tagBDSMThe Mysterious Stranger Pt. 02

The Mysterious Stranger Pt. 02


I couldn't take it anymore, my dreams were getting more frequent and intense, my dark needs and desires becoming uncontrollable. I tried talking to my sweet husband again about this but as soon as he heard 'being tied up and whipped' he shut me down and said he couldn't do that. I had to do something, I was becoming obsessed with this need to be taken, controlled and used.

A solution may have presented itself though. I saw an advertisement for a beginners BDSM intro seminar being put on by a BDSM/Fetish Club in a nearby city and decided to attend. I was surprised that most of the people I met seemed pretty normal. The ones leading the seminar went around the room asking people to introduce themselves and asking how they had heard of the seminar and what they hoped to get out of it. When they got to me I just said that I had seen the online advertisement and that I was hoping that this might lead my sex life to start reflecting my dreams and fantasies and left it at that.

They went over the basics of BDSM, how to do them safely and why some people enjoyed doing them. The club was going to have an open house the following weekend and everyone who came to the seminar was invited to attend to see firsthand demonstrations of some of the things that were discussed at the seminar.

When the weekend came I decided to go, I wasn't sure why or what I intended to do but I just felt I had to go see for myself. Luckily it worked out for me that my husband had to work late so I just told him I was going for a girl's night out and to not wait up for me. I wasn't sure what to wear either, I'd never been to a club like this, I didn't want to appear to slutty or too conservative so I finally settled on a strapless blue corset top with matching G-string, a pair of body hugging jeans and black 4" spike heeled pumps.

When I arrived at the club I started to have second thoughts. I was trying to lie to myself that I was just there to observe and not do anything but I knew if I got the chance I would. I started nearly hyperventilating and for a moment I felt like I was going to throw up. Just then I heard a knock at my window and a man was standing there.

I rolled the window down and he asked, 'Are you ok miss?"

"I don't know, I felt fine on the way over but now I'm so nervous and my heart is beating so fast that I feel sick to my stomach." I said.

"First time here?" the man asked.

"Yes it is. I went to the seminar last week and this sounded like something I wanted to see for myself but now I'm not so sure." I said.

"Well I do understand. Going through those doors the first time can be kind of intimidating. I'll tell you what, I'm a club regular and I'll escort you in so you can have a look around and if you are still having second thoughts or just want to leave for whatever reason I'll escort you back out to your car and so you can go. How does that sound?" The man said.

"Ok, that sounds fair." I said.

"My name is Rob by the way." He said.

"I'm Beth, nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you Beth." Rob said.

As we were walking to the front door Rob explained that despite what outsiders thought, the club really was a safe, accepting environment and no one had to do anything that they didn't want to. I told him that I was glad to hear that because I wasn't really sure what I was looking for out of all this but I just felt I had to see it for myself. Rob and I went in and he had me sign the invite sheet for people who attended the seminar. They had me fill out a release form listing the club rules and then we started to look around. The club was huge, it looked like it had been some kind of a warehouse at one time and there was a large dance floor, a bar that was setup with water, soda, and snacks, and there were several stages set up all around the whole outside of the dance floor. Rob also explained that there were numerous private and semi-private playrooms in the back area of the club.

The place was amazing and very vibrant. There were lots of activity going on everywhere and lots of kinky paraphernalia. There was an area set up like a doctor's office with an exam table and stirrups, one area was full of coils of rope for the bondage demonstration, and there was an area where you could get hot wax dripped on your body and different kinds of racks and tables that someone could be tied to either standing up or on their back or stomach. As I looked around the club I saw that both men and women were walking around in various stages of dress, some even partially or completely nude.

Rob started to walk me around the club to see the demonstrations that were going on. Some didn't interest me at all but some made my pussy tingle and I was starting to become aroused. I especially liked the nipple torment demonstration where a young woman was tied up and the dominant was pinching, twisting, and using clamps on her very hard and aroused nipples as she struggled in her restraints.

I also really like the whipping and spanking demonstrations. One had a girl tied standing up against a cross with her hands tied above her head and her legs spread wide. My nipples hardened and my pussy tingled as the girl was whipped with a flogger all over the front or her body, her legs, stomach, breasts, and even in between her legs as she squirmed helplessly in the restraints. I really enjoyed the spanking demonstration as well. There was a girl tied over a bench while a stern looking man spanked her ass, first with his hands and then a small paddle. My pussy was throbbing at this and I knew that's what I wanted.

Rob asked me if I would like to take a break and sit down for refreshments and talk and I said yes.

"So I take it that you have found that you like it here and don't want to leave just yet?" He said.

"Yes, this place is incredible. I can't believe all the activity going on. Some is really interesting me and turning me on more than I thought it would." I said.

"Beth, can I ask why you came here tonight?" Rob asked.

I thought about it for a moment and decided to be honest with him. "I'm really turned on by the thought of being dominated and controlled. I want to be tied up and teased and tormented, even whipped or spanked. I have dreams about it all the time, I've nearly become obsessed with it. My husband isn't into any of this at all so I decided to venture out on my own." I said.

"I understand Beth, it can be hard when the person you are with is not into the same things you are and your wants and needs are not being met." Rob said.

"Yes, that's it." I said.

"There's more you aren't telling me though isn't there? I can tell, please be completely honest about what you want, you won't be judged here." Rob said.

"I...I don't know. It's just that, well I...I like...pain. I guess that sounds pretty bad" I finally admitted to him.

"Beth actually no, well maybe to some people that would sound like that, but not here. I really do understand, it's a need. You may not completely understand it but it's something you want and something you need to explore." Rob said.

"Oh my god Rob, I'm so glad you said that, I always thought that there was something wrong with me since I enjoy some pain along with my pleasure."

"Not at all Beth, and if you like, I think I can help you with that. I saw it when you were watching the whipping and spanking demonstrations, you were becoming very aroused weren't you?" Rob said.

I blushed and said, 'Yes, very."

Rob became bolder and said, "Would you like me to spank you Beth?"

My heart raced and my pussy throbbed at the thought of that and I decided that I was in and said, 'Yes."

Rob told me to stand up and come with him as he locked both of my wrists into his hand and guided me to a quiet corner of the club. People could still see us but there wasn't as much activity at this end of the room right now. Rob told me to stand facing the wall. He told me to place my hands on the wall and spread my legs and to stick my behind out.

"I like to start with a warm up first.' Rob said. He began kneading my back and ass with his strong hands, squeezing deeply. Once I had become more relaxed he started spanking me on my ass through my jeans. It didn't hurt at all but the whole thing was making me more and more aroused all the time.

Rob asked, "Do you like that Beth?"

"Yes." I breathlessly replied.

"Do you want to try something more advanced?" Rob asked.

Again, I simply said 'Yes."

"Ok then, for this next part I want you naked. Please remove all of your clothes and stand facing the wooden cross so I can secure you to it." Rob said.

I hesitated for a moment, I couldn't believe that I was about to get naked for a complete stranger and let him tie me up in view of a room full of people and spank me and do who knows what to me. It was only a moment and my throbbing pussy made the decision for me and I decided I was in, so I removed my clothes and did as he ordered.

Standing naked up against the wooden cross was so exciting. The feel of the wood as it rubbed up against my wrists, ankles, and small breasts was amazing as Rob secured me to it with leather cuffs. After I was securely tied I couldn't move, he said my safe word was 'Red' as he started to run his fingers lightly up and down my spine first and then all over my naked body from head to toe.

Rob finally whispered in my ear, "Are you ready Beth?"

"Yes, sir" I practically screamed because I was so excited.

Rob picked up what he called a flogger and lightly ran it over my body before I felt the first strike on my back. It was a dull thud that was exciting and arousing. He continued to work my body over with the flogger eventually going lower to my ass and hitting it much harder than he had my back. It felt wonderful as each strike felt better than the last. Rob then put the fogger down and started rubbing his hand over my bare ass.

He whispered in my ear, "May I touch your pussy Beth?"

"YES, please sir." I cried out.

Rob slid his hand to my pussy and starting rubbing it, feeling my wetness. When he slid a finger inside me I nearly exploded in orgasm right then and there.

"I see you like what I've been doing to you. Do you want more?" Rob said.

Again I cried, "Yes!"

Rob then switched to a paddle and began to spank my ass harder and harder with it. It was much firmer than the flogger and made my ass sting much more and my pussy throb as I neared orgasm.

Rob stopped and said, "You are nearing orgasm aren't you Beth? Do you want me to continue with the paddle or do you want my cock inside of you?"

My god I thought, I wanted both, but I was so near to orgasm that I need to cum and decided I wanted his cock.

"Please fuck me, I need to cum." I cried.

"Good girl." He said.

I looked behind me and could see people were watching us but I didn't care, I needed my orgasm and that's all I was focused on. Rob slipped on a condom and moved in behind me and plunged his cock inside of my wet waiting pussy. His body ground against mine, smashing me between him and the wood of the cross, it was arousing beyond belief. I knew he could feel how wet he had made me.

"You really do like being punished don't you Beth? You need to be punished as much as possible don't you?" Rob said in my ear as he continued to pump my pussy with his rock hard cock.

I couldn't speak but the more he talked the more turned on I became and the closer I was getting to my orgasm. Finally I did cum and my body bounced back and forth between the cross I was secured to and to Rob's body behind me. It was incredible, I had finally received a taste of what I had been looking for and I loved it. Not long after I came I felt Rob plunge his cock all of the way inside of me one last time as he filled the condom and then slumped forward on to me, his head on my shoulder.

Rob released me from my bonds and went to a quiet corner of the club to talk. He wrapped me in a blanket and he brought me some water to drink, he said I would need it to not become dehydrated after an intense scene like that. We talked for a long time and I told Rob everything, about the dreams of the mysterious stranger who dominated and controlled me just the way I craved. The pain he inflicted on me with the spanking and whipping, and even the gangbangs he would make me do.

Rob just took it all in and let me talk. Finally when I was finished he said that if I were interested that he would become my teacher and master and help me explore my needs and desires. I jumped at the chance and agreed.

I did feel guilty that I had cheated on my husband but I couldn't control this dark need in me anymore and it had finally broken free. I went to see Rob as much as I could over the next six weeks or so and it was wonderful. He showed me so many different things, he would tie me up to cross or a table and slap, spank, and whip my body with all sorts of different things. Floggers, whips, paddles, a riding crop. He would slap my small breasts and torment my nipples. He would even spank, whip, and paddle me between my legs on my tender wet pussy. One time he asked to me shave my pussy for him and then he tied me up spread eagle on the floor and dripped candle wax all over my body. It was incredible, I especially liked it when he dripped it on my sensitive nipples and my freshly shaven pussy. After that he tied me to the cross and used the flogger to whip all the wax from my body before he fucked me, which he inevitably did every time I went to see him.

Rob would sometimes walk me naked around the club, all I had on were my high heels and the slave collar and leash he made me wear. He would pick out random men from the crowd and would order me give them blowjobs and I always swallowed.

One time we were in a private room and I was naked and tied to the table on my back, my hands were above my head and my legs were spread wide so he could slap, whip, tease, and torment my tender pussy. This went on for who knows how long but after he had teased, tormented and whipped me near to my orgasm he left the room for a moment and when he came back five other men were with him.

I must have had a panicked look on my face because he came up to me and whispered in my ear, "Only what you want."

I wanted it all, I thought. Being tied up and helpless like I was as all those men surrounded me and were eagerly staring at my naked body turned me on more than I could have imagined. I looked and Rob and nodded my consent.

Rob leaned down and whispered in my ear again, "Do you like them looking at your sexy naked body?"

"Yes." I said

"Do you want them to touch you?" Rob said.

Again I said 'Yes."

"Do you want them to fuck you slave?" Rob said.

"Yes, I want you all." I said.

Then they took me. They started rubbing their warm hands all over my body, my stomach, breasts, nipples, and in between my legs rubbing my wet and throbbing pussy. I just closed my eyes and let it all happen and felt incredible. A cock was placed against my lips and Rob told me to open up and suck it so I did. I felt a hard cock penetrate my throbbing pussy and begin to fuck me hard as I continued to suck the cock in my mouth. I was still secured to the table and could do nothing but turn my head from side to side to suck each cock as it was presented to me and I could only lay there and take cock after cock in my extremely wet and throbbing pussy. I was in heaven, this was the wildest thing I had ever experienced in my life and I was nearing what was the first of many orgasms I had while Rob and those men fucked me.

When it was over and Rob had released me from the table I was full of energy, I couldn't believe that I had just done that and I thanked Rob for the experience and told him that it was the most incredible thing I had ever done. A few weeks later when Rob had me secured on all fours to a spanking bench it happened again. It was with six different men that time, they all took me from behind doggy style and I loved it.

It was a Saturday night and I was going to see Rob again at the club. My husband was not working this weekend so I told him that I was going out with the girls and I would see him later. Scott said he was going to see a friend too and we would talk later.

About an hour later Rob had me warmed up and tied to the cross with my back to the wood this time and was whipping me all over the front of my body, my breasts, nipples, stomach, legs, even my pussy, it was total ecstasy for me. Then through the fog I heard the strangest thing, familiar voice was breaking through.

"Beth, my god, what are you doing?" The voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw my husband Scott standing in front of me. I thought I was seeing things at first.

Again Scott said, "Beth what the hell are you doing?"

I looked at Rob, I was confused. How could this be I thought? Rob had an equally confused look on his face.

Rob turned to Scott and said, "Scott, what's going on?"

"That's my wife!" Scott said.

"Wow, no kidding? Sorry I didn't know" Rob said.

Oh no, somehow Scott and Rob knew each other too. My worst nightmare was coming true right before my eyes and I completely panicked and yelled my safe word, "RED," and I kept yelling it until Rob released me, "RED, RED, RED, RED!" I screamed as loud as I could.

To his credit Rob did untie me as fast as he could and when I was released from the last restraint I bolted. I ran naked through the club not knowing where I was going but I just had to get away. Soon, I realized there was no escape, I had nowhere to go. Scott knew my terrible secret, he had discovered my double life. I sat down on a bench in a quiet corner of the club and began to cry, the sobs wracking my body. Soon I heard someone approach me, it was my husband.

"What the hell is going on Beth?' Scott said.

I was completely distraught and all I could say was "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you!" over and over again.

"Stop it Beth, tell me what's going on." Scott said.

"I have a need Scott, I couldn't control it anymore. I tried to talk to you about it but you didn't want to hear it so I came here. I never meant to cheat on you." I said.

"So it's more than what I saw just now, it's more than being tied up and whipped? You cheated too?" Scott said.

"Yes, I did. I'm sorry." I said.

"How many Beth?" Scott asked.

I didn't want to tell him, it would be so humiliating.

"How many Beth?" Scott asked again.

"Just Rob and a few others from the club." I said.

"Dammit Beth, how many!" Scott yelled.

"Twelve, including Rob." I said.

"Oh my god Beth, so you're not only a slut, you're a whore too?" Scott said.

Those words coming from my sweet husband stung me more than I thought possible.

I said 'Yes" and started to cry again.

This was it I thought, my life is over. I've lost my marriage, I've ruined everything, everyone would find out about my infidelity, about the woman who cheated and enjoyed being tied up and whipped, it would be completely humiliating.

My husband came and sat by my side, he put a blanket around me since I was still naked. He placed his hand over mine and said, "I'm sorry Beth, that was cheap shot."

I stopped crying I was resigned to my fate. I looked at Scott and said, "I won't contest the divorce, I'll agree to any terms you want."

"What, no Beth, at least not yet. I don't know, maybe we will end up divorced. I'm so incredibly angry with you right now I want to say yes, but no. I want to try to fix this first." Scott said.

"Why?" was all I could say.

"Well, I think this is partially my fault. If I had listened to you when you tried to talk about this it may not have happened. But dammit Beth I just couldn't think of you like that. From the moment I met you, I always thought you were so sweet and innocent, you were my angel Beth. I guess I don't know you as well as I thought." Scott said.

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