tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Naked Barmaid

The Naked Barmaid

byLady Grey©

Samantha as a fantasy about working behind a bar naked, at last she gets a chance.


I get ideas for stories mailed to me from time to time and I would like to share one of them with you this one was from Sam who lives in NY she's aged 25, and a part time Bar Maid.

It was slow in the bar night there had only been a few customers in all evening. I was idly flicking through a trade paper, when in the situations vacant I noticed this prominent advert asking for applications for bar staff for a new bar that was about to open in the town. The place was called the Crystal Room and one line in the advert caught my eye. Applicants must be attractive and willing to work in the nude.

I looked around the bar and smiled to myself, Work in the nude, I wondered what the guys in here would say if I were to suddenly take my clothes off, I guess they wouldn't mind. I smiled to myself It was something I had always had fantasies about being naked in public.

I carefully read it again. Yes that is what it said. Willing to work in the nude. It might be a laugh but could I do it, well it couldn't be worse than this place at least I could find out some details. I picked up the phone and rang the number. The phone was answered by a lady called Jodie she sounded nice; she asked me some details about age and experience and then asked me if I had read the part about working in the nude. I told her that I had but at the moment it was just an inquiry about the hours and the pay rates, When she told me about the pay I gasped it was four times what I was getting here for the same hours. I told her I would think about it and ring her back. She told me not to delay too long as they were interviewing next week.

It was coffee time the following day I was sat in the staff rest room at Bingham's the place where I worked during the day, I was a wages clerk, not a well paid job that was why I had to supplement it with my evening work. I was with Karen my best friend who worked with me in the office, "You've looked deep in thought all morning Sam," she said suddenly "Have you got problems, you know you can always talk about them."

I smiled "Sorry Karen I was deep in thought, I'm thinking about changing my bar job, I've found another one that pays more, but there's a slight catch to it" I smiled and went on to tell her about the advert in the paper.

She looked at me amazed, "You'd work in a bar in the nude?" she said somewhat amazed.

I shrugged and smiled, "It's just a fantasy I have, I don't know if I can do it but it might be fun to try." We went on to chat about the job she put up the objections and I smoothed them over.

In the end she shrugged "Well I suppose it's your body you can show it off to who you like, but I'm not sure I'd be too happy about working in a bar, with all those guys looking at you."

I smiled, "I'm sorry I know all the bad things I've been thinking about them all night, I just need to try it, may be once I've got it out of my system." So it was decided and when I got back to my desk I rang the number again, Jody answered she remembered me, and she booked me in for an interview on Tuesday the following week.

At last Tuesday interview arrived and I can tell you now that it was here I was in a state of nervous tension. Had I done the right thing and if so could I actually go through with it, what's more could I even attend the interview and if I did what would I have to do and who would be there to see me. In the expectation that whoever was doing the interviews would want to see me naked or at least in my undie's I selected my most attractive set of bra and panties. I completed my outfit with hold ups, a plain but smart skirt and a crisp white blouse.

With the directions Jodie had given me I found the Crystal Rooms it was a new building in fact workmen were still putting the finishing touches to the outside. A large temporary notice tied across the front of the building announced that it was opening soon with totally naked bar staff. I notice the workman smile and nod to each other as I made my way in.

Inside it was very modern looking place with lots of stainless steel and glass illuminated with subdued lighting. In the middle of the floor all the tables but one had been pushed to one side apart from one table and seated at this table were three people, two men and a woman. Standing in front of them an attractive blond girl in her mid twenties who was just in the process of removing her panties she dropped them on the top of her other discarded clothes and stood there naked in front of the trio who nodded their approval.

The woman in the group noticed me she smiled and indicated to a chair. I sat down and watched as the girl was asked to walk across the floor in front of the group. I then suddenly noticed that these three were not the only ones in the bar. Behind the bar two other guys stood watching the naked girl with interest as she slowly walked across the room before returning back to stand before the table I was quite surprised how confident she looked standing there facing the trio, I hoped I would be feeling the same when I was in her position.

I heard the woman behind the table thank her and tell her that she had a job and if she decided to take it but she needed to let them know in the next couple of days. The girl thanked them and started slipping back into her clothes. Well at least that was one of my questions answered; yes I was going to have to take my clothes off.

The woman got up from the table and came over to where I was sitting she looked down a t a clip board "I guess you are Sam," she said, "We spoke on the phone." She sat down at the table and began to take down my details, the she explained about the pay rates and the hours I would be required to work. "Right she said when she had done if you would like to come over I will introduce you to Gordon Grant he's the Crystal Rooms manager and to Mr. Robertson he is the owner.

Gordon smiled up at me after glancing over my details on the sheet Jody had passed to him, then he introduced me to Mr. Robertson who nodded, "Call me Rob young lady we don't stand on ceremonies here," he said with a grin "Nobody else does."

They inquired about my previous experience and I told them that I had worked in a bar for four years. Gordon then asked me how I felt about working naked. I told him that it was something that I had never done before but if I was offered the job I was willing to give it a try. Jody smiled and thanked me for being so honest, "It's not an easy thing to do if you haven't done it before," she said, then she smiled "We need you to undress for us now if you would Sam, you are a smart and attractive young woman but obviously for this job we do need to see what you will look like without your clothes on."

I must say now the moment had come I was feeling more than a little nervous when I stood up and slowly began to unbutton my blouse, but for some reason when I got down to my bra and panties I was actually getting quite excited about displaying my naked body to three perfect strangers, and that was not including the two guys behind the bar who had again stopped work and were watching me as I removed my clothes.

With only a slight hesitation I unclasped my bra and was pleased when I heard Gordon make a complementary remark to Rob about how firm my breasts were. I dropped my bra on top of my other clothes and then quickly slipped off my brief panties. I stood there in front of them naked, they all had a good look at my body and smiled and Rob commented that I had a stunning figure then Jodie asked me to turn around I did so displaying the twin globes of my trim bottom for their inspection.

Then like the young lady before me I was asked to walk around the room. It was a strange and slightly erotic sensation to be walking around a room totally naked in full view of a group of total strangers and I felt my body becoming quite aroused, my nipples were already hard and I was a more than a little embarrassed to feel the sensation of my juices beginning to flow.

I was pleased when they told me that they found me very attractive and that they would like to offer me a job. They asked if I would like time to think about it, I said that I did not have to think I would like to accept their offer. As I got back into my clothes Gordon informed me that they were opening the following Friday but they were doing a special preview night starting at eight P.M. on Thursday for the press and specialy invited guests. He asked if I could be at the club for six o-clock to take part in a photo session and meet the other girls. I smiled and promised to be there.

After the experience of the interview I couldn't wait for Thursday to arrive; I booked in at my local beauty salon on Wednesday evening for a massage, facial and a wax. I wanted to look my best for my first night.

On Thursday I arrived at the Crystal Rooms fifteen minutes early. All the work men had left and everything was looking neat and tidy another notice had been added to the one about naked bar staff it announced Grand Opening Tomorrow Friday.

There was several people already in the bar, Jodie saw me and came over she introduced me to an attractive colored girl called Erica one of the other three girls who I would be working with to-night. The blond girl who I had seen at the interview came in and joined us, she told us her name was Jill and then just after six the last girl, a petite Asian girl rushed in apologizing for being a little late Jodie smiled and said that it was okay but she needed to be on time in future, her name turned out to be Susu.

Jodie showed us all through to a dressing room at the rear of the bar there was a door from it leading straight through to the bar itself. She explained that this is where we would change before we started work. It was well set up with well lit dressing tables and there were toilets, showers and even a coffee machine. On the back wall was a row of lockers each with our names on. Jodie handed us a set of keys each for our own locker.

She suggested that we all got ready as quickly as possible as they were running a little late due to some last minute problems but once we were all ready they could get things started as soon as the photograph was ready for us. It was a strange and exciting feeling stripping that first night knowing that I was about to spend most of the next few hours totally naked in the presence of a crowd of people that I had never met before.

We undressed and when the four of us were naked Jody walked around and checked us out; she complemented us on how good we looked. I have to admit dressed the other three girls were attractive, naked they were stunning. Erica's with her dark skin, large firm breasts and black protruding nipples she was quite slim with a flat stomach, there was just a hint of a dark Vee where her pubs had been almost trimmed away exposing the dark lips of her pussy.

She contrasted well with Susu with her long black hair olive skin firm but not too large breasts with sharp pointed nipples. She too was slim and like a lot of Asian women there was not a trace hair around her pussy which seemed almost to pout. Jill was of course the shapely blond large breasts with just the hint of a slight droop they moved interestingly with the movement of body and like all of us you could clearly see her state of arousal by her erect nipples. A narrow band of golden hair at the base of her stomach led your eyes to

Jody did have one little suggestion; it had been decided that we should all wear hold up stockings with lacy tops. She said Gordon had commented on how sexy a girl looked when she was naked apart from hold ups and heels. She had provided a selection of stockings and we all took a pair and put them on. I had to agree with her decision when I looked at the other three.

She told us that once we had done the photographs we could relax until opening time she would organize us some food from the buffet that was to be set out for the guests. Her personal intercom suddenly crackled to life, it was a call to say that they were ready for us. I was slightly nervous as we made our way out of the dressing room but as I was in the company of the other women it was not as bad as I thought it would be walking out here for the first time, maybe because I was in the company of three other naked girls. It was still incredibly arousing going out there without a stitch of clothing on to face a group made up of around fifteen or so total strangers and just one woman.

I felt very turned on as the guys eyed us, and I could see comments being passed around. The photographer did not waste any time, he first took pictures of all four of us separately. Then we had pictures taken with Gordon and Rob then some with Jodie and lastly with this guy Charley Benn he was the manager of the local football team and his star player, some Italian guy Genoa something or other whose name I couldn't pronounce, he was going to be the one doing the official opening of the bar later on that evening.

After the pictures were taken we all retired back to the locker room where true to her word Jodie had laid on a little spread for us. We sat and chatted as we stuffed our faces with the wonderful food. And it seemed from the conversation that I was not the only one to feel aroused by our little display and all three of the other girls were a little nervous about appearing naked in front of what we now knew would be a large crowd of people.

There was a good supply of wine and Champaign but Jodie warned us not to have too much. She suggested that when opened we all work the first hour and then once the rush had gone work an hour on and twenty minutes off, this seemed a good idea and we all agreed.

Five minutes to eight found the four of us naked and as for myself more than a little nervous standing behind the bar, I could not speak for the others but although I was nervous it was tinged with a little excitement. I knew that in a few minutes the bar would be crowded with customers and I would have to serve them with nothing to hide my blushes.

In the end it was not as bad as I had expected, once I got over the first fifteen minutes or so I actually began to enjoy myself. The customers all VIPs and invited guests were for the most polite and friendly and I began to enjoy the feeling of being totally naked in front of so many attractive young men. Yes this was the thing my fantasies had been made of.

The night passed quickly and although a little tired I was quite disappointed when closing time arrived. Gordon and Rob came over and thanked us and told us that they had heard nothing but complements about all of us.

Back in the locker room we all agreed that it had been an interesting and exciting evening and I, for one could not wait for the public opening tomorrow.

I have to admit that when I got back to my apartment I was still highly aroused by the whole experience, although it would have been better to have a real man to jump into bed with I settled for my plastic friend. As I manipulated it expertly inside my highly aroused pussy I knew that in the next few weeks I needed to find myself a man or I was going to wear my best friend out.

The following day Val could not wait to find out how I had gone on and wanted to know all the details, like how I felt and what it was like to appear totally naked in front of so many guys. I laughingly told her everything and I think she was quite turned on by the whole thing which quite amused me.

I got away from Bingham's early that evening I needed to get ready for my first public evening at the Crystal room, I had a light meal and then went and showered, and I was soaping myself down when an amusing thought came to me. One big advantage of working in the Crystal Rooms was that you didn't have to worry about what you should wear.

I was ready quite early and even had time to watch some TV before the taxi arrived. Erica and Jill were already there when I arrived and Susu almost followed me in, as we were getting ready Jody came in and asked if everyone was okay, she suggested that we did the same as last night and all manned the bar together then depending on the crowd we took our breaks when we could. "The only thing different from last night is that tonight you will be taking cash, I'm sure most of the guys will tip you and as you don't have anywhere to keep it so I suggest a pot, then you can share it out between you afterwards." Everyone looked at each other and agreed,

"I thought that would be the fairest way," she commented "Okay," She said looking at her watch "Five minutes to go you had better all get out there and be ready for the rush we are expecting a big crowd."

It was a rush that first hour and again it was just as exciting as last night, seeing the looks on the guy's faces when they first came in, I think some of them didn't believe that we would be completely naked, and they couldn't believe their eyes.

Most of them seemed very friendly, they tipped well, some wanted to chat others just wanted to look, as the first rush died away and we had more time to give them I found that I enjoyed chatting with them, it quite turned me on to be standing there talking to strangers knowing that they were enjoying the sight of my body and probably getting turned on themselves.

Erica came over and suggested that Susu and I took the first break; it was nice to get off my feet for a while, five inch heels play hell with your legs and ankles; I fell into an easy chair while Susu organized us some coffee.

As we drank our coffee I asked Susu if she was enjoying the work, and how she felt about being naked in front of so many guys.

She smiled, "I come from Thailand, I used to be a bar girl, I married an Englishman much older than me to get out of the bar girl work, He brought me to England but it did not work out but it got me away from my life in Thailand."

"And you think this is better?" I asked her.

"Well I don't have to go to bed with the customers like I used too in Thailand and the pay is good, I would have to go to bed with three or four guys a night to make what I do here for one night."

"Didn't you like going to bed with the men out there?"

Susu shook her head, "Sometimes but not very often, they were mostly older men, married cheating on their wives or sometimes young and inexperienced, they could hurt you. But we had to put up with them or the guys we worked for the bar owners would punish us and if we could not get any work there was no money and our families would suffer."

"Well at least you are out of it now and earning good money."

Susu nodded, "I like it here, and I don't mind showing my body, they guys that come in are much nicer and for the most they are young and good looking and they know how to treat a woman."

"Maybe you will meet someone nice."

She smiled "I do hope so, she looked up at the clock on the wall, we had better go out and relieve Erica and Jill we have had twenty minutes,"

Two hours into the first night things had began to slow down a little, we were still serving drinks but we had more time to spend chatting and the customers seemed to like that, I had just served two guys with a bottle of champagne and they had dropped me a big tip, and even offered to share it with me, they seemed genuinely disappointed when I said I could not leave the bar.

I dropped the tip into the pot and turned to serve the next customer, I did a double take, for standing at the bar smiling at me was my section manager from Bingham's Ralph Slater, I had considered the possibility of meeting up with someone who knew me but dismissed it, but now it had happened.

There was no way I could get out of it, there was no point in turning away as he had already recognized me, "Good evening Samantha, it's rather a pleasant surprise to find you in here."

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