tagFetishThe Muse is a Goddess Ch. 04

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 04


Bridget and I were waking Heather up licking her pussy. I got in between her legs first and had given her the gentlest, slowest orgasm to start her morning. We had switched between us several times and now Bridget was now taking her turn and going like an elephant after a peanut pushing Heather though a hyper sensitive orgasm.

"Ok! Ok! I am awake you two." Heather pushed Bridget away so she could yawn.

Bridget started begging. "Ms. Heather, Ms. Heather. Can Alex fuck me with that humongous cock? Pleeeeeeeeeassssssssssse????"

"Yes he can fuck you tonight when he gets home from work." Heather answered with a quite devious look. "But first today you are going to entertain me in bondage."

I was never sure what happened in Heather and Bridget's bondage sessions. But I am sure they are intense. I would see clues when I got home from work. Many rope marks and lots of red marks. It was obvious that Heather knew just how hard to push. My balls and orgasm understood Heather knew how hard to push me too.

And true to form pulling in the drive and opening the garage door in front of where I park was Bridget tied to the rafters spread eagle with her head angled down at a 45 degree angle so her mouth was at the height of an umbrella chair that was sitting next to her. It seemed Heather was spending time in that chair with the tied up Bridget's face between her legs.

I joked "Looks like someone has been eating pussy and just hanging around all day."

I had been looking forward to fucking Bridget all day. My imagination was going crazy. The idea of fucking this hot lesbian that wanted to be fucked by me...was hot beyond my dreams.

Finally, I was sliding my cock into Bridget. Heather did not allow us any foreplay other than a few moments to spread some lube. Bridget was shaking, screaming and begging for me to pound her in two strokes. So I started pounding her G spot.

"No, No, No you don't" Heather commanded. "You are to move at my command".

"Pull out all the way" Heather instructed.

"Ok now slide in slowly" Heather continued.

"Now go deep and hold still".

Heather made us hold still for almost 5 minutes and then made me pull out so just the tip was in and hold that. Bridget was trembling so much it was a really turning me on more than the fuck. And of course Heather caught on and stopped that.

Then heather said. "Now Alex, get on the bed on your back and Bridget you mount his cock nice and deep and hold still"

With that Heather started whipping Bridget's ass. The look on Bridget's face told me that she really liked being whipped. Then Heather stopped.

"OK Bridget, you may fuck him now. Slide up and down." Heather instructed.

What a good fuck. I was really getting into this and getting really close to cumming.

Then Heather yelled "Dismount!"

But Bridget kept going for two more strokes. Heather yanked her off and through her down on the bed beside me.

"That will cost you! ... and I am going to enjoy this." Heather chuckled "Stand up Alex, spread your legs and hold your cock up to your tummy."

I did as told and with that before I knew what was happening, I got two swift kicks to the balls. As I crawled up off the floor I was able to see Heather grab her flogger to whip Bridget's pussy. To me all those strands of the flogger must have felt like a herd of elephants running over an aardvark. And from the red cast and marks between her legs and on her lips I could tell this was not the first whipping of the day. I was amazed at how much Bridget just yielded to the whipping and the way she gasp and grinned when the whip hit her clit...I was not sure who liked the whipping better between the girls.

"Now fuck her Alex. With nice slow deep strokes" Heather instructed.

I did not need to be told twice. I sunk it and did as told. Within a dozen strokes we were both ready to cum. And Heather told me to pull out.

"Do it again Alex." Heather continued.

"Pull out!" Heather commanded.


"Do it again."

Heather watched us both close. She had me pulling out and putting it back in so we were both on the edge of cumming a dozen times.

"I believe that is sufficient for tonight. Time for your cage Alex." Said Heather.

Heather locked me up and then laced Bridget's arms together leaving her pretty much helpless.

What do you call an elephant cock that doesn't matter? An irrelephant.

So yes; Heather let me fuck Bridget with my humongous cock, but she also made it the craziest tease and denial game I ever had been though. Bridget and I looked at each other with lust the rest of the evening.

Bridget said. "I love how his cock twitches. I want it to twitch in me so bad Ms. Heather."

Heather asked Bridget. "So Bridget, do you think you are bi now, or still a lesbian?"

Bridget replied. "I think I am still a lesbian. But Alex understands me like no other guy and I love how he uses that big cock so nicely. It is just Alex that I would have Ms. Heather."

That made a drop of cum drip out of my cock with a twitch.

The next night I got home to find Bridget on the bed tied up with her legs folded back so her feet were above her head a little and her arms were wrapped together with her legs so her hands were at her butt on the outside of her legs. Her thighs were tied with ropes going around her back so she could not close off her exposed pussy. She was bound tight. And guess what Heather asked me to do?

"Fuck her Alex!" Heather said "Fuck her good! But you better pull out when I say."

As bad as I wanted to keep fucking Bridget, my balls made it clear that I was to stop as directed. I did not want another kick to the balls. I already had big blue elephant balls and did not need any extra swelling.

I was amazed at how in tune with each other Bridget and I were. Our orgasms got close at the same time together all night. We were both being controlled by Heather and it gave us a very passionate connection.

"Fuck her!" Heather instructed.

"Pull out!" Heather commanded.

"Ok...Fuck her!" Heather graciously offered.

"Pull out! Pull out! Now! Heather screamed.

"But he only did three strokes Ms. Heather. Please can we cum???" Bridget begged.

Then the real torture started. Every couple minutes for hours I slid in, held for a couple seconds and pulled out. For hours we did this.

Slide in. Hold still. Slide out. Wait. Slide in. Hold still. Slide out. Wait. Slide in. Hold still. Slide out. Wait.

We did have a few breaks when Heather sat on Bridget's face for a sweet orgasm and then had me eat her. Heather was really sensitive. Bridget said she had dozens of orgasms all day and that is why she only wanted a few O's while she teased us. Heather sure screamed easy. Heather just really loved showing us what a real orgasm was.

Then more of Slide in. Hold still. Slide out. Wait. Slide in. Hold still. Slide out. Wait. Slide in. Hold still. Slide out. Wait.

Then Heather said. "Eat me Alex!"

So I was a bad boy and spread out her lips and made the skin tightly pulled away from her clit and I did a full big tongue attack on Heather's clit.


Then with a large gush of squirting orgasm hit Heather and she screamed. "STOP!!"

I did not want to stop. But Heather's hand was close to that flogger, so I stopped.

Heather then told me to put just the tip of my cock in Bridget's pussy and not move. Soon Bridget was trembling and shaking against her bondage trying to slide in deeper. I was breathing hot. Hours of tease fucking had driven me crazy.

"OK Alex, pull out. Time for your cage. Seems you will need that cage tonight, you think?" Heather was giggling. She knew what shape we were in.

"Then Alex, I want you to carry Bridget in and hold her on the toilet so she can pee." Heather instructed. "She is way too horny to not be bound tonight and I do not want to untie and retie her. I had fun, fun, fun tonight. And I had so many orgasms today. I really appreciate how you both like to please me."

As I carried Bridget in and held her so you could pee, Heather followed us in the bathroom to make sure I did not give her a mercy orgasm. How did she know I was thinking that?

I slept so I could stare a Bridget's pussy every time I woke up. Seem like her pussy was glistening wet all the way until morning.

The next day was a distracting struggle. Something about being horny with another person just made it all the more intense. I was not sure how I could survive another night of the tease fucking. But I did get home from work promptly so I was ready for anything. I guess I had no choice.

Heather had Bridget's arms tied behind her back again. I got on my back and Heather helped guide my cock inside Bridget's pussy as she straddled me. She sunk deep and was not allowed to move. We spent an hour in and out without any sliding except for the going in and pulling out. The heat buildup was steamy.

"Well." Heather announced. "It is time for one orgasm. And only one orgasm. In a few moments one of you will get to cum and the other will spend the night horny."

Heather held up a coin and kind of teased us with it. She was going to flip a coin to decide if Bridget or if I would get an orgasm.

Heather asked me. "Who would you choose to make cum Alex?"

"Ladies first as always Heather," I replied.

Bridget almost yelling said. "Let me give him a blow job Ms. Heather, I am used to being horny and he deserves it."

"I have trained and teased you both well" Heather laughed.

"Heads Bridget cums and tails Alex cums" Heather announced. "Then tomorrow the other person gets to cum, maybe all they want."

The coin went up in the air. While it was up there no matter what I said I was hoping for tails. And I could see Bridget was hoping for heads.

"It's heads!" Heather announced.

"Ok Alex, lick that pussy now!"

Bridget went. "Weeeeeeeeeeee!!"

Seemed like only three licks on that sweet clit and Bridget was screaming with orgasmic bliss. I kept going and she just kept cumming. Heather locked up my cock cage while I was eating her.

Soon Bridget's screams were muffled as Heather mounted her face. Both girls were now cumming and screaming.

Then they traded so I was eating Heather's pussy and Bridget was sitting on Heathers face. Heather was gushing and squirting all over my face. The room was filled with orgasms. And my blue balls were just begging to join in. I had never been so horny in my life. I could feel my heart beating in my cock like an elephant trampling a dynamite factory.

So it was Saturday morning. And I was promised an orgasm. I had dreamed about cumming all night. I woke up to Bridget's screaming from Heather teasing her with the Hitachi. Somehow all the relief Bridget had last night was all gone and now Bridget was horny again.

"You are going to learn how to keep a cock on the edge of orgasm Bridget" Heather explained. "I want you to learn the signs of an approaching orgasm."

Heather then laid down the law to Bridget. "If he cums before I tell you to let him you will be punished hard. Understand Bridget?"

"Yes Ms Heather" Bridget replied.

It was obvious by the fear in Bridget's eyes that punished hard was different than normal play. And equally obvious that the orgasms I wanted had conditions. I did not believe that I could be teased any more as the breeze of an elephant fart would get me off.

Then Heather started explaining. "Blow him Bridget. No wetter...Slower. And look at him."

And faster than a fifteen year old, I was ready to cum. But this was different. The pressure and the weight of the cum inside me was bigger than anything. I was ready to blow the shells off the peanut factory.

"Ok Bridget" Heather said. "See and feel that throbbing? It is time to stop."

Bridget replied. "I love the throbbing. Why does he throb?"

I was thinking, maybe it was the Hitachi tease or maybe she really liked me. But this was a great blow job and she still does not know when a cock is going to erupt. Bridget just had no experience with a cock.

Heather explained. "He is about to cum. Whenever you see signs of him cumming you have to stop. Until I tell you to make him cum. Then you do not stop no matter how much you choke on his cum or how much comes out your nose. Understand?"

"Yes Ms Heather" Bridget replied.

"Now tell him you are going to swallow all his cum and not stop until he is sucked dry" Heather said. And say it good enough he throbs again.

Bridget looked at me with the sweetest face, smile and eyes and said. "When she lets me, I am going to suck you dry and not stop until you cum a second time and I am going to swallow every drop because I love your cum soooo much."

I throbbed.

After about seven edges Bridget was getting the hang of reading me and started stopping on her own. Heather was creating a monster teaser.

Then Heather instructed. "See how he is just close to cumming when you stop but he could get closer?"

"I think so" Bridget replied.

"Well push him just a little closer before you stop. Just a little more. Now just lick the tip...twice. Now lick it once. There you got one drop. That is when you know he is yours."

"I love it Ms. Heather!"

"Now do it again Bridget. Make him suffer a little more."

This time a little dribble came out about 20 seconds after she stopped.

"Now you have his cum filling every spot in his plumbing" Heather explained. "Now he will have a good orgasm. But wait a few minutes more for him to cool down."

"So I can make him cum now? Can I Ms Heather? Please?"

"See how he is still throbbing?"

"Yes, yes" Bridget bubbled.

"Let's wait for that to slow off" Heather instructed.

And I did everything I could to not throb. It seems my cock was not understanding the benefits of hiding the throbs as I did. But soon it stopped.

Then Bridget got more excited. "Can I make him cum now? Please, please, please???"

Then I heard the words from Heather I dreamed about. "Make him cum Bridget!!"

Bridget went crazy slurping up and down with her tongue wiggling. I was being slammed on the back of her throat. And even though I was bigger than her throat she was jamming me deep down her throat so it swelled her neck. She grabbed me and pulled herself to me as she pounded my cock with her face. And looked at me with those adorable eyes.

And I started to cum. Crazy like an elephant trunk spewing trumpeted peanut shells. Cum was flowing out of me even when I wasn't squirting. Bridget slammed her head down on my cock hard. I must have squirted just as she exhaled and out her nose it sprayed. She just kept pounding her head on my cock. And I just kept cumming.

When I thought I was finished cumming I realized Heather had hand cuffed my hands to ropes on the bed. I was done cumming and now very sensitive. VERY SENSITIVE! Bridget showed no signs of stopping. She had cum all over her face that came out her nose and her eyes were twinkling. She was having fun.

And I was SENSITIVE! Bridget kept going. At least she only hit the tip every few times her head bobbed up and down. Soon I was building up to cum again. It had been years since I came twice. Now she was hitting the tip every time. So even though I was sensitive now I was horny and building up to cum.

Bridget's tongue was full on my tip and I was cumming again. She did not stop until every last drop was sucked out.

I do not know what happened after that as I passed out. Out cold. Lights out.

I have been Fucking teased and came like a fucking 20 year old. Fuck!

Late in the day I got it together and Heather let me fuck Bridget. No restrictions. Just fuck her.

Since Bridget had been teased she was really horny and started going off in multiple orgasms. After those two orgasms I had in the morning I was able just keep on going making Bridget cum, also thanks to the wonderful ED meds. I just pounded her hard. When a slammed my cock in I bounced off her Gspot and then hit her cervix that was shaking inside her. Her insides were polishing the tip of my cock she was coming so much. Seeing Bridget so excited got me going and soon I was filling her up.

"Ok, lick her clean Alex" Heather instructed.

I was getting used to licking up my cum and starting to like it. Probably because having cum to lick up was good.

The three of us were basking in orgasmic bliss and relaxing. Heather then told Bridget and me that she was flying out that night to see her parents. And that for a week Bridget and I would be allowed to play with each other and cum whenever we wanted. Well unless she gave us instructions different some days.

Bridget started jumping up and down. "Oh thank you Ms. Heather, I am going to fuck him and suck him and make him run dry."

And I was thinking. Hot young girl that wants to get laid. Sweet!!

We both were so used to not cumming that being able to cum was a novelty. So Bridget and I fucked like elephants dancing in a peanut butter factory on a honeymoon.

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