tagFetishThe Muse is a Goddess Ch. 03

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 03


The Challenge with her lesbian friend.

"Ahhhhh! Ruined again." I moaned as Heather's fist pounded my balls again.

It had been a week of serious, intense and crazy teasing. The pressure had built up so bad there was hardly no stopping it. So Heather relieved the pressure with a crazy ruined orgasm process. She kept taking me to the edge plus one stroke so a little tablespoon of cum would dribble out. And just as it was about to feel good she would stop and punch me in the balls.

After three dozen ballbusting dribbled ruins there was no more cum to have an orgasm. And of course somehow Heather knew this. I asked her how she knew so much about teasing at such a young age.

Heather said "I had a really good teacher and now is not the time to tell you."

"But I will tell you that you are the best, most sweet, gentle and intense giver of oral sex I ever met. I used to think my girlfriends were the best and no man could ever understand how to please like a girl can. While I have kept you horny this week I enjoyed to best orgasms of my life. I am sure you enjoy being horny just to please me."

"So I want to share a girlfriend with you. In a few days you are going to have a chance to have a lesbian blowjob and orgasm. But if you blow it and do not impress her, you will have to wait a long time for your next orgasm. But if you do really, really good, she will blow you."

"Who will?" I mumbled while Heather continued to rub my super sensitive tip.

"My sweet submissive lesbian girlfriend." Heather continued to explained. " I am bi, so I like boys and girls. But my 29 year old friend has been girls only since she was 17." That is the last time she had a dick in her mouth. Your challenge will be to impress her so much that she will give you a blow job."

"So my only chance at a real orgasm is from a lesbian that has not given a blow job in twelve years???"

"Yes Alex, this will be fun watching you convincing a girl to let you be the first to cum in her mouth in such a long time." Heather laughed. "She might not even know how to do a blow job!"

My only thought other than cumming was never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

"And now that I have drained every drop of you cum so you have no chance of an orgasm and excited you with the prospect of a lesbian blowjob, I want you to fuck me." Heather then said with the happiest of voice. " I love you fucking me without cumming."

And fuck her I did. I pounded her G spot, I pounded her deep, I went fast, then slow and then fast again. Heather just started squirting. She went from having several large orgasms to going into one continuous orgasm thing. And I kept pounding like maybe; just maybe I could have an orgasm.

Heather was giggling and laughing. Said she was done and so was I. I was out of breath.

Heather said "I drained you good, you had no chance of cumming. But you sure are trying!" and she laughed crazy.

I was definitely a sex slave to this Goddess.

Almost a full week of Heathers teasing, she had me so I was utterly horny. I was like a cow being hit with a bomb, I was ready to go Cowboom.

The day to meet Heathers friend had finally arrived. So with the meek fanfare of an oboe player, in walks Bridget. A maiden so fair and very graceful. I recognized her from an orchestra I had played in but never could get more than a shy hello from her. Now she was in my home.

She wore a white sweater over a lace sundress. Behind the sweater was see though and probably meant to be wore with a camisole under. She had a flowery ribbon in her long light blonde hair that flowed down her back and gave way to her beautiful innocent face that just glowed.

Bridget said "I feel so exposed in this outfit. But I wore it as Heather commanded."

"My cock in its chastity cage knows how you feel" I quipped. That made Bridget giggle.

"Ok, ok" Heather jumped in. "I want you to dance around to show off your dress without the sweater for Alex"

"I have not been naked in front of a man for a long time Heather. Are you sure?" Bridget asked.

Heather replied "You must trust me Bridget. And you know this questioning me will require additional spankings"

I watched Bridget blush, pull off her sweater and do a little dance for me. Then off with her sandals and the pretty sundress. That dress looked good on my floor. Bridget was beautiful. She was maybe only 5 foot tall and quite small. She has a bubble butt with a nice jiggle. Full shoulders with barely A cup breasts that had the sweetest most puffy nipples I ever seen. Her build made her body look sleek yet she has real girl curves. As stunning of a beauty as Bridget was I was totally stunned by her pussy. Her lips were huge and hung down and inside those lips was a horizontal barbell through her clit. I started thinking that is going to help me get her clit very good. Maybe I do have a chance at an orgasm.

As I just looked at her pussy she turned beat red and Bridget said. "Ms. Heather controls my orgasms"

"I truly understand. It has been a long 2 weeks for me without a real orgasm" I sympathized.

With that Heather said. "Time to lace up your arms."

And she proceeded to slide these arm cuffs up Bridget's arms and lace them together so they were immobile behind her back. Heather explained to me that the only time they came off were for other bondage or if she had to do a poopy.

Heather rang out "She is a sub and she likes to be bound and she takes spankings everywhere very well for me."

"Everywhere?" I asked.

"Yes she takes it everywhere. Her ass, her back, her breasts and even her pussy get whipped" Heather explained.

"Even her pussy? Wow! Did you know if you whip a cow it falls over and you have ground beef?" It was all I could think to say.

After Bridget's arms were bound Heather asked her when her last orgasm was.

"Last weekend" Bridget whispered.

"When?!?!?" Heather demanded.

"Last weekend" Bridget whispered again.

"I told you two weeks. Now is that fair to Alex who has gone 2 weeks? And you know what this means?" Heather asked sternly.

"Yes Ms. Heather" Bridget replied as she got on the bed nose down, ass up with her knees bent under her obviously ready for a spanking.

"You know I love spanking you Bridget" Heather cooed.

I stood there thinking that I do not want a spanking so maybe it is just fine that Bridget is the one being spanked. Not sure how all of this was going to go down I simply said nothing.

Heather took out of her bag a whip. It had a nice decorative handle with multiple strands of foot and a half long leather. She started whipping Bridget quite firmly yet not so much that big welts would appear. Heather likes so much intensity I was worried.

Then I realized that those big pussy lips were just hanging out there between her legs and they were getting whipped too. Bridget just held firm and took it. Wow!

"This will help you remember not to have orgasms without my permission" Heather giggled.

Bridget got 14 spanks for not going 14 day. And as bad as it appeared to have her pussy whipped it was wet with desire. I was getting anxious to prove myself to her. She was so cute I just wanted to fondle her.

Heather pulled off her sundress, laid back on the bed and said. "Not I am going to have a little eat my pussy contest. Bridget you go first"

Bridget went right for the goods with the intensity of her spanking. Heather jumped and told her to slow down. Bridget did not slow down much but her ass was wonderful to look at.

"You know I like gentle to get started on my sensitive clit Bridget" Heather chided.

"But Ms Heather this is how I always eat you." Bridget defended.

"Well you come lick my nipples and let Alex show you how he does it" Heather instructed.

I went in so soft and gentle that Heather arched up to meet my tongue. I just kept it slow and gentle until Heather was squirting before I got into it. And as Heather started screaming and moaning I sucked and licked that big clit like my orgasm depended on it. I got seven or eight orgasms out before Heather said it was Bridget's turn.

Bridget did a flutter tongue thing on the tip of Heathers clit. I started caressing Bridget's ass, her incredible hour glass figure and her puffy nipples. Trying to not get noticed by Heather. Those nipples were sensitive enough that Bridget was breathing hard and starting to glow. I am told girls do not sweat they glow.

And greatness alone is not enough, or the cow would outrun the hare. But I was not sure if cows did sweat.

Heather was cumming over and over. Bridget and I started switching off after every one of Heathers orgasms so we were both making her cum over and over. The extra energy we put in tag teaming Heather was making her tremble uncontrollably and squirt like a waterfall. We were bonding over Heather's clit. And getting great fun making her cum so much.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Stop! Stop! Stop!" It seemed Heather had enough orgasms.

Heather then looked and said said. "She is yours to make cum. Good luck!"

Bridget protested. "But Ms. Heather, I want you to make me cum."

"Now Bridget, you know that kind of rebellion will get your pussy spanked." Heather scolded. "I am not going to now because it would not be fair to Alex how is trying to impress you so you will give him a blow job."

With Bridget's arm tied behind her back I laid her on the bed and started kissing her neck, shoulders and working my way to those sensitive and puffy nipples. In no time I had Bridget moaning and breathing heavy with her tummy and hips arching up as well as she could with her arms laced up.

Then I positioned myself between her legs. The piercing held her clit out and firm. I took a dozen licks just a micron away so all she felt was the warmth of my tongue. She rose up to meet my tongue. I pushed her into the bed and just licked like a butterfly. She was begging for more and as much as I wanted to go full on I just kept teasing her.

Her horniness was showing though and I kept pushing in more and more. I started with a full contact lick at the speed of a slow Blues. The piercing was stretching and snapping back under my tongue.

Bridget was panting, moaning and yelling. "Please, Please... Please, Please"

Heather giggled "Dam you're good! It is interesting to see what you have been doing to me."

Carefully I speeded up and slowed down my lickings on Bridget's clit. I wanted to tease and deny her a few times so when she came it was bigger. I saw how her nipples were changing as I got her close to orgasm, so I used that understanding to stop and start when I was licking her. The more you tease someone, the bigger there orgasm will be. I wanted to milk this for all I could. I wondered if I could get those nipples to squirt milk. Then I thought if I got a cow to giggle would milk come out its nose?

Bridget was horny. "Please! Please! Please make me cum!"

Heather started chanting. "GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!"

Bridget was shaking, rocking and rolling as I licked her clit. Then a piercing scream of orgasmic bliss filled the room.

I grabbed the clit piercing bar with my fingers on both sides so her clit was pinned down and went into double time without mercy. Seemed like I got a dozen orgasms that way. Then I got a finger inside on her G spot and kept licking.

Bridget was begging me to stop already because she was so sensitive.

Heather said to me. "Stand up and spread them legs"

My balls quickly said. " What did we do?"

"It is what you are going to do that will be fun" Heather said like she knew she was talking to my balls.

Heather rubbed on a thick layer of numbing cream on my cock then kicked me in the balls a bunch of times. She then put on a two supersized condoms. I was not going to feel much.

"Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" Heather chanted.

Well it was obvious I was not going to cum but this little vixen was going to get the full impact of my large cock. Heather stuck a bottle of lube in Bridget's pussy and unloaded a large amount of the bottle.

I started pushing it in gentle and Heather pushed my ass from behind so I went in fast and hard.

Bridget screamed. I was proud.

I worked her over slow, and then got faster. Then I just pounded her. She came over and over. Then it was like she passed out.

"Ok big boy. You fucked her good" Then Heather told me I was getting close and I needed to pull out.

"I knew I was close. I was hoping." I said.

Heather grabbed my balls and pulled off the condoms. I guess that was the wrong answer.

"How long will she be out?" I asked

"She will out until morning. You banged her real good" Heather replied. "Eat me so I can go to sleep."

So there I was with two hot young girls in my home and I had not had an orgasm for two weeks.

I woke up with the desire to eat pussy. Seemed to be plenty around. I thought should do Heather first or let her sleep and work on impressing Bridget so I can get a blow job.

Blow job. A steak would be nice too.

So I went after Bridget's pussy while I caressed her nipples. I started so gentle she woke up slow. Again I went so slow that she just went on simmer. Then I turned up the heat. I kept changing how I licked her. I staggered my licks when she started anticipating my next lick and soon I had her melting away into a screaming thrashing orgasm. I just kept going. Not with any pattern, I just kept going.

Soon Bridget was having orgasm after orgasm.

"Please stop, am too sensitive" Bridget begged.

"Don't stop" Heather commanded.

"Ok Bridget. He is good, isn't he? Heather asked.

"Yes, but I don't want to do a blow job" Bridget begged. "I don't know how to suck a dick."

I was afraid of that I thought to myself.

Then Heather said. "Ok, we are going to tie you up and I am going to let him try to make you cum more."

Heather then helped me tie Bridget up in the same reverse spread eagle I used on her a few weeks back. And away I went. I was not stopping until she agreed to give me a blow job. I started again holding down her clit and going crazy on the tip. I got out the Hitachi and held her clit to it with her piercing. I licked her nipples while that Hitachi buzzed away on her overly sensitive clit. She tears dripping down her face and she was shaking like crazy. So I licked her more.

Then I licked Bridget's clit nice and slow. I started as close as I could then up the clit, over the top and down the top side. I just kept doing this over and over. It seemed to touch every nerve ending she had as she was just cumming over and over. She had the look of jumping out of her skin several times. I was not stopping as I really wanted to cum.

It was becoming obvious that Heather had kept Bridget in bondage for much of their play time. The more Bridget jumped the more Heather was cheering me on. She even took the whip a few times and hit those very sensitive nipples. Bridget took it without any question. I was getting the idea that when it was just the two of them that the whippings were more intense.

Heather chanted. "GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! No mercy! GO!"

Just when I thought I got every orgasm I could by licking slow, I put the Hitachi back on her clit. I used Bridget's clit jewelry to hold the tip against the vibrating head. Bridget was gasping for air. She had dozens of orgasms after she said she was too sensitive to cum anymore. She was past glowing and dripping with sweat. And again she just looked like she jumped out of her skin with another orgasm.

So I held that clit firm with my hands and I did a big long tongue lick as long and fast as I could on the underside of her clit. Bridget's orgasms just started flowing faster. I think I seen her eyes roll back. She was gasping for air like she wanted a big breath of air.

Then Bridget screamed. "I will blow you!! Mercy! Please stop! Please! Please!"

Heather yelled. "Yea! You get a blow job and I get to watch!.

Then Heather told me to make her cum one more time while she kissed Bridget. Sounded like fun to me, so I did. That one extra was intense. Her shaking could have blown the spots off a cow.

Heather unlocked and took off my cage, and then we untied Bridget. Heather left her arms untied. She said this was the first time Bridget was not tied up in some way for a long time. But she thought it would help the blow job.

I got comfortable on the bed and Heather guided Bridget to my cock. While having my cock in her mouth felt wonderful, Bridget really did not know how to give a blow job. But Heather was right there with her hand on the back of Bridget's head helping her give me a blow job. She told her how to lick the tip then to keep her tongue on the tip as she slid down my shaft. My girth is big enough that I never get deep throat blow jobs unless I find a girl with a cow tail the sings bass. But with Heathers hand on the back of Bridget's head my cock was forced down her throat. I could see her throat expand around me. And funny, Bridget just took it.

"Am I doing it good Ms. Heather?" Bridget asked when Heather pulled her head up to lick my tip.

"Ask Alex" Heather said. "And ask him if he would like to cum on your face too"

Bridget's eyes were clear she forgot that there was going to be man cum all over. But with Heather's special grip and blow job assistance. I was sure Bridget was going to have to take the whole mess.

I replied. "One squirt on the face is good but I want to feel that tongue on my cock while I cum. I have been teased and I got sperm build up. You are going to take a big load girl."

And while I was so horny I could have fucked a cow I was getting my cock milked real good. I was building up for a big orgasm very fast. Heather looked at me with a reassuring look to just enjoy this.

Two weeks of tormenting teasing and licking Heather was boiling over. My swollen balls were pulled up tight. Heather was holding the base of my cock and slamming Bridget's head up and down making sure she could not change her mind on taking all that cum.

And then the orgasm started.


And the orgasm kept cumming and cumming and cumming. For several minutes I came. Heather made a few squirts that hit Bridget all over her face then shoved her head down all the way into her throat. And I just kept cumming and cumming. I don't think I ever squirted so much in my life. Heather really knows how to make cum build up.

"Just keep that cock in your mouth" Heather said as she put some soft white hand cuffs on Bridget. "That should keep you from wiping the cum off your face"

"Keep sucking that cock Bridget. You earned all that cum. Savor it!" Heather was making sure Bridget got the full effect of giving a blowjob.

And again, somehow Heather knew. The extra blowjob time was milking out dribbles and just felt sooooo good. Getting a lesbian blowjob. That was better than tipping cows.

"Ok Bridget, now I want you to kiss Alex so he knows you enjoyed giving him a blow job."

I grabbed her shoulders and helped her get up to kiss me. It is kind of hard to get around a bed with handcuffs on. Bridget kissed me so soft. She kept whispering thank you over and over. I licked the cum out of her eyes.

Heather said. "You leave that cum on her face Alex. She earned it."

Heather made steak, corn and baked potatoes. It was a steak and blowjob day.

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