tagLesbian SexThe Mystery of Pilar Ch. 1

The Mystery of Pilar Ch. 1


This is a story about a young woman I met in my drawing class last fall. I signed up for the graduate course in life drawing not knowing I'd be falling in lust with the model. That was just too cliché for sophisticated, cynical, detached me. Oh, well. So much for detachment.

I saw Pilar for the first time when she modeled for our second or third class of the term. She was so my type physically that I couldn't have ordered one better : tall, muscular, dark hair, soulful, brooding. In a word, fucking beautiful. There was something about her, though, something that didn't quite add up. A kind of shyness, perhaps, which obviously doesn't go with modeling. For one thing, this was supposed to be a life drawing class which usually means the models are nude. But she remained draped in a toga the whole time. I even complained to the professor about it, pretending to be more concerned with artistic freedom and latitude than with my own selfish desire to see this hottie naked. "I know", said the professor, "she's insisting on remaining partially covered up. She isn't even a real model. She's just a student I asked from one of my other classes 'cuz the model got sick at the last minute. Now we're stuck with Miss Prude!" We both chuckled and then the class went to work.

I made up my mind to get to know this girl better. Maybe I'd find out what she was hiding. After a couple of friendly coffee dates, I invited her up to my apartment for an aromatherapy session. I had a massage table at the ready, incense, music, the whole ambience. The mood was set for a relaxing evening and hopefully more.

After hours of talking and listening to music, I had finally persuaded Pilar into some meditation and aromatherapy. I had her change into a towel in the bathroom and she stretched out onto the massage table. I started with a gentle hand massage, rubbing her fingers, using pressure points to relieve tension, then stroking the long muscles of her arms. How strong and gorgeous they were. The young supple skin enveloped her smooth, well-defined muscles. She had the musculature of boy but the softness of a woman, always a heavenly combination.

I began talking in a low voice, meditatively, soothing her into an ultra-relaxed state. Thereupon, I would enter the realm of seduction, if all went well. I decided to make my moves gradually, so not to scare her. But, just then, she leaned over and kissed me.

This stunned me and I was overcome with joy as I felt her tongue caressing mine in slow, dizzying circles. We kissed for a while and then she lay back onto the table in a pleasure-filled stupor. The air was thick with lavender, rosemary, geranium, sunflower, grapefruit. Not to mention powerful pheromones. Quite a cocktail, I must say.

I stroked Pilar all over : from her petite breasts, to her flat stomach, her thighs. Then, in a bold move, my hand slid down to her crotch. Almost immediately something jumped up, as if from an electrical shock, inside the towel. From my angle of vision, it looked exactly like a young, eager cock. But it couldn't have been one. I mean, Pilar seemed completely female and so was I; obviously I knew what kind of sexual equipment she had. Yet something stood there, revealing its presence, creating an unmistakable tent-like bulge underneath the towel. I began to feel overwhelmed with a heady mixture of arousal and confusion as I stared, fascinated, at this phenomenon. Then, looking at her face, I felt a little guilty. She was so relaxed and out of it, she seemed to be half-asleep.

Suddenly Pilar opened her eyes and glanced downward. I guess she felt me watching her in this semi-conscious state. Noticing the erection, she jerked quickly turned to one side to cover herself up, but it was too late. She knew that I knew.

Not knowing what to say, I let her speak first. But all she could utter were a few embarrassed words, like : "I'm, uh, really sorry ... I think I'd better go get dressed ... thanks for the aromatherapy and everything." I reached out and gently pulled her onto her back again. With the most soothing voice I could muster, I whispered : "It's OK, it's OK, relax ... I want to touch it ... can I? can I touch it?" Pilar tried to respond but clearly needed me to take the lead and just do it. The poor girl trembled like a leaf. With painstakingly slow movements, I undid the towel where it was tucked around her waist, and undraped the mysterious protrusion.

Seeing it in the flesh absolutely amazed me. A beautiful, engorged, erect organ stood stiffly upward at least 9 inches from her dark pubic hair. My first impression was that this was a cock and Pilar was either a hermaphrodite or a transsexual ... I wasn't sure which. But as I reached out to touch it with my fingertips, I realized it wasn't exactly a penis. It felt, in actuality, like a super-enlarged clit. Or perhaps it was just something in between.

Its smooth taut skin was rosy pink, nearly (but not quite) engulfing the round tip. A pool of clear liquid glistened there, spilling over the rim of flesh as I slid my fingertips up and down gently. I could feel the clit-cock stiffening with each stroke. Pilar's eyes were only half-open again, gazing down at me, intoxicated with pleasure. My wet pussy pounded with throbbing anticipation. Without words, I moved onto her, on top of the massage table. I stripped myself of my towel, soaked through with sweat and lust, and kneeled over Pilar. Then, with held breath, I grasped the gorgeous girl-cock and pressed it against the slippery flesh of my sex.

Pilar's body arched upward and her face distorted as she gasped with pleasure. I didn't want to let her push it in yet, though, not yet. I just kept rubbing the tip of it all over my pussy, against my clit, and teasing her with the hot opening of my vagina. But Pilar's excitement was reaching ever higher, with every throb of her clit-cock, and I knew I'd have to give in to it soon. Very gradually, in stages, I took more of it and opened for Pilar to enter me. My whole body shuddered as my drenched pussy engulfed her sweet stiff rod. Every inch of it.

Finally inside, she began to pump feverishly, holding me up with her hands from underneath. I lost myself in her fuck, mesmerized by the sounds she made from deep in her throat. Her animal sexual energy took over and I loved watching that happen. It definitely brought out the fucking beast in me. Soon it became a struggle for dominance, with her wanting to turn me over. I wanted to wait for that, though, because I knew that position would be the one she'd soon explode in. The orgasm would be more intense if we took our time. But she was having none of it; I soon found myself flipped violently onto my back.

My pussy gripped Pilar's ever-growing girl-cock like a velvet glove. I tried to squeeze it tight but I was so wet that the sheet beneath us splashed up drops of sex juice. We were two convulsing bodies on the massage table, pumping and thrusting in primal rhythm, dissolving consciousness. Her hands clutched me from underneath, pushing me up into her, forcing me to take all of her engorged clit-prick. She plunged into me, deeper and deeper.

Soon I could feel myself about to come, the concentric circles of tension building up in my pussy, tightening around Pilar's cock. I was so close but I wanted to come with her, at the same time, so I took slow calming breaths. A few moments later I felt something jerk inside me and heard a huge gasp of pleasure from my throat, as Pilar and I exploded in simultaneous orgasm. She was spurting hot jets of liquid into me with every rocking wave. I could hear her crying out in deep sobs of ecstasy. The clit-cock still pumped as my pussy swallowed every shooting stream. It seemed like it was lasting about 5 minutes. Finally, we both fell into an exhausted heap on the ravaged massage table.

To Be Continued...

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