tagFetishThe Muse is a Goddess Ch. 02

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 02


Chapter 2 Intensity cannot be denied.

"Pull out!... Pull out!" Heather commanded. "You fucked me to three nice orgasms. No more for you."

Holy cow! I was just about to blow my load in that sweet pussy. Heather had crushed my balls really good while I was making her squirt and eating her. So she was primed and I lost the edge. I fucked her really good and thought I was going to get to cum. But no, this sex slave was still hornier then a 16 year old lad at his first outing to the burlesque.

"You need to lay back and relax now. Tonight is going to be a much more intense tease," Heather said this somewhere between a matter of fact and with an air of confidence.

And she started to play with me. A little blow job, then a hand job. But at a slow motion speed that made me levitate off the bed begging for more.

"I really love how you start me off Alex. My big clit is so sensitive that it requires a very gentle touch." Then while twisting on the tip she said "If I get sensitive to soon I can't have the big orgasms. You are the best pussy eater I have ever had. Must be the trombone playing."

I could feel my cum boiling inside me and she was just getting going. Just approaching an orgasm and as expected she stopped close enough that I twitched a few times. I was thinking, how does she do that?

Earlier that morning I woke her up with a nice pussy licking. She told me she loved having a morning orgasm with no obligation to reciprocate. That little comment make my balls twitch all day long. She made it obvious that she loved having control over my orgasms.

It was off to school for her and off to work for me. I was so happy at work my head was playing swing and big band music as I went through the day. Pictures of Heather's hot body kept flashing though my head.

We chatted on the phone midafternoon about dinner plans and the fun we had. To see how much effect I had on her I was thinking of how much she was trembling when she came. So I thought I would try saying "Tremble!!"

"You Stinker! You made me jump and get wet."

"Score. A direct hit." She may my own my orgasm but I own hers. That was hotter than having an orgasm for me. I love to be a giver, finding a hot girl that wants to help me be the giver...throb.

We met up at a Diner for dinner. We both had the marinated chicken breast. It seemed I was thinking of those gorgeous breast just swaying so nice in front of me. The conversation was fun and so easy. And I could not take my eyes off her. I told her how much I appreciated being allowed to please her. She understood me and told me she just loved what I did to her. Then she said she was horny and wanted to hurry home to play. Wow! My kind of girl.

As her mouth slid up my cock her tongue was far out going over the tip just as I started to twitch on the brink of orgasm again. This was intense. More intense than any tease I ever had. I had been on the brink of cumming two dozen times.

"Ok now, it is time for a distraction" And with that Heather cupped the balls and started punching them. "Did that stop your orgasm?"

Heather jumped on and sat on my face. She was facing so I could see her face between her luscious breasts and I could hold her nice bubble butt. Soon I was swallowing her squirting as fast as I could while trying to keep my tongue on her clit. Heather was bouncing like a rooster at the Colonel Sanders welcome center. I used my strong arms to hold her down. She did her continuous constant orgasm thing for a long time. I just kept on going. Playing the trombone for long hours has its rewards. Soon she was screaming she was too sensitive and to stop. Well, I just held on tighter and licked harder. I love that look on a girl when they jump out of their skin and you know that was the really big one.

Heather finally escaped my grasp. I thought my jaw was in danger so I had better let go. "Ok, time for your cage!"

As she put the cage on I understood that I have just spent two nights of hot sex with the hottest girl I could ever dream of...And I still had not had an orgasm. But Heather had dozens. Because of my horniness I could feel every orgasm of her like it was mine and the edges she gave me were more intense than most of the orgasms I had the last few months. Not cumming just made the desire for her absolutely crazy.

The next day was a Saturday. No obligations for work or school. Just a day for sex. I woke up Heather with a slow gentle pussy licking. She was cooing but still asleep. So I just kept going slow. I could feel the sizzle, she was pouring out wetness like a Rainbird sprinkler. Then the scream started...

"OOOOOhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuucccckk!!"

I was pretty sure she was awake now. I went into a fast big tongue licking on the tip of her clit and rode out 5 more orgasms.

"I want you to fuck me now!" "And no cumming for you yet, this is for me."

I was not sure how I could place my cock in that hot pussy and not cum in moments. I just spent a night dreaming of having an orgasm after two nights of begging for an orgasm. This was hard. I was hard. I could hardly think of anything but cumming and she wanted me to fuck without cumming.

Well in I went. I pushed in deep hoping to not slide and just bang her G spot. Within a few minutes I said "I am going to cum!"

Heather said with authority. "Pull out. No way. Not yet".

She then had me lean over and put my hands on my knees. She rubbed and scratched my back like she intended to calm me down. Nice gentle and so sweet caressing. This was so nice, I even closed my eyes.

So I did not notice that she stopped scratching my back. But I did notice her foot kick me in the balls. And she heard what a contra bass screaming sounds like.

"Just a few more kicks and you will be able to fuck me" Heather explained. "Hold still this is a perfect shot."

Dam! It was the perfect shot. I was so horny it felt more like a jab to the ribs then a ball busting. And it took away the orgasm zing like seeing a chicken kiss your X-Mother in law. Heather was giggling and laughing.

"I love busting your balls" Heather giggled "I squirted on those last two kicks".

"You squirted kicking me in the balls?" I asked with a shaking curiosity.

"Yes I did and I think you like pleasing me so much that you enjoy having your balls busted so you can fuck me without cumming." Heather said with her big green eyes sparkling at me.

How did she know that? I did not know that until she explained it to me.

Soon Heather was on her back and I was fucking her. All I could get was one orgasm for Heather. But since I was hornier then a 6 pecker rooster on top of the chicken coop I could not expect to last much longer than giving her one orgasm. Between the beating and the teasing I had a pretty bad case of blue balls. This seemed to turn Heather on that her orgasm was huge. She squirted like a power washer.

"Heather, I think you squirt just to show me what it feels like" She laughed very loud.

We had breakfast and started watching NCIS on Netflix. After every show I went down on her. And she gave me a blow job that put me on the brink so many times I was getting delirious.

Late afternoon she started a blow job that really went a lot faster then what she had been going and I realized this was it. I was going to cum. She wanted to give me a blow job so she could feel how much cum I had to see if she teased me good enough. I was easily confused as I was sure I horny. But I am sure she was measuring her technique for the next tease.

Her mouth was so warm and so wet. Her tongue wrapped around me and slid in very deep strokes. My orgasm let go with deep spasms. Her tongue never let go of the soft spot under my cock and she never stopped the blow job until every last drop had power spurted all over. My orgasm went on forever it seemed. And every squirt throbbed against my vey blue balls. I felt like I drained three orgasms of cum out. This was bliss beyond sex. Heather made it feel like a reward for pleasing her.

Then she kissed me and all my cum just dribbled into my mouth. I was panting in between the dribbles and amazed at how much cum there was. It really was three orgasms worth. My balls throbbed from cumming so hard. Heather was trembling and had a little pride at how well she made me cum. She said she had to swallow some because there was so much.

"When you cum, you get to eat it and lick me clean. Every time. I like that." Heather said like it was an absolute rule.

"I guess I do too." Besides, I loved her sexy kisses after I came.

I was dizzy with relief and falling asleep. No man can cum that hard and not want to nap.

So Sunday morning I woke her up again with a nice gentle pussy licking orgasm. There was some things to do and running around. I told Heather I had plans for her and told her I wanted to I tied her up. She told me I could cum today too but my next orgasm was going to take much longer and she had plans for me. Well more of a lifestyle plan for me.

I could not wait but I guess I waited to play with Heather later that day. I learned a lot about her orgasms and how to make them more intense. I wanted to take advantage of that. Also I loved how big she came after she thought she was too sensitive to cum again.

So I lay her going side to side on the bed. I tied her arms to the two close casters-legs of the bed and tied her feet over her shoulders to the far caster-legs. Then I tied her thighs to both casters to hold them open. Kind of a reverse spread eagle. Now I had her laid out so her pussy was completely exposed, she could not close her legs or thighs. Her hands were under her legs and tied down and she was stretched so she could not move except for her head.

Now I could make her cum for as long as I wanted and I intended that time to be longer then she thought she could. This was going to be fun. And I was going to get to cum again. She could not stop me.

"Weeeeee!! Did I ever tell you my favorite number was too many?" I said with glee.

Her beautiful green eyes just got really big. She did not know what I intended to do when she let me tie her up. I got her on this one. It just seemed to me that making her cum was my favorite thing.

I started licking her nipples while looking into those adorable eyes. I told her that I had noticed she liked her nipples pinched but she never told me how hard. I explained that while she did not have a safe word for cumming too many times she could just tell me that was hard enough. And I pinched the other nipple I was not licking really hard. She gasp a deep breath.

"Oh my, it seems I can squeeze these nipples as hard as my balls got squeezed."

Heather replied "Fuck, you can read me. Ok, no safe word on the nipple squeezing. I want it to hurt good."

Time for pussy. I started out so nice and gentle. But as her big clit was already standing up tall I got going a bit more intense pretty quickly. Besides, she was tied down and it did not matter if she got sensitive too soon. In moments she squirted, screamed and trembled. That was one. Now for two though twelve.

I took a moment to stretch the skin back away from her clit and pull it down tight so all the nerves were smoothly exposed. Her clit was getting harder. I puckered my lips and slid down her big clit so I could hold it still for my tongue to do a full on assault. Then I assaulted. I also reached up and pinched a nipple with each hand. She started cumming one right after another. Each time I squeezed those nipples harder. They were turning darker now. It would be hard to hang on if I hadn't tied her down so good. After about 12 orgasms she went into that continuous orgasm thing. I did not let up. I started going big fat tongue long strokes and pinching the nipples in time with my tongue. I did not let go just hard and harder. She squirted solid though three orgasms. She made me so horny with her tease I really learned a lot about her body and I was using it now.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! No more! No more! Fuck! Fuck! Too much! Fuck! Fuck!" That would be Heather trying to get me to stop.

I kept going.

When I stopped I let go of her nipples and the blood went back in. Fun fun fun.

Then I decided to hit her G spot. The change made a new place to get sensitive. And it did. Heather squirted like a power washer in a chicken coop.

Then I stopped. I reached under the bed and pulled out the Hitachi magic wand. Not the battery kind but the full on 110 volt kind. And I showed it to her. While she stated at it with big eyes I pinched her big clit between my fingers. When I flipped the switch on. She jumped. When I applied it to her clit she stretched the ropes. Her orgasms started the moment it touched her clit. In just a couple orgasms she had a really big one. The kind that you could see her jump out of her skin. I pinched a nipple as hard as I could and she inhaled. She was trying to scream but panting too hard to scream. This was fun!

"Ok Heather, it is fuck time. Time to really make you cum".

"I can't take any more. I am all cummed out" Heather begged.

"You know I can make you cum more. I think my cock pounding you G spot will be exciting for you" And in I went.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Heather screamed as I sunk in to her uterus and lifted up against her G spot.

She started trembling. Her pussy was shaking around my cock. She was flooding. I relaxed a bit to take it all in, and then I started pounding her. I felt her pussy grab my cock in a Kegel like way every time she came. So the flailing was not just external. Heathers vocals were more guttural now. I think she tried to say something but it sounded more like a chicken trying to fly.

After a half dozen orgasms I pulled out and licked her clit. It was electric. Neon electric. Sparkles flew with a high pitched squeal. Kind of like a hog would squeal when flock of chicken crossed the road into their pen. I was smiling while I licked her.

It was now time for me to cum. She was tied up and could not stop me. I sunk my cock in deep and explained to Heather that even though she was tied down she was going to do the moving to make me cum.

"But I can't move or cum no more".

"Maybe this will help." I showed her the Hitachi. Turned it on and placed it on her clit. Seemed like the Hitachi helped. She started shaking, trembling, Kegel throbbing and making moves like she was doing the chicken dance. Her moves were spinning my cock around inside her rubbing the tip against her cervix. She went into her constant orgasm thing again.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Heather screamed.

Heathers orgasms were massaging my cock. She was wetter than blow job, her pussy was moving like a hand job and she just kept coming. My balls were throbbing and all that just excited me into a really big orgasm. And really big it was.

"You told me I had to lick up my mess", so I went down on her pussy.

I licked up a scoop of cum with my tongue and trailed it up over her clit over and over. It made her tremble. But she did not cum this time. I real did get every last orgasm out of her. I had fun hitting that clit with my tongue when it was so sensitive she could not cum. I untied her and she did not move for a while. So I licked her again. Funny one lick and she jump up and stood on the bed.

We rested, cleaned up and went out for a grilled chicken dinner.

Sensuous is using a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken.

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