tagMind ControlThe Music Plays on in her Mind Ch. 05

The Music Plays on in her Mind Ch. 05


Trance warning: I think the warning in chapter 1 covers everything, but as a reminder. This story is designed to hypnotize the reader and turn them into a blank obedient slut.

All characters in this story are older than 18. I like the terms girl and boy better than woman and man, and I do not use those terms to imply youth.


Chapter 5: Programming

Crystal walked into the room and saw three other students sitting on a couch. They all wore matching jumpsuits, and blank expressions on their faces. A tall boy with long jet black hair sat on the right end of the couch. Next to him sat a pretty girl with wavy red hair. It took a moment for Crystal's hazy mind to recognize that girl as Hue. At the left end of the couch sat a boy with silvery blue eyes.

They all looked so blissfully serene with their droopy eyes and their vacant stares. Crystal wanted to feel just like them. She sat down between Hue and the blue eyed boy and she followed their lead, staring mindlessly towards the front of the room as her heavy body sank into a comfortable position.

"How good of you to join us," said a woman in a latex version of the jumpsuit that showed off every beautiful curve of her voluptuous body. She was large and in charge, standing at the front of the class. "My name is Misty, but you can call me Mistress. I'm the headmistress of this school and I'll be teaching you how to properly think and act."

"You're here because you want to be a blank obedient slut." She continued in a slow and seductive voice that seemed to slow down all the thoughts in Crystal's mind. "The first thing a blank obedient slut must learn, is how to be blank. The vacant look on your sleepy dreamy faces tells me that you learned this lesson long ago. I'm going to go over it anyways just to make sure that the knowledge sinks deep into your mind."

Mistress paused for a moment, and Crystal began to worry that this lecture would be incredibly boring. She already knew how to go blank. All she needed to do was take slow deep breaths as her heavy body relaxed, then let all her thoughts float away like dandelion petals blown into the wind. She could picture them clearly, those pretty white thought petals floating away from her mind. She watched them dance in the wind and barely paid attention to the Mistress's mind numbing lecture.

"The proper way to go blank," Mistress continued, "starts with hearing a Master say 'Go blank for me'. The Masters of this school are Domme, Surly, and myself. You will practice going blank any time one of us tells you to. All you need to do is think about the word blank. Focus on that thought, and contemplate its meaning. A blank mind is wonderfully empty, devoid of any thoughts. A blank mind is pleasantly peaceful, free from all worries and doubts. A blank mind is happy and joyful, knowing nothing but blissful thoughtlessness."

Mistress paused again, and let the class contemplate the nature of a blank and empty mind. Crystal was so bored that she could hardly think. Why did Mistress have to drone on and on when she already knew exactly how to go blank? It's so easy to go blank. All you need to do is open up your mind and let all your thoughts float away like butterflies in a warm autumn breeze. She zoned out and pictured them fluttering by, their colorful wings flapping as they blissfully floated away.

"Your second lesson," Mistress continued, "Is how to be obedient. You want to be obedient every time you go blank for me, because obedience is pleasure. Obedience means letting your Master control your thoughts. Obedience means listening and obeying without thinking. Obedience means surrendering to the words you are hearing, and accepting them as your own thoughts. Above all else, obedience means pleasure. The pleasure of being obedient to your Master is a feeling far stronger than anything else you'll ever feel. You will feel that pleasure in your mind and in your body every time you obey. You will rejoice in the knowledge that your obedience pleases your Master. That pleasure is our gift to you. Every opportunity to obey is a gift I give to you."

Mistress paused a third time to see if her lesson was sinking in. Crystal wasn't bored anymore. Her vacant mind was too preoccupied with pleasurable thoughts of being blank and obedient. She lost herself in mindless daydream and accepted Mistresses words as her own thoughts without even needing to hear them.

"Your third lesson," Mistress continued, "is how to be a slut. Slut is a sexy word, that makes you feel aroused every time you hear it. There are those who would tell you that slut is a bad word, a word for naughty sinful delinquents. That couldn't be further from the truth. A slut is a wonderful person, who knows that pleasure feels good and wants to make the world a better place by spreading pleasure around. A slut loves the pleasure they create, and knows that their sexual desires are nothing to be ashamed of. A slut embraces their sexual urges, and acts on them when they have consent to do so. A slut has many desires, and is not afraid to ask to have those desires fulfilled. A slut is not held back by minor details like inhibitions, especially not in a classroom full of fellow sluts."

Mistress continued talking, but Crystal wasn't paying attention anymore. She was too aroused to think about anything but the growing heat between her legs. She exchanged a glace with the boy sitting next to her and wondered if he was feeling the same way. She leaned over and spoke sweetly.

"Hi, My name's Crystal. I think you're cute. Want to make out?"

"My name is Elliot, but my friends call me Ell, and to answer your question." The blue eyed boy leaned in close and pressed his lips against Crystal's. She pursed her lips and leaned into the kiss, enjoying his taste and his scent as their mouths embraced.

"You have the most amazing breasts," Ell stated. "Can I find out if they feel as amazing as they look.?"

"Yes please," Crystal replied, thrusting her chest towards his reaching hands. He squeezed, caressed, and pinched as they continued to kiss.

"You desire to be a blank obedient slut." Mistress Continued "That's nothing to be ashamed of. You want to feel the pleasure of obeying your Masters and submitting to their will. You want to submit your beautiful body to my absolute control. You want to fulfill my every sexual desire, for our mutual pleasure. You want to give in to the growing sexual tension in the room, and embrace you inner slut. You're feeling so mindlessly horny that you can hardly focus on the words I'm saying. You just want to thoughtlessly obey and accept my commands as your desires without ever needing to recognize the words."

"Want to help me take off this suit?" Crystal asked.

"Only if you help take off mine," Ell replied.

"You like being controlled and told what to do," Crystal Stated, as the two of them undressed one another. "Can I take control for a while?"

"Yes please," Ell replied. He stared deep into Crystal's eyes with a blank expression on his face, patiently waiting for instructions.

"Good boy. Now get down on your knees and lick my pussy."

Crystal leaned back and enjoyed the sensation as Ell put his talented tongue to work. She looked over and caught the eye of the black haired boy. He was leaning back and moaning as Hue bobbed up and down on his cock.

"Isn't it nice having a blank obedient slut between your legs?" He asked Crystal. "My name's Tom by the way."

"There's nothing better," Crystal replied. "Except perhaps being a blank obedient slut. I'm Crystal, pleasure to meet you."

Tom leaned in and asked Crystal what her favorite way of being controlled was. Soon he had one hand on her hair, grabbing tight and pulling her head backwards while his other hand pinched her nipples.

"A slut loves to suck cock and lick pussy." Mistress continued. "A slut loves to fuck and be fucked. A slut loves to have their body touched, sucked, licked, and otherwise played with. A slut loves to fulfill the sexual desires of their lovers. And when a slut is all alone they love to mindlessly pleasure themself. A slut loves to experience pleasure, and they always play safe so that they can continue to share that pleasure with others. Above all else, a blank obedient slut loves to fulfill the desires of their Masters. A slut loves to go blank for their Master, for a slut knows that obedience is pleasure and a slut knows nothing but endless pleasure through mindless obedience."

Tom whispered into Crystal's ear, letting her know exactly what he wanted to do next. Crystal agreed, then they told Hue and Ell that it was time for a new position. They didn't realize that they were acting under Mistress's suggestions. They were just enjoying being blank obedient sluts and sharing pleasure with one another. All they needed to know was that this passionate orgy was made possible by the pleasure of blank obedience.

Ell sat down first, and slid a condom down onto his rock hard cock. Crystal sat down next straddling Ell and facing towards him. His cock slid perfectly into her cunt. He throbbed inside her as he waited for the others to get into position. Soon he was thrusting, up and down, in and out, with a look of pure mindless pleasure plastered across his face.

Hue sat up on the backrest of the couch and pulled Crystal's head between her thighs. She moaned as Crystal's slutty tongue started licking. This was the second time today that her friend had eaten her out. She would have to remember to thank Crystal later by making Crystal lick her any time she wanted.

Tom got behind Crystal, and pressed his crotch against her ass. He spread a generous glob of lube around, then teased her hole with a finger. She relaxed and accepted his probing digit, knowing that it would soon be replaced by something much bigger. He positioned his erection in front of her hole, and slipped his finger out. She gasped as he entered her ass, then moaned as he slowly pushed deeper and deeper.

She felt so full and so happy. So full of cock, so full of pleasure. So happy to be sharing that pleasure with other obedient sluts. She realized that this was her purpose in life, saving the world by sharing pleasure as an insatiable slut. And what better pleasure to share than the pleasure of mindless obedience.

Mistress didn't need to talk anymore. Her message had already sank in deep. All she needed to do was watch and enjoy as her blank obedient sluts fucked themselves into mindless oblivion. She could see it written on their vacant faces that they had all accepted this lesson. They knew deep down that every ounce of pleasure they were feeling was the pleasure of obedience given to them through mindless submission to their Master. She watched as they kept on fucking, lost in their world of endless pleasure and mindless obedience. Eventually she decided that it was time for a change of position.

"A slut loves to try new things, and spice it up in the bedroom. A slut loves to cum because they love to feel pleasure, but they know that the pleasure of cumming is far stronger when their Master commands them to cum. A slut knows that the pleasure of obedience enhances all other pleasure. That is why a slut always waits for their Master to give them permission to cum. That is why a slut begs and pleads their Master for permission to cum. And I just might let a group of blank obedient sluts cum if they put on a sexy show for me."

The thrusting and grunting slowed down as the four mindless sluts decided it was time for a change in position. When Mistress got bored of watching them in that position, she prompted them to change again. The blank obedient sluts lost track of how long they spent mindlessly fucking, sucking, and licking. The hours went by in a hazy blur of pleasure as Mistress slowly conditioned their foggy minds to serve and obey. She edged them all mercilessly, bringing them right up to the edge time and time again, making them beg and plead, then dropping them right back down without release. She let the pleasure grow until it was unbearably strong, until it overwhelmed their minds completely.

Eventually Mistress decided that it was time to end her lecture. She prompted them to change position one final time. This time Hue got on the couch first, sinking effortlessly into a comfortable position. Tom straddled her and thrust his cock deep into her pussy. She moaned out in pleasure and matched his every thrust, clenching her needy pussy around his throbbing erection.

Ell stood behind Tom and positioned his cock against Tom's ass. He gently squeezed his cheeks, marveling at how soft squishy they felt in his hands. Then he reached down with a finger and teased Tom's tight hole. Before long he was grunting and thrusting, his cock buried deep in Tom's ass. His erection throbbed and pulsed deep inside Tom's tight hole. The pleasure was becoming unbearable, but he knew he wouldn't cum without permission from Mistress.

Crystal laid down last, positioning herself perfectly so that she could make out with Hue while Tom ate her pussy. She turned herself completely upside down to do so, but she was so blissed out that she didn't recognize the difference. Crystal moaned as Tom's tongue teased her with tantalizing sensations. Every lick and every flick sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. Meanwhile her own tongue was busy making out with Hue.

Tom was in the middle of everything, mindlessly grunting and moaning as the pleasure just kept building. Ell's cock felt so good, thrusting in and out of his ass. His cock felt wonderful, thrusting in and out of Hue. Crystals pussy tasted divine as he swirled his tongue around and flicked it up and down on her clit. He was already begging for release, but his muffled words were just as incoherent as the thoughts left in his empty head. Fortunately for him, the other sluts were more capable of talking.

"Please Mistress," They begged. "Please can we cum?"

Mistress just stared intensely and watched them beg for release. This time she was going to give them what they craved, but she wanted to make them earn it.

"Do you promise to be good blank obedient sluts?" She asked. "Do you promise to serve and obey your Masters absolutely? "

"Yes Mistress," They replied "We'll do anything you ask, like blank obedient sluts should. Oh please. Please can we cum?"

"Yes sluts. You can cum. Cum for your Mistress."

When those wonderful words left her lips, the sexual energy in the room erupted in a thunderous crescendo. Ell thrust deep into Tom's ass and let loose a powerful blast of cum. Hue clenched her pussy around Tom's cock as the two of them came together. Crystal moaned and pressed her pussy against Tom's face as a powerful orgasm washed over her body. They continued fucking, licking, and kissing as they came and came for what felt like forever.

When it was finally over, they collapsed in an exhausted heap on the couch. They were too worn out to move and too worn out to think, so they just laid there floating in a pleasant puddle of post orgasmic bliss. The room and their thoughts were completely quiet now except for the distant sound of a hypnotic song, playing in the halls of the school and playing in the halls of their minds.


It didn't make sense for the characters to wake up at the end of the chapter, but you can slowly wake up now as you read this paragraph. Let the thoughts return to your mind as you blink open your eyes and take in your surroundings. Let your body wake up, feeling refreshed and alert. Let the gears in your mind turn again as you feel fully and completely, awake.

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