tagMind ControlThe Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 23

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 23


Walking across the road, George's returning alarm regarding her swollen tongue was equalled by its pleasurable sensitivity. Also, her blouse was feeling increasingly tight on her, yet there was something else that offset her growing concern over the changes her body was experiencing.

As though she'd read her mind, Bess asked, "George, are your tits getting bigger?"

"What? No," George denied.

"They look like they are."

"Well, they're not."

"It looks like your bra isn't even holding them anymore."

"It shrunk."

"If you say so," Bess allowed with a doubtful expression.

"Never mind about my tits," George told her, irritation covering her fear of how the changes to her body were now becoming noticeable to others as she changed the subject with, "Was Father Stephens telling us to do what I think he was?"

"I think so," Bess replied, her curious eyes lingering on George's chest.

"But, that's... I mean, a priest asking two girls to... to force themselves on a female priest? And did you see his hardon?"

"Did I?" Bess laughed. "Why, if he wasn't a priest, I'd have asked him if I could suck on it till he came in my face right then and there!"

"I'm surprised he didn't just tell you to! Anyway, I take it things didn't go so well with Reverend Muren?"

"That's an understatement. She's upset about what went on in the boutique yesterday and she's blaming us, so she doesn't want to talk to us and she certainly doesn't want us up there."

"Oh. Well, so much for what Father Stephens wanted. Where are we going now?"

"To her suite," Bess supplied with a sunny smile.

" ... But... if she doesn't want to talk to us, what's the point?"

"You're forgetting," Bess interrupted, her mouth still craftily smiling, "Father Stephens wants us to, uh... make her understand."

"You're not serious? I mean, you're not really going to do that?"

"No, I'm not," Bess agreed as they approached the front steps of the Faldor. "We are. After all, you're the lesbian here."

"Bess, no! We can't do that!"

"Sure we can, George. There's two of us and one of her, and we have a key to her suite. We can so easily do that."

"That's not what I mean! I mean that it's wrong!"

"But you want to. I can see it in your face."

"I-! Yes, I want to, but-!"

"So let's do it," Bess decided with a shrug before pulling one of the heavy front doors of the Faldor Hotel open. "Nothing bad will happen. We won't get into any trouble for it and, before we're done, I'm sure she'll very much enjoy what we'll do to her. We'll take a look and see if she has the same crystal growing in her suite first and kill two birds with one stone."

Standing outside Suite 503 while busty Bess knocked, George wondered how she could go from the closet to forcing herself on a female priest with her own cousin in a matter of only a few days. Said cousin was still smiling, obviously too horny to think rationally and that, George realized, was the problem. It was hard to resist when such exciting mental images of what fun they were about to have kept racing through her mind, forcing her to side against her morality.

Long past thinking about such things as morality, the only thing that Bess deliberated was Father Stephens's invitation to stay in Cinder Bay to make a life for herself there. To say it was a tempting offer was a massive understatement, but it did bring back to her the reality that there was another whole world outside Cinder Bay and that she and her two friends were there with a job to do. It was an easy thing to forget and it disturbed her that, half the time, she no longer even wanted to remember. She only wanted to immerse herself in Cinder Bay, to be the cock sucking slut she was so quickly turning into. And what about Susan Quinn? If she really didn't want to be found, Bess had little trouble understanding why that might be, but wasn't it fair to assume that Susan's mind was also corrupted? If Bess had a responsibility to second guess her own corrupted desires, didn't she have the same responsibility toward Susan?

After a few moments, her divided mind was distracted from these questions when the door opened, if only a little. From the three inch crack between door and jam, Reverend Candace Muren peered out, her eyes widening at the sight of Bess.

"Go away!" she ordered, about to close the door again before Bess spoke.

"Reverend Muren, wait! I know how you're feeling about us, but we're in the same boat here!"

"I don't think so," Candace countered, her eyes momentarily dropping to Bess's chest.

"Why, Reverend, that's not fair!" Bess implored. "You know how tempting it is to dress like this! You told me that you want to do it too, that you're glad your old clothes are gone!"

"But I was wearing the most decent thing they gave me," she pointed out. "And I'm trying to act with decency."

"Well, so are we, but you know that's not easy here! Just because you've been more successful at it than we have isn't a reason to shut us out! To abandon us to whatever's happening in this town! You have a responsibility to us and if your strength of will is greater than ours, that only proves it!"

This gave the Reverend pause, her expression of stalwart denial softening as she looked from Bess to the more decently dressed George. Her eyes dropped to her chest as they did Bess's, lingering on the blouse that seemed too small for the girl.

"What do you want?" She asked, her tone fractionally more accommodating.

"As Bess has told you," George replied, "we've been looking for our friend. In the course of our investigation, we've discovered some very curious things about this town, about this hotel in particular, which we think you ought to know about."

Muren hesitated, looking back to Bess as the blonde assured, "It's okay, we didn't come up with you, so nobody will know we're here. It's completely safe, Reverend."

"Well... alright."

Still having obvious doubts, her attractive face left the gap through which they'd been speaking and the door opened wider with Muren standing cautiously behind it. The girls walked through and, when she closed the door, her caution was well understood by both of them. Their eyes widened, mouths split in appreciative grins as they looked her up and down while the priest blushed.

She wore a medium green dress made of silk that brought out her eyes as brilliantly as her makeup. It did include a wide, white cleric's collar that circled her neck, but it was without sleeves or shoulders. A long slit between her braless breasts showcased impressive cleavage as well as how it cinched under them. An impossibly short hemline with two slits up the sides finished this stunning garment and, with her long hair worn down, George feared that she would indeed force herself on the appetizing woman of God if it came to that.

"I... wanted something more, uh... comfortable."

"Oh, Reverend Muren," Bess said with applause in her tone, "You'd convert atheists like that."

Muren found herself laughing at this while trying to ignore George's predatorial stare.

"Look, I'm sorry about the things I said in the church earlier," Muren apologized, "but... things have been very difficult. The phones are down, my car won't start, and I don't think either of those things are accidental. I'm trapped here while I get hornier and hornier, and I don't know what to do with myself. Then, there I am with you two and your friend, Nancy, in that Godless boutique and... I just got so turned on when you pulled the top of my dress down that I let things get way out of hand... My god, you two were making out, two cousins, and I was so horny at the sight of that... If that woman hadn't been in the lobby when we returned, I hate to think of what all I would have done with you three!"

"I know," Bess replied, moving close enough to place her hand on Muren's forearm in a comforting gesture. "Its okay, we understand."

"After I left you in the lobby," Muren continued, "I came up to my suite and... played with... myself. After that, after I was able to come down, I kind of freaked out and made myself promise not to have anything to do with you three again. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to abandon you to whatever it is going on in this town, but it was all I could... do to..."

"I know," Bess repeated in a soothing tone while gently guiding her to a seat on the side of the bed.

George stared at how the little silk dress hugged the Reverend's impressive bust, her hormonal response only heightened at how, in her seated position, the slits exposed her outer thighs, showing the narrow waistband of a pair of white panties. Slowly, she moved to the bed, now feeling more positive about forcing herself on a priest, should it come to that, as she sat on Muren's other side.

"It's alright," Bess told her, "I'm just glad you've let us in. You're the only other outsider in Cinder Bay that we've made contact with and, considering what's been going on and some of the things we've discovered, it's a good thing you're a priest. We need your strength and you need our support."

"Yes," Muren agreed, nodding in clear agreement with this as Bess continued.

"We have to keep our responsibilities to ourselves and each other in mind, even if we do break down and find ourselves sucking cock and getting fucked nice and hard."

Muren gasped at this sentiment, turning to Bess with an expression of doubt.

"Candace, if you keep denying it's happening, it'll drive you to the breaking point. Right now, you can't even think clearly because of all the mental energy you're putting towards trying to completely shut out how you're feeling. Accept that you're horny, that you might end up acting like a total slut, and move on to what's important, which is what's going on here and what to do about it."

"Yes," George purred from her other side, suddenly caressing her upper arm as she elaborated with, "The same way you were able to find some strength of will after you played with your incredible body, you can stay focused on what's at hand if you accept your desires for what they are and maybe sometimes... wallow in them."

"Mmmm," Bess approved, repeating, "Wallow in them. Dress like you want to... allow for the possibility that you'll end up with a nice, big, juicy cock in your mouth..."

"Or a woman's clit under your tongue," George added.

"Gulping shot after shot of hot, sticky cum..." Bess breathed.

"Oooh, yesss," Muren sighed as her back arched, nipples hardening under the thin satin. "Wallowing in sin. ... But... that would be giving in."

"Maybe," George said. "But isn't it more like letting steam escape from a pressure cooker? Nobody's perfect, and sometimes pressure has to be released to avoid a much more unpleasant explosion."

"Well, I... I suppose I can see your point... Okay, s-so what is it that you've discovered?"

With a wicked smile of triumph, Bess asked, "Have you seen the crystal columns down in the lobby?"

"Uh, yes. What about them?"

"Well, apparently, crystal is used as a medium for psychic and/or spiritual energy. Our friend, Nancy, has discovered that those columns go down into the basement, but she suspects that they go even deeper down than that."


"Furthermore, you may have noticed that this place is riddled with crystal, mostly set into copper?"


"Copper is also a conductive material," George put in. "True, it conducts electricity, but electricity is also energy and we're sure there's a connection, but that's still not all."

Gesturing to an upper corner of the room where the wall met the ceiling, Bess asked, "See all that copper inlaid with crystals?"


"It's not," George said, practically drooling over Muren's breasts as her own crowded her blouse. "It's actually a solid piece of crystal that's covered by the copper plating. All four corners are connected and we suspect that it's a sprout from one of, or all four of the main crystal columns."

"But, that would be impossible," Muren stated. "How could the builders have possibly-?"

"Crystal grows," Bess emphatically said.

After a moment, Muren nodded in understanding, but said, "Okay, but I'm afraid that I don't see your point."

"We think," Bess explained, "that the crystal is responsible for our, um... overactive hormones."

"If not responsible," George clarified, "it's at least the conduit for whatever it is that's influencing us, but it's not just that. We think it works both ways. We think that it's also sucking up our sexual energy and routing it back down to whatever is below the basement."

" ... I see," Muren carefully toned. "But what could be-?"

She was interrupted by one of the buttons on George's blouse popping, the round piece of plastic flinging out and to the floor.

"Oh!" George exclaimed, looking down at herself as the other two looked from the floor to her chest.

Then another popped and flew to the floor behind the first one. The top button, though strained, still held as the breasts that had overflowed her bra tried to squeeze through the breach in the ill-fitting blouse.

With her mouth open in pure astonishment, Bess stared at George's chest. Muren, having seen them the day before, also stared in disbelief.

"George!" Bess exclaimed, "Your tits! They have grown!"

Awed by this unexplainable development, the horny blonde suddenly reached across the front of Candace to slowly pull her cousin's blouse open, popping the top button and then another lower one to allow her beautiful, new breasts with their tall, erect nipples out into the open for some breathing room. Like the other two women, George only stared at the perfectly sculpted orbs that sat so proudly atop her useless little bra.

"They're bigger than Nancy's!" Bess blurted, adding, "I think they're almost as big as mine!"

This said, she pulled the bottom of her snug little T-shirt right up to her neck again, looking down at her own bust line before looking back at her cousin's to ask, "Why George, what's happened to them!?"

"They grew..." George managed."

"Well, of course they grew, but how!?" Bess demanded.

"I... I don't know," George lied.

"Maybe it's the crystal?" Muren wondered aloud, looking down at her own well-endowed chest.

"Maybe," Bess said, looking back down at hers as well for a thoughtful moment before stating, "But mine haven't grown..."

Muren was watching George lightly bounce her breasts, a shocked smile for her new assets forming on the brunette teen's mouth before she turned to look at Bess's slightly larger melons.

"Get your tits out, Reverend Muren," Bess suggested. "Let's see if they've grown."

After a moment of hesitation, Muren placed her hands at the edges of the slit between her breasts and gently pulled. Without tearing the satin, her breasts fell out of her dress for their inspection and Bess didn't hesitate in cupping one of them in her hand.

"(Gasp!) Ohh, Bess..."

"Mmmm... no. I think they're the same."

"Uhh!" George expelled, twitching as she twisted and pulled on her own nipples. "Ohh, god, it feels... so good!"

"I need to cum," Bess announced with dripping sexuality. She stood and unfastened the front of her shorts, leering at Muren as she stuck her hand down inside them to rub her snatch, moaning in self pleasure as she used her other hand to tweak her nipple.

Muren didn't have time to comment before she felt the hem of her short dress being pulled up to her bellybutton. It was George's hand that held it there, exposing a pair of little white panties with a stylized green cross embroidered into the front panel.

"Oh, heavens!" Bess drooled.

The woman of God blushed again, moaning with guilt and desire as she looked up from the holy decoration between her legs at the two cousins. They could only stare at her crotch, George seemingly no longer concerned about her expanded chest, licking her lips with undisguised lust for the half naked Reverend.

"I know how this looks," Muren plead, "but they... I don't have- I mean, they took all my other panties and-!"

"It looks great," George toned, placing the tip of her index finger on the intersection of the cross and rubbing with only light pressure to feel the smooth stitching under her touch.

"Uhh!" Muren gasped, lifting herself a little off the bed while her thighs spread a little. "Ohh-h, George! M-maybe you shouldn't do th- oh-hhh!"

Bess's shorts were now on the floor, leaving her in a pair of pink, high rise panties with a narrow V shaped front panel. With one hand still between her legs, her pelvis jerked as she rubbed herself. Placing one knee on the edge of the bed opened her thighs to allow her hand better access to herself, also giving Muren a shockingly better view of the horny teenager's efforts. Then, leaning over, the index finger of her other hand joined her cousins at the front of the Reverend's panties, rubbing and exploring as Muren gasped again, opening her legs yet further. When the blonde bent and teased Muren's nipple with her tongue, she flinched and moaned with a long sigh, doing nothing to stop the two teenaged assailants of her body as their fingers rubbed a little harder, reached a little lower. George's soft lips were suddenly at the side of her neck, kissing and caressing as the end of her wet tongue teased just beneath her ears, seducing Muren yet further before the young brunette whispered in a needful tone.

"Oooh, Reverend Candy... I think this would be a great time to wallow in sin with us."

"Oh, god!" she crooned back, "Oh, you bad girls, that... that feels so good!"

Propping herself with her hands behind her on the bed, Muren allowed her thighs to be spread wide, their fingers free access at her panty covered crotch while Bess sucked at her nipples and George's tongue, unseen by the other two, worked magic on the cleric's neck and shoulder.

"Ohh, yes!" she groaned when the girls' fingers found their way inside her panties, stroking her wet vaginal lips and pressing her button.

Twitching and jerking, she allowed them free reign over her body and soon felt the tip of George's middle finger at her opening before it slipped up inside her. She squealed and squirmed, allowing herself to be pulled down to her back on the mattress while George pulled her panties down and off. Bess got up on the bed beside the prone older woman and, on spread knees, she leaned over, grabbing Muren's breasts with both hands to begin licking and sucking at them with abandon.

With her finger probing Muren's wet canal, George had lost all sense of morality, spreading the priestess's legs again as she also got up on the bed to a position between her thighs. Without thinking this time, her tongue slipped out of her mouth, wiping her lips as she got closer, it's long, red body undulating with an eagerness that was almost apart from George. Closing her eyes, she tasted Muren's wet snatch, moaning at her flavour and how her tongue enlivened to the feel of it, how it seemed to get even longer while her own clitoris pressed at the inside of her soaked panties.

Muren's reaction was immediate and intense. Twisting and gyrating, she simply lay there moaning in exquisite pleasure, arms and legs spread as she allowed the two girls to feast on her body. George's tongue didn't feel abnormal, only sensational as it slowly explored her labia before thoroughly bathing her swollen clitoris to such mind numbing excitement as she'd never known.

Completely absorbed in the fun of mauling the Reverend's breasts, Bess never saw the whipping, slashing, mutant tongue of her cousin as it pleasured their well seduced victim. Muren's nipples were hard and rubbery, yet so delicate and vulnerable as she nibbled on them to the sound of Muren's higher pitched squeals.

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