing made her smile and she put the tip against her opening. A little gel dripped onto her lips and she began sliding her fingers up and down, stimulating her labia. The delicious sensations caused her to cry out and she withdrew right away and kept stroking herself before easing the vibrator in again. This time she went in slower, twisting slightly and letting her passage expand to take its girth. Her eyes closed as she went deeper, her hands instinctively found the familiar rhythm. It was something she'd done a few times but with the vibrator it was so fucking different.

It went deeper and she pushed against it, and rubbed harder, the vibrator reached its limit and she spun it around a few times before withdrawing, tilting it at the same time to stimulate the front of her passage and whimpered at the pleasurable sensations. They became more intense with each pass and she kept working herself until finally she came with a series of panting breaths and she felt herself receding into nothingness.

She eased the vibrator out triumphantly and stared at it. How did I do with you until now? A stupid grin nudged her lips and then she heard the front door opening and closing again, followed by Zoe's footsteps in the kitchen shortly afterwards. Heidi lay naked on the bed for all the world to see, if they so cared. She felt aroused, awake and as she listened to Zoe going from the bedroom to the kitchen. What would Zoe think if she knew Heidi was lying with her legs spread and a vibrator in her hand? It was a thought that stayed with her and transported her to another fantasy, what if things had turned out differently between her and Kelly or her and Jodie?

She snapped out of that particular fantasy as she heard footfalls in the hallway and acting out of pure instinct she pulled the duvet over herself just in time. The door opened and Zoe stepped over the threshold with a tub of ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other, she was still wearing the same clothes she'd gone out in but had discarded the overcoat.

"Hey," she smiled, "you're awake," her eyes flickered to the bedside lamp and the mains cord for the vibrator running past it to the duvet. Heidi smiled weakly as she realised the power cord was plainly visible.

"Thanks for putting my clothes away."

"No worries, I wasn't sure if you were cleaning the leather skirt or not."

"It gets dry cleaned once a month," she licked the spoon and propped against the door jamb, "are you all set for tomorrow?"

"Yep, my clothes are there."

"Nice, classy but not over the top. What time you planning on getting there?"

"About one, it's a one thirty appointment but at least I'll have time to settle my nerves."

"I'm due in at half past twelve for a one o'clock meeting with some big knobs. So, I can give you a lift into work if you like, I won't be in this meeting the whole afternoon, but once you've finished you can either hang around the library or bugger off into Croydon. I'll bring you back at night though."

"Cool, thanks."

"Gee, you're easy pleased, Maggie always wanted to know the ins and outs of a duck's arsehole," she took another spoonful of ice cream. She pushed away from the door as Heidi replied.

"Lucky I'm not Maggie."

"Amen to that," Zoe reached the lamp and turned it off, "that's twice in one night I've mentioned her name," she leaned over towards her and kissed her forehead.

"Good night, sweet dreams," she straightened up and regarded her with a cheeky grin.

"I can see you had a good night, nice to see that it got some use after all."

It was only when Zoe left the room that Heidi took the vibrator out from under the duvet. She held it in front of her and exhaled.

Fuck that was awesome, she smiled.


Heidi examined herself in the mirror once more. It was eleven o'clock and she'd spent the better part of the morning getting ready for this second interview and the test. She'd woken up before Zoe and indulged herself with a proper cooked breakfast, fried eggs, ham and some toast. She made enough for Zoe as well but before sitting down to her breakfast, she carried Zoe's through to the bedroom on a tray.

"What's the big occasion?" Zoe stared at her.

"Pick one," she replied as the older woman sat up, "my interview today, you having a half day today, my first orgasm with the new vibrator," she bit her lip.

"Ah, I see," Zoe took the tray from her, "I'm betting it was the last one, thanks."

She looked up at her, "where's yours?"

"In the kitchen."

"Well, bring it in here, plenty of room on the bed for two."

They ate breakfast on the bed and while Zoe didn't go into any detail about last night she did say that there would be a police investigation into the activities of someone working at the campus.

She didn't feel right probing any deeper and after breakfast she headed for the shower. It took the better part of an hour to get ready, hair, makeup, clothes, check her portfolio, another cup of coffee, check her portfolio again. Was this blouse the right one for today? She tried meditating but that didn't work because a couple of girlfriends sent text messages. Eventually she discarded the blouse she was wearing and donned a light brown one and matched it with a wool blend, grey trouser suit that looked more professional.

Or is it?

She glanced over as the door opened and Zoe stepped in. She was wearing her 'power suit,' a dark blue, pinstriped trouser suit with matching waistcoat. The grey, satin blouse had a matching satin collar tie fastened in an elegant bow. A pair of ankle boots completed the outfit and she ran an eye over Heidi's outfit.

"I thought you were wearing the ruffled one today?"

"I was but I thought this might look more professional. What do you think?"

"Hmm," Zoe moved closer and studied her, "yeah, almost," she reached out and folded the blouse collar over the jacket.

"That's better, keeps everything nicely lined up, nice vee shape and the collar isn't squished up behind your jacket."

"Nice," Heidi looked at herself in the mirror, "I like it."

"So do I," she nudged her, "you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Look at you," Zoe tugged at a strand of hair, "what happened to the hippie chick I was sharing a house with? You look like a million bucks in that suit."

"Fuckable even?"

"Well, let's just say I wouldn't kick you out of bed for farting," she dropped her hand, "come on, let's hit the road."

The fact that Zoe was driving was good because it allowed her to relax and try to focus her mind on the task at hand. The older woman had some salient pieces of advice that would have sounded condescending from her mother but hit the spot coming from someone else.

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