The Movie Show


If you're read any of the other stories you'll know that my favorite pastime is showing off my lovely wife. The problem is that I don't get to do this nearly often as I would like. We usually try to keep a low profile around our part of town, so when we end up in another city or country my wife knows that I expect to do some showing.

One time while we were visiting relatives in another state everyone was out so we decided to go to an early afternoon movie. Since our years of dating movie theaters have always been a place that allows us to get a bit daring. After a lot of discussion we finally picked out a movie that was rated "R" since there shouldn't be any children in the theater. While Sam was getting dressed I noticed that she had already taken off her bra to allow me easy access to her breasts.

We got to the theater a little late, and much to her relief, when we sat down the place was almost empty. The theater had nice soft chairs and even a few double wide "love seats" that didn't have and armrest between the seats. As soon as the movie started she began to snuggle up beside me as I placed one arm around her, and began to stroke her nipples from under her shirt. It didn't take long before her nipples became rock hard from the pinching, and the air conditioning. Pretty soon Sam closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. She wasn't too interested in the movie since it was so violent. About the time she was tuning out the movie I noticed that a couple of what seemed to be underage boys had sneaked into the theater. They obviously wanted to see the violence, and perhaps some nudity as well.

I had already unbuttoned the bottom button of Sam's shirt to allow freer access to her breasts, but seeing the guys gave me an idea so I unbuttoned one more. It's tricky to unfasten a button with one hand, from the inside, but I've trained myself to do it rather quickly. She didn't seem to notice, so after a few more minutes I unbuttoned one more. with that she opened her eyes and looked at me, so I told her just close her eyes and rest.

By now the guys had figured out that I had my hand under her shirt, and they began to pay more attention to us than to the movie. It wasn't long before they quit watching the movie and kept trying to catch a quick glimpse of the inside curve of Sam's breast as I moved my hand from one to the other. Since I now had their complete attention I motioned, with my free hand, for them to come and sit closer. They quickly moved to seats directly in line with ours, just a couple rows in front of us. I held a finger to my lips for silence, and they nodded in agreement as they sat down in the chairs.

As soon as they had settled in I once again switched from one breast to the other. However, this time I also dragged her shirt along with my hand, and exposed her nipple to them. This seemed to really get their attention. I kept this up for 10 minutes or so, first flashing one nipple and then the other, but her shirt wouldn't stay open by itself so they couldn't get a longer view. The only way to solve this would be to unbutton the last button. I also knew that if I did this Sam would open her eyes and look around.

To solve this dilemma I started to kiss her some more, and then at the beginning of a long french kiss undid the last button. While I kept on kissing her I worked back and forth between her breasts and eventually her shirt was wide open. I couldn't take a chance to see what kind of reaction we were getting as I didn't want Sam to open her eyes and see me looking at someone. Sure enough, it didn't take long before she opened her eyes and gave me one of those "what are you doing now" looks. But she couldn't see the guys so everything was all right.

Eventually I was able to break off the kiss, as she put her head back down on my shoulder. She was now leaning on me in a movie theater with her breasts exposed to two boys sitting about six feet away. She stayed that way for about five minutes, but suddenly opened her eyes when she heard some noise from one of them. She's used to my surprises, so she didn't cover up but just looked away from them and up at me instead. To let her know what I wanted I gently pulled her head back to my shoulder and brushed her shirt off her breasts once again.

We remained that way for the rest of the movie, maybe 10-15 minutes. She rested on my shoulder as I played with her nipples and caressed her breasts as the two of them watched every move. When the movie credits started to roll Sam quickly buttoned up her blouse and we exited the theater. The boys followed for a little way, but when the saw we were heading to the truck they took off in another direction, I'm guessing to go tell their friends about the "show" they'd just seen.

Alternate Ending:

I've had a couple of "friends" suggest a different, more sexy ending for this event. Something that was outside of the realm of reality. If you don't want to read about an adult women having sex with teenage boys stop here.

We remained that way for the rest of the movie, maybe 10-15 minutes. She rested on my shoulder as I played with her nipples and caressed her breasts as the two of them watched every move. When the movie was almost finished I whispered into Sam's ear that the boys certainly seemed like they were into watching her, and were enjoying looking at her little tits. She couldn't disagree with that, but really didn't seem to know how to respond, so I asked her if she was up to give them a personal showing after the movie was finished.

She just looked up and said "if that's what you want me to do, then fine." Since she was being so agreeable I then asked her if she'd be willing to do more with them. She looked up at me and before she could respond I asked her if she'd like to "suck or fuck them in the parking lot." She stared at me for what seemed like a long time and then just replied "whatever."

As the movie ended and we started to exit the theater I passed one of the boys and suggested that they meet us out behind the complex in a few minutes if they'd like to see some more. He seemed to be in shock, but mumbled "OK."

We got out to our truck and sat a few minutes while we discussed just what might happen next. I told Sam that I was hoping we could meet the boys in the back of the building and that she would let them play with her little tits for awhile and then depending on how safe she felt we would see what happened after that. I did tell her that I would like to watch her suck their cocks, and perhaps have her fuck at least one of them if she was up for it.

Just before we started the truck to drive around the back of the building she finally agreed that we could see how it goes. As we drove around to the back of the building there were 4 guys waiting back near the area where the dumpster screened the rest of the parking lot. I stopped next to them and recognized the two from the movie, and they introduced their two friends. I had parked so the passenger door was facing them, and as we talked for a minute they all kept trying to look into the cab to see if Sam had her shirt open or not.

I asked one of them to open up the door, and as soon as they did that I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open so they could look at her bare titties. As they all tried to crowd into the door opening I told them that they could go ahead and touch her if they wanted. It seemed like they were trying to push each other out of the way to feel her tits. I was wondering how Sam was feeling having so many hands touch her at once, but I was too busy watching their faces to look at her expressions.

By now Sam was facing the boys with her feet back towards me. I had slipped her blouse of completely and told the boys that they didn't need to be gentle with her because even though her tits were little they were pretty tough. Just by looking at their faces, and the quick jumps that Sam was making,I could see that they had taken me seriously and as the Sam later told me, and the marks on her body showed, they were pinching her quite hard. Soon one of the boys asked if they could see her pussy?

I wasn't sure of how far Sam was willing to go, so I left it up to her. By now the boys were also kissing and sucking on her tits so I think she was beginning to enjoy what was going on as she eventually unfastened the button on her shorts and slid down the zipper. She doesn't like the undress herself as that's too much initiative on her part, so I suggested that they help her pull them off. It was almost a comedy as they worked to slide her shorts and panties down and off her legs. I did notice that one of the boys stuffed her panties in his pocket, but the shorts came back in the cab of the truck.

I told them that they needed to be gentle now, and take turns, or we'd leave. So they quietly lined up and took turns feeling her pussy. With a little instruction from me they were each able to get at least a couple of fingers inside her. She was also helping them find her clit by taking their other hand and placing it in just the right spot.

Sam was starting to get really turned on by now, even though we'd only been with the boys for less than 5 minutes. She was taking each one by the hand and helping each of them move their fingers around so she could receive more pleasure. I wondered how far she'd go, so I told the boys that "whoever could give her an orgasm could then fuck her." Since Sam didn't sit up, or stop helping them touch her I knew that she was up for anything at that point. It didn't take long, I think it was the next guy that was touching her, that ended up being the lucky one. Sam had no idea who had gotten her off since she had her eyes closed, but it was the least attractive one of them.

As Sam's orgasm subsided she laid back across the seat and spread her legs wide open. I told the guy to drop his pants and get of top of her and within seconds he was in the cab of the pickup. He needed Sam to help him find his way, but once he was securely inside of her he took off like it was a race or something. I'm sure that he didn't last much more than 20-30 seconds but he gave it a good effort. Once he was finished he backed out of the truck and Sam just stayed still so the boys could look at her pussy and the cum that was starting to leak out of it.

I asked if anyone wanted "sloppy seconds or would they rather have a blow job instead?" One of the boys who had watched her in the theater said he wanted "to fuck her," as if he was some kind of big stud or something, so I told him to jump on top. He didn't do much better than his friend in finding his way into Sam's pussy, but once he did make it in he was able to last a couple of minutes before he also left his cum inside of her.

The other two boys had opted for a blow job, so Sam slide down and sat on the floor of the truck with her feet on the ground. She was still totally nude, and as the first boy came up to her he took full advantage of that by pinching and feeling her nipples. Once he got his cock out it was very quickly over. Sam didn't even have to put 30 seconds into sucking on his cock before he started to cum. She took the first blast and swallowed it down, but pulled back to catch the rest on her neck and chest.

The last boy, one that had watched us inside the show, was more than ready and when he stepped up in front of Sam as soon as she grabbed onto his cock to guide it into her mouth he started to spray his cum on to her. He hit her right on the lips, but then she directed the rest of his load onto her tits and chest. He looked horrified that he was already done, and wasn't going to get any more attention from Sam. I'm sure she was aware of his feelings as she then proceeded to lick the cum off her fingers, then moved on to his cock and started to lick and suck him clean.

Amazingly enough was that even though it hadn't been more than a minute since his orgasm he had stayed hard and as Sam continued sucking on him he looked like he was ready to go again. For the next couple of minutes Sam did her best to give him a blow job that he would never forget. She was sucking, licking, deep throating him and playing with his cock as the other boys crowded around to watch.

It wasn't long and he grabbed her head and filled her mouth with his second load of cum. It must not have been much as Sam had no trouble swallowing it down in one gulp. After she had licked off her lips she did something totally out of character. She reached up and grabbed the boy by the head and started to kiss him. She gave him an incredibly long french kiss, and then pushed him away and said "let's get out of here."

I started up the truck and as we drove away she was still sitting on the floor of the truck. By the time we had reached the exit she'd found her blouse and pulled it on so she moved back up into the seat. Although she later denied that she had enjoyed herself I could tell that she was very content since she didn't bother putting on her shorts, or buttoning her blouse until we were almost home.

She only smiled when she realized her panties were missing and I told her that they'd become a souvenir for one of the boys.

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